Krystalyn Laura Enriquez

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Chase sunsets | Eating organic | Choose kindness

Hello! I was a STEM preschool teacher for 7 years and now SAHM to Augustus, my one year old son. I love to curate and share lifestyle content in the motherhood, fashion / beauty, and travel niches. I have a very engaged following and love to work with brands that align with my values, and that my audience would want to learn more about. Looking forward to working with you!

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A hui hou (until we meet again) 🥥 If I could live in Hawai’i, I would move in a heartbeat. For now, you can find me in bed dreaming of all the fresh fruits, beach days, and hikes around the island.

How to drive more traffic to your blog using your Instagram bio -

These websites essentially help you create one link that you can put in your Instagram bio’s website link, and that link will have a list of other links to whatever you want However, using these third party sites are unnecessary when you can easily create your own landing page (on your blog) to drive more traffic to your blog. Instead of clicking on the third party link, a person viewing your Instagram can click on your website link that directs them to a landing page on your blog. How to set up your landing page Setting up a landing page is pretty easy, depending on how creative and artsy you want to get, and it’s not so time consuming!

I’ve probably edited and reused this photo three times now, but I just love it so much 😄 This is a friendly reminder that my @fawndesign code ends tomorrow! I’m wearing the Mini bag, walnut color, and it’s literally what I use every single day! I promise to share my Fawn Design collection in stories today and save them to a highlight reel. I’m still bedridden from pulling my back on Friday, but I will make it happen haha. Save 15% off using my code 🌿 KRYSTALYN15 🌿 & If you make a purchase with my code, dm me so I can send you a free Starbucks drink as a small thank you! #fawnfam #fawndesign #fawnambassador #fawndesignmini

Updated Night Time Routine with Auggie -

— Being a first time parent, I didn’t think about Auggie’s skin until I noticed the lotion we normally use hasn’t been moisturizing his skin as well. We started to switch up his products to Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash and Rich Moisture Lotion, and even got it personalized to his name on the bottles! Bath time is his favorite time of the day because he absolutely loves water — splashing, swimming, and dunking his toys underwater. While he’s playing with his cars, I’ll use the rich moisture tip to toe wash to help retain his natural skin moisture.

#ad Auggie loooves any vehicle toys, from cars to trains, so how perfect is this birthday engine train? Not only did Auggie just turn two, @thomasandfriends™ is also celebrating their 75th anniversary! Their 75th birthday candle toy lights up and dims when you blow it out. It’s available at Amazon, Walmart and Target, and they have a Netflix show. Oh, and did I mention that it plays the happy birthday song? So so cute! Swipe left to see Auggie blowing out the candle 🎂 #thomas75 #thomasandfriends #AugustusKlayton

MIXT at Silver Lake -

I personally love spinach, so I ordered a custom salad with all spinach, cucumber slices, mango, apple slices, parmesan cheese, spring onions, and chicken breast. This is the Rooster Sandwich, which contains grilled chicken, sliced apples, sharp cheddar, basil pesto, arugula, aïoli, all in a torpedo roll. It’s mixed greens, arugula, grilled flat iron steak, blue cheese, herb roasted potatoes (yum!), cherry tomatoes, savory herbs, balsamic vinaigrette, and topped with caramelized onions and breadcrumbs. We also customized our Market Plate and ordered the grilled flat iron steak with miso ginger glaze, roasted brussels sprouts, and grilled broccoli.

Happy people aren’t hating. Hating people aren’t happy. #ifykyk Let’s remember to keep spreading love and kindness you guys. You don’t know what a person is going through or what they’re doing behind the scenes of social media. This platform is literally a highlight reel and full of pages with pretty pictures. Not to mention the fine line between criticism and bullying, so always be mindful of your choice of words and actions. Have a great weekend. ✌🏼

Amazon Boxtumes 2019 -

If you didn’t know — the opposite sides of a die equals seven, so if one side has 1 dot, then it’s opposite side will have 6 dots. Using one of the flaps for scraps, I cut out a smaller rectangle piece and folded it to create the extended front room of the house, and I covered it with green construction paper. I still had a little leftover flap piece, so I cut out a small rectangle for the front door. With our largest Amazon box, I created a very simple Jeep in about 2 hours, using black construction paper, white card stock, a black sharpie, a box cutter, and tape.

It’s all in the details 🌸 If you didn’t know, I’m a bralette kinda girl, and I just added three more to my collection! The dainty daisy crochet bralette by @threebirdnest are so comfy and versatile, I’m in loveee. I got it in pink, yellow, and sage haha #threebirdnest #freeyourspirit

Missing that suite life 🎡 In lieu of launching my course very soon, I wanted to start sharing some tips of how I’ve grown my page, my content creation process, and everything in between. One of my most asked questions is: how do you land a travel collab? My best advice: fake it til you make it. Start off posting relatable travel content to build up a cohesive page. Then, reach out to your local hotels for a collaboration on a free night’s stay, free meals, free excursions, etcetera. If you are going to travel somewhere, reach out to 10-15 hotels, not just one. Expect half to not reply back, and then maybe half of the half who did reply will make an offer. Email the hotels 1-2 months ahead of time, and make sure to personalize each email to the hotel. But how do you find an email contact? RESEARCH. Use google, look up surrounding hotels and find the hotel’s social media. Look at their website for an email contact, or even DM them on Instagram for a point of contact. It looks better when you do your research and personalize your email to each hotel, and makes it much more satisfying when you land a hotel collab. 😌 #innatthemarket #seattlewashington #pikeplacemarket

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