Kiersten DeCook

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Kiersten DeCook is a travel and lifestyle content creator and blogger. She's a 25-year old graduate student, wife, dog mom, and mom to be! She recently moved from Atlanta, Georgia to the mountains of Utah. She has a passion for finding adventure and making the most of everyday, no matter where she finds herself.

She also greatly enjoys self-care, which involves delicious and nutritious food, staying active, and stylish, modest fashion. Her goal is to inspire her community and show that anyone can travel and live out the ordinary yet extraordinary life they dream of.

Location Utah United States
Country United States of America
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The Top Ways To Save Money When You Travel

They will make the prices go up based on demand, how many people are looking at the flights, and how many times you’ve looked at those flights…. I also like to use Google flights because it allows you to see all of the different flight options, and the interface is really simple to use! When planning my trip to Europe, I wanted to find the cheapest flight to get to Europe from Salt Lake City. BUT, if we traveled in a different order by flying into Munich, then seeing Paris, London, and Portugal, we could save like $300!

Delicious Homemade Guacamole & Fajitas

Since social distancing and staying home has become necessary, we’ve had more time and energy to place into our cooking skills! We really enjoyed the meal, and put our unique spin on the homemade guac we created, so we wanted to share it with you all! Our avocados weren’t ripe a day before we wanted to make this guac, so we put the avocados into a brown paper bag 2 days before. We served this guac with torilla chips (Santitas White Corn are one of my personal favorite kinds).

My Blog Identity Crisis

We are going to be lucky to take a few trips a year when that extremely busy (and poor, very poor) time of life is going on, which will last a short 7-10 years!!! And so, I feel like my blog, and potential “brand” only has integrity if I am more representative about my entire life. Continue to Write About Travel, but I Want to Write About Other Things I Enjoy, Too. So, I’m still figuring out what this new blog identity looks like. & trying to determine how I can even possibly get people to want to follow this blog or Instagram without well, a singular niche.

Staying positive during the coronavirus

But after we’ve stocked our pantries with food, practiced social distancing, and said a prayer to keep our family safe, it’s out of our control. So let’s use this time to remain positive and use this unique time we have wisely. Here’s just a few I’ve thought of: Work on that household project, start a hobby, binge watch a TV show you’ve been wanted to, cook more, get organized, make a website, paint, learn how to play an instrument, call your family members/friends, work out more often (outside or at home). Let’s stay positive and realize this time will pass.

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