Christy Venter

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Certified Holistic Health Coach Healthy Snack subscription boxes Healthy Vending in NY

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Weather is warming up which means it’s time to make sure we’re staying hydrated. 💦 These handy on-the-go electrolyte drinks can be added to any water bottle. These are plant-based, with no sugar or artificial ingredients. Perfect to have on hand during these warmer days ahead ☀️

May is for Moon Fruit and bike rides 🚲 Want some new snacks that are out of this world? Your kids will love to try these freeze-dried fruit snacks. Moon Fruit is an essential to your kids' sports bags or lunches as they are sweet, conveniently packaged, and don't contain any bad preservatives, colors, or flavors. These sweet crunchy snacks will leave your kids happy and energized on their bike rides.

Trader Joe’s to the rescue again for dinner. They sure make it easy to have stuff on hand to whip up a quick meal. What are your favorites? I gotta head out there again soon and replenish

Happy Earth Day! Checkout this new product in our subscription box with recyclable packaging (yay for eco-friendly packaging!). These Berry sour bites are a great healthy alternative to any sour candy treat. These yummy organic snacks come packed with bursts of zesty all natural flavors like Raspberry, Cherry, and Blackcurrant. They are 100% gluten free, made from real fruit juices and are completely plant-based, making them extra delicious AND nutritious.

Happy First Day of Spring! It's so nice to hear the birds chirping and see more sunlight. I hope you are able to turn towards the light during these dark times so we can grow and spread some light into the world.

Happy International Women’s Day! We love sharing other women-owned brands that are rocking it! Find yourself craving a sweet treat on the go? It’s a good thing you have B’cuz S’mores Granola Bites in your box, if you haven’t already gobbled it up. These dark chocolate, oats, seeds and marshmallow filled bites are the perfect option for a healthier alternative for fixing that sweet craving. This snack is the perfect fit to curb those late afternoon sugar crashes and are Non-GMO, Plant Based, and Gluten Free. We specifically included these treats in our box because we know it will leave you wanting s’more 😉

If you’re local, the new Bare Blends is now open. Just tried it today and it was worth the wait. So many great options and all can be customized. Can’t wait to try more items off the menu.

Life tends to get in the way as a busy individual, but it's important to make time for yourself to have a filling and delicious meal. Whether you're a busy college student, mother, or on-the-go type individual, these heat and eat bowls are perfect for you. We included these Green Chickpea Superfood bowls to add tons of nutrients to your diet while staying on your productive schedule. With flavors like Kale and Potato, Chipotle Black Bean, and Coconut Lime, you're sure to find these plant based meals super filling and appetizing.

Meal prep Monday. All these jars just need to be shaken and eaten. Makes it easier to grab something healthy when it’s already made and so convenient. We’ve got grab and go green smoothies, kale salads and overnight oats. Love these Ball jars. What else do you use them for? I heard you can do omelets. I want to try that.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you enjoy this day with someone you love. That someone should include yourself. Check out the self-care Valentine’s Day blog post (link in bio).

My daughter made homemade guacamole and some nachos for us for the big game 🥑 We’ve swapped Greek yogurt for sour cream for everything now because we all lovvve it, plus get a little extra protein 👍🏻 The green onions are regrown from a few weeks ago. They’re great to just keep growing on the counter 🌱 Hope you’re enjoying the night! 🏈 #nachos #superbowl #guacamole #snacks #avocado #greekyogurt #greenonions #gamesnacks #biggame #healthier #protein #healthyeats #snacktime

We made it to February! Got some green plants around the house but looking forward to when we get some green outside 🥶 This time of year always makes me crave warm oatmeal. When I’m in a rush, these bars do the trick! What did you think of the bars from last month’s snack box? Would love to hear!

Getting back to some healthy habits after the holidays? We’re loving this innovative snack that tastes like a smoothie on the go. It’s filled with all clean, plant-based ingredients you know and love (and can pronounce) for a natural burst of energy. Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher, Clean Label. No blender or mixing needed for this smoothie. Doesn’t get much more convenient than this. #cleanlabel #cleansmoothie #cleanenergy #vegan #kosher #glutenfree #organic

Cheers to 2022! Hope this new year brings you much happiness and good health. ❤️

My yogurt just felt festive this morning 🎄 Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas already! If you’re still looking for holiday gifts, checkout my healthy holiday gift guide on my website (blog post) or grab a healthy snack box. We are shipping out daily through the holidays. We also had a printable gift certificate to give so that they know goodies are on their way 😉

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