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My name is Hannah, I am a travel blogger based in Sacramento, CA. I also am an in-house graphic designer and I have lupus. I help inspire women to dream big and travel despite limitations, whether it's health issues, money, or limited vacation!

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10 years of loving you 🐶❤️🐾 and I wish it lasted forever! Happy gotcha day to my baby, Aris 🥲 Swipe to see my first photo with him at @sacramento_spca . I was able to meet him minutes before the shelter closed, and I almost got his next door neighbor, a long-haired chihuahua, instead. But fate brought us together! And of course, I had to give him a celebratory pup cup. #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram #ratterriermix #maltesemix

What a sight to behold 😍🌌 I never thought I would see this Northern Lights here in NorCal. I barely saw it with the naked eye but was able to capture it on camera. I still want to see it dancing in its full glory in Iceland or Norway, one day 🙏🏼 #northernlights2024 #auroraborealis #northernlightsphotos #visitsacramento

Happy Earth Day to everyone 🌎 Thankful for to be able to have visited some beautiful sights in my life. This includes (photo by slide): -Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon -La Bufadora in Ensenada, Mexico -Manatees at Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, Florida -Sandia Mountain in Albuquerque, New Mexico -Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan -Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada -Multnomah Falls in Oregon, -Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii -Commons Beach in Lake Tahoe, California Here’s to celebrating all of God’s creation ☺️ #earthday2024 #travelgram #earthdayeveryday #travelphotography

Reflecting on Good Friday from the @gettymuseum ❤️✝️ Right now until May 19, the Getty Museum in LA has an exhibition called “Blood” with artwork with different themes of blood in the medieval and modern times. A lot of the pieces have Jesus’ crucifixion depicted, so it was only fitting that I showcase these pieces for today for what He has done. I don’t mean to make it about me, but I went through some personal stuff a few months ago (a week before Cecilio and I left to go to Japan!). It took God’s strength to help me get through it and running back to Him, because I was kinda going through the motions of my faith. It shouldn’t have had to take a tragic thing to happen in order to run back to Him but here we are 🙃 If you’re planning to go to LA soon, I can’t recommend the Getty Museum enough, especially if you’re into art. Especially for this exhibition! #gettymuseum #losangeles #losangelestravel #goodfriday2024 #womenwhotravel

Cheers to 7 years of marriage! There is no one I’d do life with 😘 #chsugarforever #7yearanniversary #coupleswhotravel #travelcouple #ensenadamexico

I went to the bar that invented the margarita 🍹 This is @barandaluzriviera, located in Ensenada’s Riviera Cultural Center. It’s also a few blocks away from the cruise port, so whether you’re on an excursion or walking around Ensenada, make sure to stop by! The property was once a luxury hotel where Hollywood stars vacationed to escape the Prohibition laws in the US. Once Prohibition ended, the hotel started declining in popularity, closing down in the 60s and turning into a cultural center in the 70s. Much of the original interiors and tile remains intact. And this is where Bar Andaluz is located, the birthplace of the margarita. It was first served by a bartender in 1948, named after Margarita King, the previous owner of the hotel in the 40s. Could you believe that this large glass was only $6?! That would’ve been at least $15 back in the US 🤯 Next time you’re at Happy Hour ordering some ‘ritas with chips, guac and tacos, you now have this place to thank 🥰 And if you’re not following, follow @hannahonhorizon for all things travel and culture #ensenadamexico🇲🇽 #ensenada #bajacaliforniamexico #margarita #barandaluz #travelgram #travelcreator

Saying hello to new photos! 😍 I had a wonderful time shooting with @yourcreativecounterpart and I’m in love with how these photos turned out. Now I have these for my site, design portfolio and a LinkedIn profile! I think these photos capture my essence (when I’m not traveling, lol). And if you’re new here, let me introduce myself: Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m a travel blogger/content creator/writer and a graphic designer. I live in Sacramento with my husband @cecilioamp and dogs @aris.liara.adventures. I can never start a day without coffee and prayer. Follow along for travel tips from California and beyond!

