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My name is Hannah, I am a travel blogger based in Sacramento, CA. I also am an in-house graphic designer and I have lupus. I help inspire women to dream big and travel despite limitations, whether it's health issues, money, or limited vacation!

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I had to hop on this trend 😝 Sometimes I hide the fact that even despite being a travel creator, I haven’t traveled a lot or have gone to many different countries or states. I know everyone’s situation is different. My mom was a flight attendant in the 80s. She went to Europe multiple times, visited South Korea and Singapore while living in Thailand and Saudi Arabia. We moved to the US from the Philippines before I turned 3 and then my sister was born. Moving the US, my parents focused on making it and providing the best for us, especially because my sister has autism. We still traveled a bit with road trips to Tahoe, Reno and LA! And my first trip to Hawaii was when I was 15. Also moving from the Philippines we had to deal with getting the green card and citizenship so that was another hurdle for being able to travel abroad easier. Even though my country count isn’t as high or impressive as others I’m still determined to see the world and marvel at it. And I’m here to show you that no matter what your circumstances, you’re a traveler. Follow me for more travel content, especially if you’re a “regular person” like me (who hasn’t quit their job to be a digital nomad, and is working 9-5). And click the link in my bio ➡️ click “How to be a Travel Blogger when you haven’t Traveled Much”

Took some shots of this gorgeous Tahoe water while paddleboarding a few weeks ago with the Akaso Brave 4, which is GoPro dupe and I think the photos turned out alright! I still want to get the real deal. I’m still going to take it to Hawaii (which Cecilio and I are going to next week!)

Raise your hand if monkeypox got you freaked out 🙋🏻‍♀️ I will do what I can to help the world heal but it’s just too much to deal with. 2 years worth of the first thing, and now this. Let’s suppress the spread though. I know if/when vaccine rolls out, I’m definitely getting it.

Looking for something to do in Marin County (North of San Francisco)? You’ve got to check out Point Bonita Lighthouse, in the Marin Headlands! Here’s some tips: 🌊 wear good shoes because even though the trail is only 0.5 miles, the first half has a steep incline 🌊 Be careful on the bridge, it shakes 🌊 If you have a nice camera, bring it! I forgot to bring the DSLR and I regret it, I wasn’t able to capture the details or the scenery the way I wanted to!

Have you heard about the @marinemammalrescue in Sausalito? It’s a hospital that takes care of sick, injured, abandoned marine mammals (mainly sea lions but also dolphins and sea otters) until they are strong enough to go back into the ocean. While it’s a hospital, it’s also an attraction for visitors. It’s free to get in through Ticketmaster, but you can also donate $10 (which you should so they can keep doing awesome stuff like this). You have to reserve a time to go in too. It’s educational and you learn about the different kind of sea lions in California, and it’s pretty interactive (like with me touching the skin/fur of a Dead Sea lion which made me kinda sad). If you ever find yourself north of San Francisco, I highly recommend checking out this hidden gem!

A lovely weekend in Marin County (or North Bay, whatever you want to call it), walking to Point Bonita Lighthouse 👍🏼 Who else is frustrated with Instagram’s update? Honestly, I don’t mind doing videos. I’ve actually learned to like them and I have fun doing them. I’ve learned how to do video through work and have applied it through my socials. But I hate how they are suppressing photos too, especially for photographers, especially because I am trying to get back into photography. Even though I know how to do video, not everyone can, wants to or has the time to. Also, as a graphic designer, I make social graphics for my works’ account for our audience (West Sacramento residents), most of which are alerts about city stuff. So I don’t want that suppressed either. Instagram isn’t TikTok and shouldn’t try to be. Whatever. I’m still gonna post pictures (even though yeah I’ll have reels just to continue getting that reach) and I am posting outside the time when I get least engagement, but it is what it is. I still want to grow my feed but with the way the algorithm keeps going I’m gonna try not to stress over it.

Save this post if you’re going to @castatefair ↗️ Here’s what you absolutely need to do: 🎡 eat the classic fair foods, like a corn dog or these delicious cheesy bacon fries 🍟 🎡 petting zoo and feed and groom the farm animals 🎡 stroll around the garden 🎡 go on the sky ride and snap some pretty views of the booths lit up 🎡 go to the @calcannaawards exhibit and get a CBD slushie from @lehuabrands Don’t forget to stay cool! I suggest going in the evening since it won’t be as hot and you get the pretty golden hour sunlight.

