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I'm Laura This channel is what myself and my little family tribe get up too. I'm a South African expat living in Wales We love to travel, explore, get awesome, festivals, travel, parenting and everything in between. Nature is where it's at

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Seriously who else is happy about going into half term with some much needed sunshine (finally) as it’s been pretty much non stop rain in Wales this month, bar the odd day here and there and while we go out all weathers I’m not going to lie I am more than glad for some blue skies. Sunshine is not only a free dose of Vitamin D but it’s like free therapy as well as it’s an instant boost for my mental health and I think my dog agrees 😊. So I hope you manage to find a moment to bask in it and fingers crossed we have a few weeks of it ahead 🌞🌞🌞 . . . . . #welshsunshine #freevitd #lifeinwales #dogsofinstagram #slowyourselfdown #happyforthelittlethings #welshweather #parentswhowander #adventuredogs #simplepleasuresoflife #mentalhealthboost #bestthingsinlifearefree #southwalesblogger #moretoexploreoutdoors #outdoorblogger #rescuedogsofinsta #happiestoutdoors

Simple ways to De-stress in 2021

With social distancing, working from home of which many parents are also balancing that with homeschooling and even simple things becoming rather stressful, like doing the weekly food shop, now is the time to make sure we are taking time for ourselves and keeping on top of things like stress. Allocate a time to check your social media and keep to that time and switch off when it's over 2. make your mornings a screen free time, starting the day without a bombardment of news can be really beneficial 3. avoid negative places and look for more uplifighting sites that share positive news stories rather than negative ones such as Positive News There is a reason why so many people swear by things like Yoga and Meditation for helping to reducing stress and best of all these can be done in the comfort of your own home with little outlay or cost - with so many free Yoga classes and meditation guides on YouTube there really isn't any excuse not to try. Sleep plays such an important role in both our physical and mental wellbeing and poor sleep can actually contribute towards things like depression and heart disease while a good night sleep improves your immune system, productivity and can help stop the production of stress hormones.

Over the years many people have asked me about my sons hair, mostly positive but on the rare occasion not so much. Some have asked “why do I allow him to grow his hair so long or why haven’t I cut his hair?”, the thing is I’ve never felt ownership over either of my sons hair, it’s not for me to say what they are “allowed” to do, they have full autonomy over it. My son loves his hair, it’s a source of inner strength for him & one day I’m sure he will want to shave it all off and again that will be his decision & it’s not for me to say when. I realise this approach doesn’t work for all family settings, cultures or religions but that’s what makes the world wonderful, our differences, so let’s celebrate them ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼 . . . . . #wildandfreechildren #beyourselfalways #motherofboys #growyourhairlong #gentleparentinguk #kidswhoexplore #unschoolinglife #welshparentbloggers #ukparentbloggers #slowyourselfdown #alwaysoutdoors #respectfulparenting #celebratedifference #outdoorfamilyuk

8 Practical Tips to Stay Productive Even in Lockdown

Self-care is essential during this period, and spending Cleaning your house thoroughly reduces stress and provides a favourable working environment. Maintain the cleanliness of your home by cleaning regularly and create a clean and safe space for you to work. Maintain the cleanliness of your home by cleaning regularly and create a clean and safe space for you to work. While working from home , you may set up your default working space.

AD | While this is not my usual type of post, taking about women’s health & periods is important to me & I’ve been trying out @wukawear period wear for the past month and I’m really impressed! Sustainability is something that’s key to me & I’ve been making small lifestyle changes over the past few years that helps reduce our household waste that works for me long term despite being very time short. Wuka wear period pants offer a plastic free period and are leak-proof, carbon neutral, organic & ethically made & are such an easy reusable swap from pads and tampons and they are genuinely super comfy to wear. Do you use an alternative to pads and tampons? . . . . #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #wukawear #periodpants #plasticfreeperiods #organicvegan #sustainabilitygoals #reducewasteliving #carbonneutrality #welshbloggers #cardiffbloggers #womenshealthmatters #smallsustainablesteps #greenswaps

How we can help Keep Wales Safe as kids return to school

This is a paid partnership with the Welsh Government Many parents across Wales are feeling both excited and anxious as children across the country slowly start to head back to school or formal activity settings and hopefully some small sense of normality during this unsettled time. We all know what a boost it is for children's mental health to see their friends again, interact and engage with their peers and teachers in an in-classroom or group setting alongside the benefits this will have on their education. While I don't have a return date for my children they will, when safe, start to socialise with others, friends or in a group setting eventually and these guidelines apply to everyone. I am working alongside the Welsh Government to help clarify what we as parents still need to do during this time of change as our parental role is really important in making sure we see a safe and sustainable return to school and in-classroom education, especially as schools and staff have been working hard to make schools as safe as possible

