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Established in 2009, Kavey Eats is a detail-rich food & travel blog with a strong focus on culture, cuisine & history. Written from a personal, first-person perspective, my aim is to showcase, inform & inspire my readers through high quality photography & comprehensive coverage that puts each destination, its sights & my experiences there into context. Readers tell me that Kavey Eats makes them feel like they are travelling (& tasting) along with me, & that’s what inspires them to follow in my footsteps.

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Delicious kesar mangoes, these are so good. I've not been able to get many mangoes this year (and the first box I ordered was overripe, rotten and sour). I usually eat two in a sitting, and I always do the same thing – I cut a cheek off each mango and taste them both, to work out which of the two is the most delicious. I mean, they are both delicious but usually one is a teensy tiny bit more delicious! Then I set the most delicious one aside and ear the other one first, coming back to finish with the most delicious one! 😁🤣 🥭 It's part of the best bite for last thing that me, my sister and my dad tend to do! 🤣 🥭 Do you have any strange eating habits like this? (Next time I'll tell you about my extra spoon requirement when eating boiled eggs and soldiers!) 🥭 🥭 🥭 #mango #kesarmangoes #fruit #delicious #instafood #eatthis #myfavourite #inspiremyinstagram #fbc20uk #howihue

Sticky Toffee Pudding & White Miso Butterscotch Sauce

One of his signature dishes, and extremely popular with customers, is his sticky toffee pudding with white miso butterscotch sauce. This wonderful fusion dish is very much a reflection of Koj himself, bringing together the best of British and Japanese in one magical dish. Our Japanese customers love it – presumably because it’s a traditional English pudding, but our British customers also love it – presumably because it’s Sticky Toffee Pudding with miso as a Japanese twist. When the dates and water are boiling, remove from the heat, add the bicarb and add to the egg mixture quickly.

Homemade lahmacun, new recipe just published to Kavey Eats. It's a homemade dough but a very easy one, topped with a super quick and simple lamb topping. Cooked in a domestic oven and eaten fresh and hot while it's still crisp. We serve it with mixed salad and I like to cut my lahmacun into pieces, fold it around the salad and eat with my hands. . 🍽️ Today we are testing a recipe for a friend's new cookbook, to send her feedback. I've always enjoyed her recipes in the past, so I'm sure we are in for a treat. 🍽️ What are you eating this weekend? 🍽️ 🍽️ 🍽️ #lahmacun #turkishfood #recipe #foodblogger #foodandtravel #eatthis #homecooking #fbc20uk #inspiremyinstagram #eatprettythings #onmytable #instafood

No Sushi Recipe

This popular pancake-like Japanese dish is a filling meal of cabbage and other ingredients mixed into in a wheat-flour batter, cooked on a flat pan or hot plate, and topped with bonito flakes and generously drizzled sauces before serving. If you have a table top hot plate, you could cook this at the table, and have everyone cut slices and help themselves once cooked; the best tool for that is a triangular spatula made of metal. We add different fillings to add flavour, alternating between chopped prawns, squid, pork belly and sautéed fresh shiitake. • Froothie Blenders and Juicers The Place of Onions, in old LilleThe Place of Onions, in old Lille.

I usually start work around 6.45 am. This morning it was already warm outside by then, the sun was strong as I opened the patio door before settling down at my desk. I actually opened it to shoo away the raven who has been knocking at our windows and pulling leading off the windows – I hate these faux lead glass windows but I'd rather the raven stopped trying to dismantle them! He looked really quite affronted to be stopped in his tracks! . 🔆 I'm definitely not a hot house flower; I'm struggling with this heat! (Yes, I know 30°C isn't very hot to many of you but when you're not acclimatised to it, and don't have air-conditioning everywhere, it's hard to handle!) 🔆 But it's actually the hayfever that's really hitting me hard today. I had to mute myself in the middle of a few meetings while I sneezed 8 or 10 times in a row, you know that crazy thing when you can't quite catch you breath? And had to hope no one asked me a question because I hadn't heard anything over my loud sneezing!😂 🔆 Are you a sun worshipper or do you feel like a jellyfish stranded in the sand? 🔆 🔆 🔆 #garden #sunrise #toohot #treelover #inmygarden #greenearth #stayinghome

Andrew Kojima’s No Sushi

The first 80 pages of No Sushi are a themed autobiography, taking us on a journey through those aspects of Koj’s life that most informed his love of food and cooking, and in particular, how he came to run his own restaurant in Cheltenham. The last section of the biographical chapters takes us through the creation and launch of Koj Cheltenham, and introduces us to key people, from staff to specialist food and drink suppliers, all of whom have contributed to the restaurant’s success. These are helpful in visualising the dish but are minimally styled, each one photographed, on its own on the restaurant’s plates and dishes, atop one of the restaurant’s tables; this makes them feel a little dark and stark for a recipe book but The recipes are a wonderful snapshot of the restaurant’s food, a set of dishes that Koj evolved to reflect his desire to bring more knowledge and love of Japanese food to the UK.

