Jalisa Harris

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Hi I'm Jalisa. A Boston based lifestyle and motherhood blogger. I'm the Millennial of the group. You can find me running after my two boys 8 years apart, binging the latest on Netflix / Hulu, with a nice cup of cold brew coffee in my hand. Interested in collabing?

Location Methuen , Massachusetts Boston / NH
Country United States of America
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Taking it back to overhead selfies❤️ • • • • • #saturdayselfies #saturdayflow #goodoldtimes #sixlittlebabespresets #latinagirl #curvylatina #eyebuydirect #middlepart #millennial #momstyleblogger #croptop #selfiequeen #happinessproject #motherofboys #ltkcurves #ltkstyletip #maxxinista #tjmaxx

[ad] Because we love our Sampson 🐾we rounded up a few of our fave dog goodies and favorites we’ve used this Summer!!! 1. @Fruitablespettreats YOGOS 2. @outwardhound Fun Feeder Slo’ BowlTM Slow Feeder Dog bowl & Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy 3. @galaxyvetsfoundation 4. @simplesolution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover The blog has a lot more detailed information and can click the link in bio for all the deets!! #deliciouslyhealthy #OutwardHound #RaisetheWoof #frozenfriday #pupsicle #Ninaottosson #galaxyvets #galaxyvetsfoundation #SummerPetsBBXX • • • • #samoyedlife #samoyedclub #samoyedlovers #samoyedpage #samoyedofinstagram #samoyeddogs #samoyedpup #samoyedfamily #samoyedjourney #samoyedmoments #samoyeddog #samoyedlover #samoyedfeed

Toddler Mom Beach Fails When your toddler is fascinated with sand so he wipes his nose and face so now the sand is all in his eyes and we’re both having a panic attack 😝 • • • • #toddlerboymom #toddlermama #toddlermom #momreels #explorepage #atthebeach #newenglandbeaches #oldorchardbeach #mainemom #maineblogger #mainelife #visitmaine #momfail #toddlerlife #boston

AD | I’m always applying and reapplying something because of my sweaty feet which then makes them itchy and moresome. There’s no shame in that. @kerasal has become a life saver. They’ve also come such a long way with the products they have this is a bit unclear as well - perhaps swap in something along the lines of, "I especially like how the Invisible Powder Spray and Silky Clear Gel go beyond curing most athlete's foot and are enriched..." which are enriched with Natural Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, Ceramides, & Vitamin E. 1. Invisible Powder Spray: Formulated with antifungal tolnaftate. The unique 5 in 1 formula offers skin relief from burning, scaling and itchy skin while improving your skin’s appearance. 2. Athlete's Foot Rapid Symptom Relief Medicated Soak Relief 5 in 1 Medicated Soak 3. Silky Clear Gel: Prevents recurrence and acts as foot deodorizer. Contains effective over the counter antifungal agent. Now you can take care of your feet in the comfort of your own home. Like while I binge watch my faves while applying the Silky Clear Gel. Plus it doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky which I love.

Have you noticed some new things around here?? 📸 Being a blogger / content creator is HARD AF at times!! It can take some time to find your place in this world.. For years I couldn’t find a name that fit me and after welp going through some ish I finally realized where my place was.. Welcome y’all to PIECES OF JALI ✨ Here you’ll find the messiness and pieces of motherhood between seasons with the real FAILS of the imperfect recipes, dranks, being easy on yourself and still wearing the damn crop tops.. affordable kids stuff but mostly things to keep yourself together as a Millennial and just an individual. We’re all more than just a mama… Especially being a boy mom of two boys who are 7 years apart… That can be a stretch especially when it comes to individual time between both ages… So no matter if you’re a new mom, toddler mom or a seasoned mom welcome and make sure you click the follow button along here 👉🏼@piecesofjali • • • • #bostoninfluencer #momcontent #contentcreator #momtips #workingmama #justmomlife #bostonmoms #bostonma #newenglandlife #bostonbloggers #realmomtogs #momtogcommunity #momsoftoddlers #motherhoodblogger #momoftwoboys #newmomlife #sixlittlebabespresets

Random @cvs finds for toddlers!!! This take along beach set is super cute. Especially with the toddlers that end up loving sand. You are able to fold this on the go. Made out of foam so sand washes right off and has a little compartments they can add toys to during play time. • • • #beachessentials #beachtoys #kidstoys #toddlertoys #toddlerfinds #toddlertoys #toysofinstagram #kidstoys #toysforkids #cvs #cvsdeals #cvshaul #sandtoys #sensorytoys #toddlerplay #toddlerplayideas #summertoys

When you have severe asthma, it can be tough to do anything. I shared my top tips for staying healthy and managing my severe adult asthma in my latest article for @healthgrades - link in bio.

