Karen A Carlson

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I'm a German American girl who grew up with a foot in each world. I'd love to share some of my experiences and favorite German things with you!

Location San Luis Obispo, California
Member Since APRIL 18, 2019
Social Audience 90K
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Crazy and amazing score at @slowineandbeerco ... It's our 2019 beer tour, without a plane ticket! Ayinger, Weltenburger, Kloster Andechs, @schlenkerla1405, even a brew Kevin had in Seiffen! Perfect for @webtoberfest ! #oktoberfest🍻 #webtoberfest #fest #festingathome #germanbeer #germanbeers #beertour #beermba #oktoberfest

Your Local Friend Live Virtual Tours of Christmas in Munich!

You can still take the whole family and a bunch of your friends on a LIVE (Virtual) Tour of Munich with Your Local Friend! Your Local Friend Munich will give you a private tour... for you, your friends, your family, your co-workers, anyone you would like to take along. Their system is set up to take your whole group, no extra software or special tools needed. They are both experienced guides who clearly love Munich, and love showing their city off.

Why bake when you can order a fabulous tin of German Christmas Cookies? And wouldn't this be a delightful gift for anyone with a sweet tooth? You get 31 buttery rich cookies loaded with nuts, jam and spices. These wonderful treats come from @silkes_cookies. Find them through their link, or on the German Christmas Cookies page on my website. Https://germangirlinamerica.com/german-christmas-cookies/ #cookies #christmascookies #sponsored #germancookies #germanchristmas #yum #holiday #christmasgift #baking #ilovecookies

“Effigy: Poison and the City”

Recently, I was asked to screen the German film “Effigy: Poison and the City” directed by Udo Flohr. Cato Böhmer played by Elisa Thiemann, is a young legal assistant who went against societies expectations to work in Law. Fraulein Böhmer proves her worth, and when a local official brings an accusation of possible arsenic poisoning to Senator Droste’s office, they must investigate. The movie Effigy” Poison and the City” is not a quick action film.

Recording the interview for the Schlenkerla tasting with Matthias Trum for @webtoberfest . A little smoked beer Frühschoppen! #webtoberfest #schlenkerla #smokedbeer #frühschoppen #longdistancedrinking #tasting #beertasting #oktoberfest🍻

Weihnachtspunsch Recipe -German Christmas Punch

Since last Winter I’ve tried a few different recipes for Weihnachtspunsch, (tough job, I know). At first glance, the ingredients seemed odd… Chocolate and Marzipan in a wine drink? You will find Wine based drinks, Eierlikor based drinks, Juice based drinks, and even non-alcoholic punches. How to make Weihnachtspunch or German Christmas Punch Let Melt, then continue to stir for another minute Add the Chocolate and Marzipan-

Weihnachtspunsch or German Christmas Punch is rich with the flavors of Christmas! Wine, citrus, spices AND the seemingly crazy addition of Chocolate and Marzipan! It totally works! And, fair warning, it can sneak up on you. Find the recipe on my homepage www.GermanGirlinAmerica.com #christmaspunch #weihnachtspunsch #christmasdrinks #mulledwine #holidaydrinks #germanrecipes #germandrinks #christmasmarkets #germanchristmas #esduftetnachweihnachten #smellslikechristmas

German Side Dish Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner

When I was growing up, my mother never made the traditional American Thanksgiving meal of big roast Turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, etc. Still, after being married to an American, I learned to make the American meal, and incorporate a few German side dish ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner. You may not get out of putting marshmallows on sweet potatoes (I still don’t care much for that), but you can bring some delicious German foods to the table that won’t look so strange (and will compliment the Turkey very well). Käse Spätzle Macaroni and Cheese is as American as Thomas Jefferson, but you can switch things up a little with Käse Spätzle!

Krampus Gifts! Because who.doesnt have someone on their naughty list? Check out this fun list of Krampus gifts at my new Christmas Market!! Krampus night is December 5!! www.GermanGirlinAmerica.com/GermanChriatmasMarket/ #krampus #krampusnacht #krampusnight #christmas #christmasmarkets #germanchristmasmarket #christmasdecor #christmasmarketonline

Kaiserschmarrn... The kaiser's favorite dessert! Served with a plum fig compote (because that's what was in the fruit bowl) Head to my website to learn how to make this delicious scrambled pancake. Www.germangirlinamerica.com #germanrecipe #germandessert #kaiserschmarrn #germancooking #germanfoodamericankitchen #dessert #oktoberfestfood

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