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Producer/Songwriter/ Streamer

Manager for Eunice Janine and Trynket

San Diego Based Filipino American

Location San Diego, CA CA
Country United States of America
Member Since OCTOBER 24, 2021
Social Audience 7K
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geohgetthatwrk 5K Last Month Last 3 Months
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Got another placement on THE LOVE EXPERIMENT, this song is SCREW IT by @nykeepofficial , written by her & @carolanmusic , and produced by me. Big that's to @tamarabubble at @forgoodnesssync for the placement!

I swear I'm getting better at putting out music, I'm just trying to see if there's even an audience for it, especially since I cross alot of genres. Here's a record I did with @mayalamayamusic when I was feeling really low in my Journey, called DEATH OF SOMETHING GREAT. When I made this, I was convinced I screwed up something so bad that was the end of the best thing I had going, when in fact, it was just beginning. I wanna try something different. Does this song sound like something you like? Click the link in my bio and leave a tip! If I make more than $10, I'll drop the full so g on Spotify, AND I'll send you a link of the unreleased song! THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYBODY WHO BELIEVES IN ME WHEN I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF!

Some of the songs we've been doing during our Sync Collab Sessions, which one should we release first? Wanna come to a session? Click the link in my bio and click the SERVICES & EVENTS button, and scroll down to the next event date!

What a whirlwind month, that still not over, but proud of everything so far, @eunicejaninemusic! ! New Music on the way via @hrdrv of course! Thank you to @euniverse.official for all the constant support, @ditsession for being the best nanay, @kumuph @rollypollylovesyou @jamesrumohr for all the opportunities, and of course @mickeyshiloh and @jhnywzdm for the steadfast guidance, all the wisdom you both empart helps up through everything.

You've gone so far, and have just begun, but I'm SO proud of you. @eunicejaninemusic keep going/growing.

We did it. I know that this was one of the things you told me you wanted to make possible 3 years ago, and we did it. I am SOO proud of you @eunicejaninemusic , and you earned every good thing that has happened and is currently happening to you. S/o to your fans @euniverse.official and of course your mom @ditsession for raising such a little firecracker. Thanks to both @djkoolaidjim and @itssimoncos at @wishusaofficial for making this happen, and @jamesrumohr and @rollypollylovesyou at @kumuph for developinga platform she can grow her fanbase on, and @djrockyrock for helping her grow on that platform. And of course, none of these posts would be anything without a special thanks to @mickeyshiloh , @jhnywzdm and @hrdrv for everything you do for the both of us to this DAY. Here's to more songs and more milestones! Watch this performance on YOUTUBE on the @wishusaofficial channel!

Shout to all the people who make up the pieces of the person I became.

If I make at least one of your dreams come true, I'm playing w House money at this point. So proud of everything you've accomplished so far @eunicejaninemusic , and we've just started. S/o to everyone that helped you get there as well @euniverse.official @ditsession , and can't say thank you w/o @hrdrv @jhnywzdm @mickeyshiloh

It was fun having you at @48vmusicclub for the week @eunicejaninemusic . Peak @hrdrv for sure

During a @hrdrv collab I make this beat w a @davemarxmusic loop and @vynzanity added guitar while visiting @48vmusicclub , so I decided to record a hook while recording my process. I should take the advice I dole out alot more, I wonder what this will turn into. What do you think?

This always made me happy, and I'm pretty sure it always will. I've been trying to figure out who I am without all this. I've got my whole life, so I'm not in a rush, but for better or worse, this is what I do.

SO PROUD OF YOUR NEW SONG @eunicejaninemusic ! Not quite new to us though, since you wrote it a while ago in Ireland, I'm so amazed to hear the transformation, not of of the song, but of as you the Artist. Keep killing it w your whole support system, your Mom, your fans, @hrdrv and of course me to always cheer you on and keep you grounded. S/o to @bauhaus.artists for the release!

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