Jill Henderson

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👩🏼‍💻Boss Lady by day 💁🏼‍♀️Mom Boss by night 🌸Natural living most of the time 📷Picture junky always ⭐️Dm for Collabs⭐️

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She definitely does her own thing!

Newest member of our military family! Marshall is now an airman along with Kenton.

Not gonna lie, sometimes I don’t mind that Kaylen Slagle is so picky. Especially if it means I get chicken noodles, mashed potatoes, and turkey from the family Thanksgiving we had to miss today due to a sick kiddo. Yummy! 🤤

I had a perfectly good house 5 days ago. 😫 But Burgraff has been great about doing everything. I just sit on the steps and watch as people come through my revolving front door…

Happy Halloween from The Hulk and The Reaper. ❤️❤️❤️

Always a good day when you get an A+ from your chiropractor and Cheeks gets a bomb pop… He knows how to win them over Green Country Chiropractic Kyle Cavitt DC

Has anyone ever had this happen? A service company is threatening to come do a “person to person” collection. Long story short(ish), they were dispatched by @lgusa to provide warranty repair and then tried to charge me for the repair. When I called LG, they assured me it was covered and cancelled them and scheduled someone else to do the repair. As a result, the company sent me a new bill for $85 for the service call. I talked to LG again and they said we’re absolutely not responsible for the charge. While I was on the phone with LG, this company sent a note through to them telling them I was hostile and not to listen to anything I said. 😳 I am completely blown away. First they tried to charge me $916 for something LG said was covered. And rather than try to fix it with LG, they immediately threatened in person collections. Who does that?! #crazy #cantmakethisshitup #scary #harrassment #lg #lgappliances #imalittlescared #whodoesthat #whatthe #thatescalatedquickly

She said “I’m using this because doing it the normal way is boring”. Never forget that, sweet girl... 💙 And yes, that’s part of a toothbrush box, which is surprisingly effective at getting water on your toothbrush.

Cheeks isn’t feeling great today but laying in mommy’s lap seems to help ❤️ Blippi helps too, apparently.

It was Cheeks first day of school at Montessori Academy of Owasso! She decided to do yoga poses for her first day of school pictures 😂

Everyone had different schedules today, so missed the early morning pic, but made them all line up after school. Ice cream always helps as a bribe 😂

This is why we love Fitness Sanctuary so much. He didn’t have to feed that sweet baby, but he did so grandma could finish her workout. He will do anything for his people.

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