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An outdoor adventure and experiential travel blog that focuses on inspiring, stories, detailed itineraries, and sending the wanderlust vibes through video.

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FOREST THERAPY // Our latest discovery in Markham has been their network of parks that have Forest Therapy or Shinrin Yoku (translates from Japanese to forest bath). I first learned about this in Banff but didn’t realize we had this in our backyard. On a trail such as the Rouge River Trail there are 6 “invitation” signs that invite you to slow down, close your eyes, connect with the surrounding nature, and just breathe and be in your thoughts. This trail is designated a Gift Institute of Forest Therapy (@giftoftheforest) trail and Markham is leading the way in Canada! The first one where we saw this was at Pomona Mills Park and another we still have to visit is Springdale Park and Valley. Have you tried Forest Bathing whether in Markham or in other places? How did you find the experience? #goingawesomeplaces #markham #visitmarkham #localtrails #yorkregion #discoveron #explorecanada

A Guide to Lahaina, Maui

The old Lahaina vibe still lives in the town as you stroll through the historic trail that includes stops at the U. S. Seamen’s Hospital, Pioneer Inn, Lahaina Prison, and Carthaginian 2, a replica of a whaling ship. And lastly, whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or cool down, Local Boys West has the best fluffy shaved ice in town. Another spot I recommend just outside of town is Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop which has seriously the best pies in Hawaii. Boss Frog’s has a store in town and they run amazing catamaran snorkelling tour to Molokini (crescent moon island) and Turtle Town.

THE GRAND COLLECTION // While this is still the original Egyptian Museum in Cairo, much of what you see here will be in the new Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM opening late 2021). While the original museum was certainly showing its age being built in 1902, it certainly wasn’t short on treasures and incredible discoveries. The star of the show of course are King Tutankhamun’s discoveries by Howard Carter in 1922. A majority of larger pieces like the chair, canopic jars, and shrines are mostly out in the item but some of the smaller intricate pieces and the famed golden mask are in a special room where photography isn’t allowed (hence my zoom shot from outside of that room). You can easily spend hours looking closely at all of the incredible workmanship, materials, and imperfections. You definitely need an Egyptologist to walk you through all of the artifacts of the museum and explain, dynasty by dynasty, the stories of each. It’s pretty overwhelming to do in an afternoon but totally worth it. I imagine GEM will be very similar in that regard but better organized, more signage, more spacious. When we went, they had already started packing things up in crates. By now, I can’t imagine much being left at the original museum. If you’re going to Egypt, definitely plan to go after GEM is open. They will be displaying even more artifacts from King Tut’s collection than ever before because they’re centralizing everything from all around the country and have the space for it. #goingawesomeplaces #experienceegypt #egypt #egyptianmuseum #kingtut #cairo #egyptology

Flying Kiwi New Zealand Adventure Bus Tour

Flying Kiwi is as uniquely different as bus tours come and it’s just what you want for New Zealand New Zealand is known for a lot of things The one way we were able to achieve epic moment after moment in New Zealand was with an adventure bus tour company called Flying Kiwi. You’re not going to be able to access this from the bus and in between stops it’s expected you won’t need things in there either. The bottom line is that Flying Kiwi is an excellent way to see New Zealand if you’re the type of traveller like us that enjoys being in the outdoors, travelling with other like-minded companions, want to see a great part of the country, and have an itch for adventure.

