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Erin Smith was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1981, so she has been eating gluten-free almost her entire life. Erin has a unique perspective of growing up in the gluten-free community. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and gluten-free expertise with others. Erin has embraced her Celiac Disease diagnosis and lives her gluten-free life to the fullest.

Through my two blogs Gluten-Free Fun and Gluten-Free Globetrotter, I have connected with thousands of individuals across the globe. My social media channels for both blogs are quite active, but Instagram and Facebook have the most engagement.

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I am honored to announce that I have been nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award in the inaugural @healthunion Social Health Awards. The endorsement period is open NOW through July 1st. I would love your support via endorsement. To endorse me, please visit the link in my bio!  According to the Social Health Network, this Lifetime Achievement is for "patient leaders are true stars who continue to shine and don't fit into just one category. The Lifetime Achievement Award is for the veteran patient leaders, who after years of advocacy achievements, stand as role models for the entire online health community." If you know me, you know I have been a celiac advocate for close to 20 years and living with celiac disease for even longer. Some of my celiac disease advocacy highlights include:  ⭐ I started writing my first blog in 2007, my Gluten-Free Globetrotter website in 2011, and have maintained an online presence for close to 15 years. ⭐ I have written for multiple magazines including @allergiclivingmag, @delightgfmag, Gluten-Free and More, and Easy Eats, sharing my top gluten-free and celiac travel tips across these publications. ⭐ I was the lead organizer of the NYC Celiac Meetup group for more than a decade, growing the group to more than 2,000 members during my tenure. I also founded the Santa Cruz Celiac group which I ran for 2 years.  ⭐ I have spoken at multiple support group and celiac national conferences including the @generationgf @glutendotorg Teen Summit, the @celiacdiseasefoundation National Conference, @ccaceliac National Conference, the @nourishedfestival, and the Celiac Education Day at NYU Langone Medical Center. Advocating for myself and others with celiac disease is my passion. As someone living with celiac for more than 40 years, it has clearly become my life mission to educate and help as many people as possible through sharing my personal story. Thank you for being here and supporting me as I try support you in your celiac disease journey!  Please visit my profile to endorse me or to nominate me in a different category: #celiacdisease #celiac #celiacadvocate #glutenfreeglobetrotter

Today was heavy. If you are sad, mad, scared, angry, know that you are not alone. It's a very dark day in the history of our country. This was me on May 14th, marching over the Brooklyn Bridge for women's reproductive rights. I am not going to stop marching and fighting like hell to have full rights over my own body. I used to keep politics off my Insta grid and only in my stories and on Twitter. NO MORE. Too much is at stake. Half the country literally lost their personal health freedom today. I feel like we are going back in time. If you've had an abortion, need an abortion, or just need someone to talk or cry to, my DMs are always open. Your stories are safe with me. #womensupportingwomen #womensrights #abortionishealthcare #abortionrights #mybodymychoice #healthcare #womenshealth

Join me for this FREE Gluten-Free Summer Travel Webinar. I can't wait to share with you my top tips on how to navigate your summer travel. TOMORROW! Thursday, June 24, 2022 5:30pm ET FREE!! Register: (link in bio) I am so excited to be a speaker at the Kogan Celiac Center virtual support group tomorrow with my great friend Maureen Basye from @celiaccruise. We are sharing our top gluten-free travel tips and how to stay healthy on your summer vacation. Now that things have opened back up, we want to help you travel the world while living 100% gluten-free. Maureen and I both agree that you should never let celiac disease stop you from seeing the world. This virtual support group, led by Michelle Pasia, MPH, RDN, Program Coordinator of The Kogan Celiac Center, is for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity as well as their loved ones who would like to learn more. It is designed to share and learn about what is new in the gluten-free world through conversation, recipes, tip exchanges and educational presentations. Gluten free is always a family issue so feel free to invite your family members. Advanced online registration is required. Once registered, you will receive a link to the email you register with to join the meeting. You can join with audio and video or audio only. You will need to have access to GoToMeeting, and by joining the meeting you consent to being a part of the virtual support group with audio and video capabilities. #glutenfreeglobetrotter #glutenfreetravel #glutenfreetraveling #celiactravel #travelingwithceliac #travelingtips #celiac #celiacdisease #glutenfree #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreelife #sansgluten #singluten

Only three days until @smorgasburg Williamsburg reopens and I can eat all the arepas and empanadas @vayalococina. Their entire booth is gluten-free and I can walk there from my house. It's a win-win! Check out my post from May where I highlight all of the gluten-free treats you can find at Smorgasburg. In the meantime, I will be dreaming about these gluten-free empanadas tonight. #glutenfreenyc #GlutenFreeGlobetrotter #glutenfreebrooklyn #singluten #arepas #empanadas #glutenfreefood #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreeliving #celiacfood #celiac #whatceliacseat #smorgasburg

