Gluten Free Street Gang

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Hi there! My name is Matt, I'm the face behind Gluten Free Street Gang. I started this account as a hobby and have grown it to fill the niche of gluten free, informative, and funny. My greatest happiness with this account comes from showing individuals with restricted diets that they are still able to eat well, travel far, and maintain a high quality of life - while having some fun along the way. I have nearly ten years of experience on a gluten free diet and over three years of working in the gluten free media space. I deeply understand this niche but loyal audience.

I split time between Massachusetts, USA and London, UK. I have worked with brands on both sides of the Atlantic (including Kane's Donuts, Charlie's Table Pizza, Senza Gluten, The Dotted Lime, Keste Pizza, SnackCheesies, and more!) and understand the differences between these two markets.

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the saddest thing about eating a gluten free sandwich is how the sandwich filling just... kinda hangs outside of the bread 🥴 #glutenfreebread #glutenfreesandwich #glutenfreememes #glutenfreeproblems #glutenfreeeats #livingglutenfree #gfree #dietaryrestrictions #celiacmemes #glutenfreestreetgang #glutenfreefollowme

I take my gluten free pasta seriously, and I know how hard it can be to find fresh gluten free pasta that tastes like you’re sitting at a trattoria in Rome. With that in mind, I’m partnering with Charlie’s Table to give away four packages of their pasta of their choice to one winner. Charlie’s Table makes fresh pasta that is both gluten free and kosher in a variety of shapes that are quite difficult to find gluten free pasta in. The textures and flavors are almost indistinguishable from their gluten-filled counterparts. While they’re based in New York, they ship their pasta across the United States (I received it in California and you couldnt even tell it was shipped across the country). You have until 12pm Eastern this Monday (the 30th) to enter! To enter: 1. Like this post 2. Follow my account, @glutenfreestreetgang, and Charlie’s Table @charliestableglutenfree 3. Tag a friend in the comments who needs some gluten free pasta in their life! (1 comment is 1 entry, with no cap on entries!) 4. I’ll give you a bonus entry for sharing the post in your story and tagging me and Charlie’s Table! The fine print: One winner will be chosen after 12pm Eastern on Monday, Jan 30, . The winner must live in the contiguous United States (meaning that unfortunately Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are not eligible). One comment is one entry, with an unlimited cap on entries. The one chosen winner will receive four packages of Charlie’s Table pasta. Good luck! #glutenfree #glutenfreegiveaway #glutenfreepasta #glutenfreediet #glutenfreeitalianfood #celiacdisease #glutenfreeeats #livingglutenfree #glutenfreeblog

As a little treat for surviving the week, I'm bringing you some gluten free lols #glutenfree #glutenfreememes #celiacmemes #glutenfreebread #memesdaily #dietaryrestrictions #foodintolerance #glutenintolerance #celiacdisease #coeliacdisease #glutenfreeblog #glutenfreegang

the internet: a place for random strangers to give the worst unsolicited advice you’ve ever heard in your life 😌 P.S. @myibslife & i are BACK with a NEW EPISODE of Bathroom Break! 🎙 “Is social media the best place for IBS advice?” 💩 link to listen in our bios and stories! long story short: the answer is yes & no 🫠 
• social media has given people with IBS a space to talk about their experiences and raise awareness about Irritable Bowel Syndrome
 • social media creates a place for IBS patients to feel heard, understood and validated • social media DOES give people (including licensed healthcare professionals) the opportunity to share helpful advice on how to cope with and manage IBS symptoms

• social media has given people a space to share advice that might not stem from a credible source and may not be true
 • social media creates a place for influencers and self proclaimed “gut health experts” to advertise supplements, medicines or “treatments" that may not be effective • social media DOES give trolls a chance to tell you that an "All Raw Meat Diet" will cure your IBS

in summary, social media can be a GREAT place for people struggling with IBS to find new Low FODMAP recipes, discover new products, laugh at dank IBS memes from @myibslife and @glutenfreestreetgang & meet others who know exactly what you're going through! just always be cautious of who you're following, take advice only from credible sources and ALWAYS ask your doctor before taking any new supplements or medications!

