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Taking you beyond the guidebook to live your best life through travel!

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18 Scary Travel Stories From Haunted Hotels To Creepy Cabins

From haunted hotels to unexplainable sounds to creepy sightings, the following true travel stories all have one thing in common: They’ll make your hair stand on end — and will have you packing a nightlight next time you’re off on a trip. When it comes to creepy road trip stories and travel horror stories, this is by far my most terrifying. The next morning, as we were buying bread in town for breakfast, we told the story to the baker and he told us there have been many creepy stories of spirits making themselves feel known in the forest. They told me that it was probably a mountain lion but that didn’t explain the chain, or the fact that it sounded exactly like a human walking and running.

21 Travel Horror Stories You'll Be Glad You're Not Telling

It’s a funny travel story when I talk about it now, although at the time I could already picture YouTube videos of the camel picking me up by my head and tossing me around like doll. I was so excited to finally get to Koh Tao in Thailand and enjoy some time on the beach; however, my time on this island actually turned out to be one of my worst and most itchy travel memories. You are able to visit the park in your own car or with a tour guide on a 4-by- 4; however it’s best to go with a tour guide, as it’s the safest way One of my worst travel stories is from a truly terrible night that happened when we were backpacking through Vietnam and we decided to take an overnight 15-hour bus ride to get to our next destination.

31 Uniquely New York Experiences That Shouldn't Be Missed

From the skyscrapers of Manhattan to the shores of Queens, there are few places on earth quite like New York City. Though City Hall Station is no longer an official stop on the New York City Subway, it’s still a popular destination for both tourists and locals. It’s a City starring iconic New Yorker Fran Lebowitz, this miniature model of New York City was originally built for the 1964 World’s Fair. You can also use this map to search for local stays and experiences: Check out these fun tours in New York City from my affiliate partner, Viator: Click here for a full list of NYC tours.

12 India Travel Stories From The Crazy To The Inspiring

Despite this being one of my more embarrassing travel stories, it wasn’t long before most of the other passengers were mad at me because the air conditioning wouldn’t work with the windows up. On the morning of August 3rd, 2019, after spending the past five days falling in love with the culinary and temple delights of Amritsar, we were finally ready to leave incredible India and cross the Wagah Border that separates the Indian city of Amritsar from the Pakistani city of Lahore. While accustomed to tourists visiting the Wagah Border to see the famous daily border closing ceremony, it seemed to be the first time he’d encountered riders looking to actually be left at the border. It’s hard to believe I started in Delhi, almost afraid to leave my hotel room, and finished in Varanasi, feeling like I could travel anywhere solo.

There are a few reasons why you should listen to this episode of The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast: * 1) If you're someone who is trying to make the work-from-anywhere lifestyle a reality, but are having trouble mapping out a path to make it happen, this episode of #TPTBPodcast will help you do just that. * 2) During the month of January, I'm donating $1 for every review left for the podcast on iTunes to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation. (Up to $500). You can swipe up in my Instagram Stories or visit the following link to listen in and leave a review. * LINK: * 3) Not related to the podcast, but between January 21-23 I'll be donating 50% of my course revenue to WIRES, as well. The best way to get all of the details about this is to join my email list. You can click the link in my bio and then choose an opt-in freebie to subscribe through to be notified! * I cry every single time I read another article about how these bushfires are decimating the country, and I'm extremely concerned reading about how scientists are noting that over 1 billion animals have been killed and how a number of species may go extinct. My heart goes out to everyone in Australia right now. ❤️ ___ * * * #bloggingpodcast #donatetoaustralia #travelblogging #bloggerswanted #influencerswanted #startablog #learntoblog #bloggergirl #bloggerlifestyle #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadwomen #digitalnomadfamily #laptoplifestyleliving #bloggingtips #bloggingadvice #bloggingcommunity #blogginggals #bloggingsuccessfully #helpaustralia #helpaustralianwildlife #wireswildliferescue

Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? 🎊 Late to the game with my New Year’s post -- mainly because this time of year is digital detox time for me; I’m literally still responding to “Happy New Year!” texts today, ha. 😂 But that goes perfectly with my biggest resolution for 2020: To get MORE done while working *less*. To listen to my body more when it says “Jessie, you’ve been staring at this screen too long” and swap my laptop for my paint set or a paperback book. To do more of the things that make me feel like I’m living in alignment, even if those are things that don’t make me money (which can be challenging when you own a business!). 🎨 2019 was a huge year for me in terms of growth, both personally (got engaged + upped my self-care!) and professionally (my best biz year by far!), but as humans we are always evolving and, hopefully, improving. 💪 A few (of the many) other ways I hope to improve and live more in alignment with my true self = ✨ No more giving up nights & weekends to work (#1 goal!) ✨ Sign up for more projects with @bestfriendsanimalsociety + @newyorkcares ✨ Read a paperback for 15 minutes before bed (currently reading “Idiot” by @lauraclery, so funny!) ✨ Swap my nightly junk food binge with a healthy tea ritual ✨ Yoga at least 3x/week (instead of 3x/month) ✨ More biz growth through *collaborations* (fun & effective!) ✨ Focus more on intention-based trips (like creative retreats & impact trips vs simply exploring) ✨ Be more generous with my time 👇 By the way, I totally get what people mean when they say they don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. We shouldn’t wait for the new year to make change; however, there is something about opening a new planner and hanging a blank calendar on the wall that makes you feel like you can tweak your story and put something more inspiring on those blank pages. #BeyondTheGuidebook #DontWonderWhatIf ___ * * * #Newyearnewyou #newyearnewyou2020 #newyearsresolutions #newyearsresolution2020 #personaldevelopmentgoals #mypersonaljourney #letsdothis💪 #chasingdreams #dreamchasers #believeinyourselffirst #feelinginspired #feelingmotivated

I don’t think I’ve ever seen beaches as pristine as in the Galapagos. (#ad) 🌴 Just check out how turquoise those waters are, and how white the sand is. The visibility when snorkeling was usually crystal clear, and during the entire week-long trip I saw only one single piece of litter. It was a plastic bottle floating near the beach, which I made sure to scoop up to throw away properly. 🌊 It really is incredible how the Galapagos National Park has made conservation a main focus across the entire destination — vs simply a hotel or a tour company being eco-friendly. 🐢 The result? Pure paradise -- which you can see by swiping right! 😍👉 A big thanks to @AndandoTours for sponsoring my trip to the Galapagos aboard the M/Y Passion! #BeyondTheGuidebook ___ * * * #VisitGalapagos #responsibletravel #Galapagoswildlife #galapagosluxury #galapagoscruise #galapagos #galapagosislands #galapagos_islands #galapagosisland #galapagos🐢#galapagostravel #ecuadortravel #ecuadortravel_ig #southamericatravel #southamericatravels #marineiguanas #Lizardsofinsta #lizardsofinstagram #turquoisewater #galapagosbeach #santacruzisland #turquoisewaters #turquoisewaters🌊#whitesandbeach #stunningbeaches #maketimetoseetheworld

Grateful for my photo tour guests who keep me on my feet and ensure I never miss a New York moment. 🎉 We had so much fun playing in the snow and enjoying the beauty of Central Park blanketed in white (because, let’s be honest, if I hadn’t been leading a tour I would have been in my pjs on the couch!). ❄️ ___ #NYCInAFlash @nycphototour ___ . . . #BeyondTheGuidebook #centralparkmoments #centralparknyc #centralparknewyork #nycwinter #newyorkwinter #snowinnyc #snowday❄️ #centralparkphotography #centralparkphotographer #manhattanphoto #manhattanphotographer #manhattanphotography #nycphotography #nycphotographers

SO MUCH FUN! 🎉 Saw unicorns. Walked through the trippy mushroom forest. Heard prehistoric dinosaurs roar. Wandered into the mouth of a giant caterpillar -- though I think my favorite of the installations was this one. 😮 The @luminocityfestival -- an immersive and festive light installation park in NYC -- is definitely a unique holiday outing. 🎊 You can see video clips from the night in my IG Stories @jessieonajourney! #BeyondTheGuidebook #luminocityfestival #LumiAdventure ___ * * * #luminocitynyc #nycholidays #holidaysinnyc #randallsisland #trippyvideos #trippynation #trippyvibes #newyorkcityattractions #thingstodoinnyc #nycchristmas

