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Ohio Blogger. Mama ✖️3. Runner/Yogi🧘🏼‍♀️Craft 🍺 Enthusiast. ☕️ Addict🤸🏻‍♀️Gymnastics Coach 🚴🏼‍♀️ Instructor. 🗺 Explorer. 📍Ohio

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Weird things about what's happening in our family right now: my 7-year-old is totally fine with homeschooling (or crisis schooling) right now. And, surprisingly, I've been okay with it, too. • What I'm super bummed about? Potentially losing all of the ground we've gained in regards to swim lesson skills from @goldfishswimschool! • Don't get me wrong -- I'm happy that our classes at @goldfish_hudson are on hold for now; but my kids and I miss those weekly lessons. • What's one thing you and your family are missing during this pandemic? . . . . . #GoldfishPartner #goldfishswimschool #goldfishhudson #letthembekids #akronohio #cuyahogafallsohio #ohioblogger #clevelandblogger #clevelandbloggers #midwestbloggers #ohioexplored #exploreohio #cuyahogafalls #justakidfromakron #letthembelittle #rootandrise #clevelandfood #clevelandfoodies #imsobloggingthis #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #akronblogger #ohiofindithere #ohiomom #preschoolkids #gsmbsquad

Instant Pot Southwest Chicken Noodle Soup

I don’t know about you, but in times of crisis, I need to be busy. Sure, some — like this Instant Pot Southwest Chicken Noodle Soup — have been hits! He had been a pro at pressure cooking on the stovetop, but I wasn’t even sure I wanted to learn how to use it. The other will eat corn all day, but never touch chicken.

Need a comfort meal pick me up? Check out this delicious, dairy free, Instant Pot Southwest Chicken Noodle Soup! • Full of yummy veggies and a little spice, it's exactly what this weather calls for. • Head to the link in my profile for the full recipe! . . . . #omad #omaddiet #delaydontdeny #intermittentfasting #ohioexplored #ohiofindithere #Instafood #foodie #delicious #tasty #craftbeerblogger #gsmbsquad #neofoodies #midwestbloggers #clevelandblogger #clevelandbloggers #ohiobloggers #cbusfoodscene #ohiofood #614eats #akroneats #akronblogger #akrowdy #614 #clevelandfood #clefood #clefoodies #tastyrecipes #rootandrise

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta (Dairy-Free / Nut-Free / Vegan)

Being mindful of the fact that our youngest still needs to avoid dairy, so I’ve had to kick my creativity up several notches! This recipe for Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta is incredible. You can double this recipe, freeze half of the sauce, and reheat later if you’re in a pinch! I was able to get my kids involved by helping me measure out the dry ingredients, pouring the Ajoyo Almondmilk into a measuring cup, and stirring the combined pasta and sauce at the end.

These days time seems to be standing still. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really struggling these days. We've had what seems like nonstop rain since the start of this crisis and we are all struggling in the house 24/7. • Mother Nature decided to cut us some slack today. We were able to play outside (in our backyard, because we are team #stayhome) after lunch, go for a mile walk through our neighborhood, and then play on our trampoline after dinner. • It was refreshing. But, as I watched my three children play on the trampoline with their dad, I started to cry. • I cried from the sheer weight of the world right now. I worry many hours of the day (and night). I feel on edge 24/7, just awaiting more bad news. • It all feels so overwhelming. I know we can only take this moment by moment. Day by day. And I know we can only control the actions of ourselves. But gosh, I'm looking forward to life after all of this. • How are YOU doing? . . . . . #stayhomeblackout #juststayhome #socialdistance #ohioblogger #midwestbloggers #clevelandblogger #clevelandbloggers #ohiofindithere #rootandrise #gsmbsquad #winewithdewine #ohioexplored #ohiostrong #shelterinplace #wecandoit #wecandothis

I'm sharing some of my go-to tips and tricks for both new and seasoned moms.

