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I'm Laura This channel is what myself and my little family tribe get up too. I'm a South African expat living in Wales We love to travel, explore, get awesome, festivals, travel, parenting and everything in between. Nature is where it's at

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I’m not going to lie, I’ve found this in-between time before the New Year trying, when I usually enjoy it. I’m definitely a glass half full kinda person but 2020 has been a lot! So we have been taking it slow & spending time in the fresh air. We all really want this over with but we are not quite there yet, in fact it’s probably worse than it’s ever been (well they always say things get worse before the get better). I’ve always encouraged people to get outdoors as much as possible as it’s so important for both and mental and physical wellbeing but please keep it local. I know that it’s not always safe or accessible from your doorstep especially for those with additional needs or requirements (including hidden disabilities) so driving a short distance is needed to access safe spaces. However driving from London or Cheltenham to climb Welsh mountains right now simply isn’t essential (as much as it pains me to say that). If we don’t pull together this will go on longer than needed & that’s the last thing we want. So please get outdoors but stay local, stay safe & as much as it’s sucks don’t meet up with others over New Years so that we can all have an awesome party in 2021 when Covid isn’t such a big part of our lives anymore. . . . . . #staylocalstaysafe #fstuk12 #welshbloggers #rhonddacynontaff #myslowandsimple #outsideeveryday #moveyourworld #rhonddacynontaff #outdoorfamily #stayhomesavelives #runwildmychild

Last Minute Small Business Christmas Gift Guide

Mini Soap Bar Travel Tin from Six Feet and Clean £12 - if your looking to reduce plastic and support a small UK business this is a great choice, Their shampoo bars are fantastic and this Travel Tin comes with 4 travel sized handmade soap bars using 100% natural ingredients. Women and Waves drop t-shirt £22.99 - Women and Waves are fantastic UK based collective that inspired women to try surfing, wild swimming and grow a connection to our coastline and the benefits of water. £10 - this natural soy wax candle is hand-poured in small batches, in recycled glass and are plastic-free, vegan and cruelty-free as well as donating 100% of the profits to Black Minds Matter charity - the perfect gift back gift. The portable potion kit by The Den Kit Company £19.50 - My kids love their Den from the Den Kit Company and now they are making mini activity kits including this portable potion kit which encourage kids to get out into nature to collect leaves, soil and petals to make some marvellous mixtures.

Wishing everyone a awesome festive weekend ✌🏼 no matter what your family looks like, if you spent it with loved ones or on your own, or even if you don’t celebrate Christmas at all, every person deserves a break from the rollercoaster that is 2020. So drink (cocktails or water, whatever’s your jam), be merry, laugh, cry, do nothing or do lots it’s up to you, eat too much with zero guilt, tell your favourite people you love them, get outdoors if it’s your happy place and look after yourself. . . . . . . . #christmas2020 #festivestyle #wearacrown #mumswhoskate #gnarlymums #cruiserskateboard #surfskateboards #welshbloggers #cardiffmums #radgirlscollective #slowyourselfdown #skateboardingmom #skateboardingmum #thisismyadventure #skatermum #fstuk12

Degusta Box Advent Calendar 2020 Review

We first went for Door 1 which had a full sized box of Choco Leibniz Chocolate Orange biscuits, which the kids love and of course were very excited about and are worth about £1.79. Door 3 was another sweet delight in the form of a full-sized Mackies of Scotland Chocolate Orange bar worth £1.79 Door 4 contained Gloriously Grown Vietnamese Jumbo Skin-On Cashews, which as both my eldest and I love The retail for £3 Door 9 contained a large Brynmor Dark Chocolate and Ginger Flapjack, I have had Brynmor Flapjacks before and love them, especially as they are gluten-free and made in Wales, so this was a nice treat and is worth £1.50 Door 16 contained Maldon Sea Salt which is a perfect addition to my kitchen as I do a lot of cooking and these sea salt flakes will definitely be used and these retail for £1.30 Door 23 was a delicious nutty chocolate treat - Whitworths Chocolate and Caramel peanuts which I have had to hide away from my eldest who would eat them all in one go if he had the chance.

What can I really say about going back into lockdown in Wales with only a few hours notice, just days before Christmas 🤷🏻‍♀️ I really feel for businesses that were relying on this time to see them through the New Year, those whose plans are now cancelled, parents who simply didn’t have time to get presents and those whose mental health has taken another hit - the timing just isn’t great. As much as it really sucks it’s clear Wales is at a crisis point, which can’t wait, just wish they had done this sooner to allow people to plan better but it is what it is. The boys & I have only just emerged after recovering from Covid & it’s a horrible virus, I’m still struggling with body aches & fatigue, but we had been looking forward to a few days getting back outdoors, exploring the places we love but this will have to wait (at least we got to see the sea this week). It’s not about us but about everyone else, we still have to do what we can because this virus is no joke, as tempting as it is to see all our family & friends it’s safer not too. If your struggling in anyway this Christmas remember to talk to others, zoom your loved ones, use the support hotlines and take care of yourself! This will all pass soon, just hang in there and shower yourself with some self love (or whatever you need to get through this time) ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼 . . . . . . . . #lifeinwales #backinlockdown #llantwitmajor #stayhomestaysafe #wewalkaround #familytraveltribe #welshbloggers #cardiffbloggers #welshlockdown #loveforoutdoors #moveyourworld #thiswillpass #chasingnature #outdoorbloggers #wanderlustwales #brimfulofcurious #welshcoastalpath #fstuk12

