Keri Hedrick

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Keri is a freelance travel writer, photographer, and social media influencer based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

She is the owner and editor of OurGlobetrotters.Com, a family travel website inspiring families to explore the world with their children and FamilyTravel-MiddleEast.Com - A collaborative platform for those planning Arabian adventures their kids.

Keri is also co-editor of Little City Trips - a family travel website dedicated to helping families plan big city trips with their kids.

Lonely Planet Pathfinder & featured writer, founding member of UAE Mom Bloggers, Family Travel Bloggers Group & Family Travel Inspiration community group. NMC Registered influencer in the UAE.

Location Abu Dhabi
Member Since NOVEMBER 17, 2018
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Family Vacation in Dubai during the pandemic: What should you expect?

At the time of writing (early January 2021), you can expect: • COVID testing only for certain countries and residents BEFORE flying • COVID testing on landing but no enforced self-quarantine if your test is negative • The border from Dubai into Abu Dhabi has now reopened but a negative COVID test result is required to cross the border (for all ages over 12), in addition to follow up testing if you remain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This is subject to frequent changes so we strongly suggest you consult our Dubai Travel Planner website where we are keeping a guide to the latest crossing news, as released by Abu Dhabi Media Office, along with a description of the different types of COVID testing and where to get them done on either sie of the border. Since New Years, COVID cases in the UAE have more than doubled on a daily basis; Abu Dhabi Emirate has taken a tough stance again increasing border testing and closing school; Dubai remains completely open with only some fine tuning of testing requirements from certain countries.

How To Make A Video Of A Sunset

It is always better to think everything through in advance, because the sunset is not so long, and it is as difficult as taking a photo of kids, so to take the desired photo must have time. Different setting options of the online video editor can make the shot look better in different stages of sunset;Changing the white balance when shooting can help turn even the most unremarkable sunset into a beautiful picture by adding more yellow or pink hues;To make your sunset photo as colourful as possible, you should shoot in HDR. A photo may appear darker or brighter, so it is important to pay attention to the histogram;Don’t use filters when shooting a sunset, as they always reduce the colour saturation in the video;It’s not a good idea to take pictures of sunsets with sunglasses. If there is water, windows, shop windows, you can safely use them in the frame;You don’t want to stop taking pictures right after the sun disappears over the horizon.

5 Best Places To See In Tanzania with Kids

Once you have your visa ready, make sure to visit these 5 best places in Tanzania with your kids! Make sure to take a family visit to this exciting place to encounter some amazing wildlife species and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the Lake Manyara. Covering approximately 2000 hectares of a coral rag forest, ground-water forest, and a salt marsh area, this is ideal for a mangrove swamp to thrive. Should you want to visit the National Park of Kilimanjaro and climb the mountain, it is advised that the children visiting it are 12 and over.

Worldwide Family Travel Expectations in 2021 • Our Globetrotters

Current travel restrictions in New York as at end of 2020 New York State a testing/3-day quarantine or 14-day quarantine mandate for anyone traveling from another country that is level 2 or 3, and for a list of states with high infection rates. Current travel restrictions in Western Europe as at the end of 2020 Country borders are open within the European Union at the moment and people are allowed to move freely between EU countries. Current travel restrictions in Italy as at the end of 2020 Italy is currently experiencing a second wave of restrictions that are affecting travel to the country as well as movement within Italy. Current travel restrictions in Dubai as at end of 2020 Dubai reopened to tourism back in July 2020 with only the requirement to have a negative COVID test before flying, and for some nationalities, again on entry.

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