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I am a pro writer and work in entertainment. I also review & work with natural/organic product companies.

Long bio, from my website: A self-professed introvert (talkative INFJ with some INFP tendencies), Nancy OGreene started writing at the age of nine. Her short story collection, PORTRAITS IN THE DARK, received a brief mention in THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR 2007. Other works have appeared or will appear in; CHIZINE; LOVECRAFT EZINE; CEMETERY DANCE; TALES OF BLOOD AND ROSES; HAUNTED: 11 TALES OF GHOSTLY HORROR; Shroud Publishing’s THE TERROR AT MISKATONIC FALLS; DARK RECESSES; FLAMES RISING; SMILE, HON, YOU’RE IN BALTIMORE!; and others.

Nancy has also worked as a background extra and stand-in on television shows and movies including ROSEWOOD, VEEP, ER, ANGEL, BIKER BOYZ, and BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE. Additionally, she works for studios such as NBCUniversal and on independent films and other projects as a crew member. She has a BA in Cinematic Arts (Critical Studies) and a minor in English (Creative Writing) from the University of Southern California, and is a past Screenwriting Fellow of Film Independent’s Project:Involve.

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Feelings about the announcement for #breonnataylor and thoughts on what can be done in the future. We're not done. Page link in bio. . . . . #justiceforbreonnataylor #blacklivesmatter #blm #sayhername #blackwomen #writers #blackwriters #vote

From my #igstories Anybody taking bets on how long it will last this time? #justiceforbreonnataylor #blacklivesmatter #notallskinfolk #danielcameron #performative #performativeallyship #culturevultures

#justiceforbreonnataylor After a certain point, it became clear what would likely happen, despite hope. Today's decision in the case for #breonnataylor was not justice. More would have been done if a police dog was killed. We are not throw away items whose deaths can be chalked up as "mistakes." Breonna, and so many others, had dreams and value and deserved to live. Black women deserve better treatment. Black people as a whole deserve better treatment. Equality, respect as human beings (contrary to some sayings, respect does not have to be earned. Respect for your fellow people should be a default setting). Those are not hard asks. She was a beautiful soul and did not die in vain. 🙏🏾 . . . . #justice #blm #sayhername

Get #Woke ! 💡 #Wokehulu is a new comedy series from streaming service Hulu, and, quite simply, it is hilarious and heartwarming. Keef is a cartoonist who just wants to make his "Toast and Butter" comic strip and live the well-paid life without complications. But he's in for a rude awakening when he "fits the description." From there, he spirals out of control. He ruins opportunities and objects start talking to him. For Screenwriter and Co-creater #MarshallTodd the talking objects represent the fact that when dealing with issues of racism and oppression, Black people are often made to suppress their/our feelings. But without some form of expression, it's likely to cause some schism. For Keef, the talking objects are his way of "walking it off." And from Cartoonist, Screenwriter and Co-creator #KeithKnight the objects also allow for deeper commentary. Keef is a cartoonist, afterall. What better way to show his "third eye" awakening than through animated objects? All-in-all, the use of animated characters works, and hopefully will be incorporated more in a second season. In addition to Keef, his roommates and friends Gunther and Clovis also offer different perspectives on the issues. Clovis suffers from an inability to see women he is attracted to as anything more than short-term pleasure objects, largely due to his self-fulfilling fear of rejection. And Gunther is both "woke" and not, at the same time. Ayana is Keef's lesbian friend and editor, who forms a closer friendship with Clovis mostly due to the fact that they both have "fxckboi" tendencies (though Ayana maintains she is "better" than that because she loves the girlfriend she mistreated and is "woke"). There's Adrienne, his White Aussie artist "girlfriend" that he has some issues about dating. They fit together well, but he worries about what it all means. And his inaccessible ex Trina, a Black woman who is a lawyer and also a bit removed from the issues he's facing. *Cont. in comments. #tmurph #hulu #lamornemorris #rosemcIver #blakeanderson #sasheerzamata #alvinaaugust #nicolebyer #cedrictheentertainer #keithdavid #creesummer #jackmcbrayer #tonyhale #samrichardson #comedy #reviews #filmmaking

