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A Pacific Northwest girl with a huge heart and a little home, Joanna Hawley is a Seattle-based blogger, stylist, digital influencer, wiener dog lover, and tiny-home hype girl. With a degree in Industrial Design and experience as a product designer and trend scout for companies like Nordstrom and Anthropologie, Joanna has always had an eye for beautiful things.

Along with regular styling gigs, Joanna runs to show off her appreciation for all things DIY, entertaining, interior design, style, and food—in a modern yet casual type of way.

When Joanna isn’t styling, shooting, or writing, you can find her revamping her #mytinybungalow, on Pinterest, or outside with her BFF roommates (aka said wiener dogs and her mountain man fiancé, Sean).

Location Seattle, Washington PNW
Country United States
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My #1 homeownership must-have? A sense of humor 🙃 cuz our cabin is NEVER tidy these days thanks to my new long haired roommates, PNW winter, and the constant array of renovation projects sitting half-finished. But in those 10 glorious minutes of tidiness? That’s where I thrive... and take video because otherwise it’s like it never happened 🤣 #decorreels #cabindecor #pnwcabin #colorfulhomedecor

Every morning was like wading through a sea of patagucci vests, timbuktu backpacks and allbirds sneakers 🚍 and now… blissful silence 😎 #countrylife #cabinlife #northcascades #pnwlifestyle #mountainliving

Name one change you've made to your home that has VASTLY improved morale, I'll go first! 🧺 moving our laundry appliances into the guest bathroom! Swipe to see why our old laundry closet just was NOT it 🤣 Curious to know more? All the details on how and why we made this change are on the blog:

The long-awaited update to my viral series Questions I Have from the Man Who Built My House! 🎉 I’ve gotten SO many messages asking for this series to come back, but with actual answers this time... and it’s finally starting back up again. TBH last fall, after the original builders/owners/family came over for dinner to chat, I had a really, really hard time. My beloved Noodle died very unexpectedly, then it was my busy season with work, then I got incredibly sick and had to take an entire month off. So I appreciate your patience and hope that you love this new update! Stay tuned for more ❤️ #answersihave #cabinlife #homeownership #buyahouse #pnwcabin

As badly as I wanted a mudroom when we were searching for a cabin, we ended up buying a house without one! And I complain about it almost every single day 🤣 swipe for the before! The entry area is constantly a mess because of our weather, bringing in firewood, and the dogs. It’s also a landing zone for a ton of crap all the time. Sometimes it’s shipping and receiving. Other times, it’s where we get undressed from shoveling snow or an especially messy day of gardening 🌧 This year, I want to *finally* get the entryway properly organized and wayyy more functional. I’m thinking one more row of peg rail for hats and small items, more utilitarian rugs, and a large storage bench. Catch more details of my 2023 home renovation and home projects on the blog today on or tap the link in my profile 🤳

I still cannot believe it’s 2023, how about you?? 🤔 Last year ended on a not-so-great note for me as I was incredibly sick the entire month of December. Now that I’ve played catch up and am feeling healthy again, I am so glad to get back to sharing on the blog with you! First up, I’m starting the year with my 2023 cabin renovation goals… plus a look back on what we accomplished! This video is a *really* quick recap, but there is a lot more detail on 🔗 on my profile + be sure to follow along to see how things progress! #renovationrealities #renovationgoals #2023goals #cabindecor #decorreels

Ok what’s cuter: my new chair from @overstock or my Diamond? #decorreels #pibblelife #youreliterallygorgeous #overstockstyle

Is anyone else ever overwhelmed by the sheer volume of STUFF they have? 🤔 The ironic part is that I used to be considered a ‘small space influencer’ because our previous home was 640 sqft and didn’t have a single closet! After 2.5 years in our 2000 sqft cabin that also has an 800 sqft shop... I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Like when did I get 4 couches (downstairs living room, tv room, fold out in my office and outdoor sofa)??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN 🫣Lately, my best friend and I have been on a bi-coastal mission to purge, organize, tidy up, and generally find homes for all of our stuff. We meet up on FaceTime after her kids have gone to bed and HIT IT. Tonight’s project is to figure out how to achieve better functionality in our entryway and then we’ll keep working on getting her kitchen purged and organized. It’s really fun to have an accountability partner! #decorreels #colorfulhome #cabindecor #thrifteddecor

If there’s one part of renovating a home that I am always up for, it’s demo. Gimme a crowbar and a hammer and I’m SET. The finishing isn’t my fave, but the end result always makes it worth it 🖤🔨 #howhardcoulditbe #bathroommakeoveronabudget #bathroomdecor #bathroomtransformation #cabindecor @elyse_myers

BY POPULAR REQUEST: How to start a fire in a wood stove! 🔥🪵 My tried-and-true fire-building technique that I literally do every day from about October through May in our cabin: Step 1: Put two large pieces of split wood at the base in the wood stove with a slight gap between Step 2: Ball up paper (old newspaper, mail, packing materials, but make sure the paper isn’t coated or glossy) and shove in between the two logs and on top Step 3: Overlap three pieces of kindling over the paper Step 4: Layer on two pieces of larger kindling, about the diameter of your wrist Step 5: Layer on a very dry medium piece of firewood, making sure to leave room for airflow Step 6: Light the paper, using Pocket Bellows (🔗 on my profile) to blow air onto flames as needed Step 7: Hang around the wood stove, monitoring the fire and poking as needed (and to your heart’s content). Add firewood as needed! I know that starting a fire can be intimidating, but since I’ve had to do it 6 months out of the year I’ve gotten my method down! I also use this technique when starting a bonfire outdoors or a campfire. Leave a comment with any questions you have or with how you make a fire, I am always open to improving my fire making skills ❤️‍🔥 SAFETY NOTE: Get a fire extinguisher! Have your chimney cleaned regularly! Properly vent your stove and home! Don’t catch your hair on fire! Wear heatproof gloves if you feel like it! Use seasoned firewood! #cabinlife #howtomakeafire #woodstovelife #tutorialreels

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