Sleep is minimal and the crying just won’t stop, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a good job. Sure, it would be awesome to have all of this time to make Pinterest-worthy pretty bento box lunches for our school-aged children and to puree our own baby food, but that’s just not realistic. Look for trusted products like Gerber® Freshful Start™ to reduce the stress of mealtime Freshful Start™ line at your local Meijer store in the refrigerated section of the baby food aisle!

☣️ STOP ☣️ . We have to act NOW to save lives. Listen up. . While panic is never preferable- if that's what it takes for you to stay home and slow the spread, then maybe you need to get scared. . People are exponentially spreading this disease with no symptoms. We have all GOT TO STAY HOME. No more lunch with the ladies. No more playground meetups. . STOP IT ALL IMMEDIATELY. SHUT IT ALL DOWN. . There are otherwise healthy children and young adults on *limited supply* ventilators right now. This virus is brand new to the entire world and it is ravaging people's bodies in unexpected fatal ways- and no, not just the elderly or compromised. . Math is math. We are already projected to run out of lifesaving equipment and supplies very quickly. . This is not media hype, this is not a hoax, this is real. It may be easy to forget that we are in the middle of a dangerous pandemic while the sun is out, traffic is light, and you are off work. . There are no sirens going off or bombs exploding in your front yard, but I can promise you that we are in a very real crisis. However, we have SOME control. . The longer we wait and the more we continue to socialize with each other and expose ourselves in public the longer we will be stuck in isolation, the longer people will be out of work, the longer our children won't have school, the longer our economy will suffer. . Keep in mind that Wuhan did a very tight lockdown and they have STILL been quarantined for two months now and cannot lift the quarantine until they have gone 28 days without a new positive result. The US government has been very lax in comparison and this will not bode well for us if we don't do better NOW. . This won't last forever, but our future WILL look a lot different based on the choices we make. . Just because the government did not force you to stay home or because your favorite restaurant, store or salon has chosen not to close does not mean you should leave your home. . *obviously this is intended for people who are VOLUNTARILY not staying home.* . DON'T BE A JERK.  DO YOUR PART.  STAY HOME. SAVE LIVES. . . . . #stayhomeblackout #juststayhome #stayhome #socialdistance #ohioblogger #midwestbloggers #cl

Why I'm Intermittent Fasting

Ketosis, or the metabolic process in which the body burns fat instead of glucose for energy, happens naturally and gives our bodies the training they need to develop sustainable eating habits. No food or sugar-free drinks are ‘allowed’ during the fast because it will trigger your glucose and prevent your body from entering ketosis. Breaking your fast, or what Gin refers to as “opening your eating window,” happens at a time you deem right. Free from diet culture, free from restrictive eating, and free from anxiety regarding health and weight loss.

I hope when my children think back on this time, they don't remember the stress, exhaustion, and worry. I want them to remember this... 💜 All of the walks we took as a family. 💜 Game nights and movie nights. 💜 Fun science experiments and art projects. 💜 Reading ALL OF THE BOOKS. 💜 Making fun treats JUST because. 💜 Getting to pick out and wear WHATEVER they want. • Perspective, friends. That's what this crisis has given me. And permission. Permission to stay home and slow down. • What has this crisis given YOU?! . . . . . #juststayhome #stayhome #socialdistance #ohioblogger #midwestbloggers #clevelandblogger #clevelandbloggers #ohiofindithere #rootandrise #gsmbsquad #winewithdewine #ohioexplored #ohiostrong #shelterinplace #wecandoit #wecandothis

Need a fancy drink to get you through this social distancing/homeschooling?! 🤣🤣 • Try out the delicious Bourbon Blackberry Crush from @stapleandlayer to get you through! • How is your family doing with social distancing?! . . . . #Local #supportlocal #craftcocktails #foodie #delicious #tasty #craftbeer #craftbeerblogger #gsmbsquad #ohiofindithere #neofoodies #midwestbloggers #clevelandblogger #clevelandbloggers #ohiobloggers #cbusfoodscene #ohiofood #614eats #akroneats #akronblogger #akroneats #clevelandfood #clefood #clefoodies #akronohio #rootandrise