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An outdoor adventure and experiential travel blog that focuses on inspiring, stories, detailed itineraries, and sending the wanderlust vibes through video.

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It looks harder than it is! Mind over matter is key for this. The crazy thing is that I’ve done this a bunch of times but it never gets easier. You just have to remember the auto-belay is there to catch you. STILL, my palms get sweaty, my heads spins, and my mind tells me not to do it EVERY TIME 🤣 Would you do it?? #ad #goingawesomeplaces #thatsmymo #missouriadventure #missouri #visittheusa #unitedstories #travelsouth #theozarks #ozarks

BONNE TERRE MINE // I didn’t exactly have scuba diving on my wish list when planning a trip to the Ozarks. Then I discovered Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri and had to fit it in! It’s an abandoned lead mine, National Historic Site, a billion gallon lake, world’s larger subterranean lake, and a dive site. We did a bit of an accelerated dive but was amazed by how much was left below. The scale of the mine is astounding. Was it an easy dive? For someone with not a lot of cave diving experience, Jim made it really easy to follow. It’s easier in that it’s harder to get distracted here with so few light sources and our focus on the large objects instead of tons of fish everywhere. It was harder in that I felt like I had to really manage my buoyancy more than usual. I think I’m just so used to salt water and in a mine, there’s so much elevation change as well. Regardless, it was a huge accomplishment for me to be able to add this one to the dive log! Full disclosure, I may or may not have broken the drill 😅 Thank you to the amazing team @themineatbonneterre for helping with our film project with @travelsouthusa and @visitmo! Doug, Jim, and Levi, you guys were 🌟🌟🌟 #goingawesomeplaces #visitmo #thatsmymo #missouriadventure #ozarks #ozarkadventure #bonneterremine #cavediving #scubadiving #travelsouth #unitedstories #visittheusa #theozarks

One can’t miss spot in the Ozarks is Elephant Rocks State Park where you’ll find an outcropping of granite boulders scattered all around a small area. Hike the one-mile Braille Trail and make your way up the rocky mound where you’ll see the line of massive boulders that looks like a train of circus elephants - how the park got its name. When you’re up here, you can’t help but have a little fun 😂 — Will at Going Awesome Places #ThatsMyMO

The area in and around Ozark National Scenic Riverways is stunning 🤩. On top of being the first national park area to protect a river system, it’s amazing for floating, exploring its many natural springs, waterfalls, and bluffs. The places featured: 📍 Floating on the Current River with Carr’s Canoe Rental 📍 Pulltite Spring 📍 Alley Mill & Spring 📍 Blue Spring 📍 Rocky Falls 📍 Echo Bluff State Park — Will at Going Awesome Places #ThatsMyMO

WE TIME TRAVELED // We tried Silver Dollar City’s latest ride, Time Traveler and well…you saw what our reaction was like. What we’ll say is that for its immediate 10-story 90 degree drop, 3 inversions, the unpredictable spinning, 2 launches, and going as fast as 50.3mph, it was a smooth ride that didn’t make us nauseous or uncomfortable. Love the steampunk theme and story line as well. Tick tock…are you ready to travel through time and back? We were super impressed with Silver Dollar City. Their rides were awesome, we loved their craftsmen shows, the food was fab, Marvel Cave is a gem, and it was overall just themed so well. We also learned that they also run @dollywood . Think of SDC as the OG park that really started it all. NOTE: POV footage thanks to the SDC team! #ad #goingawesomeplaces #ThatsMyMO #MissouriAdventure #silverdollarcity #explorebranson #themepark #visittheusa #unitedstories #travelsouth #theozarks #ozarks

DOGWOOD & TOP OF THE ROCK // We made it to Missouri! For our first day, we got to visit two of Branson’s star attractions - Dogwood Canyon Nature Park and Top of the Rock Ozarks Heritage Preserve. Today was such a unique way to see the Ozarks. In addition to the gorgeous landscape around us, we had a chance to see wildlife up close, drive golf carts around a canyon, see hidden waterfalls inside a cave, watch a sunset ceremony with bagpipes & firing of a Civil War cannon, and stay in a 5-star glamping tent. What a day! Oh and if you didn’t know, Bass Pro Shops started in Missouri and its founder, Johnny Morris, made it his mission to create a world-class wilderness resort and conservation area. That’s what you see in Dogwood Canyon, Top of the Rock, and Big Cedar Lodge. Here are all the places featured! 📍 Dogwood Canyon - There are a lot of activities available to explore the outdoors here but the one we did was their private wildlife safari. Our highlights were easily the elk, buffalo, and longhorns that we saw up close! 📍Lost Canyon Cave & Nature Trail - Located within Top of the Rock, this is a self-guided paved trail through a canyon. It’s a family-friendly and relaxed way to see the remarkable rock formations that are found in these parts of the Ozarks. You’ll also get to drive into a cave filled with waterfalls (and stop by a Bat Bar to boot 😄) 📍Sunset Ceremony - This is something you can’t miss. Every night, they commemorate the day with a bagpipe performance and the boom of a Civil War cannon at the Top of the Rock. While you’re here, eat at Osage Restaurant - easily the best meal we’ve had overall on this trip. 📍Camp Long Creek - This is an offsite property of Big Cedar Lodge. It’s like a retro summer camp here except the amenities are incredibly lux. We stayed in one of their glamping units and were treated with a fire pit and outdoor tub, and were also surprised to find that it’s equipped with a full-sized bathroom, A/C, and a TV. This is Kim K approved for sure 😂 #ad #goingawesomeplaces #ThatsMyMO #MissouriAdventure #explorebranson #bransonmissouri #bransonmo #branson #visittheusa #unitedstories #travelsouth #theozarks

