Brittany Winters

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Groovy Chiq Blog was created for womankind,natural hair and fashions of today as well as the 60's and 70's. I want to collaborate and reach women around the world, through my words,fashion and graphic design, while incorporating groovy and hippie knowledge and references at the same time. I am groovy chiq because I express my individuality, stand for what matters and am a free spirit. Our society lacks that nowadays and I want to influence women to embrace themselves unapologetically! Please contant me so that I can represent your brand if this resonates with you.

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Twiggy posing with an Olvettti typewriter for an ad. Can't wait to find the perfect one for myself. #groovy #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #groovyfashion #twiggy #1960s #1970s #olivettitypewriter #getinthegroove

Several people are keeping busy while quarantining while others say they are bored out of their minds. I've been able to really focus on my website and blog and plan on getting some reading in soon but something I was planning on purchasing this year is a typewriter. Although, I don't have one yet, I have been utilizing what seems like a dying form of communication, letter writing. So far I have written about 6 letters. I created some diy envelopes and tailored each letter to the relationship I have with each individual. It forces one to be still and disconnect from social media and the world for a moment. It was great and I've been pleased to hear how my friends have enjoyed opening their letters! I'm happy to not only brighten their day but also the only person they probably know that's writing them. I challenge you all to write someone and if I know you dm me your address or email so I can send you a digital letter. Coronovirus is constantly one our minds but let's try something that quiets all the noise. #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #groovy #nostalgia #letters #mail #communication

Dame Lesley Lawson, better known as Twiggy was the modeling and fashion industry icon of the 60's and 70's. She was most famously known for influencing "mod fashion". She was born in the U.K and became a star there and grew fans in America shortly after. Twiggy's pixie cut and big striking eyes is what intrigued the industry the most. #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #groovyfashion #modfashion #twiggy #ukfashion #1970s #1960s #groovy #getinthegroove

Be strong and carry on. #groovychiq #groovychiqblog

Not letting Corona keep me down, but staying prayed up. #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #womankind #womencollaborate #feminism #naturalista #bgm

Meditate and Elevate! #groovychiq #groovychiqblog

Feeling like Janis Joplin, got my kombucha in my hand, ready for the show! @bachelornation #groovychiq #groovychiqblog

I've been a @bachelornation @bachelorabc @bacheloretteabc series fan on and off for years and absolutely love @bachelorinparadise ,the laughs, hopeless romance and even deceit. When I saw the preview for the Listen to Your heart season, I was sold. I hope all of the participants remember this quote during this season and I hope their music makes me dance! #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #listentoyourheart #bachelornation

On the couch waiting for the new season of @thebachelorabctv to start! Listen to your heart edition. If you like music and love, tune in tonight! Image-Janis Joplin somewhere during the 1960's. #bachelorlistentoyourheart #bachelornation #willyouacceptthisrose

Although I'm away from the hotel, I still have my main job I'm reporting to. Everyone out there working hard to accommodate their community residents during these sad times are commended. I know all of you may want to be at home but you are helping someone in need. Medical workers are on the frontlines of it all and I just ask that the Lord cover you all and spreads peace in your hearts and strength in your spirits until we get through this plague. appreciated. #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #medicalworkers #policeofficers #essentialworkers #stateworkers#countyworkers

The coronavirus is affecting our lives in a way that we could have never imagined or have seen in out lifetime. Many have lost their lives, loved one's and jobs. Some are confined to their homes, others still out in the workforce. Many fearful of the unknown and curious of what will happen next. Just know that we are all in this together, try to empathize with those that have been negatively impacted by this and remain as positive as you can start a hobby, get some rest or think about your next move. Also, don't be a jive turkey roaming around town if it's not necessary so we can get back to normal. #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #covi̇d19 #coronavirus #essentialworkers

Did you know that the pineapple is a symbol for hospitality? Next year will make 10 years of me being in the industry. I started with IHG and now work for the @hilton Brand(best in the world). It's going into the second week I haven't been to work due to the corona chaos and I miss my crazy hotel family already! I just want to acknowledge all of the hospitality workers who have been laid off and those who are still working hard during this pandemic. You are appreciated. #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #hospitality #essentialworkers #pineapple

There may have been people I've admired in my life but I've always remembered that I must remain authentically Brittany. Weird, sarcastic, loner, creative, etc.. It's too hard to try and be another, so if you are one that looks to the stars on how look,what to wear, how to act...stop! That's the problem with today's society. Do you, manifest what you want and be the best you can be. That is all. #borninthewronggeneration #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #womankind #iammyownmuse

Loving this groovy Tumblr for my water @jenna_beall . #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #naturalhair #naturalista #camilerosenaturals #juviasplacefoundation #crayoncase

Yesterday was the birthday of the late and great civil rights activist Dr. Maya Angelou. Ladies, always remember the power and strength you have inside. #groovychiq #groovychiqblog #mayaangelou #womankind

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