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Leslie - Mom to 9 y.o. with Celiac Disease. Navigating the Gluten Free world to find/share the best products. Gluten free advocte and speaker. DM for collabs and speaking opportunities! @siggisdairy ambassador @freshjax ambassador @wanderingbearco ambassador @eatbarelife ambassador

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Even though I could not attend expo west @natprodexpo in Anaheim in person this month, I still love discovering all of the new products that companies send us! Thanks to @gimmeseaweed for #gifting us an assortment of flavors of Roasted Seaweed Snacks! Of course, you can eat them straight out of the package, but I discovered there are also other fun ways to eat them. I mixed them in with tuna, and put them into turkey and hummus wraps.  The flavors are fun like white cheddar and teriyaki! Seaweed is so good for you – it has lots of nutrients – even more vitamin C than oranges and more iron than spinach! #glutenfree #glutenfreefinds #forkyeahfoodies #glutenfreesnacks #seaweed #expowest #Vegan #veganfood #seaweedsnacks #snacktime #superfood #teriyaki #snacking #sustainable #sustainableliving #sustainablefood

Happy 10th Birthday Jax! We are beyond proud of you and all that you have accomplished. You are sweet, caring, funny, smart, loving, adaptable, resilient and an amazing athlete! It has been amazing to watch you grow and to see you become an amazing advocate for Celiac Disease over the last 5 years. We can't wait to watch what you do over the coming years! #glutenfree #glutenfreefinds #celiac #celiacdisease #celiaclife #glutenfreelife #celiacawareness #celiacadvocate #celiackids #10thbirthday #washingtondc #glutenfreephilly #proudparents #happybirthday #forkyeahfoodies

I realized I had one more post from our trip to Italy last summer that I never did about gluten free food in the Venice Airport. In the US, it's pretty difficult to find a safe, gluten free meal at the airport, and we usually bring our own food or eat before the plane ride. If you're lucky you can find some safe snacks at the airport. Well the day before our 9 hour flight home from Venice to Philly, I posted in the Gluten Free Italy Facebook group to see if anyone knew about safe GF food in the Venice Airport. Thankfully someone posted about GF pizza at Briccocafe. Our flight was at 12:15 and they didn't open until 11, but we waited. There was a bit of a language barrier but with the help of another airport worker who was in line for food and helped me translate, I was able to find out that they had mini, frozen, gluten free pre-packaged pizzas that they could make in a microwave in their packaging to keep them safe from cross contact. I ordered 2 pizzas since they were small and thankfully Jax got a filling meal before the long flight (American did offer a GF meal but it was a plain chicken breast and veggies which I doubt Jax would have eaten - would have been fine for an adult - he ate the fruit salad and rice cakes). Briccocafe also had this gluten free snack display with cookies and crackers, and the allergen sign pictured. Lastly, at another snack/newsstand in the Venice airport, they had this pistachio cheesecake marked "Senza Glutine" (Gluten Free) along with a few other flavors as well (I think a chocolate and a mango cheesecake). Again this is all just simply amazing to me as you'd never find this in an American airport! Also including a picture of what it’s like, pulling into the Venice airport on a boat, and pictures of the American airlines GF meals from our flights to and from Italy. #glutenfree #glutenfreefinds #glutenfreetravel #celiac #celiactravel #celiaclife #celiacdisease #glutenfreelife #italy #glutenfreeitaly #senzaglutine #venice #venezia #glutenfreevenice #veniceairport #airportfood #glutenfreepizza #allergyfriendly #senzaglutine #forkyeahfoodies

For those of you who struggle with label reading given the voluntary labeling of Gluten in the U.S. and for those who have questioned how to best refer to your child's Celiac (i.e., food allergy, auto-immune disease) and Gluten (i.e. food allergen), I want to share Celiac Journey's latest research. Biomedically, conversationally and legally, it's time for regulators, scientists, doctors, consumers and the food allergy community (even including the Celiac community) to stop gaslighting Gluten as a second class food allergen and Celiac as not a food allergy when it comes to consumer protection with labeling Gluten as a Major Food Allergen in the US. Our policy objective is in alignment with the conclusions of the 2021 Expert Consultation from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and World Health Organization (chaired by the FDA's Dr. Lauren Jackson) and how 85 other countries label Gluten as a Major Food Allergen to provide consumer protection for Celiacs. For more information, see the full blog post at #glutenfree #glutenfreefinds #celiacjourney #gluten #foodallergen #foodallergy #celiac #celiacdisease #foodallergies #autoimmunedisease

Something about @jovyfruitroll brings me back to the fruit rolls of my childhood. Except these flavors are much more fun. Of course there is the traditional grape and strawberry. But then there are fun flavors like mango, pineapple and apricot! You can buy them on @amazon in single flavor packs or variety packs! Perfect for packing in school lunches or for an anytime snack! #glutenfree #glutenfreefinds #glutenfreefood #glutenfreesnacks #snacks #fruitroll #forkyeahfoodies #fruitrollup #fruitrollups #kidsnacks #schoolsnack #fruitsnack #snackideas #celiac #celiackids #celiacsnacks #celiaclife #glutenfreelife

