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🏋🏼‍♀️Plant-Powered Trainer @campbyheather Marrying @kelseymstacy in 50 days 🏳️‍🌈 Fashion 👖• Fitness • Food 🍃• My Fiancée 💍 @theknot Influencer 2019

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Today I took my 6th shot of testosterone. 💉 thankful that my vertigo is gone (thanks to Kelsey doing the Epley Maneuver on me 🥴) and I’m back in the gym. Having a workout routine helps with my anxiety and body dysphoria so much 🙏 not to mention it’s a great mental break from work! 💪🧠 stay hydrated friends! 💦 my 1 month on T YouTube video (with progress pics) & weekly recap is uploading to YouTube in just a few minutes! ▶️

Alright I jaw the line at puns about jaw lines 👀 one of my favorite changes so far ☺️ 🏳️‍⚧️

I just want to take a moment to say trans rights are human rights. It’s that simple. Gender-affirming healthcare saves lives, and this message is especially for my young trans siblings in states like Arkansas and Alabama. There are bills being passed into law preventing trans youth from receiving gender-affirming care, and even criminalizing doctors for providing it. This is beyond disturbing; it’s life or death. I’m going to continue using my voice and platform to fight for you, friends. You’re not alone and we, as a community (especially allies - we need your voice and protection!), will continue fighting for you! 🏳️‍⚧️💪 Today was shot day 💉 and I am so thankful (now more than ever) for the healthcare I have access to here in Oregon. Swipe to see what I see when I walk into my doctor’s office. 🥲🙏🏳️‍⚧️✊ New YouTube video is going up tomorrow instead of today! Thanks for being patient and for watching my updates! I’ll be announcing the winner of the custom suit raffle in the video so make sure you’re subscribed to our channel so you don’t miss it. 🤝 link in bio

Me and the pups love having porch time on these gorgeous Spring days! 🌞Smiling ‘cause my name became Facebook official today. ✔️ And then thinking about all of the new plants we’re going to get for the porch and the yummy veggies & herbs we’re going to grow in our farmstand. 🥬🪴 Hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday!

Don’t we just look like Mom and Dad?! 😍 We seriously can’t wait to be parents. I genuinely cannot WAIT to be a Dad and to watch Kels be the most incredible Mom. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦#ClearbluePartner In 2020 we first started trying to get pregnant through ICI (at-home insemination) and tried twice, both unsuccessfully. This led us to find out that Kelsey has hypothyroidism, and after further testing we found out she has Hashimoto’s. With her thyroid not functioning properly and her body literally attacking her thyroid gland, getting pregnant wasn’t possible for us at the time. We didn’t know what to do or how long we should wait to try again. It’s been hard because we are impatient and are ready to be parents right now! So many people share their highlight reels of getting that positive pregnancy test and celebrating every ultrasound and announcement. Which is amazing!! We hope to be able to share those celebratory moments too. But the struggles that so many of us face on our pregnancy journeys, both in the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond, aren’t talked about as much. It’s expensive and can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs. This is #conceivinghood. We have partnered with @clearblue to keep the conversation of conceivinghood open and transparent! It helps to feel less alone on this journey and to know what we are feeling is completely normal. On April 22, Clearblue will honor National Infertility Awareness Week (April 19-25) by hosting an intimate discussion about the truth behind the trying-to-conceive journey, in a safe and supportive environment. Check out my stories to sign up for the virtual event and learn more!

Easter 2021 was ballin’ 🏀✝️ #blessed

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Portland to go for a long walk by the waterfront! 🌸 I’m planning on working on our porch today to clean out the dead plant material from the winter 😬 and get our @lettucegrow farmstand refreshed for new seedlings coming soon. I’m so happy the weather is warming up and we have so much more sunlight! This Saturday I’m sipping on the refreshing @getgruvi Sour Weisse 🍋🍺 with no regrets because it’s crafted to remove the alcohol and it’s only 26 calories! Use our code Pearson15 to save 15% on your online order. 🙌 We keep our fridge stocked with Grüvi! Ps. I got tired of the blonde 🪒 ready to grow out my natural hair a bit! @kenzyleecuts is amazing 🙌 if you’re in Portland check out @takepridebarbershop