How To Know If A Country Is 'Just Right' For You

People move more slowly, they’re more interested in relationships and being kind, they don’t mind relaxing or taking a break while still valuing hard work. In New York, cultures are mixed and for the most part work together well, they have real pride for their city, and the fast-paced and highly productive nature of its environment helps foster the most impressive marvels and architecture the world has ever known. People move more slowly, they’re more interested in relationships and being kind, they don’t mind relaxing or taking a break while still valuing hard work. In New York, cultures are mixed and for the most part work together well, they have real pride for their city, and the fast-paced and highly productive nature of its environment helps foster the most impressive marvels and architecture the world has ever known.

#ad I feel so incredibly grateful to have access to the NHS, over the years they have been there for my family and I, for myself when I had heart surgery and for my mother when she fell ill a few years ago. This year has been tougher than most but the incredible NHS staff have been going above and beyond to help people and this is my small way of saying thank you. @uberuk and @ubereats_uk are collecting artwork from across the UK to share with NHS staff this Christmas along with providing them free rides and meals between the 23rd-27th December as a small way to show gratitude to all the work they have been doing. This is my artwork, why don’t you share yours using #gratefuluk and share the love ✌🏼 . . . . . #thankyounhsstaff #gratefulfornhs #kindnessiseverything #welshbloggers #cardiffmums #rainbowartwork #sayingthankyou #creativemakers #showinggratitude #clapforcarers #ukparentbloggers #fstuk12 #hearthands #amwfparentingtribe #thesmallmoments #nhsheroes #welshcreatives

Why Small Weddings are the new trend for 2021

Another problem most couples struggle with for their big wedding is finding a good venue to accommodate a big party. Your Guests Ask any couple who have had a big wedding if they were able to spend time with all of their guests, and you’ll most likely get a ‘no’ for an answer. If you're wondering 'should I have a small wedding?' , just think of how great it will be to have the dream honeymoon you've always wanted, that you can now afford because your wedding didn't cost a fortune. If you needed convincing on why a small wedding is a great choice then here are a few non-covid reasons to help persuade you (as well as save you money).The more you consider what a small wedding will be like, the more you'll come to the realization that this should have been your first choice in the first place.

Someone is happy to be outdoors again, so am I kid so am I! Today was our first proper outing since finishing our self isolation on Monday evening after contracting Covid. It was chilly but oh so sweet to be outside again although I still have a lot of fatigue & body aches and my body feels a little broken. Despite no longer being contagious & being passed our self isolation time we are making sure to avoid others for as long possible because this virus is no fun. We are looking for some slow countryside walks over the next week or so especially as lockdown is on its way to Wales after Christmas and being able to get outdoors feels like such a privilege right now. . . . . . #loveforoutdoors #moveyourworld #findyourepic #treasurethistime #outdoorfamilies #outdoorbloggers #welshbloggers #rhonddacynontaff #myslowandsimple #slowyourselfdown #adventuretogether #lovelywanderings #compassoutdoors #joyspotting #cardiffmums #fstuk12

[Ad Review] For me having goals, projects or something to work on or look forward to helps give my life purpose, especially at the moment when things feel so unsure and the past fortnight has felt like Groundhog Day. Getting through 2020 I found connecting with nature and getting on & in the water was a massive help & SUP, kayaking & wild swimming played a big part, so I thought I’d write a blog post about why you should give stand up paddle boarding a go in 2021 (link in bio) as it’s great for all ages & abilities ✌🏼. Last year I joined the #bluefinsup community & had planned some really fun adventures including a 35 mile SUP for charity but unfortunately it couldn’t go ahead due to Covid & hopefully will be doable at some point this year. I’m starting to feel really excited about potential adventures on my Bluefin Cruise board this year, even if they don’t all come to fruition it really helps having these goals to work towards. My eldest has also acquired a kayak so I’m hoping he will join me for the charity trip on the water later this summer (fingers crossed). . . . . . . #findyourepic #bluefin #suplifestyle #hayonwye #riverwye #kidswhoexplore #gnarlymums #moveyourworld #loveforoutdoors #adventurequeensuk #outsideeveryday #womeninadventure #adventuretogether #outdoorblogger #outdoorfamily #lifeonthewater #familytraveltribe #radgirlscollective #capturewales #ukfst1

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