It's been six months since my last trip to Mexico. So when I heard there was going to be a show by students from the @calpullimexicandance at the Greenpoint @bklynlibrary, I made sure to go with my son. If we couldn't get to Mexico, let a little bit of 🇲🇽 come to us! The student dancers performed many traditional Mexican dances from across different regions of the country. Despite the blazing sun on the library's rooftop, they were wonderful. The costumes were gorgeous, I've always loved the bright colors of Mexican textiles. My son especially loved the "grito" or calls and shouts during the music. (Tell a 3 year old to tell at a library and he definitely will. 😂) I was super impressed with the show and it made me want to go back to Mexico ASAP! How do you get a "travel fix" without getting on a plane? #glutenfreeglobetrotter #BrooklynLibrary #library #brooklyn #greenpointers #calpullimexicandancecompany #calpulli #queens #mexico #dance

⚠️ Stop what you are doing and get to the brand new @modernbreadandbagel on 14th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue in Manhattan. ⚠️ Still in its soft opening, this second location of the very popular Upper West Side restaurant is open for business with limited hours until the official opening. Open weekdays 8:30-2:30, but the schedule is subject to change. This 100% gluten-free bakery has become a fan favorite in the NYC Celiac community. Real NYC bagels, schmear for days, babka, ruggelach, b&w cookies. You want it, they have it and it's all gluten-free. Live in Los Angeles? They are also opening a location in Woodland Hills!! Run, don't walk, for your gluten-free bagels. I will be back ASAP because this location is *so* much easier for me to get to from North Brooklyn. See you there! 🥯🥯🥯 #glutenfreenyc #GlutenFreeGlobetrotter #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreenewyork #celiac #celiacdisease #whatceliacseat #singluten #senzaglutine #glutenfreebagels #glutenfreebakery #dedicatedglutenfree #singlutennuevayork

🤩 Total gluten-free fan girl moment tonight. 🤩 Finally met up with the delightful Matt from @glutenfreestreetgang after years of following each other and sending DMs across the pond. Matt is kind, humble, funny and authentic, some of my favorite qualities of a human. If you aren't following him, you should be. He lives in London and travels the world gluten-free, of course. Plus, his content is damn funny. Thanks for making time for me in NYC, Matt. I can't wait for your gluten-free croissant tour of Europe. 😘 #glutenfreefriends #glutenfreenyc #glutenfreestreetgang #glutenfree #glutenfreeliving #celiac #coeliac

❌ The bad news is the news of the world is heavy these days and I haven't been inspired to post much. ✅ The good news is that tequila, watermelon, and mint are all naturally gluten-free. I see a summer of watermelon margaritas in my future. 🍉🍹 Thanks @iawalton for a much needed friend-filled afternoon without the kiddos! 😘 #GlutenFreeGlobetrotter #tequila #glutenfreedrinks #whatceliacsdrink #sunnerdrinks #summer #summervibes #summerinthecity #nyc #glutenfree #celiac #celiacdisease

A walk in nature after a heavy week always makes me feel a little lighter. Being with family helps too. How are you taking care of yourself this weekend? #gooutside #naturephoto #longisland #valleystream #green #blue #GlutenFreeGlobetrotter

Guide to Eating Gluten-Free @smorgasburg   This past Sunday, I was invited to explore all of the gluten-free options at Smorgasburg in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I was excited but knew I had to do a lot of homework on the food vendors prior to going. I will share my research tips in another post, but I wanted to share with you the most important part of the day... THE GLUTEN-FREE FOOD.  The great news is that I ate a gluten-free FEAST at Smorgasburg. Based on the responses to my stories on Sunday, many of you were just as surprised as I was to see so many gluten-free options.  Here's what I ate: @duckseasonnyc: Brooklyn Poutine Duck Fat Fries with duck bacon, cheddar sauce, and duck gravy. Fries are made in a dedicated fryer and all gravies are thickened with rice flour. The only gluten in the booth is the duck sauce glaze that goes on the wings. MY FIRST POUTINE EVER! @lupitasnyc: Crispy corn tortilla flautas with chicken, cheese, and potato filling. Gluten-free fryer and only corn tortillas, hand-pressed on site.  @vaqueroelotes: Naturally gluten-free watermelon juice and strawberry lemonade. Just juice. That's it.  @wahgwaannyc: Jamaican-inspired vegan taco with curry cauliflower, chickpeas, coleslaw, and mango chutney. They only use corn tortillas. Stay away from the jerk-seasoned items as they use regular soy sauce in their marinade.  @abruzzonyc: Lamb skewers seasoned with sea salt. Chicken skewers made with EVOO, salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic, and oregano. The only gluten on the menu is one dessert which is nowhere near the grill.  @vayalococina: 100% gluten-free. They have empanadas, arepas, tostones, fries, and so much more. I've eaten here in past years and I will definitely be here again! EMPANADAS! @palenquefood: 100% gluten-free. They have arepas, empanadas, and the BEST yuca fries. They have a BBQ booth right next door which is not GF.  @frubae: 100% gluten-free. Frozen shaved fruit. That's it.  @lastcallmixology: Fresh pressed craft cocktail mixers. Just writing this post made me hungry again! I will be back to feast again. Thanks Smorgasburg! #glutenfreenyc #glutenfree #smorgasburg #GlutenFreeGlobetrotter #glutenfreebrooklyn