***CLOSED*** Hey friends! Remember when @wildwoodcompany created this custom, vegan wedding suit for me in 2019?! 😍 I was so happy to put this on again because I don’t know if it’ll fit me for too much longer. 😉💪 As y’all know, I’ve been selling t-shirts and hoodies to help raise money for my top surgery this year. Thank you to each of you who have purchased a shirt! Seriously every dollar counts. 🙏 I’m so grateful and excited to share this update! I am so excited to tell you that @wildwoodcompany is putting up the experience of having a custom suit (or shirts) made just for you, in their luxurious and inclusive space in Portland, for me to raffle off to help raise money for my top surgery! 😍🏳️‍⚧️ How incredible are they?! If you’d like, I’d even be happy to join the process to help design and style your new attire on site! The value of this custom suit is about $2,300, and since I have about $2,000 left to raise to meet my fundraising goal, this is such an incredible opportunity! ••• 🎟 How to enter the raffle for a custom $2,300 suit: 1. Each raffle ticket is $20; donating in increments of $20, you can enter as many times as you’d like! 2. The “raffle tickets” will be purchased via donation to my Venmo @lukewesleypearson time stamped starting today (on Trans Visibility Day). Simply make your donation and leave a comment like “Wildwood suit raffle 🎟” 3. Once the $2,000 has been raised, I will cut off the raffle tickets and make an announcement, and we will use a random generator to choose the winner! 4. Open to anyone age 18+. Will have to be able to travel to Portland (dates TBD based on your schedule) and be in the @wildwoodcompany studio for custom suit measurements, choosing fabrics, fittings, etc. Travel is not included. 5. Follow @wildwoodcompany and their new gallery @dayinthelifegallery and me of course! 🥰 ••• Thank you to each of you have shown your support in all types of ways for me on this journey. It’s truly so special to have this online community (dare I say FAMILY!) that has shown up for me and loved on me. 🙏🏳️‍⚧️❤️ Can’t wait to see one of y’all get the experience of a custom made suit! The feeling of that is surreal. 😍

One of our favorite times of year in Portland 🌸 the cherry blossoms are so iconic! This is a transformative season for me both figuratively and literally. 🙏 I’m so thankful to be able to document and share these precious and vulnerable moments. Each day I feel more myself than the day before. 🥲 It feels surreal, and I’ve never been happier. I think it’s important to say that I have always been Luke. I’m the same person I’ve always been, I will just now match how I feel on the inside to how I look on the outside. And it’s a beautiful journey with so much [trans] joy to be had. ☺️ Tomorrow is Trans Day of Visibility #TDOV and I am thankful for all of those who came before me and have worked tirelessly to fight for a world that is safe and inclusive for the trans community. In the face of everything that seems to be working against us right now, especially trans youth and trans women of color, to my trans siblings I want you to know I see you and I love you. ❤️🏳️‍⚧️ you are not alone. Whether you are visible or not, you are enough. You are worthy. Your transness is valid. I am aware that I may be the only trans person many people know or follow online, and with that I do feel a sense of responsibility. I hope that you’ll give me grace as I am on this journey and finding my voice within this identity. Im stepping into a privilege that I don’t quite comprehend yet. I won’t always have the words or the emotional bandwidth to speak on every issue facing my trans siblings and me. The violence against the transgender and gender non-conforming communities is horrendous. I hope that anyone who knows me or comes across my page will see me as a person with a heartbeat, with feelings and love to give, with hopes and dreams. That’s how all of us, especially the trans community, want to be seen and treated as. Please don’t demonize something or someone because you don’t understand them. Our differences are what makes the world and human experience so beautiful. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🌏 Just published our weekly recap video on YouTube! Excited to hear your thoughts and what you notice in me. 👀☺️ link in bio 📸: @and_rew_and_you

