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Established in 2009, Kavey Eats is a detail-rich food & travel blog with a strong focus on culture, cuisine & history. Written from a personal, first-person perspective, my aim is to showcase, inform & inspire my readers through high quality photography & comprehensive coverage that puts each destination, its sights & my experiences there into context. Readers tell me that Kavey Eats makes them feel like they are travelling (& tasting) along with me, & that’s what inspires them to follow in my footsteps.

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Today's lunch featured @petedrinks' first seeded bread, made this morning and very very good... using @carrs_flour's malty seeded flour. 🍞 We had the bread with Welsh salted butter and two salmon products from @thepishedfish. I ordered them online last week and they arrived on Friday well chilled, all very well packaged. We tried the Uncle Sam roasted salmon (£7.49 for a 100 grams fillet) and the Teriyaki and Honey Gilltong (£5.49 for 50 grams). The roast salmon was beautiful in texture and taste but we couldn't detect even a hint of the promised bourbon and the honey was the merest suggestion. If I hadn't known it was meant to be flavoured, I would absolutely thought it a plain hot smoked fillet. The gilltong (a fish version of jerky-cum-biltong) on the other hand was beautifully flavoured, and I loved the dense slightly chewy texture. Can't wait to try their boozy smoked salmon next. 🐟 We often have smoked salmon as our starter of choice on Christmas Day, and then a roast. We've never been huge fans of turkey (though we tried some really good heritage breed stuff one year and it was far better than the usual). We tend to do roast lamb, or a rib of beef. This year I think it'll be lamb, probably my mum's tandoori roast leg of lamb recipe, served with traditional roast trimmings - roasties, parsnips, Savoy cabbage, gravy... with just two of us we probably won't bother with stuffing, pigs in blankets or Yorkshire puddings. 🎄 What will you be having? Have you decided yet? #homebaking #freshbread #smokedsalmon #roastsalmon #lunch #onmytable #inmybelly #foodblogger #foodgram #eatprettythings #supportsmallbusinesses [This isn't an ad, I just like to share food we enjoy]

Chorizo, Goats Cheese & Cumin Borek Recipe by Sabrina Ghayour

I love the way that Sabrina Ghayour takes inspiration from the food traditions of the Middle East, and merges them with ideas and ingredients from around the world to create her own modern British, globally-influenced cooking. That’s very much the case for this Chorizo, Goats Cheese & Cumin Borek from Sabrina’s latest cookbook, Simply. Lay a pastry sheet length-ways in the dish or tin with the ends overhanging the sides, then lay another pastry sheet width-ways in the same way. Fold another pastry sheet in half to create a double thickness and lay it over the filling, then repeat with a second pastry sheet to form a thick pastry layer.

Another frost photo for you today, this one is from my phone camera. Love the miniscule ice crystals and frozen water droplets on the tiny leaves of this plant. ❄️ There's a lot of beauty to be found in winter, if only it weren't so dark!!! I struggle with the shorter hours of daylight, and go outside far less when it's cold and wet. This is definitely not ideal in terms of getting some exercise and fresh air. ❄️ I've been using a dawn simulator alarm clock for many, many years. Do you have one? About half an hour before the alarm sounds, a large specialist bulb mimics sunrise, starting with a dark dim red and brightening over time to a strong, bright, yellow-tinged light that lights up the whole room. The gradually increasing light through my eyelids triggers some kind of instinctive response, and helps my brain wake up; I'm usually up before the ringer sounds. Before I got my first one of these, it used to take me a good 3-4 hours after rising during the winter to feel properly awake. Now I start the day awake and alert! ❄️ #winter #frostymorning #frost #flowerphotography #icecrystals #frozen #seasonal #fbc20uk #homeandgarden #gardenlover #galaxys10

Turmeric Chicken Kebabs Recipe by Sabrina Ghayour

If you decide to buy this book after reading our content, please consider clicking through our affiliate link, located within the post and in the footnote at the end. Sabrina’s recipes are known for being full of flavour, yet straightforward and achievable to make, and that goes double for the recipes in her latest book, Simply. These delicious turmeric chicken kebabs combine turmeric, honey, yoghurt and fresh lime in a simple marinade, and can be cooked on the hob, in the oven or on your barbeque. If you decide to buy this book after reading our content, please consider clicking through our affiliate link, located within the post and in the footnote below.

