Keri Hedrick

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Keri is a freelance travel writer, photographer, and social media influencer based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

She is the owner and editor of OurGlobetrotters.Com, a family travel website inspiring families to explore the world with their children and FamilyTravel-MiddleEast.Com - A collaborative platform for those planning Arabian adventures their kids.

Keri is also co-editor of Little City Trips - a family travel website dedicated to helping families plan big city trips with their kids.

Lonely Planet Pathfinder & featured writer, founding member of UAE Mom Bloggers, Family Travel Bloggers Group & Family Travel Inspiration community group. NMC Registered influencer in the UAE.

Location Abu Dhabi
Member Since NOVEMBER 17, 2018
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Family thrills at the new Ferrari World Family Zone • Our Globetrotters

On 1 March 2020, four new Family Zone attractions have opened, designed to be junior versions of Ferrari World’s most thrilling favourites, all with favourable height restrictions for kids. The new rides you can experience at Ferrari World Family Zone are: A miniature roller coaster just for kids, but still built with enough twists and turns to make it thrilling for the junior crowd and available from a much lower height limit than many other roller coaster rides in the UAE offering equal thrill-factor. Here’s a run-through of exactly what rides and attractions you can expect to enjoy with kids (1.3m and below) at Ferrari World now that the new Family Zone is open (note many of these were already in the park – There are plenty of other smaller attraction parks in the UAE that ARE good for this age group but frankly, until your kids are over at least 1.05m there are A LOT of rides they cannot do at any of the UAE’s big theme parks.

Ultimate way to explore the Whitsundays • Our Globetrotters

When we get asked the best way to see them as a family, our answer is always the same… Charter a yacht so you can sail around the islands at your own pace and experience this stunning landscape away from the day-trip crowds. Why a yacht charter is the ultimate family escape When you travel with kids, no matter what age, you need to choose a mode of travel that simplifies things. While you don’t have to put the sails up, if you have prior sailing experience or even look at doing a sailing course before your bareboat charter, the whole family can be involved in getting your boat underway. If you’re lucky enough to book your charter holiday at this time of year, you will be able to view whales from your private boat throughout the islands.

Recommended activities for a great vacation in Hanoi • Our Globetrotters

Hanoi has beautiful countryside that is filled with verdant rainforests, limestone islands, colourful wildlife, nature reserves, and local villages, all of which you should visit if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and traditional Hanoi. Hanoi has many kinds of caves, some of its most popular caves are Trinh Nu cave (Virgin Cave), Sung Sot Cave, Luon cave, and Thien Cung Cave (Paradise). Although it’s about an hour’s drive from downtown Hanoi, it’s a trip you wouldn’t mind making if you know how amazing the national park is. Go on a Bike Tour through Hanoi Countryside Most tour operators in the city offer a bike tour within the city.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Planning Your Family’s Singapore Future • Our Globetrotters

Any incomplete documentation may result in an invalid submission being made; a professional PR consultancy service will ensure nothing of importance to your application is left out, and equally any additional documents that may strengthen your case are added in. Remembering everything with the ICA is now automated (there is no face-to-face interview) your covering letter and application need to be carefully and professionally prepared to help you stand out as an excellent candidate. even if you use a professional consultancy – the time and effort put into each personalised case will ensure your PR application stands the best possible chance of being accepted first time around. Using an immigration consultancy will help in your success of getting not just you but all members of your family simultaneously approved – or providing you with invaluable advice on the best process to suit your situation as every family is slightly different.