Gyasi Williams-Kirtley

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📝 writer 📱 digital strategist 📷 photojournalist - in front and behind the camera

Member Since MAY 26, 2020
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1. My nails are QT. Never getting gel again though. 2. Interview with @theboutwhateverpodcast coming Monday. Thanks @bracemgmt n @eriksoncorniel. 3. Productivity hacks are porn to me. Working from home can be a bitch if home doesn’t feel like work. I made something custom that can help. Link in bio. 4. Don’t I remind you of Missy from @bigmouthnetflix ? 5. Top from @iamgia shades from @sheinofficial

Just made vegan sloppy joes, it feels nice to see snow in nyc, I’m taking calls and sending emails. We good. We blessed. Holidays is gonna be fun af Covid can’t steal my joy. That’s all. Last slide = check my link in bio.

✌🏽 I’m Gyasi and I published a book in honor of my Godmother, icon Marjory Smarth, who passed from breast cancer. The series, now named The Legacy/Last Days Project is an ongoing archive of industry creatives and their thoughts on legacy. To date the photo archive surpasses 200 entries. (I started in 2016) I plan to open up the subject criteria to more and more types of creatives but so far it includes responses from @tylersphotos, @sango_, @thundercatmusic, @yolikegeorge, @djbeverlybond, @atrak, @giannilee, @jakobhetzer, @c.syresmith, @dojacat, @obeygiant, @oshun and a lot more. So many beautiful sentiments from present legends and ones in the making. I’m working on the project more, been pretty quiet about it, but I want to re-introduce myself and my passion project to everyone coming from Clubhouse. I’ll be posted more on the series page @thelastdaysproject if you want to learn more and stay updated on the growing initiative.

🎁 The greatest gift is support. •Productivity hacks are a creatives best friend...that’s why I made these special productivity packs. •My favorite hack is using a timer. Setting 20 or 30 min timers when doing tasks like emailing, organizing, or even learning, REALLY help me to stay on top of HOW much time it really takes for a given task. •It’s how I hold myself accountable. I made sure to add small timers to each one of my large and small productivity packs, along with some other goodies like chargers, mirrors, notebooks, touchscreen pens, candles and so much more. 🛍If you’re looking for the PERFECT gift for the creative/entrepreneur in your life visit my website in my bio ( ✌🏽Limited supply! UP NOW. Ps: Shipping is Free.

More modeling 2021. Claiming it now. A bih can pose, OK! Thanks @season__three @quinntonharris Shot by @seanklingelhoefer hair and makeup: @whittanyrmakeup styling: @friedchilliflake @jaredrayjohnson @juliard___chops cast: @lailawayans @andreleifkivijarvi @yashyoucan

🎡 Hey Google, play Astroworld. @season__three shot 🥾by @seanklingelhoefer hair and makeup: @whittanyrmakeup styling: @friedchilliflake @jaredrayjohnson @juliard___chops cast: @lailawayans @andreleifkivijarvi @yashyoucan

Are you listening to new music/ podcast nowadays? Hopped in a UK music room on CH yesterday and got put on to SO much R&B heat. What’s on your radar? Put me on in the comments.

Me at LATE:30 PM just tryna be great. My imposter syndrome: 🥲 Anyone else super hard on themselves for not knowing how to do something? ( even when it’s your first time trying it) The first law of learning is repetition. Song: WFS - @lesibugrand

Perfect, affordable holiday gifts 4 entrepreneurs dont ex– OOP. Actually they DO. I made it just for you. Link in bio for deets. Limited supply. STORY TIME: In my immediate family we don’t celebrate XMAS. We give gifts on New Years! My parents always gave me gifts that would help me cultivate my talents. Books, stationary, office supplies. I’d always feel super motivated to start a new chapter with fresh supplies. SO, I created a few “productivity packages” with cool things like: - notebooks - chargers - timers - jumbo post it notes - mirrors - colored candles - and more I know it’s hard to find the perfect gift for an entrepreneur that’s cost effective, so I made it easy. The pandemic might keep us from being face to face, but support can still be communicated with a thoughtful gift like this! Help that special person by supporting their creativity and productivity this holiday season. Link in bio for deets. What’s your favorite holiday memories? Comment 🎁 if you think this is a thoughtful idea.

Me being youthful for @me_percent Japan 🇯🇵. Shot by @katharinapoblotzki I’m 22 guys. 😇 Soon I’m going to sign with an agency. It’s coming.

I always got that thang on me.... By “thang” I mean a bag with my notebook, keys, AirPods, chapstick, laptop, extra socks, curling iron, a sandwich, knife and fork, eye drops, glasses and three chargers; making said bag too heavy for 𝘔𝘌 to hold. You nvr know when you’ll need! Somehow, I always forget something though. Do you do this or is it just me? For legal reasons this is a joke and I don’t bring extra stuff on purpose......😗🙃🤓 Cancun - @playboicarti

You ever just be depressed as fuck for 12 days straight and finally say to yourself “bitch take yo ass OUT- the fuk-SIDE.” Maybe not in those words. That’s just my personal inner monologue. 🎯What do you do when you’re feeling down? Give me some suggestions. Me and @snatraraps went to @natural_history_museum for only $10. I feel 23% better. All the space exhibits were closed down(corny) but the other ones were cool. Interesting to see how animals evolve to their environments. Apparently a Blue whales used to live on the land. Is every species just a IOS update of the previous? *hits blunt SENSITIVE.MP3 - @iamcardib

Hey I’m Gya. I’m a journalist, content creator, all around cool girl. There’s a lot of new people here so here’s 11 facts about me... 1) I’ve created content for companies like @afropunk, @vfiles, @nike @hubblecontacts, @ladiesofhiphop. 2) I have great fashion sense because I’ve worked for both @openingceremony and @doverstreetmarketnewyork. I also thrift A LOT. 3) Sometimes I model and have for @kanyewest @flawlessbeauty and @adidasoriginals. 4) I started writing in 2012. I’ve penned for @thefader @massappeal @vsco @highsnobiety @fashionista_com and @paper. 5) I’ve been out the USA twice. First to Japan and second to France and the UK. 6) I’ve self published my first film photo book, The Last Days Project Vol 1. 7) I’m an alumni of @blackgirlsrock where I learned to DJ at 16. 8) I dropped out of @stjohnsuniversity. 9) My favourite song in the world is a three way tie between Wonderwall by Oasis, As by Stevie Wonder or The Whistle Song by Frankie Knuckles. 10) I’m vegan (1year), sometimes I cheat but not often. 11) I have 4 tattoos, I wear glasses and when I was in elementary school I was one of the girls that did a cartwheel-split into the rope on the double dutch team. 12) I wrote my first play for @roundaboutnyc at 16. LOL #tb ⚛️Tell me 3 things about yourself and one about what you do/want to do with your life. GO!

JPG...PNG ..OR TIFF? Thanks for the camera bag @bertaschefashion now I won’t break any of my 3000+ equipment 😅 The removable Velcro pockets are my favourite part.

Get you someone who puts your @iamgia corset back ON sis. If it ain’t that ..boil your phone. Don’t text back. Longest weekend ever but you helped me not die and bang out hella work. No complaints, just “how can I help?” 🥺 #gangshit💯 ilysm @snatraraps are you tired of me yet?

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