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A Pacific Northwest girl with a huge heart and a little home, Joanna Hawley is a Seattle-based blogger, stylist, digital influencer, wiener dog lover, and tiny-home hype girl. With a degree in Industrial Design and experience as a product designer and trend scout for companies like Nordstrom and Anthropologie, Joanna has always had an eye for beautiful things.

Along with regular styling gigs, Joanna runs to show off her appreciation for all things DIY, entertaining, interior design, style, and food—in a modern yet casual type of way.

When Joanna isn’t styling, shooting, or writing, you can find her revamping her #mytinybungalow, on Pinterest, or outside with her BFF roommates (aka said wiener dogs and her mountain man fiancé, Sean).

Location Seattle, Washington PNW
Country United States
Member Since JUNE 22, 2018
Social Audience 4M Last Month
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jojotastic 66K Last Month Last 3 Months
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Life lately 🌿🪿🌼 (alternative caption: the reason why you’re probably waiting on an email or text response from me 🙃)

Feeling so lucky to live here today (and every day) 🥹 #colorfulhome #decorreels #realhomesofinstagram #cabinlove

Mosquitos amiright!! 🚫🦟 #AD We may live in the most gorgeous place, but it also happens to be incredibly buggy all summer long… and I happen to be one of the lucky people that bugs love to devour 😵‍💫 This year, I’m over it so I ordered a customized Mosquito Protection Plan from @getsunday and it’s been a total gamechanger. They estimated exactly how much and what kind of repellent products we need and sent it all directly to our door. Here’s what we got: 🚫🦟 Mosquito Deleto yard sprays: a plant-based repellent thats effective for up to 4 weeks in dry areas. 🚫🦟 Picaridin insect spray: the bug spray I swear by in the backcountry! It’s DEET-free and non-greasy, plus it protects you for up to 12 hours outdoor 🚫🦟 Mosquito Dunks: this is a non-toxic treatment that targets larvae in standing water and/or gutters for up to 30 days. I’ve hidden buckets of water around our property to spread the love, so to speak! 🚫🦟 Sunday citronella candle: a freshly scented candle with hints of cedarwood and lemongrass and up to 40 hrs of burn time. Create your own mosquito-free oasis with my promo code for 15% off — use JOJO15 at checkout, link in bio! #getsunday #sundaypestplan

Remember when we used to do throwback Thursday? Well… today I’m feeling nostalgic about the year-long kitchen renovation we tackled in our first home, a 640 sqft bungalow in Seattle, because the bottom fell out of a kitchen drawer here in the cabin while I was making coffee this morning 😵‍💫 this was the hardest room to leave when we sold and if I could I would packed it up in a box and brought it here with me. My mind has been turning over a cabin kitchen renovation for the past few months, so we’ll see when it actually happens and if it takes less than a year this time 🤞 All product sources are tagged. Design by @roomfortuesday (Sarah I miss you!!)

Photo dump of the past 48 hours 🪿 1. Reunited with @beccagrowsstuff & it feels so goose 2. @mazamastore salted baguettes, literally the first ones sold right out of the oven IYKYK 3. Meeting the new goose gals, names tbd 4. the pure joy that is QUAIL 5. @tacobell with @beccagrowsstuff just like we always chat about 6 - 7. Diamond’s first tenting experience 8. Waking up in @beccagrowsstuff’s field 9. 🪿 blind date

Proof of life 💃 you know that thing where you’re too busy living your life in the forest to post to social media but the algorithm gods punish you if you don’t and then people forget who you are and then companies don’t want to partner on content and you’re just trying to turn your front yard into a meadow? Only me? Ok well hi I am still here but also I’ve shifted some stuff so I can live my life offline a bit more and I really really love it ❤️ happy Tuesday, I’m going to finally get my eyes checked for the first time in way too long and hopefully they don’t dilate my eyeballs cuz that’s a rull long drive home 🥸 How are you?

I just love my colorful home in the middle of nowhere 🤷‍♀️ #decorreels #realhomesofinstagram #cabinlife

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