we’re all in this crazy sh*t together, ya'll -- stay safe out there!💓 you can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Google Podcasts — be sure to click “Subscribe” & “Follow” so you don’t miss future episodes! enjoy, friends! 🧻 #glutenfreememes #glutenfreegang #glutenfreegirl #livingglutenfree #glutenfreepodcast #irritablebowelsyndrome #livingwithibs #stomachproblems #dietaryrestrictions #foodintolerance #glutensensitivity #ibsproblems #ibsmemes

I dare you to find me a gluten free bakery that's more extra than @poshpopbakeshop. Would bet a posh tart on it 😂 if you find yourself in New York, this place is worth a stop. If you've ever been, what did you get that you loved? The ube cheesecake and cinnamon rolls live rent free in my head #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreenewyork #glutenfreenyc #glutenfreeny #glutenfreebakery #glutenfreerestaurant #dedicatedglutenfree #livingglutenfree #glutensensitivity #celiaceats #glutenfreetravel #glutenfreetreats

How is it already Friday? How is it already 2/3 of the way through January? These questions and more will not be answered by this week's tweet and meme dump #glutenfree #glutenfreememes #celiacdisease #coeliacdisease #coeliacuk #livingglutenfree #glutenintolerance #glutenfreefunny #celiacmemes #glutenfreegang #glutenfreeproblems #senzaglutine

Shout out all of my millennials with social anxiety who will search from the menu down to the website code to find mention of the words “gluten free” before they call the restaurant #glutenfree #glutenfreememes #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreeeating #glutenfreefollowme #glutenfreegirl #glutenfreegang #glutenfreeblogger #livingglutenfree

Moral of the story: use points to book the nice seats, don't expect a gourmet meal, but don't be me and go to bed before United's ice cream sundae cart rolls by #glutenfreetravel #glutenfreetraveler #glutenfreeairplanefood #glutenfreefood #glutenfreegirl #glutenfreeblog #glutenintolerance #glutenfreeuk #airplanefood #glutenfreetips #glutenfreegang

Happy #NationalGlutenFreeDay from this gluten free tweet and meme dump to you! #glutenfree #glutenfreememes #glutenfreefood #glutenfreeproblems #glutensensitivity #glutenintolerance #sansgluten #celiacproblems #coeliacproblems #glutenfreegang #glutenfreestreetgang #livingglutenfree

Italy is on another level with their gluten free game. If you weren’t aware, there are 100% gluten free grocery shops around the country selling mostly packaged products and baked goods. I got the chance to see one in Rome, and want to take you on a deep dive on what you can get there. If you're ever in Rome, this is Celiachiamo, they've got a few locations around the city but this is the one closest to Vatican City! -The pasta: I left with multiple bags of this that I snuck onto the plane as a third carry-on… -The frozen section: Tons of Schar products, including puff pastry, and locally made frozen pizzas that looked great -The fresh section: The little cookies were tasty but regretting not getting a cornetto sandwich Have you ever seen a 100% gluten free grocery store? What would be first on your list to get? #glutenfree #glutenfreeitaly #senzaglutineitalia #glutenfreegroceries #glutenfreegroceryhaul #glutenfreerome #senzaglutineroma #glutenfreetravel #glutenfreegirl #glutenfreetraveler

I said what I said 👏 @myibslife & i are BACK with a NEW EPISODE of Bathroom Break! 🎙 “Low points on the Low FODMAP diet” 💩 link to listen in our bios and stories! today, Christine and i are here to talk all about all the low points we’ve experienced during our time on either the Low FODMAP diet or our IBS journeys in general. 

AKA, we're voluntarily trauma dumping our most awkward & embarrassing poop stories to everyone on the internet… again. enjoy!
 you can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Google Podcasts — be sure to click “Subscribe” & “Follow” so you don’t miss future episodes! Our next episode will be out on 1/25 enjoy, friends! 🧻 #lowfodmap #lowfodmapdiet #irritablebowelsyndrome #livingwithibs #livingglutenfree #glutenfreeproblems #dietaryrestrictions #glutenfreediet #glutenfreememes #hotgirlshaveibs #freefrom

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