Jade H

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Nonbinary lesbian | 23 | ATL, GA | Mental health advocate | Vegan | TikToker | Helping you discover your inner beauty | Forever talking about: astrology, alternative fashion, haircare, body positivity, social intersectionality, poetry, frogs, & Taylor Swift | Treat people with kindness | TikTok: 60k | IG: 6k | Business email: jameslunet8@gmail.com ♡

Location Roswell, GA United States
Country United States of America
Member Since JANUARY 19, 2022
Social Audience 71K
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thank you & we're sorry. with 💙, blue

just once wouldn't it be nice to be the frog? 🐸

1. ask the 8 ball your existential question 2. screenshot for the universe's answer 3. cry about it on your close friends story

doing your best is still doing a good job ✨💕

congratulations to the official 2021 storm of blue pushcart nominees !! 💙

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say his name: Daunte Wright

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how do you balance happiness, relationships & art? • lyric is from “happy” by julia michaels

tag your sun or moon in the comments 💕☀️🌙💙

what’s your favorite track off of folklore?

"Sarah "Sam" Saltiel's poignant and gut-wrenching chapbook, "a long exposure of undoing", uses a combination of prose poetry and visual art, including drawings and photographs, to deal with topics such as assault, trauma, and mental illness. Their poetry is striking and deliberate, spare, yet full of emotion and depth. This unique collection stems from a striking and vital voice and is an accomplishment both in the quality of its language and its refusal to shy away from complex and painful topics. "a long exposure of undoing" demands to be read in a single sitting and considered long after the book is closed." - Emma Eisler . creator: @amitylakes

"Sarah ‘Sam’ Saltiel’s debut chapbook, ‘A Long Exposure of Undoing’, is a deeply compelling collection of gorgeous confessional poetry exploring mental illness, dissociation, and sexual trauma. Featuring a captivating mixture of shorter and longer pieces, as well as photography and artwork, I was unable to put this book down. The narrative is both continuous and skilfully fragmented, pulling you onwards; each poem ends on a gutting note that will haunt the reader long after having finished the collection. Saltiel expertly uses extended antitheses of cold and heat, real and imaginary; the effect is riveting and dizzying. Each piece feels like a confession, a questioning, an attempt at reconciliation between body and mind. This is a truly powerful and lingering read, one I am certain I will come back to again and again." - Lauren Poole . creator: @amitylakes

grab your own pdf copy for $3 or print copy for $10 + shipping via the link in our bio, kindle, barnes & noble, or select indie bookstores 💙 . creator: @amitylakes

dm us for more info 💙 . creator: @moshpitdaria

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