Joelle Choe

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I am transitioning out of the military and it left me to think what am I going to the rest of my life. After much thought, it was clear to me that I want to be a global influencer, coach, strategist, story-teller, and social entrepreneur, I would like to empower other women to believe in themselves and make sure they know that they are not alone no matter what. I am passionate about mental health and breaking the stigma of traditional values. I want to start a platform where I share my interests of sustainability, business, technology, beauty, travel and food. The inspirations from culture drove me to become a social entrepreneur focusing on business-lifesyle coaching and consulting services with personalized digital strategies for clients.

Location Washington, District of Columbia
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Why you need to market your business online. #realtips 🌙You can easily leverage by using the audience to target by the help of online marketing. 🦋Utilizing the biz reputation is a given that will help you to be honest, transparent, and engage with the audiences the more specific and courageous you are when it comes to biz it is essential. ⭐️develop business that works for you not the other way around... it is all about trial and error.

I am always curious, it creates livelihood and creativity for success.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ ⁠ #메릴랜드 #버지니아 #buildingcredit #디씨 #businessowner #bucketlist #businessmarketingtips #biztips

Be the face of your brand. You need to be uncomfortable in order to be comfortable for your brand. Relationships require vulnerability and sharing personal experiences is real. I struggle to not let go of negative feedback from other people especially those I personally know from my past. It is hard because I’m embarrassed to get the limelight. I’m shy 🙈 although I’m an extrovert aka ENTP. But why do I show up? Because it is needed for me to feel uncomfortable to be comfortable. Being able to conquer insecurities and vulnerabilities is an ongoing process. #whocanrelate ?

5 tips when you start a Business beginners version! Tip 1- identifying your brand is one of the most difficult things to do for some owners. Make sure that your brand fits well to the niche and personalize it with the concept. Storytelling which fits with the brand name is essential. Tip 2- Legalize it !!! Check the USPTO to see if your brand name is available for you to use. Ensure your product does not have a similar concept with another existing company. Tip 3- SOP Standard Operating Procedures is one of the most difficult and tedious thing to do. But it will pay off later on in the future. It is an effective form of communication for your company to learn about the functions of the business to operate efficiently. Tip 4- Count the Costs Save all the receipts for your business expenses and SEPARATE personal expenses. If you don’t want to use quickbooks, just use google docs until you generate enough revenue to outsource it. Tip 5- Embrace the social media realm. Choose Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for starters. Depending on your niche you can pick and choose later on. Make sure you educate yourself about the basics and focus on organic growth. Trial and error with ads is essential for maximum effect.

Being able to believe in yourself is a gift that you give to yourself. ⁠ Have you ever considered that you are a gift in this world?⁠ Have you realized that you make an impact every single day in your life?⁠ Have you thought that you are YOUR first PRIORITY?⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ ⁠ #iamhuman #iamme #iloveme #entrepreneurship #women #choice #path #influencer #influence #womenempowerment #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #motivator #lifestyle #bebetter #choosebetter #bossbabe #entrepreneurshipgoals #motivationquotes #floral #design #beauty #photography #blackandwhite #nodoubt #confidence #justdoit #humble #thoughts #loveyourself

What makes you happy? What makes you dread your day? What have you changed your mind about? Let me tell you a little story.. I hated the idea of cycling and didn’t see a point to it. I know... pretty negative. It was until one day... I just got the courage to try it out. #cycling Do you have courage?

Six best and simple marketing tactics you just need to know. Step 1: Make a list of sites that being the most traffic: it’s tricky when you have over ten different sites so make sure it is below that. Step 2: Update your LinkedIn profile and sync headline on social media. Make sure to have updated profile picture and resume. Step 3: Analyze what posts did well and didn’t well on social media. Go with the concept they did well, it will end up converting ! Step 4: create five different groups of hashtags that are relevant to your niche and post Step 5: Engage on social media by likes/comment the day of post 20mins before and 10mins after Step 6: Engage with other users no less than 30 mins a day Remember to incorporate work and life balance.

Meditation is something that I hated to do. Really. But I never gave up and looked for various different ways to instill it in my life. Now I meditate every single day and cannot be productive without it. Crazy right? Find what works for you. Mine is hearing violin sounds and doing yoga at the break of dawn. Apparently this is moving meditation but works for me :) It makes a difference ; just try it. It changed my life.

Falling in love ❤️ I have no idea how it became to this.. ☾🆆🅷🅰︎🆃 🅸🆂 🅻🅾︎🆅🅴 🆃🅾︎ 🆈🅾︎🆄? Okay before asking questions... I want to say I realize that I am deeply in love with this someone right now and it isn’t something that I take lightly. It took so much time and harvesting the relationship. Because I was able to love; I am capable to feel just falling in love with this person. To be honest, this person just couldn’t catch a break at times and felt remorse all of their life. At the breaking and tipping point to an end, they were rescued by a guardian angel. However, it clicked one day that they are here for a reason. They survived to serve a better purpose in this life and not give up. That person is my spirit. I had hatred towards myself to the point that I wanted to leave this world.. But, I realized that I was wrong and I deserved to be in this world. I am important. You are important. We are important. Never forget that

Top 5 mistakes that businesses make and how to avoid it on social media. Mistake 1- not being consistent with posts, stories, reels and engagement will not make your business visible on social media Mistake 2- having too many different niches without having a single niche. It is all over the place which makes it impossible what the audience is looking for. Mistake 3- skipping market research which means you don’t know who you are targeting. SEO and SEM would not be attainable if you don’t do research*sorry Mistake 4- Whatever you promise your audience such as free shipping or giveaway; make sure you always deliver. You need to follow up with your customers for feedback and engage with them to make it better. Mistake 5- I know there are ton of brands with half a million followers but you need to realize that buying followers and using bots will hurt you on the long run. Ensure you are doing it organically and using the algorithm to your advantage. #entrepreneur #business #motivation #success #love #mindset #inspiration #goals #entrepreneurship #lifestyle #motivationalquotes #life #quotes #believe #bhfyp #entrepreneurlife #smallbusiness #positivevibes #instagood #inspire #motivational #marketing #money #happiness #instagram #positivity #inspirationalquotes #businessowner

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