Donnya Negera

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Mother of children👧🏾👶🏾 Strive to spread the motto that life does not end once motherhood starts 🌱 New videos WED & FRI 👌🏾❣️ Work with me 🤗 - 💌 👇🏾All the Goodies ✨😀

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Have you ever taken a Food Intolerance test before? This is going to be interesting!! We have always wanted to get down to the root of Abi’s eczema because essentially, it is what she eats. We can’t wait to get our results through @yorktestusa and make a complete lifestyle change for 2024. If you are curious as to why you may bloat, be gassy, have eczema, or any external warning signs from your body, GET TESTED!! Your body is trying to tell you what’s wrong, it’s time for you to answer that call and make a change for better!! Get your Food Intolerance test for 35% off!!! Use my code DONNYA23 now at @yorktestusa Check out my stories for the link 😉 #foodintolerance #foodintolerances #yorktest #eczemahealing #eczemaproblems #eczematreatment #foodhealth #foodheals #blackfamilies #blackfamilyhealth

Now this is the REAL TEA on healing postpartum!! @jsculptfitness really put me together these last couple of weeks and it all took consistency and embracing the journey. After delivering a newborn, your organs will be EVERYWHERE! For best results on healing quickly, it is best to WRAP IT UP as soon as possible to help your uterus shrink back to size and heal. Pair this with @jsculptfitness bundle which is on sale right now for Black Friday (111.98 value (currently $75.00) • Size range from small -6X • Belt can be worn alone or with wrap band for additional compression. But as always, love on you through it all. ❤️ #jsculpt #postpartumbody #postpartumfitnessjourney #postpartumhealing #jsculptfitness #healingpostpartum #momof3kids #momofthree #fitmomlife #momtruths #postpartumbodylove

He really hid these around 5AM this morning!! This honestly has changed my entire perspective on how to show up for him moving forward. We both have been planning on ways to keep that fire ignited after having our third child and this… TOTALLY BEATS MY IDEA lol He has gone above and beyond to show how much he thinks of me. It’s the little things that makes all the difference, especially when he woke up super early to hide these notes! We going to brunch yall!!! Brunch is a common thing but THIS makes it all really special ❤️ #scavengerhunts #husbandgoals #blacklove #blackfamilies #marriedlife💍 #marriedlife💍 #blackfamilygoals #lifeasawife #sahmlifestyle

not me eating all 10 when I was supposed to save them 😂😂 Stay tuned for pt.2, at this point, both you and I are waiting for what’s next! 👀😂 #marriedlife💍 #marriedcouple #couplegames #blackmarriages #funnypranks #datenightideas #marriedandhappy #blackfamilygoals

we ready 🎄😂😂 is your tree up yet? Got our tree from @kingofchristmas and we are obsessed!! Check out our stories for the finished look 🎄❤️ #kingofchristmas #familyfuntime #christmas2023 #christmas2023🎄🎅🎁 #blackfamilies #blackfamilygoals #explore

A new hairstyle changes my whole mood 🤌🏾 Change was needed ✨❤️ Hair: @luvmehair Get yours for 28% off with my code DONNYA28 #luvmehair #switchingitup #readytogowig #luvme #4cedges #curlywigstyles #curlywigs #blackwomenarepoppin

say hi to little fawn, bunny & giraffe ❤️ These are the cutest little stuffed animals for the cutest little boy! Fun fact: we never bought any stuffed animals for Alijahs arrival. But it was time, and these from @cuddleandkind are perfect! They also give a child a need a meal per animal purchased. Love a cute brand with a cause ❤️ #newbornmom #newbornmoments #momofthreekids #momofthreelittles #momlife❤️ #newbornbabyboy #newbornbabies

Sunday with the Negeras ❤️ Today was filled with peace. Filled with the spirit. Filled with love. Slow Sundays like today really makes me wish everyday could be Sunday lol. But that’s what makes it special. Today is the only day where we can fully focus on Christs love for us with no interruptions. Striving for Christ is an everyday thing of course, but Sundays are Special in our home. ❤️ #ldsfamily #ldslife #ldsmom #sundayinspiration #sundaywithfamily

We really had some crazy times with Tam’s first car in college, but just like college, we learned from those experiences. 🫠 We’ll definitely be using Private Seller Exchange on @autotrader_com moving forward when shopping for a used car. Have you had some crazy car incidents in your past like us? Comment them below and check out Private Seller Exchange on Autotrader in our bio! Let me know what you think! @autotrader_com #autotrader #lifeindrive #ad

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