407 // I didn’t expect this on our hike. Along the Rouge River Trail is the underpass of Highway 407 where we were able to stop and do a little photoshoot with the narrow slit of lighting and convergence of lines. Beyond this underpass, we were impressed with this hidden trail that features a couple of bridges, forest therapy, a boardwalk, mini-cascades, a golf course, and plenty of bench seating. If you’re looking for something on the east end of Markham, don’t miss this spot! #goingawesomeplaces #markham #visitmarkham #localtrails #yorkregion #discoveron #explorecanada

Top 5 Things To Do from Queenstown, New Zealand

It’s no secret that Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies were filmed in New Zealand but as you look into it further through books such as Ian Brodie’s location guidebook, you quickly learn that most of them were close to Queenstown. While this may not be exactly close to Queenstown, it’s one of those things that you’d feel some serious FOMO if you didn’t go. This isn’t for anyone that’s not interested in doing anything active or on the flip side of things, if you’re looking for a more in-depth kayak experience, this isn’t for you either as you only stay within the cove itself and don’t get to venture out. After all these spots I’ve gone through so far, this one’s the first one in Queenstown proper so while you’re here make sure you take in all the things that might be of interest to you.

SPRING // As things warm up and the ice is thawing, so too is all the wildlife around our local parks. Weekdays have been a great time to break out of our hibernation shell and go for sunset walks 🌅 Where have you been going for your own local daily getaway from home? #goingawesomeplaces #richmondhill #loveyr #yorkregion #discoveron #travellocal

Attraction and Activity Pass

We walked around the streets of the oldest English-settled city in North America, drank beer made from icebergs, rafted the world’s highest tides, took a helicopter tour over one of the most powerful waterfalls in North America, walked under the Northern Lights, watched killer whales jump out of the water, went hiking the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and even flew into the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Must Do Canada Saver Card is a physical plastic card that offers discounts on some of the best things to do in Canada, coast to coast to coast. Whether you’re looking to explore one of the world’s biggest museums in Toronto, take a helicopter flightseeing tour over the Rocky Mountains, go whale-watching in Newfoundland, or go gold-panning in the footsteps of the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon, the Must Do Canada Saver Card has you covered. * Fly over and land on the world’s largest non-polar glacier in the Yukon = 15% off * Go whale watching in Newfoundland = 20% off

PYRAMIDS OF ALL SHAPES // While blown away by the pyramids of Giza, I was even more impressed by the lesser-known pyramids in Saqqara and Dahshur. Swipe to see the Step Pyramid, remnants of a pyramid for King Teti, the Bent Pyramid, and the Red Pyramid. Each one has an incredible story to tell and what you should know is that the Bent Pyramid recently opened up after excavations and research concluded. It’s a bit of a secret but you can take the stairs up that you see and get right into the King’s Chamber. This was arguably an even better experience than the Great Pyramid. Also take a look at the limestone as seen from the platform at the Bent Pyramid. The outer white casing stones are still largely intact to give you an idea of how smooth the surface should be compared to what’s left of the Great Pyramid. #goingawesomeplaces #thisisegypt #ancientegypt #egypttourism #myegypt #stunningegypt #egypt #pyramids #bentpyramid #steppyramid #dahshur #saqqara

INSIDE THE GREAT PYRAMID // When you’re in Giza, not only will you be able to see 3 main pyramids but you’ll also have a chance to go inside to marvel at the engineering feat from the inside. Here’s a look up from the ground level of the massive limestone blocks where visitors line up in a switchback before getting to the entrance. What may not be as obvious is that what looks like the main entrance in the middle is not the way in. You enter through a tunnel just a bit lower and to the right (where that sign is) that was cut into in the 9th century that eventually connects to the ascending passage, Grand Gallery where you see the angled path open up, before reaching the King’s Chamber. There’s not much in the King’s Chamber to see except a sarcophagus made out of hollowed-out granite. What’s impressive is looking up and seeing the 9 slabs of stone weighing 400 tons. While sweating profusely inside, what makes it somewhat breathable inside are the air shafts that have now been outfitted with fans. This whole visit was a crazy rush because you had to move with the crowd, while also dealing with traffic jams in all the passageways but was totally worth it. I imagine this is a lot easier to do now with fewer people visiting. #goingawesomeplaces #thisisegypt #ancientegypt #pyramidsofgiza #egypttourism #myegypt #stunningegyptt #gizapyramids #egypt #pyramids #giza

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