It feels so good to be back in a gym routine. My body is changing and I’m in love with every micro-change I see! It’s so validating to hear that y’all see it too. 🥰 Exercise and nutrition has always been a huge part of my life and whenever I’m in a funk or have a headache or even need an energy boost, I just lift weights or do yoga for 45-60 min and I feel immediately better! Anyone else love to move their body for a little uplift?! 🧠💪 For over 2 years I’ve been following my workouts with my @detoxorganics Daily Protein shake. Use my code PEARSON to save some $ (I get a little percentage commission too 🙏) 💪🌿 vegan and gluten free of course!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi 👋 I know Kels and I haven’t been posting as much but we want y’all to know we are doing great. 💙 We are grateful for our friends and this online community that has become family over the years! Y’all really go to bat for us and have been so invested in our lives and this journey I am on (and we are on together), so I just want to say a personal thank you to each of you reading this. 🙏 This shirt is from @byplantmanp 🌿 Shout out to my incredible wife @kelseystacypearson who makes me feel so handsome and loved beyond measure. ☺️She’s my best friend and my Queen! She is truly the greatest blessing in my life and I hope everyone has or finds a “Kelsey” to share their life with. 💓 we filmed another update video for YouTube today and will be uploading it later. Talking about all the changes and updates from week 2 on T! 🏳️‍⚧️💉 so make sure you click the link in my bio and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’re not already. 🤟 Luke

It’s #TransVisibilityWeek and I am so proud to be a trans man. 15 days on T 💉🏳️‍⚧️ enjoying every second of this journey. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned and seen changing in me during week 2! It was an incredible week!!! Going to film that for y’all tomorrow and share to our YouTube: Luke and Kelsey Pearson Thank you for being here and for being such an integral part of my journey, and for making sure this is a safe space to share and be me. All of you. ❤️🙏 Love, Luke

one “side effect” of T is I am allllll over Kels allllll the time iykyk 🥵 I mean T or not I am high key obsessed with @kelseystacypearson

Trans rights are human rights. 🏳️‍⚧️ just a reminder that we are human beings with heartbeats and feelings. “Religion is not a weapon to be used against those who are already most vulnerable, those who are marginalized.” Those who use religion against people are misusing religion. Swipe to see the pastor that Kels and I found on TikTok, watched all of his videos, then realized his church is in our city! ✝️🙏 look at his shirt and his rainbow collar! I have struggled with my faith my entire life largely due to knowing I was different and feared not being truly accepted for who I am. I’ve been to churches that say they are accepting of the LGBTQIA+ community or maybe have a rainbow flag outside, but it still left me feeling like they only appeared accepting with the caveat that they hope to change me. 😣 I haven’t talked about my faith on here in what feels like years because I didn’t know a pastor like @adamericksen existed. He has made me feel so seen, heard, and loved just for being me. Not to mention the Black Lives Matter sign hanging behind him as he gives his sermons, and the representation of all types of people in this church. Kels and I have found a church community, albeit virtually right now, and we are just overjoyed. 🥲✨🙏🏳️‍⚧️ If you’re struggling with feeling accepted and loved for who you are, I encourage you to go listen to @adamericksen on TikTok. His videos are so helpful, informative, and rooted in love. Also give @mindfulness_connection a follow because they are pure light and joy! We love hearing you speak Amira! ❤️ #progressivechristianity

1 week on T 💉 just posted our first weekly recap video on YouTube! It’s ~40 min long so get comfy 🤪 thanks for being here and for watching 🙏🏳️‍⚧️ I know so many in the trans community don’t have the resources that I have to get doctors appointments and start testosterone, so I wanted to share something with y’all that has helped me so much. I am so thankful for @getplume helping me get started on T. Plume is a trans and queer-led team of healthcare providers who provide virtual, first-class care, and help remove barriers in gender affirming hormone therapy. 🙌 It’s more affordable and I feel so confident having their help on this journey. Plume is a monthly membership service that includes your labs (checking blood levels every 3-4 months), doctor’s letters (medical letter of support), Rx + supplies* (your membership covers the cost of issuing the Rx but not the medication itself; the medication can cost $5-$50 out of pocket, but some insurances cover most if not all), progress monitoring, and virtual access to care (asking questions to healthcare providers via their app!), plus your initial evaluation video call. 🏳️‍⚧️ YouTube: Luke and Kelsey Pearson TikTok: @lukewesleypearson Venmo (for my top surgery): @lukewesleypearson

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