Genavieve Jaffe

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hi! I'm Gena ("Jenna"). A mom of two miracles conceived via reciprocal IVF, member of the LGBTQ+ community, mental health advocate and lover of coffee + shopping.

i am also the Founder of connecting rainbows, an organization that connects members of the LGBTQIA+ community with family formation lawyers and fertility clinics to help start, grow and protect their family

I've worked with some large brands including Amazon, Old Navy, eBay, Vistaprint and more!

Location Philadelphia, PA
Country United States
Member Since DECEMBER 20, 2020
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POV: Lesbians at Lowe’s. we should get a discount for this ⚒️🏳️‍🌈😂 #girlswithtools #lesbianvisibility #femmelesbian #diyroommakeover #diyprojects #powertools #powertoolsarefun #lowes #loweslife

it’s true.  who needs skills when you have gay? I picked up a saw for the first time 3 weeks ago.  now I feel like I could gut our house LOL #wlw #gayallday #gayisokay #equallove #femmelesbian #lesbianvisibility #diyroommakeover #diyprojects #makehomeyours #makehomematter #renolife #homereno #girlswithtools #designonadime #ryobipowertools #powertools #lgbtq🌈

i’m here. i’m queer. get used to it. 🏳️‍🌈 maybe if the world tried to be a little less straight … it is round after all 🌎 cover photo: @rachelbetson_photo #gaygirlgang #outandproud #femmelesbian #lesbianvisibility #twomoms #2moms #twomomsquad #samesexparents #rainbowfamily #gayswithkids #gayparents #lesbianmom #femmelesbian #gaygirlsofinstagram #lesbiancouples #femmecouple #mrsandmrs #twobrides #wlw #queerlove #queerparenting #equallove

THIS IS SIX ☝🏼✋🏼 i don’t know how it happened but you’re now on two hands! your birth was not what i wanted it to be. it was scary and raw. you came into this world quietly (as the cord was wrapped). but you haven’t been quiet since 😂 i love you more than you can even comprehend. you have been my masterclass in patience. i have grown so much as a human because of you - i always strive to be better for you. this past year was a hard one for you. you have been so brave and strong. you have learned and grown so much. you have the sweetest soul and my hope is that we continue to allow that to blossom. you love lego. pokémon, science, puzzles and scary movies. you started Kindergarten and are learning to read. you are josie’s hero - she looks up to you so much. and you’re going to be as tall as me soon! i love you, my PBJ. as i say to you - forever and ever no matter what 💙 📷 @rachelbetson_photo #birthdayboy #thisissix #6thbirthday #pokemonbirthday #honestlymothering #birthdaywish #happybirthdaytoyou #mysonshine #mommyson #boymomlife #itsmybirthday

we decided to discard our two remaining embryos. before commenting, please read. when we first did IVF, we signed forms to donate any remaining embryos to science.  we didn’t feel comfortable donating to another couple and we felt like we could give back to science for helping us create our family!  well, since then, we were told there was a change in law (unconfirmed) and we can no longer donate to science. with everything happening in government, we don’t feel comfortable holding onto them any longer.  our family is complete.   yes, I absolutely feel conflicted.  I’m pro-choice - til the day I die.  that said, since we have two babies already, we do wonder who those other two could be (if they were even successful — we previously lost an embryo in the thaw and another didn’t take).   but in the bigger picture, this is what is best for our family.  I realize this is controversial and completely our own personal preference.   it’s a bit emotional for sure.  if you have never been through IVF then you can’t truly understand all that we have to deal with and the emotions and decisions that come up even after you’re done.   here’s to open and honest difficult decisions.  and supporting each other as we navigate the journey.   📷 @rachelbetson_photo #ivfjourney #ivfsuccess #fertilityjourney #rivf #reciprocalivf #twomoms #wlw #embryotransfer #lesbianmoms #femmecouple #samesexparents #rainbowfamily #femmelesbian

the unconditional, pure love of a child. their faces light up when they see you. it’s a feeling that you just can’t explain. it is also a very big responsibility - caring for such a tiny, sweet heart. and i take that job very seriously. yes, i mess up. yes, i make mistakes. but i always repair. i say that i’m sorry. i use my own flaws or errors in judgment to show that i am human. to teach them how to mend a situation. being a parent is exhausting and scary but oh so worth it 💗 📷 @rachelbetson_photo #honestlymothering #toddlermomlife #toddlermoments #littleballerina #tinydancer #ivfbaby #reciprocalivf #ivfsuccess #twomoms #herbunmyoven #realparenting #realparenthood #honestmom #honestmomconfessions #parenting101 #momlifebelike #momlifebestlife

if we talked to straight people the way they talked to the gays 😂 📷 @rachelbetson_photo #lesbianvisibility #wlw #lgbthumor #lgbtcommunity #lesbianpride #gayisokay #equallove #femmelesbian #lesbiansofig #lesbiansofinstgram #wesaygay #gaygirlsofinstagram #queerlove #lesbianmom

this very well may not be the best year ever / yet. this is not to be cynical. this is for me to tiptoe into this year believing and trusting what I know for certain. I know that there will be laughter and joy and growth. Core memories with my babies being silly, baking and playing. I also know there will be tears and let down and struggles. Moments that I won't want to remember and days I want to move more quickly. There will be breathtaking sunrises and dark troubled nights. What I know is that I will try my very best each day. I will work towards growing as a person and deep diving into healing. for this year, I didn't make a vision board or set goals. not to say that i won't but to not set myself up for any expectations other than to become an even more enlightened version of me. not to become a "better" version because where you are right now isn't "bad" or "worse". it's a stepping stone. may you find peace and joy in the little moments. and growth and healing in the tougher ones. thank you for being part of my life and my journey. hello, 2023. #honestlymothering #wlw #femmelesbian #lesbianvisibility #gayisokay #mindfulliving #mindfulparenting #toddlerlifestyle #toddlermomlife

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