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my time building an online travel business, it’s that mindset can make or break you. ✨ Your mindset holds your beliefs, and what you believe can have a huge impact on reaching your goals and making things happen. I can say honestly that everything from having the courage to book my first solo trip to believing in myself that I could build a sustainable blogging business took the right mindset. ✨ To be honest I think mindset is something too many travelers trying to build their location independent empire ignore. I know I did in the early days of Jessie on a Journey. I spent so much time just trying to get everything DONE that I never stopped to check in to see how I was; if I was actually in the right place mentally to allow growth. ✨ Anyway, I’ll stop there because I don’t want to give all my thoughts away here. Instead, click on over to The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast to hear my story of how I got into travel blogging -- and my favorite hack for overcoming limiting thoughts. ✨ Link here or in bio (the podcast is linked on the Insta Freebies page) 👉 ✨ ps - I actually launched this podcast a few months ago, but am only just finding the time to create the graphics to promote it on Instagram! 🤣#TPTBP ___ * * * #mindfulmorning #mindfulmornings #miraclemorning #miraclemornings #selfcarepage #selfcarecoach #selfcaredaily #mentalclarity #changeyourlifestyle #changeyourlifetoday #bloggerswanted #influencerswanted #influencermarketing #influencerlife #geniusbloggerstoolkit #startablog #learntoblog #bloggergirl #bloggerlifestyle #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadwomen #digitalnomadfamily #laptoplifestyleliving #bloggingtips #bloggingadvice #bloggingcommunity #blogginggals #bloggingsuccessfully

“Just look at the ceiling and smile, you are still awake, you’re still there. A million people did not wake up in the morning and you woke up and for many, many millions of people somebody who is dear to them did not wake up. It’s a fantastic day.” - @sadhguru ✨ I heard this during my morning meditation using @insighttimer. The meditation was actually more of a nugget of wisdom shared by Sadhguru, who is known for his inspiring @sadhguru_quotes. ✨ Honestly, these words made my heart stop. There is a lot of talk about gratitude, but, at least for me, it can be challenging to live with gratitude beyond the morning moments journaling about it. After completing my morning rituals I get sucked into work projects, busy NYC life, racing to airports, and life routines. Even when traveling, I can become so focused I need to remind myself to be thankful for the life I’ve created for myself. ✨ During his chat, called “Do This One Thing To Live Blissfully,” Sadhguru recommends taking time to observe. Though for me that’s where the challenge comes; not with “observing” but “taking the time.” Like with many things in life, I think we can reap more benefits if we can just *slowwwwwwwww* *dowwwwwwwwwn*. ✨ Slow down to be thankful, to observe, to imagine, to ponder, to love, to laugh, to envision, to create, to BREATHE. And most of all, to give gratitude that you are here. 🙏 Photo taken at the cutest darn airbnb ever in the Catskills. 😊 #BeyondTheGuidebook #DontWonderWhatIf #SetOffOnYourJourney ___ * * * #sadhguruquotes #InsightTimer #sadhguru #sadhgurugrace #sadhguru🙏#ImOnAJourneyMyself #EmbraceTheJourney #ImOnAJourney #ImOnAJourneyYall #creativity_love #creativityeveryday #creativityloves💕#Keepittoyourself #PositivelyPresent #positively #newyearnewyou #newyearnewyou2019 #selfgrowthjourney #selfgrowth🌱#embracechange #embracechanges #ShesWanderful #MyLifeOOO #quotestoinspire #quotess #insighttimerapp #morningrituals

TRANSFORMATION CAN BE BEAUTIFUL BUT SCARY. ✨ I’m currently in the process of getting my Transformational Life Coaching Certification, and it’s one of the most eye-opening processes I’ve ever gone through, especially as I do the exercises on myself. ✨ While my reason for embarking on this certification journey isn’t necessarily to become a life coach, but more to better help the students in my blog school, the truth is it’s got me thinking A LOT about my higher purpose (which, by the way, we all have). ✨ One challenge that comes up again and again is trying to tune out the voices that have influenced you your whole life -- your family, friends, teachers, society, the media -- to really uncover who you are meant to be. ✨ I am not the same person I was in 2011 when I started Jessie on a Journey, and while I’ve adapted over time through what I write about, I am still working to uncover my true gifts and what *truly* brings me joy, and how I can weave them into my solo female travel brand. (I’ve got SO MANY NOTES, which is exciting but also daunting). ✨ Asking myself questions like “What did you love to do as a child?” (creative writing, singing, dancing, acting, soccer) and “What did you want to be when you grow up?” (err, according to my journal an alien) show how creative -- and strange -- I was. ✨ It’s can be a bit sad to think about how this carefree side often gets dimmed as we grow older, but also powerful to realize we have the control to change things and make our lives *anything* we want them to be. ✨ Photo of Central Park as it transforms from fall to winter, sitting beautifully in that in-between state. 😉 #BeyondTheGuidebook #DontWonderWhatIf #SetOffOnYourJourney ___ * * * #ImOnAJourneyMyself #EmbraceTheJourney #ImOnAJourney #ImOnAJourneyYall #creativity_love #creativityeveryday #creativityloves💕#Keepittoyourself #PositivelyPresent #positively #newyearnewyou #newyearnewyou2019 #selfgrowthjourney #selfgrowth🌱#embracechange #embracechanges #ShesWanderful #MyLifeOOO #centralparknyc #centralparknewyork #centralparknyc❤️#centralparkfall #centralparkwinter

