Laura Oneill

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Lifestyle website for women. Food & Drink, Fitness & Wellness, Travel, Entertainment & Work. Midlife viewpoint

Location Poplarville, MS
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The day gets brighter when you realize lunch is smiling at you! . . . #GratitudeAttitude #GlutenFreeEats #SmilingFood #TimeToSmile

Visited @livingfoodsoxford yesterday. Was hoping for brownies, but they were out. 😢 Looking forward to having one (or two!) of these for an afternoon snack. 😊 . . . #GlutenfreeTravel #GlutenFreeLiving #OxfordMississipi #AllergyFriendly

An upside to updating older blog posts is recreating the recipe, improving it and then enjoying it. Totally loving some of my adaptations to Salted Caramel Mocha. Leave a message if you'd like a link to the recipe. . . . #CoffeeLover #CoffeehouseatHome

Such a nice little gift for Mother's Day at church. My only wish is that the pen was refillable. . . . #MothersDay2023 #ChristianMerch

Revamping an older post. Still working on getting better images and a video of my Salted Caramel Mocha. After making the coffee drink for the third time, I realized that I'll need to let the drink cool so the whipped cream doesn't collapse so fast. Plus I want to try in a glass mug so you can see it all. We won't talk about the video attempt. This was my best photo so far and what is the new image for the recipe. Until I get a better one. . . . #BloggingWorld #PhotographyStruggles

Feeling spoiled by my secret sister.

Can you guess what's in the jars? My 22 year old son has been helping out more around the homestead and decided to try his hand at basic pickling. He loves pickled items and things with dill. Curious to see how these turn out.

Do you love what you do? There are many things I love about my job. Including the chance to be a storyteller through images and words. Constantly honing my skills when I can. Sometimes I have a working lunch. This time it was covering the last Lunch and Learn at the college. Taking pictures and jotting notes for the press release with bites of food in between. Thankful for the food as the afternoon continued with our Awards Day where son #3 was recognized for being the top student in math. Overall, a good work day.

We had a few bands of heavy rain come through this afternoon. Just moments after I recorded this,we had some very close lightning that had us jump. We put gutters on the house to help control the flow. Heavy rain overloaded them. Such is life in south Mississippi. . . . #HeavyRain #SouthMississippi #LifeintheDeepSouth

I adore all the colors for these flowers at church. Triduum was busy, but in a good way. I survived all the singing, although I did have to take breaks as my lung capacity and ability to stand are still in recovery after my dance with the virus a few weeks ago. . . . #Easter2023 #EasterFlowers

Trying to be productive today so tomorrow can be dedicated to Easter. Moved too quickly loading the dishwasher and broke one of my favorite mugs for hot drinks. Debating if it is worth trying to patch the handle. I suspect my husband will say no. I've enjoyed using the mug from @enjoylifefoods since I received it at a conference in 2018. I guess it had a nice run. Now I'll go sip a homemade mocha from my 2nd favorite mug and hope I don't break it, too. . . . #SaturdayMorningVibes #FavoriteMug

Yesterday, I took a break in my day to visit the Cosmetology school on campus. I only did a wash and style. Something simple, yet a little pampering before embracing the next few days of Triduum.

While my allergies may disagree, I do love seeing all the things in bloom around the homestead. I would like to file a complaint about the almost 90 degree F weather we are having. . . . #SpringinMississippi #SpringtimeFlowers

Chicken soup is an ultimate comfort food when recovering from viruses. Thankful for the son who made a batch when my fever had finally broken. Another son is using frozen stock and chicken to make a new batch tonight. Anyone else pound the chicken soup when sick? I look forward to it as my appetite is still a bit off and I've got the fatigue thing happening still. Otherwise, life is good! #ChickenSoup #HealingFoods

Playing catch up on my time at #SMMW23 this month. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as Root Host Lead for Room 29 again. I had wonderful people working with me and an awesome support team up the line. I did my best to grab photos with the Emcees and Speakers who came through the room. So many wonderful connections are made at this conference. Since it was my third time, there were plenty of familiar faces. Plus I made a few new friends. My best laid plans got set aside when a certain virus hopped a ride back with me from California. Hence the share 2 weeks after the final day. Soon I hope to share about the two hotels I stayed at this time in the Gas Lamp District plus two places for eating out gluten free. . . . #ConferenceMemories #Networking #SocialMediaMarketers

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