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x #MillennialMom 👦🏻 wife + Blogger 📸 x ☕️lover + #selfcare ✌🏼+ #pcos x Inspiring the #simplelife 🧘🏻‍♀️ x 🏠Boston Burbs 💌jalisaharrisblog@gmail.com

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Saturday self-care! It’s been a hard two weeks on all of us. In between stay at home orders and everything in between. I’ve been hearing in all the mom groups I’m in is how bad anxiety has gotten. Now I’m starting to feel it too. Being pregnant and having anxiety is no fun during this time. Trying something a little new or just something you want to try is something you should definitely do at this time. So if you haven’t done any at home self-care now is the time. These @graceandstella foot exfoliating mask are just what we all need with pedicure season coming up. • • • #gifted #footpeelmask #graceandstella #selfcarematters #expectingmoms #secondtrimester #beautyfinds #weekendmode #cozyvibes #momminsohard #quarantineandchill #newenglandmom #realmomlife #pregnancydiary #pregnancylife #ovusense #preggers #mentalwellness

9 active maternity bike short under $30

Plus, I’m sure having various Summer maternity clothes is important during this short time. Since my baby bump is bigger and I’m much more petite I’m always looking for over the belly Summer maternity outfits. I found 9 different active maternity bike short under $30. That’s why I rounded up these top 9 active maternity bike short under $30.

Our days look like this as of now! With school now extended until 5/8 we are doing online learning through school since we’re all done school packets to help with his enrichment and retaining! ⠀ ⠀ Definitely having to take frequent breaks with his ADHD. Plus with the environment change it can definitely be a stressor on kids. ⠀ ⠀ Definitely not how we envision the end of first grade! ⠀ ⠀ How are your littles doing during this time of uncertainty?⠀ •⠀ • ⠀ • ⠀ #stayhome #april #socialdistancing #intotheunknown #simplejoys #boymama #momoftwokids #bostonlife #0326mamas #boymomlife #mombloggersofig #momblogger #stayathomemom #bostonmoms #instamoms #bostoninfluencer

Summer Credit Clean Up: 5 ways to update your finances with Lexington Law

This Summer credit clean up post is sponsored by Lexington Law but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Being in your 30’s you learn a lot more about credit and things you need it for than you did in your late teens and early 20’s. Food, trips, home, entertainment etc and just fun things we think we need to purchase during the Summer. Make a budget on what you actually need for necessities, if you’re doing any home renovations make sure you add this to your budget, trips you have planned, day trips

Last week we had our 12 week anatomy scan and everything was perfect. Baby H was wobbling around and we were so excited. My OBGYN happens to do all your scans in office which is easier but you can tell how the world has changed. Simmered down staff and more!!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ To all the mamas who are having to give birth anytime soon I feel you. Knowing you can only have one support person. Obviously you would⠀ pick your husband if they were a choice. But what about your mom, doula etc! The first time their siblings meet each other would have to be over video or wait until you go home. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ It causes more anxiety than anything. We get it Covid-19 has taken over and we have to distance ourselves but pregnancy and giving birth is supposed to be an amazing time and now it’s just a time of anxiety and for some depression. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Everything is so uncertain right now. I just want to say I’m here and I feel for you. How are you feeling at this time? .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #preggers #12weeks #secondtrimester #2ndtrimester #pcospregnancy #mamatobe #inspirepregnancy #pregnancydiary #pregnancyblog #latinapregnancy #pregnantandperfect #preggolife #momsofig #bostonmoms #bostonbloggers #0324mamas #pregnantmama

5 Things To Do This Summer

The longer than a lot of neighborhood pools are shut down, the more people are choosing to just go ahead and install their own in-ground (or above-ground) pools to use whenever they want, from the comfort of their home. We don’t really think that this virus can’t survive in a chlorinated swimming pool …obviously many people, when they go to a swimming pool, are involved in a close conversation, they’re involved with changing in the changing room where there are a lot of people around. They are a Worcester MA commercial moving company, residential moving company, packing company, and storage company. They are dedicated to customer service and they make sure that you feel satisfied, heard, and respected no matter if you need storage solutions, packing services, or full-service moving.

☣️ STOP ☣️ We have to act NOW to save lives. Listen up. While panic is never preferable- if that's what it takes for you to stay home and slow the spread, then maybe you need to get scared. People are exponentially spreading this disease with no symptoms. We have all GOT TO STAY HOME. No more lunch with the ladies. No more playground meetups. STOP IT ALL IMMEDIATELY. SHUT IT ALL DOWN. There are otherwise healthy children and young adults on *limited supply* ventilators right now. This virus is brand new to the entire world and it is ravaging people's bodies in unexpected fatal ways- and no, not just the elderly or compromised. Math is math. We are already projected to run out of lifesaving equipment and supplies very quickly. This is not media hype, this is not a hoax, this is real. It may be easy to forget that we are in the middle of a dangerous pandemic while the sun is out, traffic is light, and you are off work. There are no sirens going off or bombs exploding in your front yard, but I can promise you that we are in a very real crisis. However, we have SOME control. The longer we wait and the more we continue to socialize with each other and expose ourselves in public the longer we will be stuck in isolation, the longer people will be out of work, the longer our children won't have school, the longer our economy will suffer. Keep in mind that Wuhan did a very tight lockdown and they have STILL been quarantined for two months now and cannot lift the quarantine until they have gone 28 days without a new positive result. The US government has been very lax in comparison and this will not bode well for us if we don't do better NOW. This won't last forever, but our future WILL look a lot different based on the choices we make. Just because the government did not force you to stay home or because your favorite restaurant, store or salon has chosen not to close does not mean you should leave your home. *obviously this is intended for people who are VOLUNTARILY not staying home.* DO YOUR PART. STAY HOME. SAVE LIVES. #stayhomeblackout

5 steps to clean laundry every week

I decided to come up with a few ways to make sure we have clean laundry every week without doing it everyday. It’s easier doing by color especially, since they won’t run. | Find a laundry detergent that works as a 2 in 1 like Gain with Essential Oils: ● Lavender & Calm Chamomile ● Eucalyptus & Mindful Mint ● Orange & Energetic Grapefruit

Day 6: This week has been a learning curve. One thing about living on 2 acres of land getting fresh air is easy and today is that day. It’s 45 out today and we needed the fresh air! I’ve been hearing about kids at parks when they should be home. I get it and this virus isn’t going away anytime soon. Especially if parents are still at work. Wasn’t sure exactly what to post this week which is why I haven’t posted anything for you guys. But in my thinking I’ve realized we need to be as normal as we can since our lives are changing instantly. #boston #childhoodeveryday #bostonmom #weekendmode #saturdayafternoon #expectingmom #imomsohard #momswithcameras #momoftwokids #firsttrimester #honestmothering #modernmom

With all this social distancing I have no idea how long we will last! Happy to say we finished up A’s first day of class work!! ——————————————————— My ultimate favorite snack on the go. I originally found these @kindsnacks at @tjmaxx. Went the other day to stock up on 5 boxes! They have 5g of sugar which is awesome for the kiddos. But this #pregnantmama is obsessed with these! What’s is or was your favorite pregnancy snack? . . . #pcospregnancy #ovusense #momoftwokids #12weekspregnant #bumpdate #momoftwokids #mamatobe #expectingmoms #inspirepregnancy #0317mamas #pregnancydiary #bumpdate #babyontheway #pregnancy #scarymommy #pcos #socialdistancing

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