Lauren Cuellar

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🏕 Adventures with 3 boys 📍AK 📚 Book feature every Wednesday 📸 Bringing nature’s beauty to your feed ⬇️ Click to upgrade your walls too 🌄

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Hold up….. You remembered to bring the s’mores… right?

My best advice for enjoying winter in Alaska (and life in general) is to look for the beauty around you. It’s everywhere 😍

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Dreamy Denali sunrise through the fog and fireweed. This panoramic print is available for a limited time in the exclusive February release With Love, Alaska. Add it your collection via the link in bio before 2/29.

Hi, I’m Lauren! Welcome to my little corner of Instagram where I primarily share the epic scenery of Alaska. Things you’ll also find on my page: 🏕️ Chaotic camping adventures 📚 Book recommendations 🎨 Thrifty, practical crafts 🛠️ Low budget home renovations 🍔 Non-organic, unhealthy meals Things you won’t find on my page: 🚫 Hot takes 🚫 Politics 🚫 Religion 🚫 Negativity or hate 🚫 Beauty products, oils, weight loss shakes, etc. If this is your jam, let’s be friends! Introduce yourself in the comments & tell me where you’re from or something we have in common! 💬

Anyone else have a massive unfinished projects list? 🤪 Trying to get some of them finished up so hopefully I’ll be sharing them soon… if I don’t get distracted by more stuff!

We’re not here forever… go find some magic while you still can. ✨

This sunset was special… and not because of how drop-dread gorgeous it was. I didn’t know it at the time, but I wasn’t just preserving this view of the Alaska Range under a sky full of color. ‌——— ——— ——— It was summer 2018. Two weeks prior we had driven out of the congestion and concrete of New Jersey on our most ambitious road trip yet: Alaska. We had completed multiple cross-country, National Park road trips and wanted to push ourselves further. The parks were too crowded- we were after something more wild. So we loaded up the whole family (I was pregnant with our third at the time) and took off in our trusty SUV, sleeping in a rooftop tent in a different place every night all the way across the continent in search of adventure. We found it. I also found myself here, under this sunset, standing in the brush on the side of the remote Denali Highway. I was almost 5,000 miles from home but also the closest I had ever been. It felt like the finale of our adventure at the time. We had made it to our destination, even got lucky enough to get a clear view of Denali, and we were on our way back toward hot showers and real beds. It was magic, but magic that was just out of reach and we were retreating every day. That’s what I thought I was capturing. A beautiful view to remember an epic adventure that had come to an end. Five years later, Alaska IS home, and now I can see what I couldn’t at the time. This wasn’t just any sunset… this was the moment that Alaska became home in my heart.

Iconic mountain ranges under swoon-worthy skies and romantic alpenglow. Consider this collection your love letter from Alaska. 💌 This exclusive release gallery is only available for the month of February. Find the gallery link in bio or comment LINK and I’ll send it your way!

I love staying cozy at home during the winter, working on projects and embracing a slower season… …but in a few months when the snow melts our mobile home Lefty Lucy will extend our backyard to the remote Alaskan wilderness. There really is nothing better than being cozy in your own space while also being in the middle of nowhere. I cannot wait to head out and discover the adventures this summer holds, and you know I’ll be bringing you back all the best views! 📸🌄

All backyard visitors must pose for glamor shots. 📸

This photo appeared briefly in the reel I shared yesterday… But it deserves so much more than .4 of a second and a 16:9 crop. So here she is in all her uncropped glory- snowy Denali in sunset hues. 🌄

🤔 are you sure about that? I think I got every hue in this reel! Winter in Alaska is anything but dull and white. 😍

Enjoying the views from the warmth of my blanket. ☕️

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