Hawk Eye

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My music blows the whistle and inspires revolutionary action in the hearts of men and women who are tired of being slaves to this Matrix we live in.


In addition to music I am currently building OmniversalMedia.com which will feature "Beneath The Surface" podcasts discussing the workings of the Human Soul, Alien/E.T. Interference, Government Psyops, etc.

And last but not least, here's a novel a wrote.


Location Augusta, GA
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Thank you. HawkEyeTheRapper.net

@soundbirth_appli ty for the highlight

"Incantations" released today on Spotify. HawkEyeTheRapper.net

Pre-Save today https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/hawkeye/mind-kontrol

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Incantations drops 3/1/21 HawkEyeTheRapper.net/Incantations #rap #newmusic #lyrical

Pre-Save my upcoming Single on my website. HawkEyeTheRapper.net/Incantations/ #rap #newmusic #lyrical

#cantstopwontstop #gamestop HawkEyeTheRapper.net

https://youtu.be/YjyUgW6FtBY #cantstopwontstop #gamestop


Hawk Eye vs the Lizard People

Listen to Ashes on the Full Disclosure mixtape. Links are on https://HawkEyeTheRapper.net

The third mixtape of 2020 release 11/11 It is dedicated to the late Dr. Karla Turner


New song coming soon.

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