Kesi Irvin

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I'm an Ivy League grad who quit my corporate job in NYC to travel the world. I have been backpacking for 5+ years, visiting 60+ countries. Now I teach other adventurous souls how to travel further and deeper without breaking the bank

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ANTARCTICA GROUP TRIP FAQ @jamesmcalloon joins me to answer all questions about the Follow The Fro Tour to Antarctica this upcoming November. Spots are still open starting at $7,290. Visit Or click the link in my bio. Let me know if there are any other questions!

IS ANTARCTICA ON YOUR BUCKETLIST? I am hosting a group trip to Antarctica in November 2022! [Swipe right details] There are already 40 people who have signed up to #FollowTheFro to Antarctica. Reasons To Join: 🐧Visit penguin colonies 🧊 Zodiac cruises around glaciers and icebergs ⛷️ Optional Activities include: kayaking, camping on the continent!, Showshoeing, photography program, polar plunge. 🎉 There will be private themed events for our group on board. (Any fancy penguin onesies?) 💑🏽 Be a part of an adventurous group of travelers. If you are solo - there are a lot of other solo travelers who have joined as well 💸It's a really good price! (Antarctica trips will keep getting more and more expensive in the future) I've partnered with @chimuadventures and am able to offer discounted prices (25 to 30% off) for a 12 day tour to Antarctica. You can book a spot in a mid-tier double room with a window for $7,720pp There's only limited spaces left, so make sure to book to lock in the cheaper price! You can find more details in the link in my bio or visit here: Leave any questions in the comments or DM me. Tag a person you'd want to visit Antarctica with in the comments. #grouptripAntarctica #visitantarctica #antarctica #travelantarctica #grouptrip #bucketlistdestination #solofemaletravel #solotravel

HOW HAS YOUR 2022 BEEN? Mine has been quite eventful. 🥳 I celebrated NYE in Seychelles 🦠 I got COVID for the 1st time 🦍 I went gorilla trekking for the 3rd time (and it was just as exciting!) 🇺🇬 I hosted my 2nd group trip to Uganda and convinced my mom to come (her first time on the African continent) 🧗🏾‍♀️I went abseling for the 1st time down a waterfall 🇰🇪 I took an impromptu trip to Kenya, reconnected with college friends and had a fun-filled weekend in Lake Naivasha ⛱️ I fell in love with Lamu, Kenya all over again, and had a Kenyan family adopt me for a day. 📝 A dream brand reached out to me for a potential long-term partnership (you'll hear more about this soon) 🎂 I turned 32 and had my friend @garymurad traveled from another country to surprise me! 🏨 Spent $300 on a hotel (where I took this photo)...I've never spent that much before #Flashpacker 🧑🏾‍❤️‍💋‍🧑🏼 I finally returned to my home in Rennes, France after 1.5 months away and my loving boyfriend had a warm meal waiting for my arrival It's only been a little more than a month, but 2022 is off to a great start. And there will be some more epic things to come 🇦🇶🐧I'm most excited to finally visit Antarctica in November!! By the way there are more spots available for the Follow The Fro to Antarctica trip. We have 40 people signed up now! DM me for details or click the link in the bio. In the comments, tell me your favorite thing you've done thus far this year. 📸: From Ocean Terrace hotel in Seychelles #FollowTheFro #Seychelles

HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE GREAT RESIGNATION? Quitting a job is nothing new for me. When I left my finance job in 2015 - it was seen as rebellious and taboo. But currently, in the US and UK, there is a record number of people leaving their jobs = The "Great Resignation" or The "Big Quit." For example, more than 20 million people quit their jobs in the US in 2nd half of 2021 The catalyst of the Great Resignation was the pandemic since it made many people reflect on what's important in their life and re-imagine their careers, Did the pandemic make you question your professional life? Or have you ever thought about going on a sabbatical to develop new skills? I am partnering with @Memrise - my favorite language learning app - to help turn 'The Great Resignation' into your ample opportunity by learning something new. Memrise is giving away 200 Memrise Pro accounts to my audience. Click the link "sign-up" link in this post and use the code "KESIFEB" to sign up for a 2-Week Memrise Pro account. Learning a new language can improve your employability and broaden your horizons. I use Memrise every day while living in France, and I love the Pro features since it has videos of local people speaking the language. In the comments, let me know what language you want to learn and why. [Share this post with someone who wants to learn a new language] #LearnSomethingNew #TheGreatResignation Partnership with @memrise