#registertovote 👍🏽 It's still #nationalvoterregistrationday ! Get out and vote! Make sure you are registered to vote! Photo Credit: Lenny S, Creative Director of #BEWOKEVOTE "ABOUT BE WOKE: BE WOKE.VOTE is a nonpartisan initiative co-founded by Director #DeonTaylor (FATALE,BLACK AND BLUE, THE INTRUDER and TRAFFIK) and Producer #RoxanneAventTaylor, both of #HiddenEmpireFilmGroup. BE WOKE.VOTE is a voter engagement program committed to engaging people of color and features interviews with major #celebrities and newsmakers from #entertainment to pop culture. The primary objective is to mobilize historically disengaged people of color into the electoral process. We want to impact the underserved and underrepresented through innovative programming and campaigns. In 2018, BE WOKE helped to register 27,000 #newvoters around the country for the midterm election using street teams, national radio and online campaigns." 🎵Sound up. . . . #vote2020 #2020elections #voting #yourvotematters #blackvoterregistration #voters #elections #pocvoters #pocvote

#RIPRuthBaderGinsburg - She fought well and did all she could. Her life is a testament to that. 😢🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #ruthbaderginsburg #rbg

From laliff_ and netflix for #Afrolatino #directors 💫 The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) announced today the launch of LALIFF’s Inclusion Fellowship Series. This newly established program will focus on building a more inclusive and equitable industry for all members of the Latinx community. Each year, the fellowship will champion an underrepresented group from within the Latinx community. For its inaugural year, Netflix is sponsoring the program for five visionary directors who identify as Afro Latino to create a short #film that will have its world premiere at LALIFF 2021. Academy Award®-nominated actor and co-founder of #LALIFF and the #LatinoFilm Institute, Edward James Olmos says, “For #Latino representation in Hollywood to change, we need to create funding and distribution opportunities for our storytellers. The LALIFF Inclusion Fellowship is exactly that. For our first fellowship, we are proud to highlight Afro Latino voices because Black lives are Latino lives.” “Netflix is excited to partner with LALIFF in helping to foster the next generation of Latino talent," said Pete Corona, Manager of Original Series at Netflix. "Discovering new voices behind the camera will lead to bringing fresh and diverse perspectives in front of the camera, and we can't wait to see what these new #filmmakers will create.” Each filmmaker will receive individualized mentorship from an established filmmaker, one-on-one meetings with industry leaders from production to distribution and various networking opportunities. The completed films will premiere as part of a special program during the 2021 version of LALIFF, where the fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in the festival’s Industry Week, to further develop their careers and gain industry access needed to succeed as working artists. Netflix will also offer support to the selected group of fellows throughout the development of their films. LALIFF’s Inclusion Fellowship series will award a $20,000 grant to each of the five selected fellows for the production of a short. For the full requirements, please visit: Deadline 10/14/20. #diversity

#NeverForget #911memorial

'Akilla's Escape' is a majestic story of redemption and breaking generational violence. Akilla is a man who has seen more than his share of violence in the drug game. When confronted with what to do about a young would-be robber of the now-legal weed dispenser he works for, he must decide if it's worth it to put himself at risk. The director takes the approach of spinning the story between the present and the past in order to compare and contrast the similarities between two unrelated people, in all too similar situations. The film opens up with a history lesson of some of the drug wars in Jamaica. The music of Bob Marley, whose daughter is also in the movie, takes center stage here as a beacon of hope in how active resistance can change and potentially halt the cycles of violence. Beautifully filmed, it pulls on noir elements but flips some of that on its head. One of the nice elements as well is that the music throughout the movie was also composed by the lead and 3D from Massive Attack. Overall it is a touching tale, with moving performances that highlight peace over violence in a world where violence still dominates. . . . . #charlesofficer #saulwilliams #thamelampulmwana #donishaprendergast #tiff #movies #independentfilm #fillmakers #blackmovies

