Alyssa Burns

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As an influencer my top goal is to inspire all who come across my content to reach their fullest potential and live the life they've always dreamed of. Each day I find new ways to live a healthier, happier, more abundant and successful lifestyle that allows me to live the life of my dreams while remaining grounded. I'm always taking pictures, writing, making connections, and finding inspiration in everything around me. I focus on health, fitness, travel, fashion, modeling, and spirituality.

Location New York City, New York
Country United States of America
Member Since JANUARY 11, 2020
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The Best Guide to Ultimate Self-Love

The more you do this and feel the love and appreciation for what you want before it’s manifested, the quicker it manifests; including true self-love and worth. Once you begin embodying the characteristics and lifestyle that your “dream” version of you lives, you’ll soon begin realizing you are living that life already and the gap between dream and reality gets smaller and smaller with each day. You’ll begin to notice that as you improve your self-love, a lot of people may begin to walk out of your life. It’s not a “waste of makeup” if it’s making you feel happier and boosts your self-love.

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day (During a Pandemic)

It is time to feel the love and celebrate Valentine’s Day (yes, even during a pandemic)! In that spirit, this is your one stop guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day in the middle of a pandemic! For more on the perfect Galentine’s Day check out out Gday blog post here and our Girl’s Night in Blog post here! To find more happy from Ali check out her instagram: @ali.gutierrez To find more from Ali and Alyssa check out the blog

Alyssa's 2020 Reflect and Recap- What This Historic Year Has Taught Me

I ended my six month long summer in Michigan with a 1940’s style photoshoot and packed up to officially become an East Coaster moving into my very first apartment in New Jersey! Amaya’s family invited me to join their Thanksgiving Dinner and reminded me that just because things begin to change, there’s always good to be found in the midst of it. Most of all, I sit here at the end of the year with such a new strength; strength in myself, in my faith, in love, in relationships, and in each new day with the intention of making it a great day. Through loss and pain and grief come love, support, community, compassion, and reminders to live the life you love with the ones you love surrounding you.

2020 Year in Review from Ali G

I had the opportunity to collaborate with their artistic team from Paris, make new friends in New York, and abroad and also saved Martha Stewart’s life at the event In June, as things started to slow down a bit in the U. S. regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, I started the #take9minutes campaign and it is one of the most special and important things that have come from my life this year. We all knew each other in high school (or before hehe) and saw each other during summer breaks, but life had always been so hectic that we never actually got to spend good quality time with each other. Finding new ways to gather meant actually getting to see my Mom breathe a bit more on the holiday and enjoy spending time with my siblings.

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