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My name is Hannah, I am a travel blogger based in Sacramento, CA. I also am an in-house graphic designer and I have lupus. I help inspire women to dream big and travel despite limitations, whether it's health issues, money, or limited vacation!

Location California
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Happy 1st day of fall!! 🍁🎃☕️👻 I’m ready for this heat to be over (but I’m holding on to iced coffee as long as I can). I’m ready for sweaters, boots, pumpkin spice, and of course, my birthday next month. Here are some of the top fall activities to do in Sacramento: 🍁 @applehillofficial for all things apple donuts and cider 🍁 @coolpatch_pumpkins for your pumpkin haul 🍁 leaf peeping everywhere! 🍁 @runtofeedthehungry on Thanksgiving What are your favorite fall activities? #1stdayoffall #happyfallyall🍂 #rtfth #visitsacramento #exploresacramento #sacramento365 #applehill

Don’t even joke about making plans like “we should go here or there” because I WILL start making plans. Anyone else like this? Follow @hannahonhorizon for all things travel humor and luxury travel #travelmemes #ramonaca #travelhumor #girlslovetravel #sandiegocounty #socaltravels

How to spend a day at Pacific Beach in San Diego 🌊 You could spend all day in Pacific Beach, one of San Diego’s hottest spots. We didn’t spend too much time there because it was overcast and because we were tired from exploring all day then going to a concert the day before. I definitely want to go back and try more eateries and rent a bike, but here’s a few things to do: 🌊 walk on the beach (of course) 🌊 stroll through Crystal Pier 🌊 try your hand at fishing 🌊 brunch at @konoscafepb (sooo delicious!!) 🌊 coffee at @betterbuzz Honesty, we haven’t scratched the surface. But we’re looking for any other excuse to come back. You can’t go to San Diego and not visit their beaches! Follow @hannahonhorizon for all things California travel #pacificbeachsandiego #visitsandiego #californiatravel #konoscafe #betterbuzzcoffee #couplestravelgoals #crystalpier

This is in reference to me getting the @southwestair Companion Pass from booking my most recent trip to San Diego. Cecilio and I have to use it from January-March next year and we’re figuring out where to go. I’m thinking we fly in to Tampa to stay in Crystal River to swim with the manatees! Where do you guys go to when you use a Companion Pss? Follow @hannahonhorizon for more travel humor #travelmemes #travelhumor #womenwhotravel #pacificbeachsandiego

Save this for your next trip to San Diego ↗️ 📍 Spruce Street Suspension Bridge Sure, visit the beaches, the zoo, and Gaslamp Quarter, but San Diego also has some cool hidden gems that mostly the locals know about. You can hike below too! Or you can get coffee afterward nearby at Cafe Bassam The bridge sways, so watch your step. And leave no trace please! Follow @hannahonhorizon for more California travel tips #sandiegohiddengems #sandiegogram #sandiegotravel #socaltravels #sprucestreet #visitcalifornia #visitsandiego #exploresandiego

When @travinoescape invited me to stay in their luxury glamping lodge, I was so excited, but then I almost backed out or considered taking an Uber. Why? I’ve never driven on my own in San Diego, and I found out that to get to the lodge, you had to take State Route 67, which was known was the “Slaughterhouse Alley”, killing many passengers and drivers with its narrow and sharp turns. Obviously a nickname like that is going to terrify me. I will say that I took the long way but I couldn’t avoid SR 67. Instead, I drove to Poway to get some essentials at Target then I drove through that mountainous freeway. I realized that it wasn’t that bad and was actually way easier than going to Tahoe. My weekend getaway and me driving all around San Diego was smooth sailing. I felt like a local towards the end of my trip. I got to take these self portraits at @principewinery, which is right next to @travinoescape’s lodges. How often can you say you slept in a vineyard?! Here’s a reminder to get out of your comfort zone. You’ll be so much more confident and you’ll surprise yourself with what you’re capable of. P.S. I’m going to San Diego again for the 2nd weekend in a row, this time with Cecilio. We’re going to go there more often since my SIL lives there, especially if we dogsit @aris.liara.adventures’ cousin 😅😂 I’ve been to San Diego multiple times and there’s so much things on my bucket list, especially crossing the border to go to Mexico! Follow @hannahonhorizon for all things travel #hosted #sandiegocounty #ramonaca #socaltravel #visitsandiego #womenwhotravel #neverstopexploring

Ever wonder what it’s like glamping in a luxurious lodge in a vineyard? I did over the weekend for 2 nights at @travinoescape. It’s located in Ramona, CA, an hour away from San Diego. If you go on the weekend, you can go wine tasting next door at @principewinery or you can call for a private tasting tour 🍷 @travinoescape has 2 lodges called the Malbec and Syrah. I stayed in the Syrah. This has some of the dreamiest decor I’ve ever seen! Perfect for couples and solo travelers, staying at @travinoescape is the perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle. It makes a great day trip from San Diego. You can book for 10% off using my code “Hannah10”. I have the link to their website on my bio. What are you waiting for?! If you can’t stop thinking about it…book it. Happy travels 🤭 #travino #glamping #luxurystay #luxurytravel #ramonaca #sandiegocounty #socal #travelgram

Wanna know how travel photographers have dreamy, vibrant colors in their photos? They edit it with Lightroom! I use Lightroom all the time to add my own presets that I made and I play around with the lighting, colors, and effects. But I still didn’t feel like my photos had that “wow” factor. I found @paige_tingey (her photos are out-of-this-world gorgeous) and watched her whole story highlight on how to edit on Lightroom, even some techniques I didn’t think of! You can download the Lightroom app and use it on your phone or on the desktop. If you have the Adobe Creative Suite it should already be included there! Here is a before and after photo of what I shot at Stanley Park in Vancouver. Let me know if you want more photo tips! Follow @hannahonhorizon for all things travel #stanleypark #yvr #canadatravel #vancouverbc #explorecanada🇨🇦 #travelphotography