EDIT: 9/24/20 - I do not support underarmour which is a racist company. Despite attempts to rebrand their image after removing #Kevinplank in 2019, behind closed doors they are still the same. 🙏🏾 Ever since visiting one of the local underarmour stores here in Baltimore, I've been more of a fan of UA! They were so nice and welcoming, patiently answered my questions, and I even received a very nice discount on a pair of UAapp connected running shoes (which I will show later). They were so helpful with that; I didn't even know a discount was available. I was delighted because I really needed a new pair of sneakers thanks to how much I've been running! These shoes connect to the UnderArmour apps and can track your route, pace, stride, time, and even have a computerized assistance feature to talk you through! So nice! Definitely worth checking out the #UnderArmourproducts! 🎶Sound up. . . . underarmourshoes ua uaapparel underarmourapparel uarunning #exercise #workingout theonlywayoutisthrough underarmour underarmourwomen teamua underarmourapp underarmourapps mapmyrun #selfcare #running #walking #mdinfocus #fitness #fitnessforthelayman #fitnessforlaymen

What can you say about theboystv other than it's some damn good fun?!? So far in Season 2, there has been a giant whale, explosions, and a psycho killer (or a few psycho killers? I forget). Listen. If you go in thinking Stormfront is going to be anything else but "problematic" (to put it lightly), well... I don't blame you. She starts off as a disruptive but cool character. She's smart and doesn't truck with the bullshxt. I mean -- at first -- it seems like she's all of us smart enough to see behind the bs in the world. And, chances are, you might not have heard that name before. Now, I haven't yet read the comic, but I've heard about her role there. So if you've read the comics, you know what's up. And if you haven't, then if you've heard the name before you probably know what she's about. And that's all I'm going to say, so as to not get too spoiler-y. Also, that fxcking bxtch! Okay, just that last bit there. Then, of course, there's #KarlUrban. Karl fxcking Urban! How is it I didn't realize that man has been in so many works I adore? 'Ghost Ship', 'Riddick', and 'Xena' - just to name a few. 'Xena', what! He was Caesar, for cripes sake! Basically, I've been watching this guy since I was a kid, and I somehow didn't even know it. I recognized him, but would be so into the work I didn't really think about it (my bad! Seriously!). Look, all of the performances are great, and the chemistry of this cast rocks. But there is no #theboys show without Urban. Idc, I said what I said! This season is shaping up to be as good as the first. I didn't think they could top Homelander as the quintessential bad guy, but now I think they did... How's that song about men vs. women go? 🎶 "Anything you can do, I can do better! I can do anything better than youuu!"🎶 (Sidenote: Starr was also in 'Xena'.) amazonstudios amazonprimevideo has only dropped the first 3 episodes, but they're fantastic - want more!! New episodes drop on Fridays! . #amazonprime #theboystv #billybutcher #homelander #jackquaid #antonystarr #ayacash #erinmoriarty #dominiquemcelligott #jessietusher #lazalonso #karenfukuhara #tomercapon #nathanmitchell #superheroes #supervillains #streaming #erickripke

'Mulan' is a lovely live-action version of the classic disney adventure and hero's journey animated movie. 💫 I feel like you don't have to tell anyone that 'Mulan' is relatively good. But there are people who haven't seen the original version of the classic story about that a young woman who saves her community. And, there are no talking animals in this one (though there is a shapeshifter). Mulan is an outsider who doesn't adhere to the traditional roles designated for her by her culture, and whose extraordinary abilities leave her shunned rather than welcomed (except by her family). Still, in order to not bring shame to her family, she does her best to fit in and do "what she's supposed to do" - though she fails miserably at it. When a warlord threatens the safety of the nation, she takes it upon herself to assume a false male identity in order to prevent her father from having to leave their family and take up the military mantle once more. One of the contrasts here is that the warlord utilizes a woman who also has powerful chi and has been ostracized from the culture as well. However, she chooses causing destruction and chaos, instead of trying to save the community that shunned her, as Mulan does. Ultimately, it comes down to Mulan to save the Emperor and her people, even if it costs her everything. One of the only annoying aspects of this, however, is that this is a classic "path-forger" hero story that's often passed down/sold to marginalized people. That one has to be better than the people that shun them AND save them in order to be accepted -- for themselves and those that eventually follow. But the movie itself still works in its own way and, despite that caveat, it is an enjoyable tale. Overall, it's what you would expect it to be. It's good fun, and a heroic movie with great action sequences, some comedy and some well-worn tropes. The acting is great, the visuals stunning. Bottom line, watching it will not be time wasted. Available now on disneyplus . . . . #nickcaro #rickjaffa #amandasilver #yifeiliu #donnieyen #ligong #jetli #mulan #disney #disneyplus #animatedmovies #filmmaking #movieclassics #movies #familyfilms #disneystudios

