Genavieve Jaffe

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hi! I'm Gena ("Jenna"). A mom of two miracles conceived via reciprocal IVF, member of the LGBTQ+ community, mental health advocate and lover of coffee + shopping.

i am also the Founder of connecting rainbows, an organization that connects members of the LGBTQIA+ community with family formation lawyers and fertility clinics to help start, grow and protect their family

I've worked with some large brands including Amazon, Old Navy, eBay, Vistaprint and more!

Location Philadelphia, PA
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that good energy ⚡ #ad w️e are halfway through our @purinaone_us 28 day challenge and we have seen such a difference in Blue’s energy! this boy only wanted to play at night once we were going to bed - he would drag his toys upstairs and we were like it’s bedtime!!! but now, he’s wanting to play more during the day, which has been so fun! it also goes to show that the nutrients are actually working and absorbing in his body. can’t wait to see how the next few weeks (and beyond!) go. you can still join our challenge and find out your pet’s specific formula by visiting the link in my bio and shopping @target. #PurinaONEPartner #ragdolls #ragdollcat #weeklyfluff #catlifestyle #meowstagram

55 months nursing 18 months pregnant 100s of fertility needles women’s bodies are incredible. we create life. we sustain life. 3+ years strong nursing our final baby. bittersweet knowing our time will soon be ending but grateful for all we’ve done. happy #worldbreastfeedingweek (a day late bc life)! giving myself a pat on the back bc i never give myself enough credit. which is your fav pic? so glad i thought to capture so many of these over the years! 🤍 📷 @moodsofmotherhoodphoto @rachelbetson_photo @alldolledupphotography

but really … how??? 😂

i was CLUELESS until i went to law school and met a bunch of lesbians. looking back, i did love to sneak printing out pictures of Neve Campbell + Shiri Appleby in middle school computer class … 😂 how old were you when you realized you weren’t straight?

IKEA PAX CLOSET! a labor of love and learning curve that had us demo a wall, rip out and replace floor planks, drywall + more! how we did it: MEASURE!! i wanted floor to ceiling closets, so i went with: 3 x 19 5/8 x 92 7/8 Pax frames Grimo doors 2 closets have clothes rail and the other has shelves total: $867 the 3 units fit PERFECTLY side by side - maybe 1/8” to spare. i had to build a platform underneath to have room for baseboard and to have the closet go higher to the ceiling. the closet frame was not load bearing, so we were able to just take it all down. then we had to drywall a bit where the closet would show. this wasn’t a super difficult project but a lot more work than we originally expected!!! that said - it is exactly what i wanted!! makes the entryway look way taller and the space is much more functional!! def considering something for our master closet to make it more functional as well! a blog post is planned! would you try this??

WORLD IVF DAY 🧬 i don’t share DNA with my babies. while i carried them both, they are from @jordanajaffe’s eggs and the same donor sperm. i definitely worried about the connection i may feel as I always dreamed of having a child that looked like me. or that i could say - oh, they got that from me. but let me tell you - none of that matters. raising a child is what makes you a parent (in the verb sense). having a child with your eyes or traits doesn’t make you feel more connected. being there for every moment does. so grateful for the advancements in science that allowed us to have our babies. i couldn’t love them more if i tried! did you know reciprocal IVF was a thing?? 🌈

Anyone who has a pet knows they are family. #ad and we always want what’s best for them. That’s why Blue + I are taking Purina ONE®’s 28 Day Challenge to a healthier cat. From healthy energy and a shiny coat to bright eyes and strong muscles, you can see a visibly healthier pet in 28 days or less. we’re looking for Blue to have a bit more energy during the day (mr dude only wants to play when it’s time for us to go to bed!). sign up for the challenge with the link in my bio and receive a $5 coupon to shop Purina ONE® at @target. whos’ in with us?? #PurinaONEPartner

The Need for “Confirmatory” Adoptions for LGBTQ+ Parents

In most states, the process through which a nonbiological and/or non-gestational parent confirms their parental rights follows the same court procedure used for “stepparent adoptions” for married couples or “second-parent adoptions” for unmarried couples. Although not a legal term, I and others may refer to these adoptions as “confirmatory adoptions” because it more accurately describes the process through which a nonbiological and/or non-gestational parent can confirm their parental rights to a child born to their spouse or partner. I have been involved in too many custody cases where a parent’s rights are challenged, even where their name is on the birth certificate, because they do not have a biological connection to their child and have not adopted their child. While there are many emotions connected with these adoptions, as an attorney and queer parent, I celebrate that there is a process through which parental rights can be confirmed whether we call it “stepparent adoption”, “second-parent adoption”, “confirmatory adoption” or something else.

Bigelow Tea®: cozy in a cup

All of Bigelow Tea’s herbs are considered safe for all people. And with the year we all had in 2020, a hot cup of tea gave us a moment of comfort, a warm hug we were all craving, and a little piece of wellness in our own home. The family members are involved in every single step of the process: creating flavors, buying ingredients, and testing raw materials! The company also has strong ethical business practices – giving back to the local community, national causes, and protecting our environment by continually striving to improve the environmental responsiveness of their packaging.

“but I’m on the birth certificate”: why same sex couples should adopt their kids

but I’m on the birth certificate”: why same sex couples should adopt their kids Dear Lesbian Mamas and Trans Papas and Nonbinary Parents who did not carry their children Talk to your local family formation lawyer (or reach out to Gena or me to help you find one). For example – a car accident happens on a cross country road trip – do you want to have to prove your parentage before you can make emergency medical decisions for your child? She graduated second in her class from UCLA School of Law and has a masters in public health from UCLA School of Public Health Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

shopping is my love language: Green Monday with eBay

, is one of eBay’s biggest shopping days of the year; especially for those last minute holiday shoppers (they offer fast shipping and 70% of items ship for free). often overlooked, certified refurbished products can offer HUGE discounts – while they’re not new, they are refurbished, tested and certified by the seller to work the same as the original. my exact model isn’t available here, but this Wolfgang Puck option is almost the same (probably way nicer actually) and makes both hot + cold foam! while my model isn’t available for the deal, I found this Kitchenaid 5 speed blender that is incredibly priced and even has a crushed ice setting, so it sounds like it would be great for frozen fruit in smoothies!

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