Is this the most luxurious hotel in San Francisco? @hyattregencysf has the most gorgeous rooms and suites with views of the Ferry Building and Transamerica Pyramid. One of my favorite parts about the hotel was @eclipsekitchenandbar, the dinner was on point and they made a mean espresso martini for Happy Hour 🍸 There’s also a cable car station right in front so you can explore more of San Francisco’s most popular attractions! Fun fact: @hyattregencysf has been nominated in the @guinnessworldrecords for having the largest hotel lobby in the world! #HyattRegencySF #MatadorCreator #hosted #presstrip #luxurytravel #sanfranciscoworld #bayareabuzz

Because 11 countries may not be a lot to hardcore travelers, but it is for the average person. (Yes I include Philippines where I was born, USA where I’ve lived my whole life, and Vatican) Sometimes I get bogged down about not visiting to as many places as those who visited 30+ countries, but I remember it’s a huge privilege to even travel in the first place and I’m so thankful. Plus I’m about to visit my 12th next month 👀🇯🇵 Especially when not having a US citizenship prevented me from doing so. Also, going to school and dealing with personal health issues. I wanted to travel but I always it was out of reach. Now I want to help those who are interested in traveling. It doesn’t have to be a few thousand miles away abroad; it can be an overnight day trip to a fun destination you’ve always wanted to visit. Follow @hannahonhorizon for more luxury (yet still relatable) travel tips #galerieslafayette #womenwhotravel #paristravel #travelover30 #travelcommunity

Are you struggling to look for footage to add to your reel? As travel content creators, I know it’s not realistic to hop on a plane and revisit a place to shoot. Here are some ideas on what to shoot as footage (or “b-roll”) for your next reel) ✨ the plane by the window seat ✨ you walking to the plane after boarding ✨ waiting at the gate drinking coffee ✨ the view from your room ✨ you trying out the location’s famous food spot ✨ the tourist attraction/landmark, no matter how “overrated” it may be (it’s a tourist attraction for a reason) ✨ a view from your tour bus ✨ hotel amenities (pool, gym, breakfast buffet, towels, etc) ✨ your outdoor activities (hiking, snowboarding, snorkeling) ✨ museum artifacts ✨ you twirling around in happiness excited over visiting a new destination ✨ your hands on your phone using a travel app (showcasing why your audience should use that app) Follow @hannahonhorizon for more travel tips #reelideas #travelcontent #contentideasforsocialmedia #travelreels #scandinavianairlines #trendingideas #womenwhotravel

This couldn’t be any more true! And if you’ve read “Atomic Habits” (I’m reading it right now), the main point is that everyone has goals, but the ones who succeed who show up everyday, even if it’s the tiniest (atomic) task. Tiny tasks done consistently > large tasks done occasionally. That’s what I try to tell myself as I’m growing my IG, TikTok, and blog. I may not need to post something, but I can research trending sounds, hashtags, and strategies. It reminds me of when I was trying to get accepted into the graphic design major in college: it was so competitive and only 40 people got accepted every year through a portfolio review. I had to clean up and work on my portfolio even when I was exhausted and only slept 3-4 hours, and this was right after my dad passed away. So as you’re setting your goals, make sure you follow up. Done is better than none. Whether you’re going to the gym, learning a skill, or starting a side hustle. You got this 💪🏼 #capilanosuspensionbridge #vancouver #yvr #goalsetting #atomichabits #consistencyiskey #showup #progressoverperfection #womenwhotravel #canadatravel

Can’t afford to go to Denmark? Take a trip to Solvang, CA! This Danish town is basically a dupe 😆 that even has a replica of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid! And if you’re wondering…there is smørrebrød (the signature open-faced sandwich) in Solvang! Follow @hannahonhorizon for more travel tips and inspo #traveldupe #dupealert #visitsolvang #visitcopenhagen #denlillehavfrue #californiatravel #usatravel #denmarktravel #hyggelig #affordabletravel #centralcalifornia #exploremore

But seriously…if you’ve been noticing why I haven’t been posting a lot…this is why 😆 As content creators who want to take their craft to the next level and create their dream life from it, it can be disheartening to put your heart and soul into creating videos and blog posts only to get scraps of engagement. Luckily my blog has been growing and getting more views thanks to SEO but I’ve been falling short here on social media, sure it’s part algorithm but then it has be questioning myself. Cecilio has been filming me and helping me, then he wonders why I don’t post and I tell him my concerns and he says “well you’re not gonna get any likes at all if you don’t post”. So if you’re feeling this, you’re not alone. We’re in this together to support and empower each other ❤️ Follow @hannahonhorizon for more travel humor #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscoworld #bayareabuzz #nobhill #travelhumor #travelmemes #travelblogger #travelcontentcreator #womenwhotravel #californiabloggers

What I want to accomplish in 2020

Bad: my dad passing away, me getting bad lupus flares and seizures, our dog Chewy passing away, and both of my grandmas passing away). Although I’m not traveling as much internationally as I’d like, I’d cover local areas about Sacramento and NorCal in general. But more often than not sometimes we are too tired (he works from 6 am-3 pm, I work from 9 am-6 pm) and we resort to getting fast food, takeout, pizza…not good for our inner health especially if we want to lose weight. if we do go back to Europe then Cecilio is definitely going to want to go back to Paris and experience not getting sick so we can have the best of French cuisine.

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