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Taking you beyond the guidebook to live your best life through travel!

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen beaches as pristine as in the Galapagos. (#ad) 🌴 Just check out how turquoise those waters are, and how white the sand is. The visibility when snorkeling was usually crystal clear, and during the entire week-long trip I saw only one single piece of litter. It was a plastic bottle floating near the beach, which I made sure to scoop up to throw away properly. 🌊 It really is incredible how the Galapagos National Park has made conservation a main focus across the entire destination — vs simply a hotel or a tour company being eco-friendly. 🐢 The result? Pure paradise -- which you can see by swiping right! 😍👉 A big thanks to @AndandoTours for sponsoring my trip to the Galapagos aboard the M/Y Passion! #BeyondTheGuidebook ___ * * * #VisitGalapagos #responsibletravel #Galapagoswildlife #galapagosluxury #galapagoscruise #galapagos #galapagosislands #galapagos_islands #galapagosisland #galapagos🐢#galapagostravel #ecuadortravel #ecuadortravel_ig #southamericatravel #southamericatravels #marineiguanas #Lizardsofinsta #lizardsofinstagram #turquoisewater #galapagosbeach #santacruzisland #turquoisewaters #turquoisewaters🌊#whitesandbeach #stunningbeaches #maketimetoseetheworld

How To Map Out & Crush Your Blogging Goals

Then you’re in the right place, because that is exactly what we’ll be covering step-by-step in this episode of The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast. Your Blogging Goals – Podcast Episode Audio Listen to the full episode using this embedded player… …or click the links below to tune in on your preferred audio platform: Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Click here to listen on Spotify Click here to listen on TuneIn To help you really jumpstart your blogging success If you’re looking to set goals that help you sustainably take your blog full-time then stay tuned, as I’ll be sharing a seven-step strategy to help get you there. In this case, instead of changing 101 things, I’ll slowly make tweaks to my landing page to test out if different text might work better, or maybe there is some disconnect between the ad and the landing page, or maybe there is a technical issue like a really long load time for the page.

Grateful for my photo tour guests who keep me on my feet and ensure I never miss a New York moment. 🎉 We had so much fun playing in the snow and enjoying the beauty of Central Park blanketed in white (because, let’s be honest, if I hadn’t been leading a tour I would have been in my pjs on the couch!). ❄️ ___ #NYCInAFlash @nycphototour ___ . . . #BeyondTheGuidebook #centralparkmoments #centralparknyc #centralparknewyork #nycwinter #newyorkwinter #snowinnyc #snowday❄️ #centralparkphotography #centralparkphotographer #manhattanphoto #manhattanphotographer #manhattanphotography #nycphotography #nycphotographers

53 Easy Ways To Volunteer From Home

Add your voice to the meaningful volunteer work of climate change fighters NRDC is on a mission to protect the earth, and you can help them through virtual volunteering by joining their Activist Network, which is linked on this page along with current online opportunities. In terms of volunteer opportunities from home, there are a number of ways to take action, like being a child advocate on social media using the #ItsTime hashtag to help their message go viral. Support people with cancer by being an Angel Chemo Angels is an organization of volunteers that support people with cancer in a variety of ways. They have a number of Virtual Volunteer Opportunities, like using blogging and social media to spread their mission, donating frequent flier miles, assisting with website development, helping to raise donations, and more.

SO MUCH FUN! 🎉 Saw unicorns. Walked through the trippy mushroom forest. Heard prehistoric dinosaurs roar. Wandered into the mouth of a giant caterpillar -- though I think my favorite of the installations was this one. 😮 The @luminocityfestival -- an immersive and festive light installation park in NYC -- is definitely a unique holiday outing. 🎊 You can see video clips from the night in my IG Stories @jessieonajourney! #BeyondTheGuidebook #luminocityfestival #LumiAdventure ___ * * * #luminocitynyc #nycholidays #holidaysinnyc #randallsisland #trippyvideos #trippynation #trippyvibes #newyorkcityattractions #thingstodoinnyc #nycchristmas

17 Best Travel Games For Adults To Satisfy Wanderlust At Home

In this board game, you’ll travel the world and test your cultural knowledge, all from the comfort of your own home. In this version of the classic property trading game, you’ll plan a cross-country trip to visit over 60 of the parks and historic sites in the United States National Park System while learning a little more about the parks themselves. A post shared by Jogos na Caixeta (@jogos_na_caixeta) on Train fans and history buffs alike will love this two-to-five player board game that’s constantly listed as one of the best travel games for adults. In this game, you’ll do just that, answering trivia questions to identify countries of the world and claim their flags.

