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Anyone can get fit. Spreading knowledge & positivity! @notsobasicfitness NASM Coach, PN Nutrition, UW Alum, National Bikini Athlete đź”»Nutrition Guideđź”»

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Training and Nutrition Covid-19

I’m adding small things that add calories like cheese in my eggs and extra olive oil in my salads. I’m adding an extra course to my meals, for example in the past my standard breakfast would be 4 egg whites and 1 full egg with whole wheat bread. Now it’s 4 egg whites, 2 full eggs, half cup of oats with half scoop of protein powder, and pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Once I’m used to eating lots again, I’ll be substituting all of the processed food (pancakes, pasta, cheese) with less processed options.

Personal Training Toronto

Your goal is to lose fat. maybe you want to gain some weight for a more shapely body. Do you want to gain muscle or fat, or both? How much muscle and/or fat do you want to gain?

Why I Choose to Operate as an Independent Personal Trainer

However I have interviewed at all of major fitness chains in the Greater Toronto Area and their goal is to operate as a business (make money) first, and a service provider second. I absolutely don’t blame them for operating in this way because a business needs money to operate. With my experience and education, I have come to specialize in Women’s Body Transformation in as little as three months. I make sure clients leave with the results they wanted and know enough to continue making progress by themselves.

Law of Attraction to Achieve your Fitness Goal

It is the unwavering BELIEF in the end result, the absolute knowledge that I can get there. Coming from a Pakistani background, I couldn’t find any fitness models I could relate to who had a body I wanted. a human body is a human body so mine can do the same as hers. Every time I would fail, I didn’t stop believing that I can get there or that it’s not for me, or I don’t have the genetics or whatever.

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