Liana Rogue

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I am a lifestyle blogger based out of Boston who loves traveling and exploring new restaurants and different neighborhoods. I am also an avid runner and treat my spoiled cats like my children.

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Pizza makes even a Monday feel a little better... right?! 😋🍕 . . 📸: @anotherfoodieblogg . . . #bostonrestaurants #bostonfoodconnection #bostonfoodie #bostonfoodies #bostoneats #goodeats #instayummy #instafood #eeeeeats #oathpizza #pizza #pizzagram #pizzatime #pizzalovers🍕 #pizzamania #pizzapizza #pizzaday #bostonpizza

Kika Tapas – I came for the Sangria but stayed for the Paella

Kika Tapas sits in Kendall Sq among the shiny new developments and pharma tech. The name is inspired by the work of filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar and the menu includes modern Spanish tapas, traditional paellas, and Latino flavored dishes. There are always fun specials and “happy hour” (i put in quotes because everyone knows Boston doesn’t do alcohol happy hours but it can do food specials). This time I caved and we went for the Cazador- Duck confit, chicken thighs, super tender braised short rib and chorizo paella.

First time playing with the cat tree! She's warming up. #catsofsouthend #catsoninstagram #catsofboston #bostoncats #bostoncatsofinstagram #instagramcats #instagramcat #meowsofinstagram #gingercats #meowsoftheday #jackmeower l #southendboston #goodnightcat #gingercats #tabbycat #tabbycats #gingertabby #boston #whitecatsofinstagram

Marching through Madness with Yard House Pub Fare Menu

Yard House has been celebrating a special Pub Fare Menu for March Madness featuring Irish-inspired dishes and drinks specially created by Chef Carlito Jocson. This limited menu is ending April 8th so Tony and I were excited to try it out before it was gone! My only regret is that I wasn’t able to try the Shepard’s Pie & Mash because I was too full and Tony commits blasphemy by not liking lamb. It features ground lamb simmered in stout beer with herbs, peas and potatoes, baked inside a flaky pastry crust and topped with parmesan mashed potatoes, brandy-shallot gravy and parsley.

We have tried to move on but it's been tough to get over our first ever event at @alcoveboston . . 📸 . . . #alcove #bostonfoodies #eastcoastfoodies #boston #eeeeats

Floating away my woes at Cloud 9 Boston Float Therapy

As I was getting ready to go for my float, Alex’s mother who is the co-owner said they had a cancelation for the infrared sauna and asked me if I wanted to try it out for 30 minutes. and I started to stretch a bit (but carefully cause the fear of splashing water into my eyes was real, although they do provide a water bottle should that happen to help clean out the salt). , I returned to my belly up stretching which was the only trick that worked to relax me and started counting to 300 all over again, each time i wavered, I didn’t let my thoughts finish, but went back to the number I thought I left off at and continued to count off into nothingness. There’s a lot of benefits to float therapy that are listed on the Cloud 9 Website  and as with most therapy, you do need to go regularly to really feel the physical and mental benefits.

When the humans forget to order me a pumpkin spiced meowtte #catsoninstagram #catsofboston #bostoncats #bostoncatsofinstagram #instagramcats #instagramcat #meowsofinstagram #gingercats #meowsoftheday #jackmeower l #southendboston #goodnightcat #gingercats #tabbycat #tabbycats #gingertabby #boston #whitecatsofinstagram

2019 Cowtown Marathon Race Report

In the past 13 months I have ran a half marathon, a 10K, another 10K Cowtown is held in Fort Worth Texas (Dallas Area) and is actually a two day running festival with 26,000 runners consisting of 5k, 10k, a half, a full and for the overly ambitious a 50K and if you want to be extra, you can do a combination of some Saturday and Sunday races because why not be extra. My training wasn’t terrible, I stacked up four 20 milers including one pretty happy 21 miler, some solid high teens and pretty much swept up each week with about 35-40 weekly miles. This got me through the half in 1:41:30, a pretty respectable half if I don’t say so myself.

Pizza for your thoughts 😊👀 📸 @barsandsociety

Say Zoom Video one more time... #catsofsouthend #catsoninstagram #catsofboston #bostoncats #bostoncatsofinstagram #instagramcats #instagramcat #meowsofinstagram #gingercats #meowsoftheday #jackmeower l #southendboston #goodnightcat #gingercats #tabbycat #tabbycats #gingertabby #boston #whitecatsofinstagram

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