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Hola, I'm Flavia! I'm the bilingual content creator and blogger at Latina Traveler. I help Women of Color travel solo safely and confidently. Through the content I create I show how traveling solo can be fun and adventurous which leads to unique experiences not usually had when traveling with friends or family. On my blog I provide tips and resources as well as my personal experiences in the places I visit. So far I've traveled to 32 countires with no plans of stopping anytime soon!

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MY OPEN LETTER TO BARCELONA Hey Barna, So I don’t think I ever told you that in 2009 before I ever walked your narrow old city streets or saw your palm trees swaying in the wind that I wanted to live with you. I was 17 at the time and had never visited you, but somehow I knew. 2011 was the first time I came to see you. It’s coincidentally the only time I’ve ever witnessed something bad happen right in front of me. So I knew you could be a bit toxic, but it was still love at first sight so I ignored it. In 2013, I made a short visit during my semester abroad in Paris. I felt guilty for not having studied with you, but I knew I’d be back for longer eventually. In 2019, it was another short visit after a trip with friends in Morocco and Southern Spain. This time something was different. I passed by one of your many universities and said I’m going to go there. Five months later I made that dream come true. In 2020, the pandemmy hit you hard and you were pretty beaten but still beautiful as ever. In 2021, you gave me some hard times. It’s as if you didn’t want me to stay with you. In 2022, you told me my time was up. I didn’t want to believe you so I kept fighting for us. But you said I had to let go. And although it pains me to say it, I have let go. You’ve given me 3 amazing years and have introduced me to people and experiences I otherwise would not have had. I’m sad that it’s over but glad that it happened. It’s not goodbye, just see you later ✌🏼 PS. I still love you. #latinatraveler #latinaviajera #latinablogger #latinatravelblogger #latinainfluencer #lifeabroad #liveabroad #studyabroad #immigrantstory #livingabroad #livingabroadlife #immigrantstories #immigrantlife #immigrant #immigrants #vidadeinmigrante #migrantstories #daughterofimmigrants #moveabroad #abroadlife #allthingsabroad #millenialsabroad

Sounds like the amiga you need? 👉🏼 Follow @latinatraveler for more female travel content Una amiga like this would have come in clutch when I started my solo travel journey. And if you’re just starting out, you do not need to feel alone. I’d love to be that amiga for ✨you✨ Why would I be the right amiga to help? I did my first solo trip when I was 15, have traveled to over 30 countries (12 of those solo), and love making women feel powerful and independent in this patriarchal world we live in. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, DM me so we can connect! All new things are coming to this space and you’ll be the first to know :) Also make sure to grab my free safety tips for solo female travelers by joining my email list, blink en b!o 😉 _ strong independent woman, solo female traveler, Latina blogger, comfortable being alone , solo travel is fun #latinatraveler #latinatravelblogger #womenwhotravel #girlstravel #womenwhoadventure #solofemaletraveler #solotraveler #solotravel #solofemaletravelclub #solofemaletravelcommunity #latinaviajera #latinainfluencer #peruanaviajera #girlslovetravel #solotravelisntlonely #yoviajosola #exploreonyourown #solotravel #solotraveler #solotravels #femaletravel #femaletraveler #bloggersunder5k #travelbloggerlife #travelbloggercommunity

Peru PHOTO 📸 OP Spot Save to your Peru 🇵🇪 folder Ok so this one is probably in a place most people visiting Peru don’t get to. But if you’ve already done el Valle Sagrado region and Lima city and you’re looking for somewhere new, then I got you! Peru has too many gems to visit in one trip or even in many. I’ve visited more times than I can count and still haven’t seen it all. This photo spot is located between Tarapoto and el Sauce or Lago Lindo in the rainforest part of Peru. From Lima its north, slightly east. You can ask your driver to stop for a while if you’re going between the two on a private transfer. There are five spots total, but one was a heart so I chose to not take a photo there. These were actually built during the pandemic when the people of the area didn’t have much to do, but knew travel would come back eventually. They were inspired by other locations worldwide that have similar ones (think Guatemala and Bali). Cost: 3 soles ($0.80) for one 10 soles ($2.60) for all 5 Do you enjoy taking these types of photos/videos? 👉🏼 Follow @latinatraveler for more travel content _ Peru photo op, places to visit in Peru, places to visit in Tarapoto, Peru rainforest, seja de selva, selva peruana, montañas, Peruvian mountains, Peru views #latinatraveler #latinablogger #latinatravelblogger #travelblogger #bloggerunder5k #tarapoto #tarapotoperu #igerstarapoto #elsauce #photoop #photooportunity #photoopportunity #photoopp #photooportunities #latinainfluencer #swingsaroundtheworld #swings #magicalswing #swingtheworldproject #swingtheworld #visitperu #igersperu #ctperu #visitperuofficial

Years ago I wouldn’t have done this. And I wish I was kidding. I used to hate being outdoors, I used to hate getting dirty or sweaty or anything like it. I’m not sure when the lightbulb in me switched but I’m so glad it did. Otherwise I would have missed out on this beautiful experience. Ironically enough I’m now allergic to trees, grass, pollen, dust, pretty much the outdoors😅 Funny how life works huh? Did you used to love or hate something and now feel the complete opposite about it? Let’s talk about it👇🏼 👉🏼 Follow @latinatraveler for more travel content _ #latinatraveler #latinablogger #latinatravelblogger #travelblogger #bloggerunder5k #igerschachapoyas #catarata #cataratagocta #visitperu #perutourism #latinaswhohike #latinahikers #latinahikes #latinaviajera #peruviantraveler #peruanaviajera #gocta #goctawaterfall #goctafalls #latinahiker #latinashike #igersperu #hikersofinstagram #hikemore #hikeyourownhike #hikevibes #hikelife #hikeon #hikes #beforevsnow