WHERE TO FIND TORTOISES IN SEYCHELLES [save + share] One of the best parts about visiting Seychelles is meeting giant tortoises. The Aldabra giant tortoise is one of the largest tortoises in the world and can only be found in the wild in Seychelles. Here are the best places to find them: ALDABRA - if you are a true tortoise lover, then make a trip to Aldabra. It's a hard and expensive place to access but over 100,000 🐢 live here. The only people living on the island are scientists and researchers. You need to apply for a special permit from the Seychelles Island Foundation and there are very limited transportation options. LA DIGUE - you can pay 8€ and visit the tortoise farm, which has several tortoises in an enclosing, but I would recommend going to @bikinibottomseychelles instead to meet two tortoises roaming freely. They hang out by this smoothie bar since they get to eat the fruit scraps and it's easy to take a selfie. [Photo is from @bikinibottomseychelles] CURIEUSE ISLAND - MARINE NATIONAL PARK: This is the best option! There's a tortoise sanctuary that has 200 slow-moving giant 🐢🐢's roaming freely in a protected area. You can easily book a day trip from Praslin or Mahe to visit this island (~$120) or charter your own sail boat. There are a lot of turtles here that you can easily interact with. Would you ever travel to a country to see a specific animal? If so - where? #followTheFroSeychelles . . . #visitseychelles #seychelles #tortoise #aldabratortoise #travelseychelles #traveltips #femaletravelbloggers #blacktraveljourney #blacktravelfeed #animalselfie #girlslovetravel #blacktravelbloggers #ladigue #bikinibottomseychelles #tlpicks #starttheadventure #lifeofadventure #solofemaletravel #nomadlife #gianttortoise #shetravels #seychelles_ig #discoverseychelles

I NEVER MISSED A CHRISTMAS WITH THE FAMILY Christmas time is the one time everyone in my family comes together. I thought it'd be fun to share this video of me surprising my family back in 2015. WAIT UNTIL THE END FOR MY MOM'S REACTION (it's the best one) Backstory: In June 2015 I left my finance job in NYC to take a one year trip around the world (RTW). My parents (especially mom) were super worried that I was traveling solo. Initially, I did not plan to come home for Christmas since I was in Peru and was headed to Australia next. But once December came around, I realized quality family time (aka being competitive playing board games, eating mom's cooking, family yoga at my brother's studio @bikramhh) is a priority. I called my sister and told her I wanted to surprise the family on Christmas (I was gone for 6 months already) Traveling the world is enriching, but I also don't want to miss out on important moments. The detour home was 100% worth it. My one year RTW trip turned into a 6 year nomadic lifestyle, but no matter where I am in the world I always make sure to come back for Christmas. Let me know what you think of my mom's reaction! Have you ever surprised your family for a special occasion? Share the story in the comments. #FollowTheFro #christmasstory #surprisefamily #merrychristmas #nomadlife #lifeofanomad #lifeofatraveller #alwaysgone #starttheadventure #gltlove #longtermtravel #shetravels #rtwtrip #blacktravelclub #blacktraveljourney #iamtb #throwbackvideo #gopro #familylife

DENTAL TOURISM IN HUNGARY [Save + Share] Did you know Hungary is the dental capital in Europe? Hungary is known for its high-quality and low-cost dentistry treatments. In 2015, I chipped my front tooth and paid $800 for a crown in NYC. In 2021, I decided to replace my crown in Budapest. It cost me $170. I went to The quality of service was terrific. My dentist spoke perfect English and never tried to upsell me. He was honest, friendly, and I would recommend him to anyone. It's possible to find Roundtrip flights from NYC to Budapest for $500, so a New Yorker could save money by flying to Budapest to get dental treatment. (This is an excellent way to justify a trip to Budapest. Get a new smile + get to explore an affordable & electric city = win-win!) Have you or would you travel to a different country for dental work? Share in the comments. #FollowtheFroHungary #FollowtheFroBudapest #Dentaltourism