I had another delicious weekend thanks to @happytummyasia This past week, Happy Tummy was featuring Galbi (Korean short ribs) and a bunch of BBQ side dishes known as banchan.  Row 1: cucumber salad, how and sour potatoes Row 2: spinach salad and kimchi Row 3: radish salad and the BEST DAMN potato salad I've ever eaten.  This was another great opportunity to try a bunch of food that I've never had before. I don't think I ever even stepped foot into a Korean restaurant. Having a delivery right to my door and being 100% gluten free is a major plus. If you aren't familiar with Happy Tummy Asia, they are a meal delivery service available in and around New York City. All dishes are gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and shellfish-free. All meals are also made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.  Want to try Happy Tummy Asia? Go to: 10% off all orders through the end of May with code:  glutenfreeglobetrotter Not in the Happy Tummy delivery zone yet? Add your name to their mailing list for updates! --- #ad #gifted #glutenfree #glutenfreenyc #glutenfreefood #glutenfreeliving #celiac #celiacdisease #whatceliacseat #celiacfood

✴️GIVEAWAY ALERT✴️ I am super excited to team up with @littlegfchefs on this fun celiac awareness month giveaway. If you don't know this company, you should! Little GF Chefs sells baking kits and mixes, which are all gluten free, allergy friendly and free of artificial dyes. All of their mixes are vegan and every recipe included with the baking kit has a vegan option. Plus, these kits are super cute, creative, and fun. Just check out the Animal Cracker kit I was gifted. I am obsessed with the giraffe cookie cutter! 🦒 The kit comes with 🦒 Graham cracker mix 🦒 3 animal cookie stampers  🦒 Icing sugar mix 🦒 3 different plant-based sanding sugars 🦒 Recipe instructions and detailed ingredients cards.  Check out to see all of the fun baking kits, accessories, and even monthly subscriptions.  Want to make your own Little GF Chefs Animal Crackers? Enter to win! Like this post and tag a friend below. You can even tag yourself!  Follow @glutenfreeglobetrotter and @littlegfchefs. (I will check) Bonus entries: share this post to your stories and tag both accounts. I will choose a winner on Sunday, May 22nd at 8pm EDT. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. US entries only. The kit in this post was gifted to me by Little Chefs. #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiacawarenessmonth #glutenfreegiveaway #glutenfreefriends #glutenfreeliving #celiac

LIVE: Tomorrow (May 17) at 8pm EDT with @mgfkitchen Make sure you are following Michelle to get the LIVE link. Let's chat about dining out with celiac disease: Where to look What to ask Who to trust See you there! -- Reposted from @mgfkitchen *LIVE CHAT* Join me on Tuesday, May 17, at 6:00pm MST, as I chat with Erin from @glutenfreeglobetrotter about her process for vetting a new restaurant! We will learn what she does to ensure that her restaurant of choice is able to accommodate her celiac needs, and hear what the right questions are to ask! Watch on my YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter profiles! Click the “LIVE Chats” button in my profile link. Hope to see you there! #GlutenFree #Celiac #Advocate #MGFKitchen #Foodie #FoodBlogger #Recipes #MGFK #GlutenFreeGlobetrotter #LiveChat #CeliacAwarenessMonth

Today I went to @wavehill in the Bronx for the first time. It was a much needed escape from Brooklyn which I feel like I haven't left in forever. Hearing the woodpeckers and other birds, feeling the wet grass, and taking a deep breath of woodsy air was exactly what I needed. The past few weeks have felt heavy. Just me? Less than 12 miles from our house and still geographically part of NYC, this lush garden in the Bronx allows you to escape to nature. I had never been to Riverdale before but I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful surrounding neighborhood. Definitely not what I think of when I think of the boogie down Bronx. 😂 Do you have a Brooklyn or NYC library card? You can use it via CulturePass to get free tickets to cultural centers such as Wave Hill! This was well worth it. It's beautiful and so peaceful. BTW, No filter needed on any of these photos. It was really humid today and the plants were that green! 💚 #glutenfreeglobetrotter #gooutside #explorepage #explorenyc #wavehill #culturepass #nyc #bronx #nature #naturephoto #gardening #gardendesign #bronxlife #travelblogger #travel #travelgram #staylocal #localtravel #staycation #daycation

What are you doing this weekend? How about attending the @nourishedfestival from the comfort of your home?! Discover new gluten-free products, get coupons, enter giveaways, watch classes & get your shop on! It’s all online & free to attend! Register now: #nourishedfestival #glutenfree #glutenfreeevents #celiacawarenessmonth #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreelife #celiac #celiacdisease

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