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Disney✨Travel✨Fitness 📩

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☀️ it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. You’re doing your best and that’s always enough ☀️ ✨ ✨ ✨ As some of you may know, I suffer from moderate depression and anxiety. I always start Mondays off with optimism and positivity to share. I will be transparent however and share that last night was an extremely rough night for my self esteem and mental health overall, so I’m not in the best of moods today. In fact, I’m very unhappy. But rather than self pity, I want to share that it’s completely okay to feel out every emotion you feel and how healthy it is in fact to do so. As long as you are aware and understand that there are tools to help you get through it and that you have a good support system, you’ll make it through. I actually did contemplate deleting my account and just withdrawing completely to old methods of coping that aren’t healthy, but I want to thank @dizthrubrowneyes for sharing a resource this morning on her IG that I truly took as the sign to push through as well. So please take the time to look as it may help you too. ✨ ✨ ✨ I want to take a moment too to share something that I discovered over the weekend while I was at the beach just to add some small positivity. I found out about this reusable straw products from @gosiliproducts that is attempting to shift from excessive plastic usage. Plastics are part of the ocean pollution issue and are not that great for the environment. They use silicone and provide travel tins to use on the go. They will add to helping create a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. If you want to check them out, they are affordable and I added a link in my bio. What are some jokes that always cheer you up ? They can be Disney or non Disney. #beachlife #beachvibes #disneybrandrep #disneycups #disneydiversity #instadisney #wastelessgosili #siliconeproducts #bibbidibobbidiblack #depressionawareness #anxietyawareness #pocdisney

🌊 Lets go to the beach, each, let’s go get away 🌊 ✨ ✨ ✨ My time at the beach has come to an end and it was short but so much fun and very needed. I’ve been feeling absolutely overwhelmed and stressed lately, so getting away and just having a great time with some friends was spectacular. ✨ ✨ ✨ I have to be honest, I saw a ton of trump flags over the weekend and while it made me very uncomfortable, it also reminded me that we all still have go use our voices to create the changes that we want for our future. With that being said, I encourage everyone to not only register to vote, but to keep themselves informed by reliable sources in order to come to conclusions as far as which candidates will do the best for our nation. Change and progress is necessary, which is why I am will always be thrilled that the next incarnation of The Little Mermaid by Disney will feature a black woman as the title character. Hopefully it will show people how wonderful change can be. ✨ ✨ ✨ I have been absolutely DYING to wear my tank from @soenchantedshop all summer and I had been saving to show it off for this trip! Her shop is one of my faves to brag about and has some of the cutest things so I’m very excited to see what she comes up with for my favorite season, FALL! Use code: SAILORV10 to grab some stuff today! #beachvibes #disneybrandrep #disneysmallshop #theremix #thelittlemermaid #blackgirlsrock #bibbidibobbidiblack #blackgirldisney #selfcare #naturelovers #soenchantedshop #supportthemagic #disneyinfluencer #disneyblogger #pocdisney #disneydiversity #disneygirl #disneydiva

Park Packs will be available tomorrow on Magic Monday! ✨✨✨ -Each pack comes with lip gloss, 2 scrunchies, stickers, hair clips. ✨✨✨ Q: Where can I get one? @sunshine_and_acastle 🛍️🛒 ✨✨✨✨ #SncCustomer #magicmonday #starbuckstumbler #starbuckscups #starbuckslover #blackownshop #starbucks #disneysprings #tianatuesday #etsyshop #starbuckstumbler #smallbusiness #smallshop #starbuckscoldcup #dolewhip #customtumblers #personalizedtumblers #disneyinspired #disneylover #monstersinc #tangled #lipglossbundle #rainbowconfetti #glittertumbler #Moana #littlemermaid

☀️Early to bed, early to rise ☀️ ✨ ✨ ✨ Taking a much needed break from it all at one of beaches that helped inspire some of the settings in one of my favorite shows, Steven Universe! While I have fond memories of visiting Ocean City, I adore Rehoboth Beach so very much! I can’t wait to share all my adventures with you as I enjoy my time here this weekend! In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out for some deals I’ll be sharing too, including on my super sweet cup from @creativewithlovee! Use my code: VICKY10 to save on some adorable products they have today 🍩✌🏾❤️ What’s your favorite beach to unwind at? #vacationvibes #disneyvibes #disneysmallshop #disneycup #disneybrandrep #beachtime #selfcaremode #disneydonut #bibbidibobbidiblack #disneydiva #disneyblogger #disneylifestylers #disneyinfluencer #pocdisney #disneydiversity #stevenuniverse #usagitsukino #sailormoon #targetstyle #oceancitymaryland #rehobothbeach

