Human Ideals

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Human Ideals inspires spiritual seekers to embody the inherent goodness of life, that which fulfills us in our darkest moments of despair. This is the realization of their true home, or what we would call the Intimate.

We have created a path towards this realization by combining modern superhero mythology with the most advanced, esoteric meditation methods existing today, each of which teaches seekers how to overcome different causes of suffering. Our free ten-week spiritual activism course shows seekers how these causes pervade today's most pressing political issues and how they can be resolved in a transpartisan manner, via a methodology that incorporates conflict resolution frameworks such as systems thinking, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, and Delta Theory. We have interviewed renowned spiritual influencers on our Sages and Seekers podcast to challenge limiting beliefs held by seekers of all levels. Our Intimate Impact coaching program helps NGOs overcome obstacles to their humanitarian goals.

In 2022, we will be filming the pilot episode for a new live-action young adult superhero television series based on our movement. The end goal of this series is to build a following of students around the globe that will attend the University of Human Ideals, a university for spiritual activism studies that will be built in Yangon, Myanmar within the coming decade.

The entirety of this vision is reflected in our motto, "Love to redeem the darkness."

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What if we could cure all mental illnesses? What if disabilities didn't stop us from success? What if we could be grateful for the way we were born? All through simple exercises and technologies. This is the premise of "The Brain that Changes Itself" by Norman Doidge, M.D. This brilliant man went on a quest that showed him treatments that seemed impossible. A patient born blind learning to see with a back-mounted gadget. A dyslexic academic teaching herself to learn more effectively. A woman regaining her sense of balance, stolen from her by a medication gone wrong. This book blew me away as it questions our understanding of the way we experience this world. We use our eyes to see, our nose to smell, our tongue to taste...right? Or can our eyes restore our taste, our nose restore our vision, our tongue restore our smell? Sounds absolutely crazy. It may contradict what spiritual teachers like the Buddha taught about our senses. But this is the key to giving people true equal opportunity, true access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without it, we get evil...but even those we deem to be evil can be saved with these discoveries. Because what is evil if not self-hatred, resentment for our own limits that we blame on others? Heal that self-hatred, inspire faith that tomorrow will be better than our regrets of yesterday...and we get justice. All we have to do is see our assumptions...and dare to live beyond them. Happy New Year everyone. - Austin Patrick Spiritual Activist at Human Ideals

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