THE JOURNEY. 🥾 When I started blogging in 2011, I came up with “Jessie on a Journey” to signify that I was a constant traveler on a journey around the world; but as time has gone on I’ve realized it’s more of a journey through life that involves a lot of traveling. ✈️ I’ve been thinking about what I want to focus my journey on in the new year, though have already started, and that is MINDFULNESS and *creativity*. 🎨 While being a travel blogger does require a large amount of screen time, I’m actually happiest when I’m not staring at my laptop or scrolling social media. And so I’ve begun taking art classes, writing in a paper notebook with a pen, recording guided meditations, and considering what I can create offline that will either a) help other people or b) just be something I enjoy and keep to myself. ✍️ Keeping something to yourself in this day of oversharing. Can you imagine?! 😉#ImOnAJourneyMyself #BeyondTheGuidebook #DontWonderWhatIf #EmbraceTheJourney ___ * * * #ImOnAJourney #ImOnAJourneyYall #creativity_love #creativityeveryday #creativityloves💕#Keepittoyourself #PositivelyPresent #positively #newyearnewyou #newyearnewyou2019 #selfgrowthjourney #selfgrowth🌱#embracechange #embracechanges #ShesWanderful #MyLifeOOO

How have I never visited NYC's Fort Washington Park before?! 🤩 Sitting idyllically on the Hudson River, you can gaze out over the water toward the George Washington Bridge and the New Jersey Palisades. The park is also home to Manhattan's only lighthouse, the Little Red Lighthouse. ⛵ I loved how many different vantage points of the bridge you get, too. Swipe right for a preview of the experience below! 👉 * * * #BeyondTheGuidebook #seeyourcity #nycgo #travelnyc #sheswanderful #mylifeooo #timeoutnewyork #nycparks #nycoutdoors #nycadventure #nycadventures #nychikes #hikingtrails #hikingtrailsofinstagram #whereto #wheretogonext #bestofnyc #gwbridge #fortwashingtonpark #fortwashington #WashingtonHeights #uppermanhattan #nycviews

Life may not always turn out the way you plan, but sometimes it turns out better, especially if you can go with the flow. ✨ After getting my Master's in Communication in 2010, I decided to do something crazy 👉 turn my passion for travel into a business. I had no idea what to expect - blogging was basically unchartered territory back then - but I do remember thinking that I wanted to travel forever, 24/7/365. I didn't care about money, romance, or having my own bed. The road was enough. ✨ I was also 22 and living with my parents still, so, yea. 😉 ✨ Over time, I've come to learn that I do care about money (it offers security), romance (I'm marrying my college best friend in July 2020), and having my own bed (❤️ NYC) - and I'm so thankful to have been able to create a life of passion and balance; where I can be my own boss and get paid to be creative, both at home and on the road; where I can spend a month in Nepal or a week in the Galapagos and then come home to snuggle with my loves on the couch. ✨ It may not be what I expected at age 22, but I'm so thankful for it at age 32. 🙏 #BeyondTheGuidebook ___ * * * #thanksgiving🦃 #thanksgivings #thanksgivingday #givingthanks #givingthanksalways #givingthanksdaily #gratitude🙏#gratitudepost #gratitudeposts #gratitudenpositivo #lifeisunexpected #loveyourlife❤️#myfamilymyteam #myfamily❤️#myfamilymylife #dowhatyoulovetodo #findbalanceinlife #dowhatyouloveanddoithard #thanksgiving2019

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