✌🏾 Get that head , get that bread, then leave! ✌🏾 ✨ ✨ ✨ Can you tell I’m in a tik tok mood lately? I was watching some YouTube videos and I fell down the hole and what caught my eye was a meet and greet video featuring Megara and Hercules at Epcot! I really wish they would come out more often and meet since they are so beloved. If only Epcot would add a Greek pavilion so I can enjoy the yummy food and meet them! ✨ ✨ ✨ Digging my spirit jersey? I adore how comfy and spectacularly pretty it is! We all know purple and yellow are my colors so this was a match made in heaven and perfect to go the distance in! You can grab this from @ellieandmae using code VICTORIA10 to grab your own or the new Neverland Line merch this weekend! Which character do you wish you could meet at the parks? #disneybrandrep #disneysmallshop #supportthemagic #wdw #waltdisneyworld #waltdisneyworldresort #epcot #disneyparks #disneygrammer #disneylifestyle #disneystyle #disneydiva #disneyblogger #disneyathome #magicmoments #herculesdisney #megara #toughgirl #worldshowcase #tiktok

It’s time for a HUGE Shop Credit Giveaway for @Leahshouseofmouseearsllc recently hitting 4K followers! One lucky winner will receive $250 worth of shop credit from a total of 14 different small shops/Disney friends!🛍✨ ⁣ To enter:⁣ 1. Follow: @Leahshouseofmouseearsllc & @hecallsmepineappleprincess & @watsongirls143 $40 combined shop credit @everwondercreations & @allthethingsdisney combined 30 credit @absmagicalears $15 shop credit @toontownears $15 shop credit @grumpysunflowerstudios & @thatsso_kiki combined $35 shop credit @earsbyd $25 shop credit @thefairygodsisters $10 shop credit @shopneversaydie $20 shop credit @happythoughtssupplyco $20 shop credit @castleboundteeco $20 shop credit 2. Save and Like this photo⁣ 3. Tag TWO friends in separate comments or more for extra entries. ⁣ 4. Comment down below what park day accessories you can never go without. 5. ✨Bonus entry if you share to your story and tag all of us! Giveaway Closes on August 19th at 7 pm PST. Winner will be announced in @Leahshouseofmouseearsllc story on 8/21. Not affiliated with Disney. No spam, giveaway, or celebrating accounts please. Must be 18+ to enter! The winner will be notified, and each small shop owner will send over a code for the winner to use in their shop! Good luck to everyone🎉 #giveaways #giveaway #giveawaycontest #giveawaytime #giveawayalert #free #contest #repost #win #follow #instagiveaway #freebies #love #contestgiveaway #like #contestalert #giveawaywinner #competition #gift #gifts #freegiveaway #giftideas #bhfyp

❤️Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it - Confucius ❤️ ✨ ✨ ✨ As you guys already know, I’ve been getting really into my skincare as part of my self care! I decided to try out @rovectin_skinessentials , which is a Korean clean beauty care brand and I’m obsessed with the Lotus Water Cream and LHA Blemish Ampoule ❤️Their products are safe for your skin and the earth, which is important to me and the materials used helps revitalize your natural skin cells and barriers. They are also cruelty free. With me having combination skin, it has really helped manage breakouts and it doesn’t make my skin too tight or feel like my natural oils are scrubbed away completely. ✨ ✨ ✨ It moisturizes and hydrated while taking away the toxic grime, while leaving a small hint of coconut to give you an island feel. It’ll relax inflammation on your skin and help hold off wrinkles. I’ve been slowly falling in love with Korean skincare at the behest of @princesskathy09 and this is one I’ll be continuing to use for sure! It had my skin feeling refreshed and so clean! Plus they sent cute little stickers to decorate the bottles 😍 Have you tried Korean Beauty Brands yet? Click the link in my bio and use promo code HEARTBEAT20 to get 20% off their entire order with FREE SHIPPING (for limited time) #veganskincare #Kbeauty #Hypoallergenic #CleanLikeYou #rovectin_skinessentials #crueltyfree #hbtrovectincleancollection #hbtrovectincleancollection #hbtsponsored #ad

