Ian Elkins

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Coming from a background of being a professional photographer and photo retoucher for not only hospitality, but fashion campaigns and product companies, I am extremely versatile. My following of 60% men and 40% women have grown to appreciate and be Influenced by almost anything I post as they appreciate my work as a whole and support the great deal of effort I put into my campaigns and imagery. Whether its dark and moody or cheerful and light, I can help any client bridge the gap.

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Took the ol S7 out for a cruise last week to test out the all new “Proxes A/S” tires from @toyotires and the car rides so much better on the 275/35/20! Can’t wait to test these well rounded tires out this winter as well. #toyotires @teamtoyousa

Wow, remember dressing up? Lol been about 4 months since I’ve had a hair cut, been in sweats mostly 98% of that time, and I forget what its like to be difficult and ask a waiter to customize almost every ingredient in my order at the table lol Looking forward to getting a hair cut next week and going out solo and shooting some exciting new things in about a week. Stay tuned

As the grip of the last few months begins to loosen, its more important than ever to support local businesses and bartenders as their doors begin to reopen. I partnered with @mountgayrumus & @mountgayrum to highlight one of my #mountgaymoments to showcase #morethanarum with a banana and cacao infused rum old fashioned recipe by @cocktails_suck that hits on all my favorite cocktail notes for an at home nightcap. Head to (reservebar.com) and get free shipping with code “SHIPMOUNTGAY” to support the cause!

Had the opportunity to work with @sonyalpha a few weeks ago to test out their 70-200mm 2.8 GM lens during a shoot for #ferrari and I was extremely impressed with how crisp the lens is even at 100mm (especially in unison with the new a7rIV body and its manual focus peaking) and can’t wait to take this lens out on a few new exciting shoots I have in the works! #discoverwithalpha #bealpha Equipment specs •Sony A7rIV •Sony 70-200 2.8 GM lens •Westcott Lighting “icelight” •Peak Design tripod Settings Shutter-8” Aperture-5.6f Iso-50

Me sitting responsibly inside sipping coffee as per usual, wondering when normal life will return. Hows everyone doing btw? What do you miss most? What challenges are you overcoming/facing. Lets chat for a bit🖤

Saturdays call for the drop top. Whos coming with me? #ferrarif8sider

Wow, remember being able to play dress up and leave the house and meet up with photographers like @brooily to kill a shoot? Good times. May need to start venturing out solo again for some conceptualized fashion shoots with my homie “Tripod” and “Lightstand”

Had the opportunity to photograph the new @ferrariusa #f8spider out in the Hamptons at the beginning of the month and had such a fun time while doing it. With the engine coming straight from the #488pista packing 710hp with a dual clutch 7 speed trans, and the first of its kind awd system in a mid engine, this thing was a dream to drive. Be sure to swipe over to see 1 of 7 images used to create the final composite!

Such a random thought, but I really need to get another one of these hats made

As some of you know, work for a lot of us has slowed since Covid started. This is the same story for most influencers as well. Looking back at some of my more recent work, I wanted to just highlight some of the collaborations I had the honor of being apart of and get some feedback from you guys, while highlighting some of my favorite shots. Hope you guys are enjoying a new week and making the most of it!

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