Laura Oneill

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Lifestyle website for women. Food & Drink, Fitness & Wellness, Travel, Entertainment & Work. Midlife viewpoint

Location Poplarville, MS
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Meatless meals on Fridays in Lent offer the opportunity to eat dishes we don't always consider making. The tomato tortellini soup pictured here is coming to the blog soon. Everyone in the house enjoyed it. Even me as I had a package of gluten free tortellini for making it. Warning... the longer the tortellini sits in the soup, the more they expand. Something sidetracked me, so we served about 15 minutes later than planned. Hence the large tortellini in this picture. It still tasted fabulous. Leave me a comment if you'd like the recipe when it is published. . . . #BHLent2024 #LentenJourney #CatholicLife #MeatlessMeals

And so begins Lent 2024. Full day at work followed by directing the church choir at night. Our pastor is ill, so our Deacon held a Communion Service. Now I am ready to curl up under covers with a book. Tomorrow is another packed day leading into a busy week. Looking forward to working at Social Media Marketing World. Long days ahead plus travel. Praying for a good experience for everyone attending it and that this year I do not leave with a certain virus as a parting gift. #BHLent2024 #LentenJourney #CatholicLife

How do you spend downtime? Reading is a favorite way for me to "recharge my batteries." Spending part of an afternoon with my feet up and a book on my Kindle is not my norm. I read a fair but,but it is usually at night before bed. Because between work, taking care of Dad, family time, and trying to remain a good homeschool mom, that's when I have me time. Attending a funeral out of state with spotty Internet meant more free time. And a need to rest up before another 2 days of driving. I may even finish the book before the weekend! #ReaderForLife #AfternoonPasttime #RechargeYourself #BookLoversUnite

Traveling can be exhausting. Especially when you don't know what you'll find at restaurants. So, I am thankful when I can find food to eat that is gluten free without modifications. Like this salad from Bob Evans. They didn't have a gluten free option for the side of bread. So, my husband was the beneficiary of biscuits. Tasty salad and no issues after the fact. #GlutenFreeTravel #GlutenFreeFood #BobEvans #GkutenFreeLife

While I know that the physical building is not all that makes a church, it sure does help when you are surrounded by beauty. St. Mary's in Cranston, Rhode Island is where my godfather's Funeral Mass was held. Before leaving the deep south, my Dad asked me to take pictures. This is it. My view of the altar just moments before Uncle Jim's casket was brought in. Being back in New England reminded me of how many gorgeous churches were built many years ago and maintained for us to appreciate now. Can I pray anywhere? Absolutely! But sometimes you need to be surrounded by beauty that reminds you of God and the eternal reward of heaven we are walking towards. May my Uncle Jim rest in peace. Being at his funeral just 4 months after we buried Mom was hard. But, the beauty and ritual of my faith helps to get me through. #CatholicChurch #CranstonRI #CatholicLife

Dreaming about one of the most amazing cannoli I have ever eaten. Completely gluten free, too. The last few times I grabbed a cannoli back when I could eat gluten, they always disappointed me. This one was perfection, especially in the afternoon of burying my godfather. Wish I could have brought a bunch home, but I doubt they'd travel well. Adding A & J Bakery in Cranston to my list of places to visit again. I just need to plan another (happier) trip up to Rhode Island. #GlutenFreeCannoli #GlutenFreeTravel #GlutenFreeBakery

A few photos from Christmas. Thankful for gifts from family and church choir members. Also, plenty of #glutenfree goodies to eat. #Christmas2023 #ChristmasMemories2023

Do you live what you do? I enjoy my job at the college. The common mission of changing lives fits well for me. I get along with my coworkers. There's plenty of variety so boredom doesn't have time to take root. I joke (sort of) that I'm a backup photographer when we have more events than people and backup graphic designer. Both creative tasks I enjoy having the chance to do. Fingers crossed that having a new photographer joining us does not mean I won't have the opportunity to pick up the camera for work. In the last few weeks, I have photographed the opening of PJs Coffee on campus, a theatrical production for elementary students, and band alumni for Homecoming. I plan to spend part of our upcoming breaks learning more about the Adobe products with the hope of becoming proficient. Also, practicing photography skills... Maybe even photographing some new recipes if my energy levels allow. #CameraLove #LoveMyJobđź“· .

I do appreciate a good cup of coffee. I've been trying out some local coffee shops and have to agree with my teen that @mscoffeeco is tops so far. Yes, we do love to visit during happy hour for discounted drinks. But we also love the atmosphere and staff. This drink won't be on my list of favorites, but sometimes it is good to try something different. (Caramel Apple Latte on ice if my memory is correct. My teen loves it and recommended I give the seasonal drink a try.) #CoffeeLover #TrySomethingNew #SmallTownUSA #PoplarvilleMS #MainStreetCoffee #SupportLocalBusiness

The last few months have been a blur. I'm still processing some of it while having to be in the present and consider the future for Dad. Took some time to recharge this weekend. Reading is definitely one of my easier self care things to do. Coffee and a cute romance story written by a friend. I do adore a Scottish Highlands setting and am excited that she plans to do some books with an Arthurian time period. I'll be doing a review on Amazon this week. #ReadingForSelfCare #ScottishHighlandsRomance #ReadingForPleasure #CeceliaMecca

Sometimes I can find options beyond roast chicken in the cafeteria on campus. The Jerk Chicken with rice and veggies was perfect. #GlutenFreeFood #GlutenFreeLifestyle #GlutenFreeEats #GlutenFreeLife #CollegeCafeteria

I recently tried the Mac and cheese from Jovial Foods. It is a great option for nights when making it from scratch takes too much time. I love how the noodles maintain their shape. No great surprise as I've been using them for years now and am never disappointed. Except for the time bugs infiltrated our pantry and chomped down on their Rice Pasta Egg Tagliatelle. I may have cried a little when I threw out that box. Now I freeze first and then store in plastic bags. . . . #GlutenFreeFood #GlutenFreeLifestyle #GlutenFreeMacandCheese #JovialFoods #ProductsITrust

Used an older bookshelf to hold a few decorative items in my office. I'm great at my job in marketing, but not as creative for decorating spaces. Show me options and I'll tell you what to do and don't like. But doing it from scratch? Not so confident. I will share that the small magnolia painting was mine from a craft day. . . . #OfficeDecoration #SaturdayReflections

When you try to sneak a selfie with your husband and he refuses to cooperate. Happy 28th Anniversary to us today. To celebrate, we're going to drive son #3 to his new digs by Mississippi State University, his new home for the next 2 or so years. I'm walking in the wild side and not bringing a bunch of gluten free items so I don't starve. After weeks of skipping meals and snacking at midnight while Mom was in the hospital, I know I'll be just fine for a single overnight. . . . #HappyAnniversaryToUs #SelfieFails

A few quiet minutes as Mom naps. Trying the McDonald's Horchata latte pods and some gluten free pretzels. Finishing my friend @kikarose's 3rd novel and about to start the 4th. (They are available on Kindle Unlimited) . . . #GratefulForSmallThings

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