🥤 Sometimes you just need a boost 💘 ✨ ✨ ✨ Time to use a bit of Tiana Motivation on this fine Monday! She’s a great motivator for reaching a goal so I’m gonna use her strength and ambition to get closer to where I want to be. ✨ ✨ ✨ New Orleans is a place I want to visit when we overcome the pandemic. I’m going to be sure to pack my @sunshine_and_acastle cup when I do go but for now it’ll just be my go to work cup! Use code: SUNSHINEREP24 to bring Disney magic to your everyday life too! #princesstiana #disneybrandrep #disneyprincess #starbuckscups #dooneyandburke #disneybag #disneymerchandise #disneyblogger #disneystyle #bibbidibobbidiblack #blackgirldisney #disneygrammer #disneyinfluencers

💀 Kindly step all the way in please and make room for everyone. There’s no turning back now. 👻 ✨ ✨ ✨ Today is the Haunted Mansion’s 51st birthday ! It’s an absolute classic and staple to the Disney Parks! Some of my favorite details feature stories that weren’t utilized in the final conception such as the pirate and his wives and stories such as the knight that popped out at guests as they rode through back in the day. And while I adore all the mansions, Phantom Manor will always have my heart! What’s your favorite story from the Haunted Mansion, official pronouncements unofficial? #disneyparks #wdw #disneygram #waltdisneyworld #waltdisneyworldresort #libertysquare #mnsshp #mickeysnotsoscaryhalloweenparty #pennyproud #hauntedmansion #grimgrinningghosts #disneymagicmoments #disneydiva #pocdisney #igdisney #disneyinfluencer #instadisney

Hello hello! I’m Victoria and you may remember me as a former brand rep from a few years ago! Just a reminder about me as a person is that I’m a fun loving, quirky, obvious Disney loving girl who brings her Disney style, love of travel and support of small shops to the forefront of my account! My reason for loving this account is because of its unique products and love of diversity when it comes to who they bring into their fold. The owners are creative, open to all and have such quality merchandise that is perfect for the parks and to bring it to your everyday life. This is a shop that deserves love and I want to be able to help show it off to my friends here on IG. I feel that with us having a previous partner ship, you know that I am trustworthy, loyal and always coming up with ideas ❤️here’s hoping we can link up again soon! #mmssquadgoals #disneybrandrepsearch #disneybrandrep #shopmagicmainstreet #disneysmallshop #disneystyle #disneylove #disneydiva #instadisney #pocdisney

🐱 Because the cat’s the only cat, who knows where it’s at😻 ✨ ✨ ✨ It’s international cat day and it’lol be 6 months on the 14th that Bloo and I welcomed his sister, Miyako , into our new home and our lives! She’s the absolute most loving and sweetest cat. She minds her business, loves cuddles, and looks mighty good in Disney bandanas. Love you my sweet angel ❤️ Who’s your favorite Disney cat? #disneycats #disneymovies #thearistocats #adoptdontshop🐾 #Barcs #internationalcatday #disneystyle #disneypets #disneyathome #disneyblogger #disneygirl #disneygrammer #disneyinfluencer #tiktok #petmom

🍪 Reflect before you snack- ACT! This shall bring you honor and glory 🐉 ✨ ✨ ✨ No makeup or cute looks today! It’s time to get down to business with my fitness! If you aren’t familiar, I work out 4-5 times a week alternating between yoga, Pilates and barre! I am totally into taking care of my body and spirit. I even try to do it at least once during Disney Parks visits. I’ll take a 30 min trip to the gym, a quick run around the resort or partake in a morning yoga class. If you stay at a resort , you can partake in workout classes offered. You can always check out my friend @mermaidandmouse who’s always showing off her inspiring Disney themed exercises ! ✨ ✨ ✨ Which Disney princess do you think has the best exercise regimen? #disneydiva #disneyfitness #wdw #waltdisneyworld #waltdisneyworldresort #disneyprincess #princesstiana #disneymaps #barre #yoga #pilates #disneyig #instadisney #bibbidibobbidiblack #blackgirldisney #disneydiversity #disneyblogger #disneygram #disneyresorts #disneyparks #disneycommunity #disneystyle #natural

