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I make content that speaks to the heart. Whether it's sharing about being a part of the LGBTQ+ community or eating disorder recovery. It's about being personal, honest, and a big sister.

Location Boca Raton, Florida United States
Country United States of America
Member Since JUNE 18, 2020
Social Audience 958K
jessiepaege 956K Last Month Last 3 Months
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comment a “🚽” if ur emo and tired

truly life-changing riveting content from jessie paege today

how many of u were there for the first few videos?? 🥺🥺 this video makes me so emotional, I don’t even realize how far I’ve come 💗🥹 I hope this inspires someone else out there to choose recovery or even just to be kind to yourself today • • • • • makeup used in this video: @colourpopcosmetics @toofaced @rarebeauty 💗 • • #mentalhealth #selflove #selfcare #mentalhealthawareness

to all my queer women, you’re not weird and you shouldn’t have to lose all your female friends because you came out 🏳️‍🌈💗 sending u all so much love (sorry I keep venting to this song it just feels so good)

more jessie paege lore 🔓 unlocked

comment a “🎀” if you pre-saved girls like you and got the secret pics 🤭 link in my bio GO GO GOO

comment a “💅🏻” if you pre-saved link in bio AHHH I’M SO EXCITED GO GO GOOO • • • • • #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selflove #selfcare #jessiepaege #girlslikeyou

comment your favorite 1, 2, or 3 💗💕 also sorry for the no makeup vibe here, haven’t been feeling like wearing makeup 🥹

my little baby boy 🥹 @thepaegecats

anyways….comment a “🎀” if you pre-saved girls like you and I’ll dm some of you some memes (🔗 in my bio)

comment a “🎀” if you pre-saved link in my bio 🤭 I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE AHHHH. this one is dedicated to all the mean girls that I wish I stood up to over the years. u really don’t deserve this song <3

(tw: eating disorders) I know I’m not posting about my eating disorder as much online, but I feel the need to stand up for myself. I want all of you, the people that follow me, to feel as if you’re allowed to speak up when someone says something so insanely cruel and incorrect. I also don’t want any of you to watch me sit here and take these comments as truth because there is no truth here. You shouldn’t have to sit there and not address your negative comments for fear of “only focusing on the negative”. I focus on so many positive things in my life too. The real person causing harm is the person leaving these insensitive comments. I really worry for the younger people that follow me that are still building their strength and receive comments about their bodies. Should they be told they should just ignore it and keep moving forward? You’re allowed to acknowledge things hurt. Addressing this comment, no one’s life should not be dedicated to pleasing others aesthetically because you’ll never please anyone. It feels so invasive to have someone ELSE romanticize my mental illness, I already have to work on not doing that myself. I don’t care about which version of me you prefer. I care about how I feel and doing my very best to control my mental illness. That’s my biggest priority. We spend so much energy talking about “anti-aging” and “getting skinny for summer” we forget that there’s nothing more beautiful than feeling good and genuinely just enjoying your life. love, jessie

it’s basic math! just like 2+2 = 4!

thank u to whoever gave me this gene, I’ll use it wisely 🤭

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