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I am a Freelance Travel Blogger and certified Travel Agent - Experience with travel in Atlantic City while focusing on Atlantic City and other exciting destinations. The purpose of my blog is to promote destinations anywhere travel takes you. As a Travel blogger just starting, my primary asset is Videos and podcasts. I am currently in production with an Agency of the Federal Government for a podcast. As a certified travel agent, I can book all types of travel destinations, purchase tickets for various events with a guarantee of the lowest price. I am also working in creating Neighborhood Guides for hotels; my articles have been published onhttps://arrivedo.com/article/shop-all-Miami- dolphin-sawgrass-lincoln-road-aventura-malls

Location laurel, maryland Mid Atlantic
Country United States of America
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Atlantic City

Juaneca Harris is a freelance travel blogger and certified travel agent with over 5 years’ Experience with travel to Atlantic City, New Jersey and other exciting destinations. She welcomes her expertise to create a once-in-a-lifetime travel itinerary for your upcoming vacation. Fill out the form below to get updates and news from Neckie's Great Adventures


By the 2000s, In the wake of the United States’ economic downturn and the legalization of gambling in adjacent and nearby states (including Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania), four casinos closed by 2014. The beginning of 2017, Atlantic City started to show signs of resurrection, The Revel, which closed in 2014, was purchased by AC Ocean Walk, LLC for $200 million in 2017, and reopened in 2018. The idea would be to connect the $330 million tunnel stretching 2.5 miles from the Atlantic City Expressway to the new resort. While the success comes from new and reinvented casino hotels (including the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino), some large-scale facilities and private investments have seized to bring amenities like restaurants, bars, and a famous craft distillery to parts of the city.


When we think of the word “mask,” we think of Halloween or the movie that turned Jim Carey into a household name. Nowadays, when we wear a mask, it’s not for fun, make-believe, or to treat us, it’s for SAFETY! As the end of April nears, some states have re-opened (restaurants/bars will remain closed) or will re-open within the coming weeks. Without a vaccine in sight, wearing the mask, and having to maintain social distance, the new norm may be here for a while.

Birthday Celebration Social Distancing Style

Social Distancing has become the new thing, the IT word. The stores (what’s still open), there’s tape on the floors to separate the distance where we are to stand while waiting in line. Meaning, a birthday celebration, you can have your cake, card, any other celebration item, you blowing out the candles, and a bottle of wine (or cider); after all, we’re trying to show a celebration. Of course, a child’s birthday, the juice is sufficient.

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