Heather Rose Scott

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Athlete, Yogi, ❤️’r of Wild Adventure 7x IRONMAN 🏅 Runner- 2x 100 mi ⚡️1 x 83mi ⚡️5x 50mi⚡️ 6x 50k #FITSTRONGFIERCE ⚡️❤️👊🏼 @beam heatherrose20

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Don’t we look sooo scurred 😜 REMINDER❣️❣️ You don’t have to go far ….The weather doesn’t have to be great or good 😂…. To have a grand adventure!! We could have stayed indoors and looking out from our cozy nests ….Been deterred by the gale force winds and intermittent down pours 🌧️ Cuz dayum it was real cold and wet ….. Instead we said …. Bring it Motha’ Nature … we are going to climb the most exposed hillside over the ocean …and see who gets blown away the least 😝 🤘🏼 #iamkoko Life is what YOU make of it …So make it realllll good 👊🏼 Love you @annebpeach , thanks for the laughs, being a good sport , gettin’ wet and muddy and climbing 2 miles/ 1k UP z’ hill in the rain !

Sending iiiit…..Spandex, Tall Socks, Knee Pads, Mud, Sweat , Carbon Steed, Big ol’ SMIIIIIILE 😃 Might not be your thing …but it’s mine 😏 I’ll add… riding past a rider (who’s walking) down a section…who demanded to go ahead of you … Makes me pretty fired up too 😈 Yewwww #seeyasuckah #followmylinebruh 😂 Dayum…I loooooooove to ride 🤘🏼 #iamkoko

💯 % that bisch. #bitchin #iamkoko

Your Energy is your currency …Spend it well, invest it wisely 🖤💫 #iamkoko @maukamel 📸

“Why else are we here if not to live with unreasonable passion for things” - Lezzz Go 👣 🤙🏼 #iamkoko

A girl and her trees 🌲 I have been on this trail hundreds of times…I have taken many (many) pictures of these trees… but this is the first one with me 😊 Fun fact no one probably cares about 😬 I have made up stories about many of my favorite trees on this trail …. From the two best friends 🌲 🌲 on opposites sides of the trail who are now touching from laughing and talking to each other to the elders who make us look up and feel small in the best way…And many more …. This is what happens when you run thousands of miles somewhere 😝 I believe the mountains listen …. I have worked thru so many thoughts….I have experienced joy, sadness, peace, excitement and L❤️ve on these trails … There are no secrets kept…Many things learned and earned…..I feel very lucky for that. I hope everyone finds their “thing”, their place …. If you haven’t, don’t worry, took me 42 years to find mine 🥰 Much Love from me and my mountain, Xoxo, Koko #iamkoko #fitstrongfierce #workharddreambigdocoolshit Thanks for the photo @_tracey_g 🫶🏻

Good Morning you stack of fqn’ sunshine…Rize and Shine 🤘🏼 Self talk sounds different for err’ one …Mine has a lot of swear words (and Yewzzz) 😏 Makes no difference as long as your words are positive aszzz fuqqqqq 🙌🏼 Whether it’s a big effort, doing 20 min when you thought you’d do zero, a stretch, trying something new… Hype yourself UP, Congratulations are in order… You invested in YOU! I’m proud of YOU, hope you are too! Xoxoz, Koko #iamkoko #fitstrongfierce #workharddreambigdocoolshit

2023 was a full send….. Adventure, Big (Huge) Goals, Hardwork, A focus on career, Mental Health and a lot of Joy and Happiness ❤️‍🔥 For 2024 I hope to remain…. positive, curious, adventurous, open minded, to challenge the status quo on what a “rich” life looks like and how a woman (particularly in her late 40’s) lives and acts … I hope to continue to surprise people when they find out a bright color lover, itty bitty bikini wearin’ , smilin’ , laughin’ , easy goin’ chick 🐥 lz a bad aszzzz multi sport endurance athlete with a full time job 🤘🏼 My stats this year - TTL-4,175 miles— 657,919 ft of Vert Run —>2,416 miles- 416,000 ft of vert 📍 Hawaii x 2 📍Japan 📍Yosemite x 3 📍Colorado Springs 📍Aspen 📍Telluride 📍Sedona 📍Ogden 📍Zion 📍Moab Thnx to all who shared some time with me this year … Life is better with all you amazing souls in it ❤️ 2024….. Comin’ in hottttt 🔥🤘🏼 Lezzzzzz GO! —— — #iamkoko #wrokharddreambigdocoolshit #fitstrongfierce #peaceoutpatriarchy

… V. 47 🪩 Mm, she the devil She a bad lil’ bitch, she a rebel She put her foot to the pedal And she not gonna settle —— Makin’ the most of every lap round the sun ☄️ This last one was real f’qn fun 💃🏼 Things I’ve done ages 40-46 ; 1️⃣I quit drinking alcohol (almost 3 years -don’t miss it) 2️⃣Went to therapy; received an anxiety and adhd diagnosis - My life was forever changed for the better 🙏🏼 3️⃣Made a major career/industry switch (it took 2 years of hard work and lots of no’s, to get one big important yes) 4️⃣Ran all my ultra marathons; including An 80 mi, 2x100, 1 x 205, 1 x 240 ad countless 50 mile and 50k’s. 5️⃣Learned to Mountian Bike … New unlocked passion 6️⃣Learned to scramble/climb 14,000 ft tall mountains …. New unlocked Passion 7️⃣Went on my first big solo adventures to run and mountain bike 8️⃣Became a 200 hour certified yoga teacher 9️⃣Became single after 10 years- also became the happiest I’d been in 20 years 😅 🔟Fell in LOVE….with myself and the life I can create Life is for Livin’….You are never too old, it’s not too late 💥 Vivamus, Moriendum Est Lezzzz Go 🤘🏼 Xoxoz, Koko #happybirthdaytome #workgarddreambigdocoolshit #fitstrongfierce

Pinned one on….One last time—- Had to boost those end of year strava stats, yo 😉 50k (actually 32.8 miles) 5k of climbing ….No taper cuz I forgot the race was this weekend 🫣 🤪 Squeezing what fitness I have left from 8 months of training….. Maybe, probably, definitely…..Aggressive 8 weeks out from Moab 240 ….Fitness was there but body didn’t loosen up and show up until mile 22ish..We did real good then 🫠😂 YOLO 💃🏼 🪩 Shoutout to my Momma 🐻….Is there anything better then hearing her voice shouting “GO Heath-ee, I love you “ all over the course ? No. Thanks, Mom … I love you ❤️ It’s officially birthday week for me! So it’s a wrap for racing at 46….And a race wrap for 2023, maybe for awhile…. BIG adventurous planned …Time to go explore, hang off mountains and hurdle myself down trails at high speed 🤘🏼 #iamkoko

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful….And neither do you 🤍 I hope these last few weeks of 2023 are good to you….And you appreciate the things you’ve done. Speak to yourself as you would speak to your friends, your kids, loved ones …. With Love and Pride … Sure you might shake your head at some things but let’s learn from, laugh at and love our imperfect selves and enjoy and be excited about this journey of life . One life …make it a f’qn grrrrrrreat one ❤️ Xoxoz, Koko #iamkoko

Tuesday morning hotel lights … Me and the bun gettin’ it done ✔️ My career is something I am most proud of…My job and the people I work with excite and inspire me…. So while runnin the dreadmill at 6am under florecent lights and beige walls in a hot hotel gym … is not my fave 🫠 …It’s a privilege to do so! Regardless of late nights, all day meetings and lower then average energy…. I get my ass up, as I know how much better I’ll be for my job, my clients, my company…and ME👊🏼 #iamkoko

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