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A Pacific Northwest girl with a huge heart and a little home, Joanna Hawley is a Seattle-based blogger, stylist, digital influencer, wiener dog lover, and tiny-home hype girl. With a degree in Industrial Design and experience as a product designer and trend scout for companies like Nordstrom and Anthropologie, Joanna has always had an eye for beautiful things.

Along with regular styling gigs, Joanna runs to show off her appreciation for all things DIY, entertaining, interior design, style, and food—in a modern yet casual type of way.

When Joanna isn’t styling, shooting, or writing, you can find her revamping her #mytinybungalow, on Pinterest, or outside with her BFF roommates (aka said wiener dogs and her mountain man fiancé, Sean).

Location Seattle, Washington PNW
Country United States
Member Since JUNE 22, 2018
Social Audience 4M Last Month
  • Moz DA 49

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Before & After: Turning Our Concrete Patio into a Relaxing Backyard Retreat

I am beyond thrilled with how easy and affordable it was to transform this boring concrete patio into the perfect relaxing retreat — especially since it’s right outside of our main bedroom suite! The concrete slab is actually quite large, so to make the design process a bit more approachable, I split it up into two zones: the outdoor dining area and the hot tub area. My hope is that the blue would bring a bit more life into the hot tub area since the tub itself is brown… I’m a little bit of a brat when it comes to the hot tub… if it’s raining, I hate getting my hair wet, so I added an umbrella to prevent that from happening.

How To Shop for Moroccan Rugs: Expert Tips from a Former Rug Designer

So today, I wanted to share my go-to tips and tricks to help you find the best Moroccan rugs! Plus, don’t forget that there is always the option of layering a smaller rug over a neutral jute rug like in the first iteration our old living room — especially when you fall in love with one that isn’t 100% the correct size! I will say that I find more people are inclined to post negative reviews since they are angry and feel compelled to share that. But even still, for an investment piece like this, reviews help you know more about what you’re buying.

What We've Learned 6 Months After Leaving City Life for Cabin Life

After Leaving City Life I was genuinely worried about meeting people and making friends when we moved away from the city and into the country. I can’t remember the last time I bought new, nice clothes because it feels like everything gets muddy no matter what, so why have nice clothes on? It actually really makes me angry because it means that the internet companies have decided that the people who live out here aren’t worth the effort and cost of providing better connectivity since there are so few of us. I really wanted to give a clear picture of what it’s been like during the past 6 months after leaving city life, especially for those who are considering making a similar move.

Jojotastic, Pacific Northwest Content Creator & Blogger

I’m heavier and weaker than I’ve ever been, my eating routines are out of whack, and I haven’t been to therapy in way too long. But when Sean isn’t here, there are usually at least 2-3 rooms that I don’t regularly occupy since I just don’t need to. But on a day-to-day basis, I feel like I’m floating in a really, really big void of a house sometimes. This is something I’ve wanted to build for so long… but because of our wifi connectivity issues out here, I haven’t felt like the time was right.

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