[Ad|Gifted|Product Ambassador] In #kaveyeatssakegraphy no.3 I ran through sake classifications. Today I’m introducing different types of sake. 🍶 Amazake is a sake-like drink that can be low- or no-alcohol depending on how it’s made. It's milky from rice solids, and water and sugar is added. It's served hot or cold; the hot version usually has a little grated ginger provided alongside, to stir in to taste. I wrote about Amazake on Kavey Eats after trying it in Kyoto during our first visit to Japan.  🍶 Genshu is undiluted sake, usually 17-20% ABV. Most sake is diluted to about 15% ABV. 🍶 Koshu is sake that has been aged for at least two years. It develops rich flavours, somewhat like sherry, with a nutty or spicy flavour profile. 🍶 Kuroshu is made from completely unpolished brown rice grains, and is said to be more like Chinese rice wine than Japanese sake. 🍶 Muroka has been pressed and separated from the lees as usual but has not been carbon filtered. It is clear rather than cloudy but often has colour to it. 🍶 Namazake is unpasteurised sake. Most sake is heated to pasteurise before being bottled. In contrast, namazake is considered a fresh product, and needs to be kept chilled. 🍶 Nigorizake is cloudy rather than clear – the sake is passed only through a loose mesh or coarse cloth to separate the liquid from the mash. It is not filtered. There is usually a lot of sediment remaining and it is common to shake the bottle to mix it back into the liquid before serving. 🍶 Sparkling (Hiya-Oroshi), Sweet and Flavoured Sakes have become increasingly popular in Japan. They are often marketed to women but I recommend them to all drinkers as a light, refreshing and summery alternative to the classic styles. Fruit options, such as peach, plum and yuzu are also popular. 🍶 Taruzake is aged in wooden barrels or casks made from sugi, sometimes called Japanese cedar. The wood imparts quite a strong flavour and fragrance to the sake. 🍶 Pictured is Nishinoseki's Hana Nigori Sake, with a pretty spring blossom label design. It's delicious! Kanpai!   #sakegraphy #sake #japanesesake #japanesesake #kampai #fbc20uk #japaneseculture #nihonshu #sakelife #sakelover @jss.sakegraphy

Yoghurt and Spice Roasted Salmon Recipe by Sabrina Ghayour

If you decide to buy this book after reading our content, please consider clicking through our affiliate link, located within the post and in the footnote at the end. This Yoghurt and Spice Roasted Salmon recipe from Simply by Sabrina Ghayour is a great example of how few ingredients you need to create a really delicious dish. If you decide to buy this book after reading our content, please consider clicking through our affiliate link, located within the post and in the footnote below. Kavey Eats received a review copy of Sabrina Ghayour’s Simply from publishers Mitchell Beazley.

We've had a few frosty starts to the day this month. Yesterday I had a day off work and the frost lasted late into the morning, so I wrapped up warm and headed out into our garden to take photos. I'll share a few over the next week or two... starting with these little link and white daisies! 📷 I took some photos on my DSLR (the first one here) and some on my phone camera(the second image). I thought I'd like all the DSLR ones better because I'm a sucker for shallow depth of field (and used a 50mm f1.8 lens) but in some cases I find that I like the phone camera version better. That said the camera phone ones tend to be a touch over-sharpened. 📷 Would love your feedback on which style you like best, please Thank you! 📷 #flowerphotography #outdoorphotography #flowers #flowergram #phonecamera #daisies #daisy #homeandgarden #gardenlover #fbc20uk

Simply by Sabrina Ghayour

Sabrina’s introduction showcases her passion for her job, promising that all recipes have been tested… and tested… and tested again to keep them as simple and easy as possible. I found it very quick and easy to find these recipes whilst flicking through and would love to see other books take this approach. An amazingly simple and quick recipe that’s perfect for weekday dinners, this took only 15 minutes to prepare. Using vacuum-packed (ready-cooked) beetroot and ready-rolled puff pastry, this is another simple dish that’s quick to prepare and to cook.

Pizza for lunch today, and straw-thin zucchini fritti to start. Mines Boscaiola (Italian sausage, mushrooms, tomato, mozzarella) and Pete's is Calabrese (nduja, mushrooms, a whole egg, tomato, mozzarella). We went to Pizzorante in Abergavenny, not been since this summer. 🍕 We needed to be in town for me to get a flu jab and some blood taken for tests, which we did after lunch. Then a quick supermarket shop before stopping in at @thegardenerskitchenllanellen for cheese, chocolate brownies, chocolate bars and cake! 😁 🍕 Hope your Friday has been a good one! #pizza #italianrestaurant #italianfood #eatlocal #supportlocalbusiness #abergavenny #foodgram #lunchtime #fbc20uk

Today was chilly but dry. I popped out for a few minutes early this morning to snap a few photos of the frost, and gosh it was cooooold! Probably not helped by me shoving my phone down in the icy grass to get more frost into my shots!😁 ❄️ As far as I'm concerned, we are in well into winter. Let me explain! The traditional definition of the 4 seasons is of 4 periods that are equal in length, reach one being 3 months long. 🌸 But my personal definition is different! I allocate 2 months each to spring and autumn, and 4 months each to summer and winter! This is driven PURELY by what each calendar month usually FEELS like to ME! 🌿 Spring: March April Summer: May June July August Autumn: September October Winter: November December January February 🍁 What do you think of the Kavey Seasonal Calendar? 👍 or 🤪 #seasonal #winter #frost #frostymorning #garden #homeandgarden #gardenlover #treelovers #oaktree #fbc20uk

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