A HIDDEN GEM IN HUNGARY [Save this post for when you visit Budapest/Hungary] What are things that make you want to visit a certain site? I absolutely loved visiting Rudabánya Bányató because: 🔸 BREATHTAKING: The nature was beautiful. I easily could've sat here for hours, either having a picnic or relaxing 🔸 TRANQUIL: I hate visiting an overcrowded beautiful place. While here, I only saw two other people fishing, so it was easy to enjoy. 🔸 UNDISCOVERED: Not many people know about this place, so it makes me feel like a true explorer - discovering new beautiful places. Rudabányai is the deepest lake in Hungary. You can't swim here, but you can enjoy this natural wonder for an afternoon. It's a 2.5 drive from Budapest. Although I'd you want to visit, I recommend spending 1 or 2 nights in Miskolc and driving 45 minutes to here. (Miskolc is worth a visit) What do you think of this place? #followthefrohungary #visithungary

THE MALDIVES OF HUNGARY? I read a blog post that compared this floating village in Hungary to the Maldives and decided to check it out myself. Is it worth a visit? Yes, but mostly no. (➕) POSITIVES 🔸 It's only 1.5 hours outside Budapest with public transportation 🔸It is picturesque, perfect if you are into photography 🔸Get off the beaten path and experience a different side of Hungary. (➖) NEGATIVES 🔸Do not go in the summer months. During the summer, people occupy the houses, and they do not want tourists on their property. 🔸There's not anything else to do in the area. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I visited here in July and spent the afternoon playing cards with @alex.wkt. I enjoyed my time relaxing and observing this unique floating village. At one point, a homeowner walked by and told us that this was private property. We explained we were playing cards, and he said it was ok to stay. Once we were ready to leave, I decided to hitchhike back to the train stop (it was a 20-minute walk). I was pleasantly surprised that the first car that passed us picked us up. I assumed that people in this small town don't usually see people that look like me, so it was a good feeling to be picked up easily. Would you hitchhike in a random village in Hungary? Why or Why not? FINAL THOUGHTS Calling Bokod Floating village the Maldives is a stretch. You can tell that owners don't want tourists, which is why I don't recommend visiting during the summer (since it's more of a holiday spot). I talked to someone who went a couple of weeks ago, and people weren't in the houses. Would you visit here? #FollowTheFroHungary #Bokod #floatingvillage #bokodilebegőfalu

HELLO 15K!! When I started this account, I had no intention to be a blogger. I was just a traveler documenting my experiences from around the world. But I realized IG is a powerful tool, and the thing I love about it most is that it is a huge connector, and I am passionate about connecting. 🔸I love when I can introduce my friends to someone. 🔸I love if I can connect a traveler with a local tour guide or couchsurfing host who showed me a great time. 🔸I love landing in a new country and staying with a friend of a friend. (This even happened in Mozambique) So in the spirit of building connections... I'm starting a new tradition on my account. Every time I gain 5000 followers I will share 5 accounts that I love to follow 1. @againstthecompass - He is the off the beaten path expert! He visits countries I've never been to and writes comprehensive guides to help others travel there. He also just started group trips to places like Iraqi Kurdistan and Saudi Arabia. 2. @kerrysomewhere - We have similar travel styles and she just moved to Guatemala. I love following her page because she is always true to herself. She's not posing for photos or overly curated, but you'll always see her sporting her favorite football jersey. 3. @walkwithdevwalker - we have completely different travel styles. She is into luxury and fashion. I love that she inserts her personality into each piece of content and she will always give her honest opinions. She gives practical tips, and makes videos that will make you want to visit a new country. 4. @themarshajean - I think she's been traveling full-time longer than me & she started at 18. I love her travel style because she is always looking for local and authentic experiences. She is a budget traveler who understands how long-term travel is possible by hitchhiking, traveling slower and finding odd jobs on sites like Workaway. 5. @offbeattravelling - I originally found his account via his blog post on riding an iron ore train in Mauritania (bucketlist item for me). He doesn't post often, but when he does I get very excited! He goes to less frequented places and always shows me new places and cultures. 📸 from Sardinia🇮🇹

Surprise! @cnbc interviewed me for their @cnbcmakeit series. Shortly after relocating to Rennes, a videographer spent the day filming me and asking questions about the cost of living in France, and transitioning from Wall Street to eventually becoming a travel blogger. It was a fun experience and the interview is now live on @cnbcmakeit YouTube! P.S - Since 2020 I've been tracking my daily spend so I always know how much I spend per day depending on the country I'm in P.P.S - We filmed for 8 hours to get an 8-mimutes clip. It was interesting to have a peak into the tv production world. #followthefro #cnbc #cnbcmakeit #femaletravelbloggers #blacktravelbloggers #travelnoire #rennes #rennesfrance

