Kareene Acevedo

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🐶🗻🌵⛺️📷🌄🤰🏻 wife to @theregoesjonathan, dog mama, future mama to baby Ace (due in July) 📍currently: home (Orange County, CA)

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3 months have flown by and I’m still in denial that my baby boy isn’t considered a newborn anymore 😭 Our favorite diapers from @coterie Link in bio. Use code "KAREENE" to save 20% #Coterieparent #Coterieambassador

A spontaneous trip to the beach I didn’t know I needed. Being a SAHM can be overwhelming with having to be “on” from the moment I wake up until I lay my head on the pillow…even then I am constantly listing my to-do list in my head. It was nice to step away from the house and get out of our usual day-to-day to allow me to just be. To be out in salty water and watch my toddler and husband enjoy the beach as I nursed my newborn baby is something I will remember forever.

This room has always been my favorite room in the house since we’ve moved in. We’ve spent countless hours reading, playing, cuddling, and creating memories in here. We rarely play in here now because it’s main purpose has been transformed for it to be a restful place for Emery instead of a playroom, but I know that these walls will continue to make memories for my little girl. Beautiful bed and dresser from @ducducnyc

They say the newborn days are short. With Emery, I felt like it was eternity and to be honest it wasn’t all enjoyable for me since I had to deal with being a first time mom with postpartum anxiety, but this time around with Ender I feel like it is fleeting…I blinked and he’s already almost 2 months old and I really wish I could just freeze time and keep both my babies little forever. For parents of multiple, did you feel like the newborn days with your second/third/fourth/etc went by faster than your first too? Softest muslin baby lounger cover from @noominest

Took our own family pictures ourselves when Ender was 2 weeks old; highly do NOT recommend…it was stressful and chaotic. I’ll stick to taking pictures of others (whenever that will be 🥲 @kfj.acephoto) and I’ll stick to having our family photos by someone else. With that being said, I love our little family and I can’t believe they are mine. 🤍

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