Laura Oneill

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Lifestyle website for women. Food & Drink, Fitness & Wellness, Travel, Entertainment & Work. Midlife viewpoint

Location Poplarville, MS
Country United States of America
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Sometimes adulting means getting a jab to protect your health. We had a vaccine clinic at work last week. After delaying for a few years, I got the shingles shot #1. Sort of glad I waited as the older option that was available when I first became eligible was a live virus one. The one that a few of my friends had terrible reactions to getting. I did have a sore arm for a few days. Like wake up when I rolled on it sore. But I will take that over getting shingles, especially hearing what can happen if it comes up the optic nerve. How are you adulting? . . . #ShinglesVaccine #Adulting #MakingHealthyChoices #Midlife #GettingOlder

Another fun Thursday Night Lights experience. Our team (ranked 14th) didn't win, but they gave it their all against the #4 ranked team. Just 1 touchdown difference. This was shot when they made the first score of the night. . . . #ThursdayNightLights #CollegeFootball #JUCO #ROARwiththeBEST #SouthMississippi #MississippiFootball #Touchdown

Snippets from the @chapelhartband Watch Party last night. Many of us here in Poplarville, Mississippi are cheering them on. It was wonderdultocome together as a community to watch their performance on the video board at PRCC. Win or lose America's Got Talent, y'all are Super Stars ✨ in our eyes. . . . #ChapelHart #ChapelHartWatchParty #CountryMusic #PoplarvilleMS

My eldest son started graduate school at University of Wisconsin Madison. We helped move stuff up and hit up Culver's for dinner one night. They sent us a few coupons for the trip inside a handwritten note. We used a few that night. I may have decided that @culvers is a new FAVORITE fast food place for me. He already has decided they may be the BEST fast food option he's had. Why the high marks? A great selection. Attention to food allergies and sensitivities. Exceptional customer service. Yummy food at prices that don't make you broke. I decided to try their Strawberry Fields salad, something that is seasonal. Amazing. And I so appreciated the care with which they made it (as I indicated gluten sensitivity when ordering.) Finished my meal with a hot fudge and caramel sundae. It was good, but I wish I'd gone for peaches on the vanilla custard. Maybe next time I am near one, I will. And for the record, my husband and son got the double deluxe basket and were stuffed. No custard for them that night. Many, many thanks to Culver's for the coupons and fabulous experience. . . . #TravelBlogLife #GlutenFreeTravel #GlutenFreeLiving #MadisonWisconsin

Enjoying my nighttime work assignment at the first football game of the season. Just wish I'd brought the bug "juice" to keep them from biting. . . . #JUCO #ThursdayNightLights #ROARwiththeBEST #CommunityCollege #PoplarvilleMS

Decided to make a BLT with guacamole instead of mayo the other day. All on a Schar gluten free ciabatta roll. Very yummy lunch entree. . . . #glutenfree #GlutenFreeLifestyle #Guac #Schar #WhollyGuacamole

Started my day at work with some aromatherapy. I consider this an upside to having my own office now. A bit of coffee ☕ also helps me transition from home to work. How do you start your day?? . . . #Aromatherapy #YoungLivingEssentialOils #YoungLivingEO #StartingMyDay #WorkDayLife

Have you heard about all the FUN medical appointments you can sign up for once you enter midlife? #LifeBeyondKids In July, I had my first screening colonoscopy and then a CT scan of my abdomen. The colonoscopy was put off for almost 2 years by me. When I finally went to a gastroenterologist and she heard that both my mom and youngest sister had GIST growths, I got booked for THREE screenings. I'll share my thoughts via video on the colonoscopy prep later. This was me drinking one of the "cocktails" to prep for that CT scan. Thankfully, someone was in the lobby the day I went to pick up the prep drinks. Learned that the ones you take home are a super thick vanilla concoction that can cause intestinal upset. A staff member confirmed. Yeah... Not my idea of fun. Especially after the colonoscopy 2 weeks earlier. But they had this other option with the only requirement that you stay on site for 2 hours prior to your appointment. Shared this tip with my mom who has been avoiding her annual scan because of what that other stuff does to her. Now I get a few weeks break before the third test ordered by the doctor. An endoscopy with ultrasound. There goes 1 1/2 days of paid leave for me. The only other test she wants me to do is for celiac and gluten sensitivity. I've held off because it requires eating a small amount of gluten daily for 4 to 6 weeks. I know that'll hit me hard and cause systemic inflammation so I'll feel like I'm 90 years old! Need to converse more about that one. . . . #MidLifeStruggles #HealthScreenings #midlifewomen

Just a little "light" reading from Dad's new support team. Guess I have now entered the time of life where my parents need more assistance. I've walked alongside people struggling with addiction and thought that was hard. Walking with my parents with one suffering from dementia is going to be hard, too. . . . #MidLifeStruggles #CaringForOthers #CaringforaParent #DementiaCare #LifeBeyondKids

Yesterday marked 1 year since I started working at the community college. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity. I work with a great team and this environment fits my mission driven preference for employment. People said going back to work would be easier if you kept up your skills. I did that and still had a very hard time finding work in my field. Not that I am ungrateful for the experiences I had and people I met while working in the retail and hospitality industries. Behind me is the building where I work on the 2nd floor. In a spartan office as I haven't done much to decorate since we moved in a few weeks ago. . . . #LifeBeyondKids #WorkAnniversary #CommunityCollegeStrong

This past week, we buried my Aunt Mary Ann. Dad and I traveled from NOLA to St. Louis where we met my Uncle Richard. Then I drove them up to Bloomington where we stayed. At the funeral, this was one of several photos laid out. I snapped a picture of it since it had the whole family. My dad is the tall one. He was 6 when his sister was born. Then came 2 brothers. There's a 10 year gap between him and my Uncle Richard who is the youngest. My Aunt had naturally red hair. For years, my grandfather thought we were English. Later genealogy and genetic testing said Scotch Irish. Guess I know where the red hair and tempers came from. Grandma was all German so far as we know. While it was a sad day when we laid her to rest next to her beloved husband, Larry, it was a good day for seeing family. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to stories of them growing up and learned so much including that my Aunt could play just about any woodwind instrument and was known for her singing. Now I am on a mission to record oral history before another generation is gone. . . . #Family #RememberingFamily

Enjoyed this beautiful and tasty salad for lunch on the road yesterday. Sadly, I didn't have time for frozen custard. Thankful to have found the @culvers on our way to the airport. And am grateful they take food allergies and sensitivities seriously. New gloves to freshly make the salad. My gluten free self was extra happy. Traveling can be challenging when you fear getting sick from a restaurant. Having chains that have safe options makes it less stressful. I hope to visit one when driving up to Wisconsin in September. . . . #GlutenFreeLifestyle #GlutenFreeTravel #SaladwithChicken #Culvers

This heat has everything drooping. Just look at those leaves! I may be in air conditioned space at work,but the heat has me lethargic as can be. I may need caffeinated beverages instead of the decaf coffee and water I have been drinking. Or a nap. With the split unit blowing on me. . . . #Summer2022 #LifeintheDeepSouth #SouthMississippi #DroopingLeaves

When the temperature outside is hot, a salad for dinner is a perfect solution. Tonight is Spicy 🔥 chicken for protein.

Going to enjoy leftovers of this berry rich salad I made on Saturday. Wishing I had kept the dressing on the side. But it is still edible, so this gal will not be wasting food. We all know how crazy the grocery bill has gotten these days. Leave a comment if you'd be interested in the recipe. . . . #saladsofinstagram #berrysalad #quinoasalad #BlueberrySeason #HealthierFoodChoices #EatFresh

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