Kavita Favelle

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Established in 2009, Kavey Eats is a detail-rich food & travel blog with a strong focus on culture, cuisine & history. Written from a personal, first-person perspective, my aim is to showcase, inform & inspire my readers through high quality photography & comprehensive coverage that puts each destination, its sights & my experiences there into context. Readers tell me that Kavey Eats makes them feel like they are travelling (& tasting) along with me, & that’s what inspires them to follow in my footsteps.

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How good does this Indian meatball curry by my mum look? You can find this and 56 other delicious recipes in @mammamakesrecipes, a digital cookery book celebrating multicultural Britain. Swipe ⬅️ to see the beautiful cover art. 📒 The book is on sale to raise funds for @onemillionmeals, an initiative providing nutritious meals to NHS doctors, nurses, paramedics and key workers who are at the frontline of our health service during this pandemic. 📒 Please go to www.mammamakes.org to buy your copy. You'll receive the link to download the PDF immediately. It's a beautiful book full of stories and photos of families that migrated to the UK, and the recipes they've handed down to us. Suggested minimum donation is £10 but you can give less or more, according to what you can afford. 📒 This recipe is one my mum previously contributed to a really fun campaign showcasing British lamb a few years ago, in which mum was one of two "keema nans" sharing recipes and tips on using lamb in Indian cooking. The photo was commissioned by the campaign team, who have kindly given permission for us to also use it in this fundraiser ebook. 📒 Founder and creator: @foz559 Photo credit: @simplybeefandlamb Illustration credit: @heyimsakina 📒 Grateful for your shares, and please do buy a copy if you can! #recipes #cookbook #ebook #multiculturalbritain #immigrantfood #indianfood #curry #foodphotography #fbc20uk #eatthis #eatprettythings #instafood #foodgram

Uisce by Heaneys

It’s labelled as an oyster and wine bar but offers much more, its small plates menu to pick and choose from making it an ideal spot for a relaxed and delicious meal. Next, from the oysters menu, one plump, sweet and juicy Carlingford Oyster (£2.75), a fresh oyster dressed in Vietnamese style (£3.5), and a deep fried oyster listed as Crispy, Apple, Chorizo Iberico (£4). The Vietnamese dressing combined sweet, salty, and sour flavours with the warmth of ginger and spring onion; the deep fried oyster sat atop a generous pile of pickled fennel and mayo, which were surprisingly delicious with the slice of chorizo and battered mollusc. Possibly my favourite dish of the meal, the Cured Monkfish, Broad Beans, Ginger, Spring Onion (£8) was absolutely packed with flavour, and I particularly loved the sweet addition of orange segments (and perhaps also zest?)

All summer my mum's and my sister's fig trees have been giving them both bounteous harvests of juicy sweet figs. We found a fig tree in our garden when we moved here last year but it's almost completely in shadow during spring and summer, because it's right at the base of a huge willow tree and the willow's long boughs reach down almost to the ground. Nothing seemed to ripen last year and we assumed it would be the same this year. 🌱 But yesterday, while we popped out for me to stretch my legs between meetings, Pete spotted a ripe fig! 🌱 I went back to work, he went back outside and harvested all the ripe figs he could find, which turned out to be twelve, all very soft and super ripe. In the evening, I halved and froze eight of them, which I'll use in some fig ice cream soon, but I ate the other four during the day and I'm so happy, as they have such great flavour and sweetness. 🌱 I had been planning to take a fig cutting from my mum or sister and plant it against a south facing wall of our house, but now we can just take a cutting from this tree instead! Getting more direct sun should help its fruits ripen throughout the summer. The cutting will take a while to get established and grow, of course. But I'm excited! 🌱 Do you grow any fruit in your home or garden? Which ones? #fruit #fig #figtree #gardening #growyourown #foodblogger #foodphotography #eatprettythings #inspiremyinstagram #instafood #fbc20uk #purple

Greek Thyme, Oregano and Fenugreek Pork Fillet (with Tsatziki and Tomato & Onion Salad)

This recipe for Greek Thyme, Oregano and Fenugreek Pork Fillet served with Tsatziki and a Tomato and Onion Salad, takes the essential flavours of Greek cooking and adds fenugreek, a herb that Leivatitaki learned to love through Turkish cuisine. Like the author of Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea our reviewer Nicky loves the addition, and declares pork and fenugreek a match made in heaven. Take a look at the others, courgette and feta fritters recipe and Greek Lamb Cutlets with Lemon and Oregano Kavey Eats received a review copy of Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea by Marianna Leivatitaki from publishers Kyle Books (Octopus Group). Book cover provided by Kyle Books (photography © Elena Heatherwick).

