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It’s always a good time when you travel with us 🤪

Y’all 🤤 this food was a no-joke kind of delicious! The burger was so juicy and the bun was toasted 🙌🏼 the fries were soooooooo yummy just like everything else! Plus they’re out here honoring our vets ❤️💙 thanks, @b52samericanbarandgrill for hosting us and treating us to some yummy food!

I don’t think I need to explain why @sweetteaconover is the B&B we chose in North Carolina… the name kind of says it all! It was the picture of Southern hospitality and we truly loved every second we were there. The beds were comfy. The shower was heavenly. The food was out of this world. And the hosts were some of the kindest people. We’re so incredibly grateful for our time at Sweet Tea B&B and can’t wait to go back! 💛 Subscribe to our YouTube channel (link in bio) so you don’t miss the video we have coming out about Sweet Tea. It’s an awesome one! But in the meantime, enjoy Joanie B.’s awesome shots from our stay.

This backpack is more stylish than me 😂 no but seriously! This is the Pråper backpack in olive and black from @gastonluga! It’s the perfect size for travel and every day. In this photo I have my 16 inch @apple MacBook Pro with accessories and a full frame DSLR camera and there’s still room! It’s made with leather and canvas and the quality is amazing! It doesn’t feel like the bottom is going to fall out on you! The straps are strong but comfortable so your shoulders won’t be dying. And it’s so much obviously super cute and a little edgy! There are so many style and color options with @gastonluga bags and they definitely have something for you! So use the code southernstyle15 for 15% off anything on their website! And don’t forget to tag us so we can see what you get!

All of this yummy food is from @rose_and_daisys in Catawba, North Carolina! It was so amazing (and there was some yummy desserts we’ll be sharing later so follow!). 😍 this garlic bread was unlike any we’ve had! So delicious and fresh! And the pasta, y’all! It was incredible!

Y’all! This bed and breakfast is absolutely breathtaking! @bluemtnmist has the most gorgeous view, beautiful accommodations, and we woke up every morning so blessed to be there. Stay tuned for the video coming soon!

A rare photo of this mother-daughter duo in the wild 🤪just kidding. It’s us in an adorable bed and breakfast in Sevierville, Tennessee, which lies just outside of Smoke Mountain National Park. The views are stunning. The area itself is beautiful and serene. It’s just down the road from Gatlinburg and a quick jaunt from Dollywood. Gorgeous, but not our usual scene. 🌻 This year we realized our true mission with this travel thing… celebrate small town America. Europe is great. Big cities are super fun. But we want to put our media talents to use by showcasing the hidden gems all over this beautiful country of ours. Places like Sautee, Georgia or Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Those little places that you may miss because you’re looking at the big ticket places the major media tells you are amazing. We hope to show you that an adventure can be had in small mountain towns just as easily as in the big Apple. 💥 Moral of the story: small towns are different than the big flashy cities but certainly not less than. Let us tell you more by clicking that link in the bio and subscribing to our YouTube channel and blog OR just follow us right here on @instagram. It doesn’t cost you nothin’ to hit that button, y’all!

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the South then you know sweet tea is a way of life.🍹It represents all things happy, simple, and blissful in the world, so we gulp that stuff up like there’s no tomorrow. It’s an instant mood lifter, albeit not the healthiest boost, but we love it anyway. Can I get a ‘bless your heart’ to that one?! 🙋🏼‍♀️What’s your go-to pick-me-up drink? …… This glass of sipping goodness came from Bodensee Restaurant in Helen, Georgia. We have a video coming on Friday, so make sure to subscribe to @joanieandjennib on @youtube so you don’t miss it. It doesn’t cost you nothin’ to hit that button, y’all!

There are no words to express the beauty of @sylvanvalleylodge in Sautee, Georgia! We fell in love with these rustic and scenic mountain views 💚 forever dreaming of the mountains of Georgia and this one of a kind B&B! Blog post goes live tomorrow 👏🏼💛

Food has the power to make us feel something. It can make us feel warm or nostalgic. Maybe it makes you feel excited or even adventurous. Whatever it is, a good dish should invoke some kind of feeling! We definitely found that at @maxsbrickoven. The Shrimp de Provence made us nostalgic for European adventures of months past. The Steak Forestier made Joanie B. breathe deep, sit back in her chair and just sigh with joy. The Brick Oven Salmon made Jenni feel so adventurous and relieved that these trips get us out of our comfort zone. Finally, that New Orleans Bread Pudding made us both feel so warm inside. It was a beautiful experience filled with the yummiest and most delicious food. Lots of the delicious fare at Max’s Brick Oven are cooked in this gorgeous (you guessed it!) brick oven. It’s a huge center piece in the restaurant and when you see it, you know it’s going to be a great meal!

Most people who meet us either assume we’re super weird for traveling together as mother-daughter OR that we’re the luckiest people alive. We’re somewhere in the middle. We’re definitely each other’s best friend, so it makes sense that we’d travel together. BUT if you think we don’t argue, then you are so so wrong. But at the end of the day, we know that no matter how much we argue, we wouldn’t be able to tolerate anyone else for as long as we tolerate each other 😂 and that’s on traveling as a mother-daughter team. Are we crazy? Yes. Are we having the time of our life? Absolutely.

I needed this beautiful view to boost the packing motivation. We close on our new house FRIDAY and y’all we’re packing like some little worker ants. What are you doing this week?

Hey y’all, Jenni here 💛 When we moved back to Florida almost three years ago I remembering saying that it would never really be my home. I said that I was a forever nomad. No state or place could ever truly be my home because of my constant state of wanderlust. But I find myself falling deeper in love with the Florida sunsets, the starry nights skies, the sound of the waves, the nature. I find myself falling further in love with Florida. I can say so fully and completely that Florida is my home and it has my whole heart. I’m addicted to the sunshine. I’m obsessed with the thunder storms. I find myself saying at least three times a day how Florida is the best state (don’t fight me). ☀️ I’m happy as a Florida Girl. I’m happy to call this Sunshine State my happy place. My home. Even in times of world crisis, panic, anger, and hatred, I find solace in our sunshine that comes around at top volume at least 100 days a year.

Forever gawking at this beauty 😍

We’re gearing up for our next road trip and the first thing we’re packing, our number one must-have, is this little @travelwifi device! This allows us to access Wifi no matter where we are, which is a must for us! Click our stories and swipe up to get yourself one of these fun devices! You won’t regret it!! Also don’t forget to use code Trippinsouthernstyle for 10% off! Gotta save that money, y’all!

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