AD Review | Inspiring wanderlust, curiosity & literacy in kids even during these unsure times with The Junior Travelling reader boxes. The boys & I have had a chance to review the Wales edition of the Junior travelling reader boxes and love it, we have just started to get stuck into The Valley of Lost Secrets which is based in a small village in Wales in 1939 & the author Lesley Parr is herself from South Wales, which is where we are based. The Welsh themed box also came with a few extra treats including postcards, bookmarks, a Welsh chocolate bar & some ideas for local travel & exploration. All the boxes are travel themed around an area of the UK and are aimed at 9-12yr olds & you can do a monthly subscription or one off boxes, my eldest has his eyes on the Edinburgh box next. Personally I was really impressed with the contents of the box & it’s a fun way to get travel loving kids reading & exploring the UK regardless of any restrictions #juniortravellingreader @juniortravellingreader . *Disclosure - I was kindly sent a box to review, this is an unpaid review & my views are 100% my own . . . #kidswhoexplore #welshvalleys #rhonddacynontaff #welshwriters #explorelocal #travelkids #inspirereading #homeeducationuk #welshtraveller #familytravelblog #inspirewanderlust #familytraveltribe #welshbloggers #welshauthor #lesleyparr

Making Mothers Day special with Moonpig

and I wouldn't change a thing although after a very stressful year with the pandemic, working from home, homeschooling and the on and off lockdowns and restricts, I'm going to treat myself to a few little things as mothers have been stretched more than ever this year. Firstly the bouquet of flowers arrived in perfect condition and are still going strong a week later and are so beautiful and it feels like a real treat having fresh flowers in the home and has been bringing a pop of colouring during our lockdown in Wales. Also either of these gifts would be perfect for my own Mum which is what is great about Moonpig as you can shop for every single member of the family, from young to old as they even have toys and experience day vouchers. The Tea and Bubbles hamper contained a small bottle of Rose bubbly with strawberries and champagne conserve, a mini cherry and almond loaf cake, some handmade chocolate, herbal tea and Percy's white and chocolate cream biscuits - needless to say I have consumed most of this hamper

Just readjusting to reality after 3 days of glamping in West Wales earlier this week. It was a very spontaneous (and budget friendly) trip & it was refreshing to not plan ahead & we stumbled on to some great little finds, including a 5000yr Neolithic burial site, secret coves & plenty of coastal walks with stunning scenery to rival the Cornish coastline. What was best of all is the place we stayed in, a dog-friendly glamping pod at YHA Manorbier, had no phone reception or 3/4g so we all felt better for it. No checking the news or social media updates and really enjoying the quiet, I really do love the quiet. The boys and I also finally got to put our @cadwcymruwales cards to use visiting St Davids Bishop’s Palace, as most of their historical sites have been closed and after visiting Tenby every year for the past 7yrs (we usually go in January so lots of things are shut) we got to explore the Napoleonic Fort on St Catherine’s island. Wales never disappoints & I feel lucky to live here ✌🏼 . . . . . #stdavidscathedral #churchdoorscove #manorbier #manorbiercastle #kingsquoit #neolithicbritain #stcatherinesisland #glampingpod #dogfriendlytravel #familytraveller #findyourepic #travelwales #parentswhowander #kidstraveller #myfamilywanderlust #yhamanorbier #welshbloggers #stdavidspembrokeshire #westwalescoast #yourexplorers

Yes this is Wales! Such clear (but cold) blue water you could be mistaken for somewhere more exotic, well when the sun decides to shine that is. Can’t believe this was just over two weeks ago and then today we had another hail storm! It’s nearly the middle of May and I’ve never seen so much hail as I have over the past fortnight, bring back the sunshine please. I feel lucky my eldest especially loves swimming in the sea (or lake, river, basically any body of water). He is a good swimmer although when exploring new places, with possible rip tides (that I wouldn’t be aware of as I’m not a local to this spot) then I get him to use a buoyancy aid ✌🏼it may not be the most fashionable thing but I’m all about the calculated risks & encouraging my kids to take risks...safely. If your getting into cold water or wild swimming it would definitely be worth reading up about ways to have fun & stay safe 😊 . . . . #WestWales #welshcoastline #aberporth #wildswimmingwales #coldwaterswim #explorewales #outdoorfamily #outdoorblogger #kidswhoexplore #anywherethatiswild #welshswimming #lifeinwales #visitwales #findyourepic #walesadventure #familytravel #familytravelblog #southwalesblogger #wildandfreechildhood

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