TL;DR - Cultural exploration is a meaningful part of both J-horror and K-horror. 💫 So, #Alive made me think about the differences between J-horror and K-horror, and how K-horror has really been killing it (not that there was really a time when it wasn't). Don't get me wrong, J-horror is still excellent. But the last few K-horror things I've watched have made me really notice the current differences between the two. And I wanted to get this down. One of the main differences I'm noticing right now is the hopefulness vs hopelessness between K-horror and J-horror. And it occurred to me that this makes obvious sense given the larger histories of the two countries (something I possibly did or should have noticed a long time ago, but didn't give as much thought to, unfortunately). Some K-horror (like 'Train to Busan' and 'Kingdom') is fast-paced, even in slower sequences, & puts a great deal into bringing the audience into the perspectives of the characters. Whereas a large portion of J-horror (like 'The Grudge' & 'The Ring') is more contemplative, slower, & creates more of a distance between the characters' perspectives and the audience - but really hits home the existential terror. In K-horror, "you" are the character, through connected perspectives -- & "you" have a chance through ingenuity and perhaps some luck. Whereas in J-horror, the character could be you -- the impersonalization creates the sense that the horrors visited upon the characters in the movie could just as easily happen to anyone, no matter how prepared or ill-prepared. And, more often than not, there is no chance, no luck, no escape. I realized that the hopelessness of most J-horror possibly reflects a larger underlying cultural connection to the horrors of WWII, the bomb, & other events. In many of the aforementioned movies, unsuspecting people are drawn into an irreversible and tragic fate simply by engaging in innocent, everyday activities. Walking into a house, living in an apartment, watching a video, using a cell phone. Things people do all the time without a second thought. *Cont. in comments. #jhorror #khorror #history #horror #horrormovies #filmmaking #writers #us #getout #thegrudge

SPOILERS********************** *********************** I normally try to avoid spoilers, but if you read the rest of this just know there are spoilers galore in this one! Okay, this is going to be a quick review for now. I just have to get this out because I just finished watching netflixfilm netflix #Alive , and I am grinning ear to ear! This movie's ending was so fxcking beautiful! Me, thinking of how they could escape from the zombies on the roof: "Gatling, maybe?" Helicopter shows up. Me, fist in air cheering: "Gatling, baby!" "Or, well, close enough." (Machine guns.) The fact that they survived really made this movie worth it for me. There were a few times where I was afraid I might be left with a sour viewing experience, given the circumstances and what they had to go through. Fortunately, that never turned out to be the case. #Alive is a story of isolation and connection, as well as the potentially life-saving uses of technology. Technology features so prominently in this movie at times that it might as well be considered another character. The movie draws the connection between the interconnectedness of life (particular care is taken with plants as well) and how technology extends that connection, crossing barriers we might otherwise not be able to. And how realizing that connection, as well as having some type of faith in times of crisis, can lead to hope's true reward. We often focus on the negatives of technology, but, in a movie with few speaking characters, we're given more of a view into how technology can be of use in ways that make us better instead of worse. Beautifully executed, it's well worth the time to watch! That ending seriously brought tears to my eyes as I clapped with joy. Way to really make the audience connect with the characters, even when they did things that were frustrating or seemed like bad ideas (I mean, running through a horde of fast-moving zombies is not up there on the list of smart fxcking things to do)! I'd give it all the stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟 . . . . . #netflixalive #alive #khorror #koreanhorrormovies #IlCho #mattnaylor #ahinyoo #shinhyepark #baesoojeon #zombies #horror #netflix

eatzubi all-Natural products are so good! I adore them, as you can see from the near-empty jars. They don't have the too-tart taste that some sauces have, and they go well with a lot of other foods. They're also very low in calories. I've used them as dips, with chicken, etc. Versatile! Enjoy the holiday with some. Seriously, I just had some of the salsa and it is so satisfying! Happy Labor Day! . . . . #organicsalsa #organicqueso #newhopebloggerbox #newhopeinfluencer #organicfoods #vegan #veganproducts #naturalfoods #foodie #foodies #eeats #lowcaloriefood #lowcaloriefoods #lowcaloriemeals #nonveganlovesveganfood newhopenetwork

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