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Established in 2009, Kavey Eats is a detail-rich food & travel blog with a strong focus on culture, cuisine & history. Written from a personal, first-person perspective, my aim is to showcase, inform & inspire my readers through high quality photography & comprehensive coverage that puts each destination, its sights & my experiences there into context. Readers tell me that Kavey Eats makes them feel like they are travelling (& tasting) along with me, & that’s what inspires them to follow in my footsteps.

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My latest post is all about a surprising ingredient that you can forage from the garden – if you have a magnolia tree! Yes, the flower petals are edible and delicious. . Today on the blog (link in profile) is a recipe for pickling them, which creates a gentle gingery pickle that reminds me of gari (Japanese pickled ginger, often served with sushi). . . Magnolia trees are at the start of their season (ours is quite an early one) so hopefully people can get pickling (or enjoy fresh) as theirs come into bloom! . . #recipe #magnolia #magnoliaflower #magnoliablossom #magnoliatree #homecooking #pickles #pickle #fbc20uk #inspiremyinstagram #instaflower #foodiegram #onmytable #inmykitchen

How to Pickle Magnolia Blossoms

Magnolia flowers have a milder taste than the root ginger we usually use in cooking, with none of its fieriness; they are far more like young and tender ginger, which is commonly used to make gari. Pickled magnolia flowers work well as a condiment for spicy Asian food, as an accompaniment with cheese, and like gari, they are great with sushi. We had our first taste of the pickle a condiment with a spicy Thai stir fry of pork and green beans and really like it. The sliced petals aren’t particularly pretty but the gingery flavour of the magnolia blossoms really comes through and works very well as a sweet, sharp pickle.

Lunch today, sourdough toast and eggs from our neighbours chickens, scrambled. Delicious! . Feeling relieved and thankful, as the supermarket order I placed a couple of weeks ago was delivered to my parents today. My parents are in their seventies, and neither my sister nor I live locally to them, so we can't shop for them. Mum was also finally able to get through to the priority phone number that her main supermarket recently provided to help the over 70s and other vulnerable individuals to register for priority slots, so they should be ok going forward. . . I'm trying to catch up with friends, some of whom are in difficult situations -- those with serious health issues who could be in real trouble if they catch this virus, those who have had their salary halved, not to mention those who have lost their entire income. Many are self-employed and there's no package to help them, thus far. . . This is a difficult difficult time, with so much work and stress already. It's mind boggling to me that some people are making it all so much worse by refusing to maintain isolation and distancing guidelines. Even if you don't think you are personally at risk, you need to behave as though you are infected and think of everyone you might pass it to. #staythefuckathome . . #lunchtweet #sourdough #eggs #fbc20uk #foodiegram #workingfromhome

Froothie Evolve: Power Blender, Soup Maker and Vacuum Blender In One

Today, I’m reviewing the new Froothie Evolve, a multi-function blender that combines the high-power capability of my Optimum 94 blender with new cooking and vacuum blending functions. This one powerful machine can be used to cook and blend soups; cook quick and easy fruit curds and custards, steam and puree baby food; steam cook meat, fish, vegetables, and rice; and to make healthy vacuum-blended smoothies and shakes; homemade nut butters and milks; and blend-from-frozen sorbets. The second jug holds 1.8 litres and offers high speed blending and vacuum blending, easily powerful enough to blitz solidly frozen fruit into soft, smooth sorbet. An annoying niggle is the lack of detailed information in the manual (cleaning instructions call for the addition of “adequate clean water” into the jug, with no indication of a recommended minimum or maximum volume, and there’s a lack of any detailed instructions for using the manual settings).