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my time building an online travel business, it’s that mindset can make or break you. ✨ Your mindset holds your beliefs, and what you believe can have a huge impact on reaching your goals and making things happen. I can say honestly that everything from having the courage to book my first solo trip to believing in myself that I could build a sustainable blogging business took the right mindset. ✨ To be honest I think mindset is something too many travelers trying to build their location independent empire ignore. I know I did in the early days of Jessie on a Journey. I spent so much time just trying to get everything DONE that I never stopped to check in to see how I was; if I was actually in the right place mentally to allow growth. ✨ Anyway, I’ll stop there because I don’t want to give all my thoughts away here. Instead, click on over to The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast to hear my story of how I got into travel blogging -- and my favorite hack for overcoming limiting thoughts. ✨ Link here or in bio (the podcast is linked on the Insta Freebies page) 👉 ✨ ps - I actually launched this podcast a few months ago, but am only just finding the time to create the graphics to promote it on Instagram! 🤣#TPTBP ___ * * * #mindfulmorning #mindfulmornings #miraclemorning #miraclemornings #selfcarepage #selfcarecoach #selfcaredaily #mentalclarity #changeyourlifestyle #changeyourlifetoday #bloggerswanted #influencerswanted #influencermarketing #influencerlife #geniusbloggerstoolkit #startablog #learntoblog #bloggergirl #bloggerlifestyle #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadwomen #digitalnomadfamily #laptoplifestyleliving #bloggingtips #bloggingadvice #bloggingcommunity #blogginggals #bloggingsuccessfully

How Will The Current Pandemic Impact Travel Insurance? (+ Policies!)

InsureMyTrip policyholders who purchased their trip after January 21, 2020, can expect to receive emergency medical care, emergency medical evacuation and trip interruption coverage if they contract the virus during their trip. The company’s policy states, “Travel advisors and/or travelers should contact the airlines, cruise and tour operators and other suppliers to consider your options to change travel arrangements with the ability to waive or reduce penalties.” GeoBlue, the global health insurance arm of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, has lots of resources for members who are affected by COVID-19. There may be a greater onus on travelers to understand their insurance coverage, plus Insurers will have an obligation to make sure what’s covered and what’s not is more clearly communicated, “says Phil Sylvester of PR and Corporate Affairs at World Nomads. ” Originally SafetyWing launched this insurance product for companies and teams; however, after the CDC declared a level 3 travel warning across the globe, many pandemic exclusions were triggered in various insurance policies across the world, including SafetyWing’s own Nomad Insurance product.

There are a few reasons why you should listen to this episode of The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast: * 1) If you're someone who is trying to make the work-from-anywhere lifestyle a reality, but are having trouble mapping out a path to make it happen, this episode of #TPTBPodcast will help you do just that. * 2) During the month of January, I'm donating $1 for every review left for the podcast on iTunes to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation. (Up to $500). You can swipe up in my Instagram Stories or visit the following link to listen in and leave a review. * LINK: * 3) Not related to the podcast, but between January 21-23 I'll be donating 50% of my course revenue to WIRES, as well. The best way to get all of the details about this is to join my email list. You can click the link in my bio and then choose an opt-in freebie to subscribe through to be notified! * I cry every single time I read another article about how these bushfires are decimating the country, and I'm extremely concerned reading about how scientists are noting that over 1 billion animals have been killed and how a number of species may go extinct. My heart goes out to everyone in Australia right now. ❤️ ___ * * * #bloggingpodcast #donatetoaustralia #travelblogging #bloggerswanted #influencerswanted #startablog #learntoblog #bloggergirl #bloggerlifestyle #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadwomen #digitalnomadfamily #laptoplifestyleliving #bloggingtips #bloggingadvice #bloggingcommunity #blogginggals #bloggingsuccessfully #helpaustralia #helpaustralianwildlife #wireswildliferescue

“Just look at the ceiling and smile, you are still awake, you’re still there. A million people did not wake up in the morning and you woke up and for many, many millions of people somebody who is dear to them did not wake up. It’s a fantastic day.” - @sadhguru ✨ I heard this during my morning meditation using @insighttimer. The meditation was actually more of a nugget of wisdom shared by Sadhguru, who is known for his inspiring @sadhguru_quotes. ✨ Honestly, these words made my heart stop. There is a lot of talk about gratitude, but, at least for me, it can be challenging to live with gratitude beyond the morning moments journaling about it. After completing my morning rituals I get sucked into work projects, busy NYC life, racing to airports, and life routines. Even when traveling, I can become so focused I need to remind myself to be thankful for the life I’ve created for myself. ✨ During his chat, called “Do This One Thing To Live Blissfully,” Sadhguru recommends taking time to observe. Though for me that’s where the challenge comes; not with “observing” but “taking the time.” Like with many things in life, I think we can reap more benefits if we can just *slowwwwwwwww* *dowwwwwwwwwn*. ✨ Slow down to be thankful, to observe, to imagine, to ponder, to love, to laugh, to envision, to create, to BREATHE. And most of all, to give gratitude that you are here. 🙏 Photo taken at the cutest darn airbnb ever in the Catskills. 😊 #BeyondTheGuidebook #DontWonderWhatIf #SetOffOnYourJourney ___ * * * #sadhguruquotes #InsightTimer #sadhguru #sadhgurugrace #sadhguru🙏#ImOnAJourneyMyself #EmbraceTheJourney #ImOnAJourney #ImOnAJourneyYall #creativity_love #creativityeveryday #creativityloves💕#Keepittoyourself #PositivelyPresent #positively #newyearnewyou #newyearnewyou2019 #selfgrowthjourney #selfgrowth🌱#embracechange #embracechanges #ShesWanderful #MyLifeOOO #quotestoinspire #quotess #insighttimerapp #morningrituals