Haley Parker

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Every journey that I take, I learn something new and even more exciting about life. Things that can’t possibly be understood unless experienced. Therefore, I am sharing every single tip and trick I have so that anyone and everyone can experience this lifestyle. Everything from budgeting to traveling responsibly to the struggles of van life.

Haley is a U.S.A based creator that focuses on travel, minimalism, and making the world a little bit better. Ever since “Haley’s Voyage” started in 2018, it has grown to over 12 thousand engaging followers and subscribers. Haley loves creating content that catches her audience’s eye and truly inspires them. Please get in touch so that we can create your dream project together!

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"Travel has a way of opening people’s eyes to things that they have never thought possible. It gets you out of the box that you’ve been in your whole life and makes you see things from a new perspective. Things that have been dramatized and fantasized by movies and media that we don’t think twice about because we were never there to experience it." 🌎 ▫️ I put a lot of thought into this post that I made recently on my blog. It's something that I feel very deeply and believe in. It's pretty much the whole reason I started Haley's Voyage. Travel can change the world. 🗺 ▫️ Go to the link in my bio and click "5 Ways Travel Can Change the World" to read the whole post. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Top 10 Van Life Inconveniences and Resolutions

Here are some things that make it more convenient: Finding space for new things is inconvenient because there really isn’t any. When you start adding new things to your collection, there’s usually not a space for it. You could start adding things like bikes and kayaks to the outside of the van or bungee things like surfboards and skateboards to the ceiling. Here are some things that make it more convenient: Say goodbye to a thermostat because you probably don’t even want to know what the temperature is inside your van at all times.

Sunrise >>> to sunset Which one do you like better? 🌄 ▫️ I've had so many photos to share with you guys that I've had for over a week. However... one of the major downsides of van life is never having steady wifi. Usually I search for wifi until I get my photos downloaded, but I wasn't feeling it this week. So you guys will have a build up of some cool photos coming at you this week! ✌

5 Ways Travel Can Change the World

Travel has a way of opening people’s eyes to things that they have never thought possible. n’t think anyone could truly understand what’s happening to our environment, what it’s like living with almost nothing, or why people do what they do until you’ve seen it up, close, and personal. There’s no better way to come up with new and improved ideas than gaining a new perspective. There’s no better teacher than the perspective you gain from seeing and experiencing the world around you.

Swipe >>> to see how happy sunflower fields make me 🌻 ▫️ I was thinking about how different our world will look in 50 years. Will we be able to walk through beautiful fields like these or will it be nearly impossible to grow plants like these due to pollution and the warming of the Earth? 🤔 ▫️ In the end, we decide what we will see in 50 years. Hopefully it's even more beautiful fields of flowers. 💐

Van Life: What They Don't Tell You

Van life sucks, don’t do it!” or “Van life is a fairy tale and I have a perfect life!” There’s no way to say that van life is going to suck for everyone or be perfect for everyone. Financial freedom, location freedom, freedom from time, freedom from materials, and probably any other type of freedom you can think of. I don’t think there has ever been anything quite as rewarding in my life as moving into a van.

One of the coolest parts about a wilderness area is you can literally walk around where ever you want.🙌 ▫️ No trails to follow. Just pure unrestricted exploration. It's probably about as close as you can get to the old days when there was still so much to discover. I dont know about you, but that's freaking exciting to me. 🧭 ▫️ Although you can walk around where ever you please in wilderness areas, that still doesn't mean you can be a jerk. ✌ ▫️ 1. Don't destroy the natural landscape. 2. Everything that goes in with you must be taken back out with you. 3. Keep wildlife wild by not feeding them or approaching them. 4. Don't take anything with you unless it's trash that needs to be picked up. ▫️ It only takes a few bad apples to ruin these opportunities to explore wilderness areas. Don't be a bad apple! 🍎

How to Build a Camper Van Swivel Table

The FPTx MPT elbow fitting will go on the other end of your table arm and attach to the floor flange. Once you have it marked, set down the tabletop and remove the floor flange from the swivel arm. Screw the floor flange into the marked spots on your tabletop with a drill and then re-screw the floor flange to the swivel arm. Once the PVC pipe is properly secured, you can now slide the leg of your swivel table into the PVC pipe.

Not in the mood to caption. Just love the pics. 🙃

My first real attempt at astro-photography. And what a place for it! 🌌 ▫️ Thanks @kou_vangphotography for letting me use your super bright flash light!

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