Hannah literally on Horizon with the sky ride 😍 The @castatefair is back after 2 years. Here are some highlights, with of course, the funnel cake, petting zoo and a CBD slushie from @lehuabrands (which I actually like better than the wine slushie), from @calcannaawards. I hope they get a permanent spot there 👍🏼 Blog post and a few reels coming soon 🎡🎟 Do you like going to your local state or county fair? What are your favorite things to do?

Because I have to post about Paris every time on Bastille day 😏 If you noticed I tend to repost a lot of old travel photos. I went to Paris in 2013 and 2019. I was planning to travel more but you know…stuff happened in 2020. But now I am ready to take on the world again. Even if I haven’t traveled a lot and have only been to 9 countries (I actually have a post on how to be a travel blogger if you haven’t traveled a lot, go to my link in bio). Cecilio and I got really sick on our last trip and we do want a do-over! But we also want to go to Italy and other countries as well. I’m figuring out how to make it work in 2023 on a budget and limited vacation time. Also if you noticed the 2013 photos are better than the 2019 ones, that’s because I used a DSLR 😅 I want to eventually get a mirrorless camera so I can take high quality photos but not have to lug it around everywhere like I do with the DSLR. This whole travel blogging/content creation thing is making me serious about getting back into photography 📸

Heading to Tahoe soon? Might I recommend Zephyr Cove, one of its many beaches? Save for some tips ↗️ 🌊 There’s a parking lot but it’s reserved for those who are staying in the resort/campgrounds. You will have to park in the street or across the street near the school and fire station. Also, get there really early (I’m talking 9 am or earlier if you can, we went at 11) because parking fills up fast!! 🌊 the water is much colder than you think. Be prepared. I find that it gets slightly warmer in September. It is refreshing though! I wish I could’ve brought my pizza floatie so that I could still dip my feet in. Cecilio was able to swim though. 🌊 we stayed in a shady area that went away real quick. I recommend getting an umbrella or tent to protect you from the sun. The resort is also open to the public to rent out umbrellas or beach chairs. Also, there are rentals for kayaks and paddle boards! (Both of which are great workouts to warm up your body for the cold water) 🌊 the sand is actually really rough, and rocky underwater. Also it gets hot under the sun. I recommend water shoes or sandals at the very least. Happy Lake Days! Follow me for more travel content based on NorCal and beyond!

Had a short but sweet time in Tahoe. We hung out in Zephyr Cove and Heavenly Village for a few hours ☺️ looking forward to going back in a couple weeks and maybe one more time in September! Lake Tahoe is the biggest alpine lake in North America, bordering California and Nevada with little beaches, villages and neighborhoods. It’s a hot destination for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and kayaking, swimming and paddleboarding in the summer. Personally I find the water a little too cold right now so I was only in waist level but I find it warmer in early September!

Dude can’t it wait? 🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s kinda hard celebrating today with everything going on in this country, but I do love Lady Liberty 🗽 check out my post on visiting her and Ellis Island Museum on my stories. Does anyone have plans? I’m taking it easy today and going to my mom’s to eat yummy food 😋

Oh Canada 🇨🇦 I am celebrating you today! Here’s a pic I took at Granville Island in Vancouver a while back. I miss it so much there, I want to so badly go back and visit my relatives there. Sometimes I wonder if Cecilio and I should live there too lol 😂

Am I going to have to run over to SF everytime there’s a heatwave in Sac? It’s going to be high 90s/100s in the next week 🥵 so guess where we’re going to this weekend? I’m in the Alta Plaza Park, which quieter and less known than Mission Dolores but has gorgeous views of the City, and walking distance to Pacific Heights, a neighborhood I love. Here are my recs in Pacific Heights: @chouquetssf for French food 🥐 @saltandstraw ice cream 🍦😋 @browserbooks 📚 @credobeauty for clean beauty 💄 @thesnugsf for cocktails 🍹 (actually haven’t been here but I want to) Hope everyone has a great summer and remember to stay cool 😎

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