Interested in a Free Trip to Egypt? I recently discovered @travelx_co , which is a international delivery service. @Travelx_co is looking for more onboard carriers. In this live video I asked Sayed, a manager at @travelx_co, questions about how to become a traveler/onboard carrier for their company. @travelx_co is currently offering free roundtrip tickets from NYC to Egypt and $500 cash. Listen to the live for more info. Leave additional questions in the comments. I have not personally used @travelx_co yet, but I hope to in 2022. (Unfortunately they aren't looking for travelers based in France) #traveldeals #freeflights #egypt #lifeofatraveller #lifeofadventure #visitegypt

How to Announce a Move on Social Media Step 1: Convince boyfriend to take a picture with me. [Photo 1] Step 2: Find an object that represents your new home. 🥐🥐🥐 [Photo 2] Step 3: Pose for the camera with the object [Photo 3] Many people guessed that @alex.wkt and I moved to Denmark, Belgium, Germany, or the Netherlands.... ...but we moved to Rennes, France! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 Did you know that France is the most visited place in the world? Maybe that's why I haven't traveled here because I like exploring more undiscovered places. But I'm always up for a new adventure. Time to learn some french. (And eat lots of croissants) In the comments feel free to leave: - any tips about living in France - places/cities/things to do that I should explore - what to eat! Also - the last photo, do we give off lady and the tramp vibes or do we need to work on our posing? 👀👀😂 #FollowtheFroFrance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #expatlife #expatinfrance #rennes #nomadlife #gltlove #coupleswhotravel #digitalnomads #movingabroad #americaninfrance #lifeofatraveller #visitfrance #teamkaptainkenny #travelcouple #shetravels #iexplore #Iamatraveler #femaletravelbloggers #blacktravelbloggers #livingabroad #blackgirlstraveltoo #frenchlife #blackandabroad

IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME - WHO WANTS A TRAVEL VOUCHER? I asked and 91% of you voted that I should host a giveaway, so welcome to the first one! A year ago, the furthest I could travel was my parent's backyard. Remember how my mom helped me get some photos in an "exotic" location? [Swipe Right] Well now that travel is coming back, there's no need to fake travel photos. Instead - fly somewhere! I have partnered with @flyawayus to give away a $100 flight voucher. Flyaway is a new app that helps young travelers get exclusive discounts and travel deals.  TO ENTER: - Follow both @kesitoandfro & @flyawayus - Leave a comment tagging a friend & stating where you would use the voucher to fly to - Download the app and post a screenshot in your stories & tag @kesitoandfro and @flyawayus (or send a screenshot to @kesitoandfro) for an extra 5 entries. Entries close on July 13 at midnight (CET). [CLOSED - the winner is @jr14official, BUT use promo code KESI25 to get $25 off any flight with the Flyaway app) #followthefro

On this date, 6 years ago I left my apartment in NYC with the plan to travel around the world for one year. Listen to this live video which discusses my nomadic story: -How much did I save? -How can I travel for so long? - Why do I keep traveling? - What does my future look like? 2013 - I made the decision that I will make a 1 year RTW trip and started saving $1000 a month while living in NYC JUNE 28, 2015 - I left my apartment in NYC with my carry on backpack (I still use the same @ospreypacks bag) JUNE 28, 2016 - Finally back in NYC after a full year abroad. The original plan was for me to go to a coding bootcamp, but my wanderlust was still calling and instead I went skydiving over the grand canyon, started traveling with @grabrinc and visiting Buenos Aires multiple times and backpacked across SE Asia for a 2nd time JUNE 28, 2017 - I am in Croatia to work my 3rd summer as a host for @theyachtweek. The first two summers with TYW were for fun, but now I really needed the money JUNE 28, 2018 - at one of my happiest points. I just finished backpacking across east and southern Africa and it was my favorite part of the world. Travel = life and had shown me so many unique experiences JUNE 28, 2019 - at one of my lowest points. I'm tired of constant travel, I miss having a stable income, meeting new people becomes more of a burden then pleasure JUNE 28, 2020 - I just spent 3 months at home with my family and it was the perfect reset. I now am investing into myself and becoming a Travelprenuer TODAY - I just spent 9 months living in my first apartment since 2015 in Budapest, Hungary. I'm packing my bags as I prepare to visit Turkey and Croatia this summer.

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