Pete's cheesy potato bake, today featuring cheddar and golden cenarth cheeses, and for the first time ever, pimped up with a fried egg on top! And pickled gherkins on the side. 🧀🥔 This is one of my favourites, especially for the crunchy chewy bits of cheese that form at the edges of the baking dish. @petedrinks has been making this since we spent a couple of weeks in Bordeaux, some decades ago, and enjoyed multiple dinners at a cheese and wine restaurant in town. 🥔🧀 Even after all these years, it still thrills me that a two ingredient dish is so damn good! 🧀🥔 Do you have any great dishes that use just two or three ingredients? I'd love to hear about them, please! 🥔🧀 #homecooking #foodblogger #foodgram #cheese #potatoes #fbc20uk #eatthis #onmytable #inmybelly #instafood #instadelicious #simplerecipes

Greek Lamb Cutlets with Lemon and Oregano

Greek Thyme, Oregano and Fenugreek Pork Fillet (with Tsatziki and Tomato & Onion Salad) The addition of orange, oregano and anchovy fillets to the classic lamb marinade ingredients of lemon, garlic, oil and salt really elevates this lamb cutlets recipe to another level. No menu is available; the owner will come and say what he has – meat, salad, olive oil chips, wild greens and that’s about it. Pork Fillet (with Tsatziki and Tomato & Onion Salad) Making your purchases via my affiliate links will earn me a commission but cost you no extra in your purchase.

We visited the lovely @thegaffrestaurant for lunch yesterday. Six small plates between two of us were more than enough, and a wonderful selection of textures and flavours. 🍳 First image is of course, their delicious scotch egg with triple mustard. Swipe ➡️ to see cured salmon with apple and cucumber; burrata with tomatoes, basil and sourdough croutons; and an overhead of all six dishes including suckling pig empanada with romesxlco sauce; roasted hispi cabbage with sliced nut butter; and the cep, parsley and parmesan tart. 🍽️ One of the reasons we visited (along with the fact that we love the team who run the Gaff, and we love their food) is because on Friday night they had a booking for 10 people no show! I'm genuinely disgusted by that, especially given the rest of the details which I won't print here. 🤬 This story is all too common these days, and utterly abhorrent – I'm seeing so many restaurants sharing incidents like this, day in day out. If selfish arseholes continue to do this, they will bring an industry already struggling to recover from lockdown to its knees and lower – more businesses are going under every week. When it comes to theatre, sports events, music gigs and so much more, we pay upfront and know that if we fail to turn up, that's it, we have forfeited the money. I truly think it's time for more restaurants to implement a deposit system. Yes, there may be a subset of customers who kick off about it or decide not to book, but it will become the norm if the majority of restaurants do it. 💰 What are your thoughts on no show / last minute cancellations and paying a deposit when you book a table? #eatindiewales #eatlocal #supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness #restaurantlife #eatthis #yolkporn #foodblogger #foodiegram #inmybelly #fbc20uk #inspiremyinstagram @w_i_r_c

Greek Courgette and Feta Fritters

Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea by Marianna Leivatitaki Courgette and feta fritters are a dish many of us come to know and love during holidays to Greece, or visits to Greek restaurants. Happily, this courgette and feta fritter recipe from Marianna Leivatitaki’s Aegean cookbook didn’t disappoint, transporting our reviewer Nicky back to the memories of wonderful trips. Pecorino or Parmesan, coarsely grated plain flour, possibly a bit more, plus extra for dusting Grate the courgettes using the coarse side of a box grater, then salt them and let them drain for 10 minutes. Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea by Marianna Leivatitaki Making your purchases via my affiliate links will earn me a commission but cost you no extra in your purchase.

Phenomenal lunch at @uiscebyheaneys in Cardiff last week for our 26th wedding anniversary. 🍾 You can read my full review on kaveyeats.com with a description of each dish. 🦪 Swipe ➡️ to see every dish we ordered. It was beautiful to look at, and really delicious – inventive, modern cooking using high quality ingredients. 🥣 I love this kind of small plates menu that allows me to taste such a wide range of dishes. Are you a fan of small plates menus too? 🍮 #foodiegram #eatthis #eatprettythings #instafood #restaurantlife #eatindiewales #eatlocal #inmybelly #fbc20uk #celebration #inspiremyinstagram #foodblogger @w_i_r_c

Hello, my name is Kavita and I'm a sushi and sashimi addict! I'm really glad that we have a fresh sushi counter at our local branch of Waitrose – the cold ready made sushi you get in supermarkets without fresh counters is just so awful, the rice is hard and pellet-like, utterly depressing! 🍣 We usually opt for various salmon selections, though they do sell tuna as well, and a small selection of prawn (cooked, meh), chicken and veggie sushi. It keeps the raging of withdrawal symptoms in hand...🤣 I also like their seaweed salad. They do gyoza and edamame too, though we tend to have large bags of gyoza in the freezer... 🍣 I do still miss the wider range of sushi and sashimi we used to enjoy when we loved in London, including butterfish, ikura (salmon roe), pickled mackerel, chutoro / otoro (fatty tuna), scallops, squid, (raw) prawns, and so much more. Oh and slightly sweet tamagoyaki too, really must make some of that at home soon! 🐟 Do you love sushi and sashimi? What are your favourite orders? #sushi #sashimi #sushicounter #supermarket #japanfood #japanesefood #foodblogger #onmytable #inmybelly #favouritefood #instafood #fbc20uk #eatthis

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