Ian Elkins

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Coming from a background of being a professional photographer and photo retoucher for not only hospitality, but fashion campaigns and product companies, I am extremely versatile. My following of 60% men and 40% women have grown to appreciate and be Influenced by almost anything I post as they appreciate my work as a whole and support the great deal of effort I put into my campaigns and imagery. Whether its dark and moody or cheerful and light, I can help any client bridge the gap.

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Some of you may know that it takes a great deal of time and editing to produce the imagery I typically post, and sometimes a @javamonster is the only thing that can get me through those all nighters and tight deadlines. Absolutely love the taste and size of their #meanbean cans, and you can bet that this is my go to when the going gets tough! #javamonsterpartner #sponsored

Fragrance is extremely important to me, and if you’ve been to my place and used my bathroom, you will notice I have quite the collection. For me @tomfordbeauty is at the top of that list. Complex notes, staple undertones and aesthetic to die for. What scent represents you? #tomfordfragrance #fuckingfabulous

(GIVEAWAY) We did it..we got all the last minute gift shopping done, the wrapping til midnight, the visiting family etc, and its time to take a moment and relax with a glass of @terrazas_andes! You too can kick back and relax with your very own 3 bottles of their signature Malbec by simply tagging 3 friends in a comment below and following @terrazas_andes, and I will be picking a winner on the 31st! #21+

You can never beat a classic, and when it comes to menswear nothing is more classic than a good @trenchlondon coat. Tap the image for more outfit details and lmk your favorite part of the image! Shot|@gavindoran

You know I had to take the A4 out in the storm the other night, and these @rotiform wheels wrapped in @toyotires all season tires really kept the car planted. Luckily with the touch of a button I can raise the car with @air_lift_performance to keep the @ecstuning carbon lip out of harms way while the @awetuningofficial exhaust kept me sounding good while doing it.

If you are on the east coast, you will know that last nights snow storm was one for the books. Being someone who loves the seasons here in NYC, you know I had to pop outside for a celebratory glass of @terrazas_andes classic Malbec to celebrate the beauty of it all! #ad

Below freezing temps in NYC are officially here, and that means one thing....more hot coffee lol excited to head back to @foreigner.nyc next week for a test shoot at the studio and to fire up some more coffee along the way. What’s your go to coffee preparation?

#ForeverGuilty of not doing much during the holidays, but @guccibeauty made it easier than ever to send the perfect gift to my family this year. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum exudes an almost vintage masculine scent with its orange blossom, chilli, salt and lavender notes that are rounded out with richer cedar and patchouli at its core for the perfect harmonious scent. Get yours now at @macys! #GucciBeauty #ad

Colder temps and rainy weather officially settling in this season, and its time to break out more dress wear looks. Im thinking of investing in some suits this year...tag em if you recommend any specific brands! Jacket-@hm premium collection

Introducing the hottest holiday giveaway of the season: @TheArtofShaving and @gillette have partnered with 5 small business to  drop limited-edition gifts with their #GilletteHeatedRazor. Starting today, consumers  who purchase the razor will also receive a FREE @EmbrLabs Wave ($300 value); a bracelet that controls body temperature at the touch of a button. Heated Razor for dad ✔️ Embr Wave for Ian ✔️ Check out my story and add a little heat to your holiday wish list 😏

The sun may be setting on 2020 with yet another wave of #covid19 around the corner, but at least I can cozy up with @bruichladdich, and be transported to Scotland with every sip of their #classicladdie when I need an escape #ad

Well, if you have been keeping up on my stories, you would know that the other day I took a pretty heavy hit on my bike a few days ago. Although not certain, I likely separated my AC joint in my shoulder which will need a month or so to heal. Ive broken my collar bone before, so this is nothing new, and I’ll be fine. I’ll be taking a lot of baths, constantly Icing, and be good as new sooner than later.

Took a 2 month hiatus from posting to my feed and it was much needed. Unfortunately right when I went to get back into the swing of things, I got sick. Luckily @byandrewcoslow had just finished custom painting by bed from @cb2 and I was well rested. I cannot wait til him and I work together on my custom coffee table that should be done within the next few weeks. Be sure to get in contact with him if you need ANY custom furniture done (both commercial and personal)

As some of you know, work for a lot of us has slowed since Covid started. This is the same story for most influencers as well. Looking back at some of my more recent work, I wanted to just highlight some of the collaborations I had the honor of being apart of and get some feedback from you guys, while highlighting some of my favorite shots. Hope you guys are enjoying a new week and making the most of it!

Had the opportunity to work with @sonyalpha a few weeks ago to test out their 70-200mm 2.8 GM lens during a shoot for #ferrari and I was extremely impressed with how crisp the lens is even at 100mm (especially in unison with the new a7rIV body and its manual focus peaking) and can’t wait to take this lens out on a few new exciting shoots I have in the works! #discoverwithalpha #bealpha Equipment specs •Sony A7rIV •Sony 70-200 2.8 GM lens •Westcott Lighting “icelight” •Peak Design tripod Settings Shutter-8” Aperture-5.6f Iso-50

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