Spring is here! As always, my spirit lifts as the green buds give way to flowers bursting open their glorious colours. Longer daylight hours also help, as does a break from what's seemed like never-ending rain these last few months. . . Being at home so much feels strange. I'm so fortunate to be able to do my job reasonably well from home, so it's churlish to find the enforced isolation frustrating. . . So many are still having to go out and work, despite the increased risk to their own health, those keeping our key utilities going, those working in supermarkets and their supply chains, and of course, those working for the NHS, or in care homes and the like. . . And then there all those who can't work, and are not only losing their income in the short term, but potentially their business in the longer term. I'm so sorry that we are, collectively, in this awful situation. . I hope that, amid all of this, you can all find some small joys in the arrival of spring. Please stay safe, and please be kind to each other. ♥️ . . #springishere #fbc20uk #garden #gardenlover #instaflowers #springblooms #springflowers #inmygarden #gardening #positivity #positivethinking #howihue #inspiremyinstagram

10 Dishes you Must Try in Malaysia

Made famous by the late Anthony Bordain, Chulia Street Wan Tan Mee is the best place to get wantan mee in Penang, the unofficial food capital of Malaysia. Hokkien char mee, Singapore hae mee, and Penang hae mee. Hokkien char mee utilises fat yellow noodles, whereas the latter two tend to contain egg noodles and rice noodles, and the Penang variant is broth-based, rather than fried. The dish is accompanied by a variety of other foods, including peanuts, fried anchovies, cucumber, prawn sambal, a fried or hard-boiled egg, fried chicken, fish, and rendang.

Like many, I'm now working from home. I am one of those fortunate enough to have a job that I can do from home. And because we have always been encouraged to work one day a week from home, I have the technology already. A few key systems (such as the VPN) are struggling a little with the heavily increased load but I'm sure IT will sort that out over coming days. . It's so much harder, if not utterly impossible, for those in the very very very many jobs which can't be done from home, whether that's in retail or hospitality or as a builder or plumber or an optician or a massage therapist... . . And then there are all those who work as freelancers / self-employed in any of the industries that are decimated or worse, (such as travel and travel journalism) who now have no work and therefore no income. . . It's not easy either for those who are still being requested to go in to work, such as supermarket staff. It makes it hard for them to self-isolate and protect their own families, plus many are not being permitted to take sick leave and self-isolate when they have clear symptoms. Or those who are allowed but won't get any sick pay or salary unless they go in. . I'm also very mindful right now of the huge burden on all those in the health service (in which I include the providers of residential care), and that burden is going to get far far heavier before it gets better. . To all of you, whatever situation you are in, please take care of yourself as best you can. Please be kind to yourself and others. And if you're struggling with loneliness during #wfh and self-isolation and want to chat, please reach out, here it6 bus by messages. (This is not an invitation to send me dick pics!) . Took this sunrise in our back garden yesterday. . . #sunrise #fbc20uk #coronavirus #positivevibes

The Best Souvenirs to Buy in South Africa

Most organic stores in Cape Town stock Khoisan Rooibos Tea, but the most accessible place to find it is at the airport Telephone wire items tend to be most readily found in regions with Zulu communities, though you can also find them in the craft and souvenir stores of Cape Town and other large cities. But since glass beads made their way to the southern tip of Africa via Phoenician traders centuries ago, the best quality and most intricate modern Zulu beadwork has been made almost exclusively from tiny, colourful glass beads. Zulu beadwork is available at most markets and curio shops in South Africa, but three particularly good markets for beads are Greenmarket Square (Cape Town), Rosebank Sunday market (Johannesburg) and Victoria Street Market (Durban).

Very quick and simple lunch today. A @foodsunearthed egg and potato tortilla straight out of the packet, and some cherry tomatoes that rolled crazily around the plate. It's a diet day for me today,, and this lunch came to around 420 calories. You can heat the tortilla if you prefer but I like it cold! . What are your top suggestions for tasty, filling, low-calorie lunches? . . . #spanishfood #tortilla #eggs #lunchtime #foodblogger #fbc20uk #foodshare #foodstagram #colourpop #dietfood #diet

Pete made my mum's lamb curry in the slow cooker, he had it on all day to let the lamb cook till it fell off the bone. He cooked a mix of bone-in neck slices and a few lamb chops; hogget actually, that we bought direct from the farmer a few weeks ago. Utterly fabulous! Served with quick homemade flatbreads. . What have you been cooking and eating recently? . Recipe link: https://www.mamtaskitchen.com/recipe_display.php?id=10037 . . #curry #lambcurry #homecooking #mamtaskitchen #flatbread #fbc20uk #indianfood #inmykitchen #onmytable #inspiremyinstagram #foodphotography #foodstagram