Laura Oneill

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Lifestyle website for women. Food & Drink, Fitness & Wellness, Travel, Entertainment & Work. Midlife viewpoint

Location Poplarville, MS
Country United States of America
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I love the beach. 🏖 The smells and sounds of the water refresh my soul. I was grateful for time to take a short walk along the beach in Pascagoula this past week. Not that I'm getting in the water this time of year. Even if we have been unseasonably warm here in southern Mississippi. It was almost 80 degrees that afternoon! Next time I am down there and need to eat, I am going for seafood. What are you thankful for right now? . . . #DayByDayinOurWorld #MississippiLife #Pascagoula #PascagoulaBeach #WaterMeetsSand #CloudyDay #attitudeofgratitude #thingstobethankfulfor #MississippiBlogger #SouthernBlogger #SouthernMississippi

Disney 2021: Everything Coming from Walt Disney Studios

(“La La Land”) stars in Disney’s “Cruella,” an all-new live-action feature film about the rebellious early days of one of cinemas most notorious – and notoriously fashionable – villains, the legendary Cruella de Vil. “Loki” is set to debut on Disney+ in May 2021, featuring the God of Mischief as he steps out of his brother’s shadow in a new series that takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” You can begin streaming this on Disney+ in May 2021. Coming to Disney+ in summer 2021, Marvel Studios’ first animated series focuses on different heroes from the MCU, featuring a voice cast that includes a host of stars who reprise their roles. Spanning thousands of years, Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” is an epic story featuring a group of immortal heroes forced out of the shadows to reunite against mankind’s oldest enemy, The Deviants.

Thankful I can wear colorful leggings when around the house. #LifeBeyondKids Even more thankful for my new "garden" boots in a pretty paisley print. Got them on clearance at @tractorsupply in Picayune, Mississippi. No more wet feet while taking puppies outside. And they slide on relatively easily. Looking forward to using them in the garden this spring. . . . #GardenBoots #RainBoots #PaisleyBoots #MississippiLife #CountryLife #smalltownlife #MississippiLife #midlifewoman

Cajun Black-Eyed Peas: Gluten-Free & Vegetarian

I’ve used Boiron products for my allergic responses in the past and was excited to try 3 other products that help with intestinal issues from food or even stress. *CLAIMS BASED ON TRADITIONAL HOMEOPATHIC PRACTICE, NOT ACCEPTED MEDICAL EVIDENCE. You can either use a shelf-stable vegetable broth or a combination of water and vegetable broth powder like I did. Boiron Acidil Meltaway Tablets Bundle Welcome to Day by Day in Our World!

Have you ever needed to secure beverages, food or medicines from someone in the house? [#UrbanAugustPartner] We have. On the blog, I'm sharing about @urban.august and their MAX refrigerator locks. With the holidays heading into full swing, I know we will have some things that should be off-limits for some of the boys. We've used other locks in the past on different refrigerators. They helped, but often did not have a tight fit so some things could be sneaked out. So far, I am impressed with this lock. Depending upon the handles on your cabinets, you may be able to use the locks for dry goods, too. Visit the blog via my profile link to read more about them. #lock #LifewithBoys #ParentingChallenges

Chickpea Chicken Soup: Comfort in a Bowl

Instead, I used a Mediterranean spice blend coupled with other classics like pepper (I used white pepper) and parsley. While I started with a stock made by cooking down 2 rotisserie chicken carcasses, I also added some of our favorite Azure Market Chicken Broth Powder. I seriously don’t know how they blended spices and seasonings to make it taste like chicken broth, but it does. While I enjoy soup any time of the year, the cooler winter months in the United States are when I really want to eat all the soup and stew.

As Thanksgiving approaches, how are you spending your time?🕰 Spent yesterday afternoon working on a new glutenfree cookie yesterday. 🍪 Still needs some tweaking, but just about there. 🤞 The recipe (and baked cookie photos) will be ready December 1st as part of the #HousefulofCookies blogger link up. . . . #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreecookies #holidaybakingbegins #holidaybaking #granolacookies #DayByDayinOurWorld

Disney Upside Down Magic

When 13-year-old Nory discovers she can flux into animals and best pal Reina can manipulate flames, they enter the Sage Academy for Magical Studies. a half-kitten, half-dragon – lands her in a class for those with unconventional powers, and she and her classmates must prove that their upside-down magic beats right-side up! Before Sage” Deleted Scene #2 (DVD Exclusive) Everything’s Magic” Performed by the Cast Music Video #2

Enjoying some blooming bushes in mid-November. #LifeBeyondKids Gorgeous weather right now. Highs in the 70s Lows in the 40s and 50s. No need for air conditioning or heat. Which is good as we are looking at a replacement HVAC that can also cover the renovated attic space. For now, I will be grateful for comfortable temperatures while hanging outside with the puppies. . . . #MississippiLife #CountryLife #smalltownlife #Gardening #southernunitedstates #cloudscapes #floweringbush #FrontPorch

My youngest is enjoying snuggles with puppies. Soon these gals will be too big to easily hold like this. But for now he can enjoy toting them around when needed. . . . #puppiesofinstagram #RottweilerPuppy #BoyMomLife #aboyandhisdog #MississippiLife

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