Laura Oneill

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Lifestyle website for women. Food & Drink, Fitness & Wellness, Travel, Entertainment & Work. Midlife viewpoint

Location Poplarville, MS
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 06, 2018
Social Audience 50K
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This is a delicious Cinnamon Coffee Cake made into muffins. All from a gluten free @krusteaz mix. My youngest son made them for Mother's Day brunch and I enjoyed one at work this morning. Definitely would buy the mix again. . . . #glutenfree #glutenfreelife #glutenfreemuffin #LifeBeyondKids

When you forget to reapply sunscreen and spend most of the day outside working graduation... And didn't remember your hat... Sunburn 🥵 it is. I've been using a Lavender spritz and mixing lavender essential oil into a light moisturizer since Friday evening. Reading up on other essential oils that may help to add to the mix. It looks better, but is still tender in spots. I'm now digging out all the hats as I do not want a repeat. . . . #Sunburn #SunburnRelief #LifeinMississippi #LifeBeyondKids

Made a stop at Guncles in Mobile. If you want to hear my thought on the cinnamon roll (from heaven), visit @lauraoinak to watch the reel. Looking forward to future visits or online ordering. . . . #glutenfree #glutenfreebakery #LifeBeyondKids #Guncles #MobileAlabama

Picked several strawberries from our little patch. Wonderful flavor. I just wish the patch was producing more berries so we could freeze a bunch. Grateful for what we have, though. . . . #Strawberries #StrawberryPicking #HomesteadLife #SouthernMississippi

Grabbed one of the new refresher drinks at @mscoffeeco after lunch. Tropical flavors that were of so good. Now back to work!

I adore all the blooms of Spring. Different bulbs are coming up with vibrant colors. And I still have pansies going in containers.

Amazing what natural light and rain can do. This small flower pot came from the Women's Health Expo I covered at the end of January. It was on my desk at work. And then on the windowsill to get more light. Spring break arrived and I brought all the flower pots home. One lady at work turned down the offer to take them as she thought they were too far gone and on death's door. They came back with a vengeance. And I refuse to bring them back inside as the full natural light does wonders. Soon, though, the heat of summer will arrive and I will say goodbye the blooms. . . . #PansiesInBloom #Pansies #FlowersMakeMeHappy #SpringInMississippi #MississippiLife #SmallTownLife

More things in bloom in the homestead. I adore the beauty, but not the pollen making my allergies gone nuts. . . . #SpringBlooms #SpringintheSouth #HomesteadLife #HonesteadLifestyle #LifeBeyondKids

Y'all, the price of lettuce and other green leafy vegetables is insane here in small town Mississippi. SWIPE ⬅️ to see the prices. My family down the road in Louisiana and family in Maryland thought I was making this up! These prices might even be higher than what I paid in the greater Anchorage area in Alaska. Seriously wanting an indoor garden to produce my own greens. Open to suggestions. Meanwhile, this gluten free mama is longing for salads and plans to buy lettuce at Costco in New Orleans tomorrow. I try to eat healthy, but between this and the price of good meat, it is hard to do.

I am loving all the splashes of color around our yard. What I have not been loving is the coating of pollen that has my allergies in overdrive. These gorgeous azaleas are right outside our master bedroom. . . . #MississippiLife #PoolarvilleMS #Azaleas #AzaleasinBloom #ColorfulFlowers #SpringtimeVibes #SpringinMississippi #PollenSeason #LifeBeyondKids

Gorgeous sunset tonight. View from the balcony at the San Diego Convention Center. Second day of #SMMW22 One more day to go. . . . #Sunset #SanDiegoSunset

Spring in southern Mississippi. . . . #springflowers #yellowflowers #yellowflowersmakemehappy #MississippiLife

Over a week ago, I won this flower arrangement at the annual Women's Health Symposium at PRCC. I brought them home to bring a spot of sunshine on my piano. They are just starting to wilt some. I may need to get something to replace them. Who else loves flowers to brighten a space? . . . #FlowerArrangement #BrightenMyDay #LifeBeyondKids #MississippiLife

I adore the light at sunrise and sunset. And I am grateful for our current country like setting on the outskirts of a small town. Not that I don't miss things about living closer to a city. For now, I'll take my more serene homestead and make the hour plus drive each way to do my stock up shopping at places like Costco, Sam's Club and Trader Joe's. . . . #MississippiLife #CountryLife #smalltownlife #MississippiBlogger #southernunitedstates #Trellis #Pastural #Jasmine #JasminePlant #Nature_captures #naturephotography #landscapephotography #SunsetView

Enjoyed the delicate threads of pink in the morning sky today. You can just make out the hard frost on the garden. Thrilled to be experiencing sweater weather this week I southern Mississippi. How is your day going? . . . #LifeBeyondKids #MississippiLife #CountryLife #MississippiBlogger #SouthernBlogger #southernunitedstates #PinkClouds #WinterintheSouth #MorningFrost #Treescape #MorningLight #SunrisePhotography #WinterSunrise

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