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Boricua/Texan recently relocated to Seattle. Local Eateries, Recipe, Food styling, Photography and Traveling. Inspiring others to live their best life.

Location Seattle, WA
Country United States of America
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When promoting #SmallBusinessSaturday don't forget.... To include yourself. 💁🏻‍♀️ As content creators we are a small business as well. How can YOU support us? 🎉 Make our recipes & leave thoughtful comments on our blog and posts. Recommend, Save and Share our posts with your fam and friends. Like, comment and engage in our social media channels. This helps us score higher in searches and in return we can continue to put great content out there for y’all!🧡 Speaking of great content. I just published this Roasted Sweet Potato Mascarpone and Bourbon Pie. Sweet Potato Pie is Pumpkin Pie's cousin BUT better. In the blog I share the history of this delicious desserts as well as how we use Sweet Potato in Puerto Rico.🥳 Go check it out. You need this in your life!✨ link in bio! In the comments share the @ of your favorite creators!🧡🎄

How to make the best Coquito – Puerto Rican Nog

Coquito is a creamy coconut-y boozy creamy drink that it originated in Puerto Rico and we drink during the holidays. The main ingredients are: Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, Sweetened Condensed Milk and Rum. I like to buy my coconut milk at Hmart or Trader Joe’s Coconut Cream In the blender add the coconut milk, coconut cream, rums, liqueur, vanilla and spices.

Have you ever had Coquito??🇵🇷 Coquito is a creamy coconut-y boozy creamy drink that’s from Puerto Rico and we drink during the holidays.🎄 We start making Coquito as Early as November and drink it all the way through Three King’s Day in January 6. **Cue: Dame la Mano Palomaaa🎶**😂 Also Coquito is NOT eggnog, nor it contains any eggs.🙅🏻‍♀️ There’s debate as to how Coquito originated. One of the theories is that during Colonization, the Spaniards brought the drink to the island. Taking a spin on the Spanish “Eggnog” adding a Spirit therefore ending up with Coquito. Maybe the real story is that a Taíno or an African created the OG recipe and the Spaniards wanted to take credit for it as colonizers have been known to do.🤷🏻‍♀️ Through out the years families have adapted and created their own recipes, but in essence we all make it with the same foundation ingredients. Here is MY recipe on How to make the best Coquito. I put a secret ingredient to add more cheer to it!! 🎉 Recipe is live on the blog. Link in Bio!!✨

How to make the best Holiday Charcuterie Board

This year I have been making grazing boards and I am loving all the different fruits, cheeses, meats, and crackers that I have found in my search. I am always looking for new cheeses and what better place than Trader Joe’s to get quality meat and cheeses at a great price. , Beehive Cheese infused with Bourbon ( this one reminded me of Pecorino Romano, the bourbon taste does not take over the cheese), a Trio of Manchego, Iberico and Cabra al vino cheeses and Extra Creamy Brie. – Place crackers in between the cheeses and meats – Fill

Do you take your Scotch Whisky neat or on the rocks? 🥃 Y'all! I am so excited to have partnered with my favorite store @totalwine where I get ALL my libations supplies. You can make your purchases online, curbside pick up or in store experience. 🍂 I am a whiskey enthusiast, and I got a bottle of Glen Fohdry French Oak Cask which is a single malt scotch with a fruity, floral, and masterfully aged flavor. The Staff at @totalwine are so resourceful and knowledgeable, and I learned the bottle I chose was awarded Gold in the SF Spirits Competition. ✨ Glen Fohdry is great for single malt enthusiasts and “everyday” Scotch drinkers, is available in gift sets, a variety of flavors, and exclusively sold at @TotalWine priced at $33.99! @totalwineseattle 🎄 As for me I like to take mine neat. 🥃 #totalwine #totalwineseattle #totalwinelocal #totalwinepartner #GlenFohdry #Scotch #CocktailsAtHome #Seattle

The Best Apple Cider Margarita

With Fresh Apple Cider, Cointreau and Añejo Tequila is the prefect fall cocktail. Many varieties of apple are grown in Washington state including Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Jonagold, Pink Lady, and Cameo. The semi sweetness of the apple cider, the citrus of the Cointreau and the warmth of the Añejo Tequila gives you all the fall feels. In any other cocktails I’d use triple sec but for this recipe I used Cointreau and it paired perfect with the tequila and apple cider.

Por que siempre tenemos la bandera en to's lao's? Nos enseñaron que en Nov 19, 1493 nos habían descubierto pero la realidad es que nos colonizaron y somos el producto de la mezcla del Taíno, Africano, Español. Desde 1898 hasta 1952 era un delito exhibir nuestra bandera en público. Es un símbolo de orgullo, desafío y protesta. Perdona sa'e si somos changuitos con nuestra bandera!😌 Estamos Orgullosos de ver nuestra monoestrellada en alto y donde quiera que nos paramos gritamos " Yo soy Boricua pa' que tu lo sepas" 🗣 Con ímpetu y emoción compartimos nuestra cultura en la diáspora y continuar preservando nuestras tradiciones donde quiera que vamos. Yo soy Boricua como el coquí, el mofongo, el coquito, el sofrito, pasteles y el tostón! Me fuí de mi Puerto Rico hace 23 años y lo sigo extrañando como el primer dia que partí. "Yo seria Borincano aunque naciera en la luna". A todos en la Isla y en la diáspora, Con la bandera en alto: Puñe....! Feliz Dia de la Puertorriqueñidad!!! 🇵🇷 🖌Este dibujo es de la talentosa Boricua: *English translation in the comments!

Easy Halloween Charcuterie Board

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am always creating fun things for the spooky season. Trader Joe’s to gather all the items needed to make this easy Halloween charcuterie board. Shiraz Infused cheese, Trio of Iberico, Manchego and Goat cheese, Extra Creamy Brie (cut the Brie in a coffin shape to add spooky effect to your board) I have used Raspberry To make it Halloween themed, I went to the Target and got a couple of decorations and some I already had from previous years.

Another one! 🎵**Swipe to see the -how to make it -video** Maybe eventually this would become a Charcuterie account..😂🥳 This is my Fall Charcuterie Board. Everything you see here is from @traderjoes ✨ Here's what I used: -Parmesan Crisps -Pistachio + Pomegranate Crackers -Capicola + Proscuito + Salami -Manchego + Iberico - @beehivecheese infused with @basilhaydens Bourbon -Tricolor Spicy Kaas (This cheese was spicy and perfect with honey) -Extras Creamy Brie -Candied Pecans -Dried Apricots -Dried Persimmons -Honey -Fig Butter -Gerkhins -Pumpkin Seeds What’s your favorite thing to add to a charcuterie board!?

Thank you a bundt'ch for being here!🧡🧡 I am really grateful for all your support and for this great community that I’m part of! Focus on those who support you instead of those who don't.🍂 Today is #NationalBundtCakeDay and you can get this Apple Cider Spice Cake recipe on the blog. I mean, look how pretty it is and also it has @fourrosesbourbon, so it's a win win🥳 What is your favorite cake? 🍰 Link in Bio for the recipe✨

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