NYC photo tip 😉 Can’t even call it a hack cause it’s not. But being patient has let me get some great shots without anyone in them. There were times I thought I had it only to find out more people were coming or in the shot. To get videos & photos with no people here took about 35-40ish min. 📍Squibb Park, Brooklyn Would you be patient enough? 👉🏼 follow @latinatraveler for more travel tips _ #latinatraveler #latinaviajera #latinaslovetravel #nyclatina #peruanaviajera #phototip #nycphototip #travellatina #latinabloggersconnect #latinaswhotravel #latinasqueviajan #yoviajosola #tipsdeviaje #femaletravelcommunity #mujeresviajando #latinatravels #latinatravelblogger #latinasupportinglatinas #femmetraveller #nosotrasviajamos #latinosviajando #latinosqueviajan #girlsofcolourthatwander #wocwhotravel #nycphoto #nycphotoshoot #nycphotos #brooklynqueen #igersbrooklyn how to take photos with no people in NYC, NYC photography, NYC photo tips, photo tips, taking photos in NYC, how to take photos in NYC

Add to your Jersey Shore list 📝 Ice cream during the summer is mandatory and you might as well get the best kind while you’re at it. Let Hoffmans be your go to when visiting the Jersey Shore. The original location is in Point Pleasant Beach while they also opened another store in Spring Lake. I’ve been going to this place since my family first moved down to the area when I was 10. The exterior hasn’t changed one bit which I love, although the interior has become more modern looking over time. The flavors also change with the seasons! There are the year round staples but expect pumpkin, blueberry and others when they are in season and available. 👉🏼 Follow @latinatraveler for more travel content 📍 @hoffmansicecream Do you check out local spots when you travel? _ New Jersey must visit, Things to do in New Jersey, Places to visit at the Jersey Shore, Jersey Shore must do, jersey shore local spots #latinatraveler #latinaviajera #latinatravelblogger #latinablogger #bloggersunder5k #jerseyshore #thingstodo #visitjerseyshore #visitnewjersey #igersnj #hoffmans #hoffmansicecream #jersey #jerseygirl #lifebythebeach #lifebythesea #shorelife #shoreliving #localbusiness #localspot #supportlocal

Drop a 🙋🏽‍♀️ if you stay running late 👉🏼 Follow @latinatraveler for more travel content Sometimes I have too many hours to waste at the airport but there are times where I’m running through security lines and getting impatient when people take forever to go through. Then having to walk through duty free feels like an eternity. Am I being dramatic? Yes, I am. But I’m Latina. I’m allowed to be dramatic 😅 As long as I make my flight, it’s all good. I just expect I’ll be anxious until the moment I’m either sitting at my gate or on the plane. So are you running late or are you more on time? _ Airport inconvenience, airport delay, running around the airport, running late, airport security, duty free #latinatraveler #latinatravelblogger #latinablogger #latinaviajera #blogueradeviajes #airportsecurity #dutyfree #dutyfreeshop #dutyfreeshopping #dutyfreeexperience #frequentflyer #airportcheck #airportsecuritycheck #airport #aeropuerto #seguridad #aeropuertointernacional #runninglate #runninglateclub #runninglateasusual

My favorite feeling ever 😌 This goes out to everyone who I have helped show that the world does not need to be a scary place and that you can go off and enjoy it yourself. Getting a message from you telling me you’ve booked a flight or a solo getaway makes my heart so happy. Because you are about to embark on a journey of so much self growth and awareness. Wandering off on your own for the first time can be scary but if you know you have the tools to be safe and feel confident, you know you’ll be okay. Make sure you follow me 👉🏼 @latinatraveler so you don’t miss any solo female travel tips!

Your peace of mind ✨above all else✨ If you tell the people in your life or strangers that you plan to travel solo, many of them are going to have opinions about it. Probably including, but not limited to, why you shouldn’t do it or why you would even want to. This page and everything I share with you is to show you how to feel confident when dealing with these situations. Cause honestly you don’t need to put up with it. You deserve to be surrounded by people who get you or even people you aspire to be more like. ✨Follow @latinatraveler for more female travel content & inspo

You can travel alone & not be lonely! ✨Follow @latinatraveler for more solo travel content So many people think because someone is traveling alone it’s because they are lonely. This couldn’t be farther than the truth. The best part traveling solo? Meeting OTHER SOLO TRAVELERS. You’re way more to open to talking with other people when you’re by yourself because we’re still humans who enjoy human contact. You’re also so much more approachable when you’re by yourself than when you’re with friends. You get to do whatever you want and not feel bad or guilty about it. It is quite literally the best time to be yourself and do all the things you’ve ever wanted to without being judged or criticized by anyone you know. What are your thoughts on this? _ strong independent woman, solo female traveler, Latina blogger, comfortable being alone #latinatraveler #latinatravelblogger #womenwhotravel #girlstravel #womenwhoadventure #solofemaletraveler #solotraveler #solotravel #solofemaletravelclub #solofemaletravelcommunity #latinaviajera #latinainfluencer #peruanaviajera #girlslovetravel #solotravelisntlonely #yoviajosola #exploreonyourown #solotravel #solotraveler #solotravels #femaletravel #femaletraveler #bloggersunder5k #travelbloggerlife #travelbloggercommunity

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