Kendra Jackson

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🌵Las Vegas Based An Intentional Lifestyle Blogger with really great hair. One habit at a time.♥️

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Woke up in an amazing mood and I plan on riding this wave all day. I hope your day is as glorious as you are!♥️

6 Habits to Develop at Your Desk Job

: Did you know that crossing your legs for long periods of time can affect your blood circulation and lead to poor posture? Did you know that blue light glasses reduce the strain on your eyes? You can buy non prescription blue light glasses or ask your optometrist about getting blue light blockers added to your current prescription. If you’re someone who finds it hard to drink water throughout the day, I recommend getting a nice reusable water bottle.

Three reasons why I love my morning routine: ✨It truly is a form of self-care. Most people like to end their day with a bubble bath or a glass of wine and that’s great. But imagine starting your day with that energy. Treating yourself from the start. I’ve noticed that having a routine keeps me present in the moment, which sets the tone. I’m less likely to run on autopilot. ✨It has improved my overall consistency. This one is probably the biggest plus for me. Giving myself space during this process has always been important. I never tried to force anything and that ended up benefiting me. Developing a morning routine showed me how to access the self-discipline I always wanted but didn’t know I had. ✨As a former night owl I can honestly say I prefer being an early bird. I’ve realized that my body and mind function better when I give them the space to transition into the day. Some people are natural early risers and others aren’t. (I’m the latter) It may feel like it’s an impossible concept for you but I promise, it’s not. I encourage you to join my April #MorningMovement challenge. Create a routine and follow through with the help of a like minded community. Click the link in my bio to join the Facebook group!

Why it's Important to Find Out Your Hair Porosity

Every post started with a how to on finding out your hair’s porosity. If hair is low porosity that means the cuticles are packed tightly together Hair that is high porosity, the cuticles are further apart which means it’s easier for the hair to absorb moisture After finding out that my hair is low porosity and doing a little research, I was able to figure out what I was doing it wrong.

“When shifts and transitions in life shake you to the core, see that as a sign of greatness that’s about to occur.” Lately I’ve felt a veil of change lingering around me. As I try to figure out what direction I want to move in, I am both terrified and excited for what has yet to come. It’s in these moments of uncertainty we are met with a decision. Either take that first step or stay where you are. You won’t always make the right decision but you’ll never know unless you try. If you’re currently faced with a decision and not sure what to do. This is your sign....Go with your gut.♥️

My Natural Hair Routine For Low Porosity Hair

After applying my conditioner, I use my wide tooth comb to detangle making sure to always start from the bottom of the strands making my way to the scalp. Since my hair has trouble locking in that moisture I make sure that my deep conditioner (and other products as well) is made with humectants. I start applying my leave in conditioner (Cream), making sure to detangle as I apply. When refreshing my hair I use my spray bottle leave in / water concoction to spray some life back into my curls.

We live for a nail moment. 💅🏽

10 Simple Habits for an Intentional Life

You wake up and look at your to do list for the day: go to work from 9-5, attempt a workout at some point, have to cook dinner, clean, etc. By carrying this water bottle around with you all day everyday it’s more likely that it’ll I have seen this habit tip pop up on multiple outlets and let me tell you it’s one of my favorites. But starting with something small like making sure you eat veggies with meal is putting you on the right path.

Just in case you lose your way.✨

Things I’m celebrating: ✨Fresh face selfies ✨My eyebrow growth thanks to @kt.chic ✨Sundress weather ✨Leopold’s photobombs What are you celebrating today?

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