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My name is Hannah, I am a travel blogger based in Sacramento, CA. I also am an in-house graphic designer and I have lupus. I help inspire women to dream big and travel despite limitations, whether it's health issues, money, or limited vacation!

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For your next Europe trip, consider staying in a @motel_one hotel! It’s not what you think of when you picture the barebones motels and inns in the US. It’s 4-star luxury without the hefty price tag. It’s cozy, eclectic without being gaudy. I had an amazing time at @motel_one Copenhagen. I paid around $110/night for this room (I could’ve paid less but I really wanted a room with a view) and had the fluffiest beds, cleanest bathrooms, and delicious breakfasts. Want to read a full review? Check out my latest post…link in bio!

Shoutout to my free walking tour guide who showed us Magstræde, one of the oldest streets in Copenhagen (and is literally 2 minutes away from my hotel!). It was built in the 1520s and has survived Copenhagen’s fires. Today, it’s a picturesque spot near Gammel Strand (a public square lined with buildings by a canal, well-known but not as popular as Nyhavn), and Strøget, the shopping district with one of the longest pedestrian streets in the world. And just around the corner of Magstræde? There’s a coffee shop, @emmerysbutikker (which is actually a Danish chain). I ordered a latte and a julebolle (Danish for Christmas bun). Yup, a lot of places are serving Christmas dishes! Have you been to Copenhagen or any Scandinavian area?

Save for this day trip idea from Copenhagen ↗️ @kronborgslot is an hour north of Copenhagen. You can enjoy the Danish coast while you’re on your way. This is where Shakespeare’s Hamlet takes place. It’s so easy to get lost in every nook and cranny, especially in the dungeons underground. You can also take a 15 minute ferry to Helsingborg, Sweden which is where our @getyourguide tour did on the way to stop to Lund and Malmö!

Finally crossed out country numero 11 🇸🇪 I can say I have visited both countries that start with “Sw” (although the people here are nicer 😝) I so want to visit Stockholm someday and Cecilio says that travel has given me Stockholm Syndrome 😅 Excuse my corny puns 🙄 I love this cute town Lund which is also a university town. You have the campus, the cathedral, and all the shops, cafes and restaurants next to each other. I went on a tour with @getyourguide (not sponsored) a day trip to Kronborg Castle, Lund, and Malmö. Honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of Malmö; too commercial for me. I do highly recommend this tour if you find yourself in Copenhagen!

The best way to get to know a new city is through a free walking tour. I booked a free Copenhagen walking tour which was about 2-3 hours long. We learned about Danish culture, “Hygge culture”, etc and taking this tour helped me find my way around the city easier! We explored Copenhagen’s City Hall, Strøget, Strædet, Christiansborg, Højbro Plads, Gammel Strand, Nyhavn, and Amalienborg. Be sure to safe if you are planning to go to Copenhagen (or any other Scandinavian place) in the future!

Fell in love with Copenhagen within minutes 🥰🇩🇰 This is Nyhavn, one of the most visited areas. I ended up walking here before going to my walking tour group and ended up here again. This is also Copenhagen’s unofficial red light district and where Hans Christian Andersen (who wrote Little Mermaid and Thumbelina) lived. According to my tour guide, Nyhavn has the oldest tattoo shop in the world, @tattoo_ole_nyhavn_17, and was where King Frederik IX got tattooed! Follow along for all things Copenhagen and Scandinavian!

We weren’t feeling like going all out for Halloween this year, so here was a throwback from 2 years ago 👻🎃 I do have costumes of the dogs though that I’ll post later!

What digital nomad? You too could be a full-time employee, part-time travelled for Halloween 👻

Oh Cecilio knows 😂 I have 2 trips left in 2022 and I’m already scheming and dreaming of 2023 trips. That includes local getaways, and domestic and international flights ✈️

Every year, I keep forgetting to buy myself numbered gold balloons, oops 😬 This is 33 🍾 May today be a clean slate for all my goals emotionally, personally, career-wise, financially and spiritually 👍🏼

Because it’s #TravelTuesday and these photos from London showed up on my Facebook memories 3 years ago went Cecilio and I went there, Stonehenge, Bath, and Paris. Now I’ll be going back to Europe in 3 weeks but in another country, can you guess where? Hint: it’s a Scandinavian country 😅 it’s also a late birthday present to myself! This is the view of the London Eye. We did the Champagne experience and I wrote up all about it. If you’re interested in reading the post, go to my link in bio and type “London Eye” or Google “London Eye Champagne Experience” to find the post! 🎡🥂

What I want to accomplish in 2020

Bad: my dad passing away, me getting bad lupus flares and seizures, our dog Chewy passing away, and both of my grandmas passing away). Although I’m not traveling as much internationally as I’d like, I’d cover local areas about Sacramento and NorCal in general. But more often than not sometimes we are too tired (he works from 6 am-3 pm, I work from 9 am-6 pm) and we resort to getting fast food, takeout, pizza…not good for our inner health especially if we want to lose weight. if we do go back to Europe then Cecilio is definitely going to want to go back to Paris and experience not getting sick so we can have the best of French cuisine.

Why you must visit Fairmont San Francisco during the holidays

It’s grander than appears in person, but it turns out that Fairmont San Francisco has a lot more to offer than the Gingerbread House. Fairmont San Francisco is a 5-star hotel located on the Nob Hill neighborhood, where there are also rivaling luxury hotels, art galleries, Michelin-star restaurants and boutiques reside. The Gingerbread House entrance leads you to the upscale Laurel Court Restaurant and Bar, where waiters serve you in elf outfits. It’s an open room with a hot chocolate bar (complete with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and gingerbread!) and a candy bar!

5 magical things to do in San Francisco during the holidays

Yes, Ghirardelli Square is named after Ghirardelli chocolates and there is a ice cream + chocolate shop paying homage to the chocolate company. Winter Walk is a walkway near Union Square where parts of some streets (Grant Avenue between Geary and Post Street and Maiden Lane) are blocked off with fake grass, music performances, movable life-sized ornaments, lights, seats, craft beers and food trucks. Scope out Union Square and skate your heart out You CANNOT go to San Francisco during the holidays and miss out on Union Square. I’m actually going to write up a separate post dedicated to Fairmont Hotel San Francisco because while the Gingerbread House is amazing to look at and visit, there are a numerous amount of activities in the hotel.

Experiencing Christkindlmarkt at Sacramento Turn Verein

Thankfully, my hometown offers a traditional German Christmas Market (also known as Christkindlmarkt or “Christ Child Market” in German). They also offered cheesecake and chocolate cake, but why would you want to go to a traditional German Christmas market and eat desserts you can buy at the grocery store?! No Christmas Market would be complete without Gluehwein (which means “glow wine”), a warm alcoholic beverage spiced with cinnamon, cloves, star anise, citrus zest and vanilla. Even though our Christkindlmarkt pales in comparison to any market in Europe, it was cute and interesting learning about the German Christmas customs and traditions.

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