Unreal MTB // We’re mountain biking newbies but having spent a day exploring the parks, trails, and runs of Bentonville, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this has to be the MTB capital of the world. Alongside traversing the bike-friendly urban streets, here are the 3 places we checked out: 📍 Coler Mountain Bike Preserve 📍 Ledger Building 📍 Slaughter-Pen Trails If you love mountain biking, this is THE PLACE to come to. #goingawesomeplaces #visitarkansas #visitbentonville #bikebentonville #MTBCapital #FindingNWA #NWArk #outintheozarks #ozarkadventure #thenaturalstate #ozarks #beautifularkansas #catchyouatcoler

BUFFALO NATIONAL RIVER // From Ponca, Arkansas, you have access to Buffalo National River, America’s first national river and one of the remaining un-dammed rivers in the lower 48. In a day you can go for a paddle (they call it a float here) on the river where @buffalooutdoorcenter has rentals and a convenient valet service. Along the way, you’ll see bluffs upon bluffs. If you start early enough, you can also fit in the Lost Valley. You’ll be blown away but highlights such as the Natural Bridge, Cob Cave, and Eden Falls. The craziest is at Eden Falls Cave where you’ll need a headlamp to traverse it’s tight cave squeezes and eventually get on all fours before it opens to the hidden waterfalls deep in the cave. It felt like something out of Indians Jones or Lord of the Rings. The Ozark region in Arkansas is full of surprises! #ad #goingawesomeplaces #visitarkansas #FindingNWA #NWArk #outintheozarks #ozarkadventure #thenaturalstate #ozarks #beautifularkansas #ozarkmountainregion #centerofadventure #lostvalley #buffalonationalriver

301 YEARS AGO // So why is the island named Easter Island? Well on Easter Sunday, the Dutch explorer, Jacob Roggeveen, set eyes on the land and it happened to be Easter Sunday in 1722. He gave it the name Paaseiland which is Easter Island. So no, it doesn’t have to do with a magical land of bunnies or any direct connection with the holiday. The local name for the island is Rapa Nui but even that may not have been its original name. It happens to be the earliest record of the name from the local islanders. It’s likely back then, they named different parts of the island but not necessarily the island as a whole. It is the most remote island in the world after all! #goingawesomeplaces #chile #easter #easterisland #rapanui #moai #instarapanui #instachile #chile #visitchile #easterisland🗿#chilegram #visitchile #moais #adventuretravel #polynesia #isladepascua

A Guide to Lahaina, Maui

The old Lahaina vibe still lives in the town as you stroll through the historic trail that includes stops at the U. S. Seamen’s Hospital, Pioneer Inn, Lahaina Prison, and Carthaginian 2, a replica of a whaling ship. And lastly, whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or cool down, Local Boys West has the best fluffy shaved ice in town. Another spot I recommend just outside of town is Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop which has seriously the best pies in Hawaii. Boss Frog’s has a store in town and they run amazing catamaran snorkelling tour to Molokini (crescent moon island) and Turtle Town.

Flying Kiwi New Zealand Adventure Bus Tour

Flying Kiwi is as uniquely different as bus tours come and it’s just what you want for New Zealand New Zealand is known for a lot of things The one way we were able to achieve epic moment after moment in New Zealand was with an adventure bus tour company called Flying Kiwi. You’re not going to be able to access this from the bus and in between stops it’s expected you won’t need things in there either. The bottom line is that Flying Kiwi is an excellent way to see New Zealand if you’re the type of traveller like us that enjoys being in the outdoors, travelling with other like-minded companions, want to see a great part of the country, and have an itch for adventure.

Top 5 Things To Do from Queenstown, New Zealand

It’s no secret that Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies were filmed in New Zealand but as you look into it further through books such as Ian Brodie’s location guidebook, you quickly learn that most of them were close to Queenstown. While this may not be exactly close to Queenstown, it’s one of those things that you’d feel some serious FOMO if you didn’t go. This isn’t for anyone that’s not interested in doing anything active or on the flip side of things, if you’re looking for a more in-depth kayak experience, this isn’t for you either as you only stay within the cove itself and don’t get to venture out. After all these spots I’ve gone through so far, this one’s the first one in Queenstown proper so while you’re here make sure you take in all the things that might be of interest to you.

Attraction and Activity Pass

We walked around the streets of the oldest English-settled city in North America, drank beer made from icebergs, rafted the world’s highest tides, took a helicopter tour over one of the most powerful waterfalls in North America, walked under the Northern Lights, watched killer whales jump out of the water, went hiking the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and even flew into the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Must Do Canada Saver Card is a physical plastic card that offers discounts on some of the best things to do in Canada, coast to coast to coast. Whether you’re looking to explore one of the world’s biggest museums in Toronto, take a helicopter flightseeing tour over the Rocky Mountains, go whale-watching in Newfoundland, or go gold-panning in the footsteps of the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon, the Must Do Canada Saver Card has you covered. * Fly over and land on the world’s largest non-polar glacier in the Yukon = 15% off * Go whale watching in Newfoundland = 20% off

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