10/10 recommend visiting a splash pad this Summer ☀️ #summertime #toddlerplay #toddler #splashpad #explorerpage

In between crop tops and all the damn bodysuits this Summer.. The reviews for the ones from @target weren’t the best but I still tried them out and love them. They feel like you’re wearing an actual tank top. Grab your faves 👉🏼 https://liketk.it/3IhVz Follow my shop @piecesofjali on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusive app-only content! #LTKCurves #Curvy #Viral #fashionreel #bloggerstyle #hotmom #hotmomsummer #bodysuits

#AD | Summertime Easy Meals coming at ya… Summertime is always a busy time for myself and everyone in our household. Especially, when it comes to lunchtime or even those busy Summer nights when we’re all on the go. Today I’m sharing our fave six meals you can grab at your local grocer… @gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Breakfast Saus’ge Spicy: If you’re all for plant based this makes a great breakfast. Plus I love all the spice. I like the sausages I can make into a sandwich Summer morning or weekends. Plus they have 13g of protein per serving. @mariecallenders_ now offers their Duos Chicken Alfredo + Chicken Parmigiana: Literally our two favorite pasta dishes so picking up this duo is a plus. You get two entrees in one and it has 37g of protein per serving. This is perfect for sharing on those quick nights. @banquetmeals_ Mega Bowls Bacon Mac & Cheese: Another obsession in our house. Mac & Cheese. Banquet has always been a fave because all their dishes taste homemade. The mega bowls Bacon Mac & Cheese has 17g of protein per serving. Keeps us full for quite some time. @fronterafoods Pork Carnitas Burrito Bowl: I’m a sucker for a good burrito bowl. Frontera makes this awesome pork carnitas bowl. The flavor is mind blowing. Each of these single serve bowls have 19g of protein per serving. Plus it tastes like authentic Mexican food. Each bowl has slow-braised pork with an authentic tomatillo-chile sauce mixes with cilantro rice, pinto beans, bell peppers, red onion and pepper jack cheese. Talk about delish. When you want Asian food @pfchangshomemenu is a great go to. Their single serve Chicken Fried Rice bowl has white rice, chicken breast, vegetables and an authentic, savory sauce. Plus it’s super easy to make. Our kiddos are obsessed with cheese filled raviolis. Now @bertolli_us has their Bertolli Pasta Sides 4 Cheese Ravioli. You can literally make it in the microwave and it cuts way less time out. It can be ready in five minutes or less and tastes homemade. We like enjoying this as a meal but can also be used as a starter, side dish or on their own. I hope you guys grab these this Summer and let me know what you think. #MakeMealsEZBBxx

Tip to get rid of under eye bags this Summer!! Sunnies 😎When you have a rough night with your toddler waking up you look like a zombie!!! #momreels #zombie #viralreels #momreel #motherhood #beauty #beautytip

We all feel ya kid #humpdayvibes

10-minute homemade baby applesauce for busy parents

This 10-minute homemade baby applesauce recipe is super easy to make and you can freeze it afterward for more than one feeding. Whether you’re a first-time parent or 10th-time parent life has gotten busier than you ever imagined. All you need is a blender or food processor, apples, apple slicer, and an ice cube tray. Just add them into your blender or food processor with 2 cups of water.

Cradle Cap in babies: How to remove it easy in 2 steps

When it comes to babies it doesn’t last that long This causes crusty or oily scaly patches on a baby’s scalp. But it can cause thick white or yellow scales that aren’t easy to remove. A regular soft-bristle baby brush wouldn’t help reduce cradle cap.

Black History Month: 10 books to help kids be mindful

Helping kids understand Black History Month is crucial since we’ve all been surrounded by negative situations more than ever this past year. This made me think of how we need to do more to help kids understand racism even if it’s in small portions. That’s why today we’re sharing 10 books to help children understand Black History Month. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you).

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