So you’ve decided you wanted to visit Crystal River, the Manatee Capital of the World. Of course you can’t visit and not swim with the manatees (although they’ll be more sparse in the summer, which is the season for scalloping). What else can you do in this cute not-so-sleepy town? 😍 Attend the @floridamanateefestival (January only for 2 days) 😍 Visit the manatees at Three Sisters Springs 😍 Climb the Temple Mound at Crystal River Archaeological State Park 😍 Cruise down Homosassa River with @riversafarisandgulfcharters 😍 Visit the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park (they have an observatory underground where you can see manatees swimming underwater in the Homosassa River) Be sure to save this for your next Florida trip! #disovercr #crystalriverflorida #visitflorida #threesisterssprings #manateemonday #manatees #manateelove

Happy birthday to my love and other half! Here’s to another year of adventuring (and also being our couch potato selves with the dogs). I love you 😘 and may God keep blessing you always! #shibuyascramblesquare #tokyotravel #japantravel #thisis35 #coupleswhotravel #travelcouple

Looking for a cute date or solo idea in Central Florida? Consider taking a river cruise down Homosassa River! Homosassa is 15 minutes south of Crystal River and an hour North of Tampa. Cecilio and I took this river cruise with @riversafarisandgulfcharters, a sister company of @riverventuresfl (who we went with to swim the manatees). Homosassa Spring’s vibe couldn’t be any more different from Crystal River, as it’s more rustic and nature-y. We saw a ton of birds, fish and a few manatees on the river! The best part? Cecilio and I got this tour all to ourselves, making for an intimate experience while the captain was guiding us! Have you been to Homosassa Springs in Florida? Follow @hannahonhorizon for all things travel #homosassasprings #bananaisland #discovercr #visitflorida #travelblogger

A hidden gem in Florida you don’t want to miss: Crystal River Archaeological State Park! This site is filled with rich history and burial mounds. But the one thing you have to do is climb the temple mound (which is where I am in the first photo and in the next slide). This is where Native Americans in Florida lived for thousands of years. The park is full of trails and trees overlooking the river. The museum/visitors center is pretty cool to visit too, as you can see some of the hunting and building tools along with pottery from the Native Americans. The receptionist said that we might be able to see manatees on the river. We tried looking for them with no luck. Not like we haven’t seen them 3 days in a row 😂 especially because we went here on the same day we swam with them! Follow @hannahonhorizon for travel things! #visitflorida #discovercr #crystalriver #crystalrivernationalwildliferefuge #floridastateparks #wearetravelgirls

What I want to accomplish in 2020

Bad: my dad passing away, me getting bad lupus flares and seizures, our dog Chewy passing away, and both of my grandmas passing away). Although I’m not traveling as much internationally as I’d like, I’d cover local areas about Sacramento and NorCal in general. But more often than not sometimes we are too tired (he works from 6 am-3 pm, I work from 9 am-6 pm) and we resort to getting fast food, takeout, pizza…not good for our inner health especially if we want to lose weight. if we do go back to Europe then Cecilio is definitely going to want to go back to Paris and experience not getting sick so we can have the best of French cuisine.

Why you must visit Fairmont San Francisco during the holidays

It’s grander than appears in person, but it turns out that Fairmont San Francisco has a lot more to offer than the Gingerbread House. Fairmont San Francisco is a 5-star hotel located on the Nob Hill neighborhood, where there are also rivaling luxury hotels, art galleries, Michelin-star restaurants and boutiques reside. The Gingerbread House entrance leads you to the upscale Laurel Court Restaurant and Bar, where waiters serve you in elf outfits. It’s an open room with a hot chocolate bar (complete with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and gingerbread!) and a candy bar!

5 magical things to do in San Francisco during the holidays

Yes, Ghirardelli Square is named after Ghirardelli chocolates and there is a ice cream + chocolate shop paying homage to the chocolate company. Winter Walk is a walkway near Union Square where parts of some streets (Grant Avenue between Geary and Post Street and Maiden Lane) are blocked off with fake grass, music performances, movable life-sized ornaments, lights, seats, craft beers and food trucks. Scope out Union Square and skate your heart out You CANNOT go to San Francisco during the holidays and miss out on Union Square. I’m actually going to write up a separate post dedicated to Fairmont Hotel San Francisco because while the Gingerbread House is amazing to look at and visit, there are a numerous amount of activities in the hotel.

Experiencing Christkindlmarkt at Sacramento Turn Verein

Thankfully, my hometown offers a traditional German Christmas Market (also known as Christkindlmarkt or “Christ Child Market” in German). They also offered cheesecake and chocolate cake, but why would you want to go to a traditional German Christmas market and eat desserts you can buy at the grocery store?! No Christmas Market would be complete without Gluehwein (which means “glow wine”), a warm alcoholic beverage spiced with cinnamon, cloves, star anise, citrus zest and vanilla. Even though our Christkindlmarkt pales in comparison to any market in Europe, it was cute and interesting learning about the German Christmas customs and traditions.

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