I have been hearing about @generaltsaoshouse on Sansom St. in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philadelphia for a few months now - a relatively new Chinese restaurant that can make most of their menu GF! Jax has not had Chinese food since we were in San Francisco in 2021. I love for him to be able to try new types of foods, and so last night was the perfect opportunity. We decided to get takeout and my husband went to the restaurant and talked to the owner and got all the details. Most items are made with rice flour, rice noodles, etc. You can even get items like spring rolls made GF. These aren't the prettiest pictures of the food because we were pretty hungry after a long day of school and soccer practice so we wanted to eat! But here is what we ordered: - Chicken fried rice - Chicken lo mein - Vegetable spring rolls - General Tsao's chicken, a lightly breaded chicken dish (made with rice flour) which is kind of like sweet and sour chicken except they call it sweet and spicy. Everything was delicous and I am so excited to find this gem! The inside of the restaurant is beautiful by the way! I also love how everything on our receipt was marked gluten free! Highly recommend! #glutenfree #glutenfreefinds #forkyeahfoodies #chinesefood #rittenhousesquare #glutenfreefood #glutenfreelomein #lomein #friedrice #glutenfreephilly #glutenfreedinner #glutenfreefoodie #glutenfreechinesefood #philly #glutenfreeliving #celiac #celiaclife #celiacliving #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeeats

Have you tried @spudsyfoods sweet potato snacks? Made from "upcycled" sweet potatoes with minor imperfections, they are turned into delicious snacks - fries and puffs - in delicious flavors and they're gluten free, vegan and kosher too. Jax's favorite flavor is the Cinnamon Churro puffs, and I really like the Cheezy Cheddar (which does not have dairy). They're kind of addicting! Other flavors include Hot Fry, Zesty Ranch, Sour Cream & Onion and Sea Salt. You an find them at @wholefoods @sprouts @cvspharmacy and more. Check their web site for the store locator. #glutenfree #glutenfreefinds #glutenfreesnacks #vegan #nongmo #kosher #veganfinds #vegansnacks #forkyeahfoodies #dairyfree #plantbased #grainfree #celiac #celiacdisease #celiaclife #glutenfreelife #healthysnacks #glutenfreefood #sweetpotatoes #upcycled #allergenfriendly is a line of cooking oils from @bravotopchef contestant @brianmalarkey There are 3 different blends, each with a different purpose - one for cooking, one for blending and one for finishing. I discovered these through Expo West @natprodexpo which is about to take place in Anaheim next week, and they #gifted me a set of the oils. They came with a mini recipe book, and in the breakfast section a recipe popped out at me for Birthday Cake Overnight Oats using the Blending Oil! So that's what I made! The topping for the overnight oats was made by melting white chocolate (I used @enjoylifefoods white chocolate chips) with the Blending Oil, then topping the oats with the white chocolate and some sprinkles, and putting in the freezer for 10 minutes before eating. I really had to be patient for this breakfast! So fun and delicious! I am reallly excited to try the other oils and check out more recipes! #glutenfree #glutenfreefinds #brianmalarkey #bravotopchef #forkyeahfoodies #expowest #topchef #chefslife #foodnetwork #overnightoats #glutenfreeoats #sprinkles #breakfast #breakfasticeas #breakfastrecipes #glutenfreebreakfast #glutenfreefood #oats #oatmeal

Jax recently tried @chickfila fries for the 1st time and loved them! I know it's hard to believe. But a Chick-fil-a just opened less than 10 minutes from our house (ironically in the old location of our favorite @cpk that closed during Covid) and we were able to go in and speak to the manager who said he would take care of making the fries himself in a dedicated fryer with new gloves, etc. for Jax. We've gotten them twice now and he has been pretty excited and eaten every last crumb! Now we have to try the grilled chicken next! Baby steps... #glutenfree #glutenfreefinds #fries #glutenfreefries #dedicatedfryer #chickfila #chickfilafries #wafflefries #forkyeahfoodies #celiac #celiacdisease #celiaclife #celiackids #glutenfreelife

One place on our Washington DC to do list has been @risebakerygf in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. This time we got it delivered to our hotel for breakfast via @ubereats We got chocolate croissants, a cinnamon roll and a bagel. All super yummy. Definitely would have been better if we had a microwave and toaster to heat them up! Jax was definitely in heaven! #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #glutenfreefinds #glutenfreebakery #glutenfreecroissant #glutenfreecinnamonrolls #glutenfreebagel #bagels #croissant #cinnamonrolls #glutenfreedc #glutenfreetravel #celiactravel #celiac #celiacdisease

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