Kelsee B. Hankins

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Welcome to my piece of internet real estate! My life is full of various activities and this blog is no different! Join me for all things Indy, travel, millennial life, and creative. No two days (or blog posts) are alike!

Location Indianapolis, Indiana Midwest USA
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Anyone else?! This makes way too much sense now that we’re at the second half of 2020. 😬

Get #VoteReady on National Voter Registration Day!

Every year, there are millions of eligible voters of all ages who can’t make their voices heard because their registrations are out of date, they’ve missed the registration deadline, or the BMV didn’t update their registration, etc. It’s making sure you know where to vote, who’s on the ballot, and where to find reliable election information. If handling the front lines on Election Day isn’t for you, I highly suggest reaching out to your local election board (you can Google “ They may need help on Election Day or the days leading up to the election sorting ballots, picking up mail, etc.

A funny quote for you! 😉 One of many things that I love about driving through #downtownindy is catching the @oneamerica silly quote! I wish I had the brain space to come up with these witty one-liners! This week’s had me cackling for a few minutes! #cherisheveryday365 #cherisheveryday365_july #indy #downtownindianapolis #quoteoftheday #indyblogger #indyblogsociety #indylove #mwtravel #visitindiana #h2gindiana #travelquote #kelseeposts

Monthly Moments - Summer 2020

Lots of lovely evenings, HEAT and A/C, one woman parades down Mass Ave, long hours of work (of all kinds), global pandemic – just another typical summer! 🙂 I’m trying a little something new with the Monthly Moments section I’ve started (but recently neglected), so enjoy some of my highlights all wrapped up into one short post! I’m still deep into my CSA season, and I’m always overflowing with vegetables of all kinds. I’ve got a box for Indy Animal Control, the Julian Center, and I’m even hoarding some books at the moment that I intend to drop when I can get to the new Indy Reads Books.

Did you know that 1 in 4 people aren’t registered to vote?!?! I’m genuinely shocked by that since I never miss an election! Since it’s #nationalvoterregistrationday, it’s time to make sure that you’re #voteready! . In my new #blogpost, I’ve compiled a list of voting and voter registration resources that are applicable to any of the United States! YOU HAVE OPTIONS FOR MAKING YOUR VOICE HEARD! And I hope you’ll register and vote in 41 days! #linkinbio . . . . . #myvotematters #myvotecounts #myvotehasinfluence #democracyinaction #election2020 #indyblogger #indyblogsociety #serveothers #communityfirst

Recap: My Experience with Rapid Transformational Therapy

If you’re experiencing blocks of pretty much any kind (there’s an extensive list of issues and experiences that Gracia works with – anxiety, achieving goals, confidence, memory, stress, phobias, etc.) You have to do a little homework to get you in the right brain-space; it’s short audio that you listen to on your own as you prep for your own RTT hypnosis session. Things I wouldn’t have thought of being mental blocks and barriers to the things that I’m trying to accomplish came right out, and we were able to reframe them quickly. FUN FACT: In the next year, Gracia is releasing a series of hypnosis related stories and music geared towards children that help them gain confidence and overcome fears and obstacles through awareness, and the use of their mind, and their imagination.

Wild Friday night right here! Got my greens “juice” in my cup(a la @fitnesscarli) and my book while I wait on my dinner to show up! Then, I’ll be really rambunctious and be asleep by 9:30 🤣 End of the “week” for me this week and I’m tiiiiiiired. Hope you’ve all planned for a wild weekend! 😉 . . . . . #whatiread #cherisheveryday365 #cherisheveryday365_august #bookstagram #bookworm #downtownindy

Dear Readers - A Letter to You

I’ve got OOOOODLES of half-written blog posts in my drafts folder, a handful of brand collabs to complete, and not enough hours in the day. As the world continues to come back slowly, my blog and social projects are beginning to find their way back to the forefront of my mind and calendar. A LOT about why this blog exists and why people visit my blog and social media channels. I love sharing what I know about adventuring, experiences, food, and travel, but I want this to be a better resource for my fellow adventurers who: * Love to take short getaways – bonus points if they’re budget-friendly!

Changing locations for a few days. @dunkin + sand + water = hanging out @indianadunesnps! Forcing myself to SIT STILL...a solid distance away. 😉 I’ll let you know how it goes. See you again soon, #indy! 😊 #cherisheveryday365 #cherisheveryday365_july #kelseeposts #travelwriter #travelblog #visitindiana @indianadunes #indianadunes

Inspired by a camp group chat I’m in, I’m bringing you a little something sweet I had for dinner! CRISPY FRENCH TOAST STICKS! 😁 One thing I’m missing this summer is having someone else do all the food prep work - it’s so nice to have someone else decide the menu...even if it’s mostly geared towards the kids! 🤣 So @carbonaristein, @mahoneymol89, & @ormophoto, please send your extra ones over to me & @stagepaint and the rest of the campers! 😍😂💚💛 #cherisheveryday365 #cherisheveryday365_july #frenchtoaststicks #kidsmeal #instafoodie #indyblogger #indyblogsociety

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