Katherine Laine

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I’m a professional food photographer and a healthy recipe developer. I hold a graduate degree in nutritionist+functional medicine and have worked in the food and supplement industry for years. My Instagram platform focuses on helping women find healthy recipes and make healthy and clean swaps for items we use daily through education and beautiful pictures.

Location Dallas , Texas
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Patio upgrade with @funkystrokes reversible outdoor rugs! It’s reversible, water resistant, and durable! I love how easy it is to pack and take on the go- camping, hiking, on a picnic or even to the pool! Such a great Amazon find! {partner} #patiorug #patiorugs #patiodecor #outdoorpatio #outdoorrug #amazonfinds #amazonhome #patiomakeover #homeimprovement #patioupdate

Surviving the cold with some Clipper tea! Organic, fair trade, & absolutely delicious! Thank you so much @clipperteasus the gift box was beautiful!

Olivia & I are over the moon with this unboxing🎄😻 Christmas decor is now complete in our home! @bollandbranch truly out did themselves with this design + the packaging is stunning!!

Fall to winter porch decor with my Fur babies! We had the best time decorating & enjoying the sunny day! The decor is from @athomearkansas My outfit @nordstrom The Kitties oneofakind. 😜

GRWM: MY favorite @tula & @beautycounter Can’t live without products. ➡️Tula cult classic cleanser & 24/7 moisture ➡️Beauty counter Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum & vitamin C Serum Both on major cyber Monday sales! #cleanbeauty #grwm #holidaygiftideas #cybermonday

🍁HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🍁 From my sweet family to yours! All the smiles and all the 📸 cheese 🧀 from my sweet nephews! I hope you all had a wonderful day and I pray for many blessings!

Some of my favorite fall/winter photos! 🍁 happy thanksgiving eve!! I hope everyone gets to spend some quality time with their friends and family. And a big thanks to those who have to work during the holidays.

FALL in once snap shot! Tuscany veggie & couscous soup 🍁 This is a PSA to make your favorite soup this weekend. Cool temps setting in + food marathon week on the horizon, make the soup 🍂 Happy Thanksgiving week 💛

Yes, I spoil my cats with their favorite healthy cat food! @iandloveandyoupet Oliver’s favorite is the naked essentials chicken & duck dry food. Olivia stays obsessed with the ninja cat jui jit stew! 😻😉 Tap the link in my bio to get your coupon for $8 off your next purchase of two @iandloveandyoupet items over $10 each at your local @krogerco! #MyILYPET #iandloveandyoupet #ILYatKroger #hbtilykroger

There’s no doubt we all love a big bowl of mac & cheese, but when you go baja with it, it’s a love for the ages 😋😜 Top your favorite mac & cheese with avocados, jalapeños, and Mezzetta sun-dried tomatoes+ sweet peppers! It will become a tale as old as time! 😉💕 This thanksgiving, do remember, @mezzetta absolutely makes it betta!#mezzettamakesitbetta enjoy! 🍂

CINNAMON SUGAR BLACKBERRY CRISP with @stacys cinnamon sugar pita chips!! Such a delicious & Perfect fall dish for holiday gatherings🍂 Recipe: 1 Bag Cinnamon Sugar Stacy Pita Chips 1 cup of frozen or fresh blackberries 1 cup of frozen or fresh blueberries 2 tbsp olive 1/2 tsp lemon juice 1/2 stick of butter (melted) 1/4 cup of flour ( all-purpose, almond, coconut ect) Vanilla ice cream Directions: Preheat oven to 425 with the cast iron or desire pan to serve the cobbler. On low heat, warm the olive oil and berries in a saucepan. Once the berries begin to break down, add them lemon juice, the slowly add the flour to thicken the berries. Crush the Cinnamon Sugar Stacy Pita Chips into quarter size pieces and drizzle the melt butter over the pita chips & mix . Layer the bottom of a warm cast iron with half the pita mixture. Then Pour in the berry filling on top of the bottom layer of pita chips, top the filling with the other half of the pita mixture. Warm in the oven for 10 minutes Top with ice cream and fresh berries.

Sick Of Your Own Cooking? CAULIPOWER Meal Inspirations!

I’m so excited to share with y’all this delicious CAULIPOWER meal box featuring cauliflower rice, to spice up your quarantine cooking. I used the sesame citrus rice cup in this blog post but I’m eating the Baja-styled rice as I type this blog post and they are both AMAZING. When I tried the sesame citrus rice riced cauliflower cup I knew I wanted to make a fresh, easy, healthy dish that pulled out the flavors of the sesame and topped with spicy mayo or peanut sauce. You can always add extra red onion and bell peppers if you have them and want a few extra bits of color and veggie in your meal but overall the CAULIPOWER riced cauliflower with the butter lettuce and spicy mayo make for a delicious meal stand alone.

The truth behind the pain of endometriosis

It’s a health problem that causes pain and discomfort in women’s lives to the point they have to choose to stay home from work, dates, family events, and more to spend their evening on a heating pad as opposed to living their lives. I hear you, I know that it’s frustrating and you have tried everything from pain killers to acupuncture, to diet change, exercise, to staying on birth control year around. I know the feeling all too well when you know it’s about to happen and you hold your breath because you know that’s your best bet at betting the sharp piercing pain that’s about to happen. That’s why I want to tell you about the Endometriosis Study because it’s testing an investigational medication that may reduce the pain that comes from endometriosis.


1 Can of  tomato sauce, and 2 10oz cans of petite diced tomatoes with jalapenos if you can find them, and 3 cloves of garlic. Do not be afraid of the salt and pepper especially if this Himalayan sea salt and organic pepper. If you buy organic chili beans then the chili seasoning has to be organic too, so that is a plus if you love that extra chili flavor kick and want the low maintenance of having some spices already mixed in. If you are someone who struggles with digesting legumes and beans and you experience gas or inflammatory issues, then using the Eden Foods organic chili beans is a great option as they are already pressured cooked.


The first recipe is my baked chicken with tomatoes and garlic, but this year, I’m adding the Mezzetta garlic stuffed olives and some sliced oranges to the cast-iron dish! However, I’m going to make it adult-friendly, too, by preparing its Baja style with avocados, jalapenos, and Mezzetta sun-dried tomatoes, and sweet red peppers! Then I add the sun-dried tomatoes to the outside of the dish and top with as many Mezzetta Garlic Stuffed Olives as I can fit in the cast-iron. I’m so glad to have partnered with Mezzetta to bring in the amazing flavors of sun-dried tomatoes, sweet red peppers, and those absolutely delicious garlic stuffed olives.

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