Keri Hedrick

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Keri is a freelance travel writer, photographer, and social media influencer based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

She is the owner and editor of OurGlobetrotters.Com, a family travel website inspiring families to explore the world with their children and FamilyTravel-MiddleEast.Com - A collaborative platform for those planning Arabian adventures their kids.

Keri is also co-editor of Little City Trips - a family travel website dedicated to helping families plan big city trips with their kids.

Lonely Planet Pathfinder & featured writer, founding member of UAE Mom Bloggers, Family Travel Bloggers Group & Family Travel Inspiration community group. NMC Registered influencer in the UAE.

Location Abu Dhabi
Member Since NOVEMBER 17, 2018
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Best Ride-On Luggage for Kids in 2020 • Our Globetrotters

There are several different models of kids’ ride on carry-on luggage on the market today, and the ones that are best suited for a wide age range are ride on suitcases and scooter luggage. Choosing a kids ride on-suitcase with a hard outer shell or durable, stain-resistant material is essential due to the roughness of travel as well as those inevitable times when your child runs into the ticket counter. Most ride-on luggage comes with carrying straps plus a detachable pull strap in the event you’ll need to store the suitcase or pull a tired toddler, but it’s best to check and see if these are included in the design. Kids scooter luggage is such a great fit for older kids because they may not necessarily need as many breaks as younger children, and their legs may be too long for riding on a more traditionally designed piece of ride-on luggage.

Best Carriers for Toddlers & Hiking Carriers in 2020 • Our Globetrotters

This post is part of our Tried & Tested essential gear series – learn more about all our favourite baby & toddler travel products What to look for in a toddler carrier The most common toddler baby carriers come in the form of either a soft-frame, front-or-side buckle carrier or a framed backpack-style carrier. : When you’re carrying around your bub for any length of time, it’s important to find a toddler baby carrier that doesn’t add unnecessary pounds to what you’re already carrying. Lightweight, super-soft mesh fabric keeps both bub and mum/dad cool and dry, padded shoulder straps and waist belt, absorbent teething bib included Why we love it: Not only does the Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier come in many beautiful and eye-catching designs, it also has an innovative expandable panel with three width adjustments. Why we love it: The Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier is built with your bub’s every comfort in mind and has plenty of storage for extra supplies, snacks, and room for an extra water reservoir.

4 Ways To Entertain Kids On Long Trips By Car • Our Globetrotters

If you’re not a fan of shoving a screen in their faces or tricking them into staying quiet with sugary treats, don’t fear: there are other, healthier ways of making sure your little ones are entertained on long car rides to family, friends and vacation spots. This post is part of our family travel advice series Long the savior of parents with restless children, travel toys are a great way to channel frustration and creativity into something more productive and time-consuming. It’s best to find ones that keep your child entertained for hours (the last thing you want to be doing is constantly reaching into the back seat to give them something new) and suit life in the back of a car. These trips don’t just give kids a chance to get some fresh air and stretch their little achy legs, but they also provide an opportunity for you to make the trip more entertaining and hopefully tire them out a little.

Best Baby Capsule Cover for summer and winter • Our Globetrotters

The only downside we found with our infant capsule, in both hot and cold climates, the provided canopy built into our Maxi Cosi capsule (and all leading brands for that matter) simply wasn’t enough protection from extremely bright light or against the cold in winter climates. Rather than fitting snuggly to the seat like some, it is designed to be extra large and drape over the infant capsule, with two hook straps to securely lock your cover to the handle. This is a great infant car seat and baby capsule cover for winter climates. Further baby travel gear reviews you may find helpful If you are looking to travel with your infant capsule, or let’s be honest anywhere away from home with a baby, you may also like these product reviews and travel advice posts:

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