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happiness by grey, acct by mama tiktok: greyandmama

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Not Grey asking if the li xi has money or snacks 💀🤣 Happy happy Lunar New Year — wishing you a year of great luck, love and health (and lots and lots of snacks)!

When your 6 yr old teaches you ❤️

My absolute favorite thing we’ve done all year — getting permanent bracelets together in London 😭. Grey says he hopes he’ll still have his even when he’s 50hundred60 🥲😅 #greyandmama

#ad It’s December, which means the @imdb Best of 2023 lists are here! 🎉 To celebrate, we made our own Best of 2023 Watchlist using IMDb’s Parents Guide. This guide can be used by all movie/tv goers to gain additional information on titles, while also giving you peace of mind by tracking potentially triggering events in shows/movies. As for our top films this year - it should come as no surprise that our #1 spot goes to Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse, with Barbie coming in a very close second. We also could not get enough of The Super Mario Brothers and Princess Peach 🤣. To see the rest of our Best of 2023 watchlist, check out our link in bio. #mybestof

Grey: “wow, I’m a cute grandpa” 🥲

My boys last week as a 5 yr old and what a beautiful life it’s been together ❤️ #greyandmama

Our second book “What’s in a Dumpling, Grandma” officially launches today and is available everywhere books are sold 😭. We can’t wait for you to read it and daydream about your own favorite childhood meals. Thank you to everyone who has supported our love for food since the beginning — we’re here because of you ❤️. And for those who preordered, use the link in bio to get your free sticker sheet! #greyandmama

#ad It’s a Hocus Pocus 2 themed movie night! We’re using @imdb’s Parents Guide to help us find spooky movies that are kid-appropriate. Consisting of 5 different categories with reviews from other parents in each, you can pick and choose what’s important to you. Happy movie watching! #IMDb

When the vibes are too just good 😎

#ad Somehow my boy is 5 and is going to school 😭, so we’re sending him off with a @KingsHawaiian lunch I know he loves. While I am not ready, he is SO ready and that makes me both happy and sad, but mostly just happy and excited for him. And even though I’m counting down the hours until he’s back home 😅, I’m grateful for the new and very intentional memories - like packing his lunchbox together. I can already tell that King’s Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Slider Buns will be a weekly lunchbox staple, esp since he asked if he can have them for breakfast and dinner as well 🤣. Find more delicious lunchbox sliders made with King's Hawaiian products, visit #kingshawaiian

We have a kindergartener and I am not okay 😭😭😭 #greyandmama

If food could tell a story, it would be about you. It would remember every sacrifice, every heartache, and every ache and pain of working manual jobs just so you could give us our favorite things: homemade soy milk, fermented shrimp, sugar coated coconut shreds for Vietnamese New Year, and of course, bánh bột lọc, or as we’ve always called it our entire lives, bánh lọc. Bánh lọc for every single occasion, every birthday, every holiday, every time we simply asked for it. It would remember the tears you cried from losing dad to cancer, and being left in a country where you didn’t speak the language, having to raise 5 kids entirely on your own. And it would remember the sacrifices you made to get here — traveling on a boat with nothing but 2 photographs of you and dad in your pocket. But it would also remember that food as a love language was enough. That despite what we didn’t have, we never felt without. That every holiday was filled with laughter, and every birthday lit with candles, and every whiff of fish sauce still gets us excited to see what you cooked that day. It would remember that you have shown us love in the most humble and beautiful way possible, simply by asking “have you eaten yet?” Our 2nd children’s book, “What’s in a Dumpling, Grandma” is a love letter to my mother and every labor of love she has ever endured for us. It is such an honor to write this story, to share my same childhood foods with both Grey and Mila, and of course, all of you. We hope this book invites you to remember your own childhood foods and the beautiful memories that come along with them ❤️ Available now for pre-order and officially released on November 7, 2023. Pre-orders will also be sent an exclusive sticker sheet, link in bio 🫶

Hello, old friend. — greyandmama

And when I’m working or on calls, it’s Grey and Rambo both running around the house, playing IronMan and Black Panther, chasing each other and just… playing. Rambo’s at the old house” and we look for him at the old house every time we go back there, which just breaks my heart a thousand times more. I’ve tried to consciously and intentionally make sure that I’m ‘playing’ with Grey any chance I get, even if I’m in the middle of big projects or work calls. I’m excited for so many things this month - Tet (Vietnamese/ Lunar New Year), tons of Valentine’s baking, our fence finally being installed, our SHADES going up lollll, and lots of days off to spend with grandma.

We're home: 12/21/2020 — greyandmama

And then we moved again, to another home subsidized by section 8, where I lived throughout high school and college. Sometimes I wonder if my life would be different if we had just stayed in one place, vs. moving around house after house. I think so much about how I want to raise Grey, how I want him to grow up, the types of experiences I want him to have vs. the type of experiences I want to give to him. I value so much because even though we had little, we had SO MUCH in love and family, so I often feel conflicted about what and how much Grey has.

Christmas memories — greyandmama

Or that there were barely any Christmas gifts under the tree, or that I didn’t go on field trips that required money. When my dad passed away in his 40’s — only 3 weeks after discovering he had lung cancer, I remember our entire family packing up to move from our 3 bedroom house to another house in the low-income side of town. But, every single year, like clockwork, my mom would get all of us a box of Old Dutch chips and wrap them under the tree. And it was beautiful - these perfectly shaped boxes filled the Christmas tree, and no one but us knew that they were just chip boxes.

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