Another box from @iowtomatoes living up to the promise of "more sunshine, more taste"! This is my 7th or 8th order since lockdown started and it's lovely to see some new varieties included in the mix as the season progresses. Look at those beautiful brown and green variegated ovoids – I must find out what they are called! We don't do anything complicated with these toms as they are so good as they are. Usually we dribble some of IOW's oak smoked tomato balsamic vinegar over them, and that's it. . 🍅 One of the reasons I recommend these guys so often is that both the quality of their product and their customer service is so good. I've only rarely had an issue with a delivery but when I have, their team have resolved it quickly and generously. . 🍅 That is a huge contrast with a different online retailer from whom I ordered some mangoes back in early May. When I finally received them at the end of May they were so overripe as to be rotting and sour in the centre. It took a lot of tenacity on my part to get any resolution from the retailer, I had to chase far more times I should have, until I finally received a replacement box in good condition yesterday. That experience underlines why I'm so keen to recommend suppliers who get it right, and have great customer service on the rare occasions where there's a hiccup. 🍅 . . #tomatoes #eatthis #eatprettythings #onmytable #foodblogger #customerservice #inspiremyinstagram #foodgram #howihue #fbc20uk

Thoughts About Spice

Cinnamon sticks crossed the silk road hand in hand with stories of Marco Polo; nutmeg sailed on East India Company ships; pepper from South East Asian paid rents in Europe’s medieval period; and coffee beans are a black gold that has fuelled global economies since leaving its native home of modern-day Ethiopia. A History of English Food has a wonderful chapter about how spices were used in British kitchens in the middles ages, batting away myths – such as spices were used to hide rotten meat – and explains how some spices, such as ginger, became part of the everyday for the British. Christopher Columbus sailed for the Spanish crown to find a new route to India and The Spice Islands, a group of islands east of Indonesia which grew nutmeg, mace, and cloves; his intention was to try and get a monopoly on the spice trade for Spain. [Turmeric is] a story at once old and new, a latter-day spice route making unexpected connections between the grandmother in India, stirring turmeric into warm milk for a sniffly child; the Goop acolyte in California, sipping an après-yoga pre-packaged turmeric ‘elixir’, whose makers extol the ‘body harmonizing’ powers of the spice’s key chemical compound, curcumin; and Dávila wielding a pickaxe in rural Nicaragua.

Happy to enjoy another Persian night this evening, with this feast from @taste_ofpersia. We took the greedy option of the family feast (yes there are only two of us) but we still demolished most of it! . 🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴 Top right is Gheymeh Bademjoon, a lamb and aubergine stew with tomato, sour grapes and yellow split peas, garnished with potato crisps. The aubergine is silky, the lamb tender and the split peas, usually an ingredient I'm not keen on, add the perfect bite. Next going clockwise is our regular favourite, Fesenjoon, chicken in a pomegranate and walnut sauce. The gravy is a little runnier than usual but the flavour is still the usual intense and joyous balance between sweet and sour. Onwards around the clock to the falafel – these ones are made from fava beans, onions, garlic and herbs – these come with flatbread, a garlic hummus dip, and salad. The last of the main dishes is Kashkeh Bademjoon, barbequed aubergine mixed with mint, garlic and walnut into a delicious dip – the smokiness in this is wonderful. The naan bread is to accompany the Kashkeh Bademjoon, but we have it with everything. The feast comes with Kamran's usual mixed salad (more than shown here), full of lettuce, cucumber, radish, rocket, and various pickles) and saffron rice (two boxes, of which one is on the table). There are hot and sweet chilli sauces and natural yoghurt. Tell me this isn't one of the best meals you can get for £34!? 🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴 . . . #persianfood #iranianfood #aubergine #eggplant #lamb #falafel #foodblogger #foodandtravel #foodgram #onmytable #inspiremyinstagram #eatthis #monmouthshire

Today's recipe from my archives is these delicious Lebanese-Inspired Carob Molasses & Tahini Chocolate Brownies. Carob molasses stirred together with tahini are a common dessert in Lebanon, often served with bread to dip. The malty caramel flavour of carob molasses and the delicious sesame of the tahini also work wonderfully with chocolate and make for a delicious, unusual brownie. If you’ve never tried the combination before, its well worth seeking out carob molasses from your nearest Lebanese, Turkish or Greek specialist store to make these. 🔥 Recipe: bit.ly/CarobTahiniChocolateBrownies 🔥 Do you have any favourite brownie recipes I should try? 🔥 🔥 🔥 #brownies #recipe #homecooking #homebaking #dessert #foodblogger #eatthis #onmytable #fbc20uk #delicious

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