💘 It’s up to you how far you’ll go! If you don’t try, you’ll never know! -Merlin 💘 ✨ ✨ ✨ We are almost to the weekend friends! We got lots of information the other day about Mulan and Black Widow coming to @disneyplus , which I expected, but as Mr. Gold would say, all magic comes at a price. Subscribers will have to pay an additional $30 to share watch. The good news is you can keep it for as long as you’re a subscriber to the service. Also we should be expecting some news regarding the Proud Family Reboot today at 3pm est. the @naacp is having a session with the cast and creative team moderated by Keke Palmer so check that out! ✨ ✨ ✨ Returning to Disney IG, A bunch of my buddies have special things going on that you should get ready for! @angeliquemagique & @macaras_kingdom are hosting their #ourcartoonstyle challenge which will give everyone a chance to step away from Disney and celebrate their favorites growing up on Nick and CN. @clevergirlcraftings is putting on a #dopeblackcartoons challenge which is going to be especially wonderful since it’ll be putting black artists and cartoonists in the spotlight. @_courtney_rose_marie & @imagineermom are having IG lives on Mondays, so more black excellence to start off our weeks! Lastly, @magicalkake and @itsdarlingnikki are working with the fabulous @thedisneybound to bring us the #boundthisorthat challenge and I am excited to share off my look for Soarin! ✨ ✨ ✨ So many exciting things to look forward to this month but also reminder that the birthday of myself, @magicalkake and @fantasmicallyfunsized are next month! We accept cash, gift cards and gifts such as these adorable violet lemonade keychains from @fairytalewishdesigns ! Use my code: FAIRYTALEVICTORIA15 to save on our possible birthday gift 🤣❤️ Which of these challenges are you looking forward to the most? Will you be paying to watch Mulan or Black Widow? Find out on the next episode of DRAGONBALL Z!!! #disneybrandrep #fairytalewishdesigns #pocdisney #disneyaccessories #disneygrammer #disneyplus #disneybound #birthdays #bibbidibobbidiblack #blackgirldisney #mulan #blackwidow #proudfamilylouderandprouder #disneydiversity #wdw #waltdisneyworld

📚 Reading is essential to those who wish to rise above the ordinary -Jim Rohn 📖 ✨ ✨ ✨ One of my favorite things to do since I was small was read and I’m so excited that @disneybooks is coming out with this awesome “what if?” Style book series! I tried out Reflection and adored it to pieces! I’m trying to decide which one to buy next. In the meantime, I’m trying out the villains book series, starting with Ursula. They just released the latest in the series, featuring Cruella De Vil. ✨ ✨ ✨ Which Disney Book would you buy from @target ? #disneybooks #disneylife #target #disneyvillains #threadless #disneyfairytales #readingisfundamental #disneygrammer #disneyparks #disneylifestyle #disneyathome #targetstyle #mask #wdw #dlr #waltdisneyworld #disneyland #pocdisney #bibbidibobbidiblack #blackgirldisney #disneydiversity

🌈Life finds a way 🌈 ✨ ✨ ✨ I feel like I’m at my most peaceful when I am in nature. If I can just take an hour exploring a park or taking a quiet hike, I feel the most joy. Being an earth sign, this would make sense! ✨ ✨ ✨ I was super excited to partner with my friends at @threadless because they work with unknown artists to sell their designs and products! I’m all for supporting businesses that allow people to sell their awesome designs but also donate to great causes, as @threadless is currently donating to medical communities in need. They are a super amazing company and I hope you all consider supporting them! ✨ ✨ ✨ During my Disney Parks visits, I like to dedicate one day or afternoon to doing something like visiting Senses or horse back riding. What is something you like to do to unwind during your parks visits that aren’t related to them? #ad #gifted #threadless #disneyparks #wdw #waltdisneyworld #waltdisneyworldresort #disneyparks #disneygrammer #disneyinfluencer #jurassicpark #pride #rainbow #bmorelicks #pattersonpark #disneylife #nature #virgo #unknownartist #threadless

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