Emily Arner

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Member Since FEBRUARY 28, 2019
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Chicken and Dumplings

Prep time: 45 minutes (though some is done while simmering is happening) Melt butter in a 10 quart stock pot over med-high heat. Measure 3/4 c. of chicken broth and put in refrigerator to chill Pour remaining chicken broth into stock pot. (They will expand quite a bit so in order to get bite size pieces they must be fairly small to start).Drop dough squares, in batches, into simmering cooking liquid. You have to be able to fit the largest surface of each pieces on the bottom of the stock pot to brownUsing a smaller crock pot: Browning chicken may be more difficult because of less surface space on the bottom

Homemade Bubble Bath Goo

* Mix Bubble bath, melted coconut oil, essential oil and food coloring to a bowl and stir until blended. *You can use a spoon to stir but honestly it is much easier to just use your hands to mix in the cornstarch plus it will be easier to feel the consistency. * You’ve added enough cornstarch when it becomes a “solid” ball though, it will still lose its shape almost like it’s melting into your hand. His skin was super soft when he got out of the tub and the Calming oil blend really helped him relax (which is super impressive since he has ADHD and is very rarely calm).

Ways to Save Time: Imperfection

Trying to get that perfect Instagram photo or making our kid’s school art project look like a realistic giraffe but the eyes just aren’t in the correct position no matter how many times you try. For my son, I will take a million and more pictures and never apologize for it nor for the time it takes because my focus is on him and I’m spending time with him. The kids won’t remember if things were perfect but they will remember if you were overly frustrated/upset at something because YOU wanted it to be perfect. If you can’t get the perfect Instagram photo use the best one you have and just glue the eye back on the giraffe art project so that is semi-resembles an animal and call it a day.

Ways to Save Time: Prioritize

Write down the things you need to get done daily and prioritize them from most important to least important. Writing out a list helps you visualize what needs to be done and allows you to prioritize. * On Monday, laundry may be #1 on the list because everyone has been sick and needs clean sheets and non-germy clothes * On Wednesday, grocery shopping may be #1 because there is no food left in the house Lists also make it easier to see where certain “to-do” items might overlap, meaning you can plan accordingly and get it all done more efficiently.

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