Bert Anderson

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There was a “me” before there was a “mom”.

That is the motto by which Elizabeth “Bert” Anderson lives. The frequent moves she experienced growing up as a military brat helped her become very comfortable with new encounters. She approaches every aspect of her life with that mindset, including motherhood. And she wants to help other mothers welcome the excitement of facing new experiences while reaching milestones in parenting.

As the creator of the lifestyle blog Me Before Mom, Bert supports millennial moms facing the challenges and changes of motherhood. Me Before Mom is an online community that offers support through real life stories, encouraging advice, and answers to questions about how a woman maintains herself during this self-sacrificial time of parenthood. Stories from Bert Anderson have helped women across the globe through the Huffington Post, Today’s Parent, and on the Harry show. Whether weathering the first year of motherhood or walking through the later stages of motherhood, Bert has helped many continue to find herself while still in the throes of motherhood.

Bert learned to adjust to changes in life at an early age. She never saw the frequent moves of her military family as an obstacle, but merely a part of life to be embraced. She became very good at making the best of her situation and building a community wherever she landed. In the age of social media, Bert turned her skill for community building into a service helping brands and small businesses build their online communities.

Married to her college sweetheart she resides in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota with their three children…for now. Join the over 50,000 women who connect with Bert’s community each month on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and at Be sure to engage with Bert and be among the first to read Me Before Mom: Putting On Your Oxygen Mask First.

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"Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it." Halloween 2017, I was doing box jumps like any old day. Never had a problem with them, I mean other than the typical fear, mind over matter kind of thing. Then I stepped off the 18" box and rolled my right ankle. It was so painful. I did a lot of pt work with @lift_pt to work on strengthening my ankles. I know I have the physical strength to do a box jump but it's the mental piece. It's easier to just avoid it but there's no growth in that. That's one of the things I love about #FestivusGames, it pushes me to step outside of my comfort zone. I wouldn't push myself to do a burpee box over just because; it's not how I'm wired. For my teammates? Absolutely. Push yourself this week and grow. #juststrong #mebeforemom #mindovermatterathlete #rogers #rogersmn #momswhoworkout #functionalfitnesstraining

"We cannot lose sight of who we are as women, outside of our role as mothers. The best thing I can do as a mom is begin to focus on the 'me before mom'." Bert Anderson See this?? 🤗 You can now pick up my book, Me Before Mom in person, or as my youngest likes to say live in real life, at @treasuresgaloreon94 !!! It's a quick read (because I can't ask moms to take care of themselves and have them read a novel to get there) and it's perfect for Mother's Day. We'll be having a book signing soon so keep your eyes open for details. #mebeforemom #lookinabook #selfpublishing #selfpublished #parentingadvice #rogers #rogersmn #encourager

"Be confident in who you are today — listen to your own heart, know your own worth and stand up for what you believe in. Trust yourself and believe in your own abilities. Never compare yourself to others. Be brave, be fierce, be strong... Let others see into your soul — be genuine, be gracious, be kind. Always remember to stand tall and stay sweet — a strong mind and a kind heart will always prevail." Amber Glassman, @bryananthonys #beconsistent #mebeforemom #cableflies #begenuine #bryananthonys #stronglikeagirl #minnesotablogger #twincitiescollagecollective #twincitiesbloggers #fitclubrogers

This time last week we were in the Amana colonies in Iowa learning about communal living and teaching our cousins what geocaching is. 🌎 It was a fascinating place to visit and I have to admit that I didn't know anything about its rich history. The Amanians were pietists who came to America from Germany in the 1800s. There were 7 villages and before 1932 the villages were completely self-sufficient, even having their own currency (okay actually it was a tab system and you'd pay for whatever you needed with your labor or with whatever you had to trade.) If you like history look into it. It's fascinating. Here's a little Wikipedia knowledge for you: The Amana Colony maintained an almost completely self-sufficient local economy, importing very little from the industrializing American economy. The Amanians were able to achieve this independence and lifestyle by adhering to the specialized crafting and farming occupations that they had brought with them from Europe. Craftsmen passed their skills and techniques from one generation to the next. They used hand, horse, wind, and water power, and made their own furniture, clothes, and other goods. That's my spring break, what did you do on yours? #amanacolonies #midwesttravel #iowacity #amanatool #geocachingadventures #springbreaktravels #iowacityiowa

Ladies and Gentlemen Born in the 70s and the 80s, Remember when we were young and felt invincible? The world was ours and our future bright? We may not be young in years and we may feel a little older than we did a year ago, but we're still invincible. Our futures? They're still bright. This life is not over until you take your last breath. Rather than living each day like we're dying, I'm challenging you to die like you're living. So do that thing you've always wanted to do. Check that item off of your bucket list. Pursue your dream. There's no better time than the present. #likeimliving #mebeforemom #lifequotestoliveby #millennialmom #genx #encourager #latpulldown

GIVEAWAY CLOSED 🚫 The Minneapolis Home + Garden Show (@homeshowmpls ) is just around the corner! 💐🏡 It’s always a fun place to check out the latest trends for outdoor and indoor living, and shopping too. There’s honestly so much going on there’s too much to list – a family area, a potting station for kids, dog houses designed by local high schoolers, a Backyard Lounge with cocktail samples and more. You can get discounted tickets online or you can enter to win free tickets from me! I'm giving away FIVE pairs of tickets to five of my fans. Tell me your favorite sign of spring in the comments to enter to win. Giveaway closes on Sunday (2/27) at 7pm! Details: 💐When? March 2-6 💐Where? Minneapolis Convention Center Per Instagram’s rules, this giveaway is not associated with Instagram, Inc. in any way and is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Instagram, Inc. By entering, you confirm that you are 13+ years of age, you agree with Instagram’s terms of use, and you release Instagram of any responsibility. #flowershow #homeandgarden #minneapolisgardens #homeshow

"Some things just cannot be mimicked for the military brat during their adult life: A sense of community, for example, far greater than anything you will find outside of a military community does not exist. You quickly learn that the people around you while you're away from family become your family. Blood has nothing to do with it and in a way your military family understands you better than any extended blood relative will ever understand." - Me, When A Military Brat Ends Up Adulting In The Civilian World on Huffington Post I'm feeling this quote today in a big way. I usually do this time of year when it's tax season. It's cold outside and I'm alone a lot. Yes, my kids are home and they're older than they used to be but I'm the mom and I have to hold everything together. My family isn't physically close to me; I'm in MN and they're in IL and IA. I live in a place where many people grew up and their families are nearby. Depending on someone other than your family isn't natural for most unless you have a job where others see a need to care for you. You know, either a pastor or a small business owner who makes a difference in people's lives. I could ask for help. I could say hey I'm lonely. I can pursue others and stand up and say, "I need help;" but when you already feel sad and alone you don't want to. You're tired of holding it all together for the kids. Tired of being strong and resilient, flexible even. It's not the first thing on a person's mind to check in with a friend who's alone because everything looks good on the outside. That's something that you can't hide on base. When the families around you have experienced the same thing as you, you can't put on a show of strength and resilience. They've been where you are, felt how you're feeling and because of that you don't have to ask. The community just knows. They know and step up and take care of each other. I wish more than anything I could reproduce that out here in the civilian world. I think we're all too worried about looking like we've got it all figured out to ever admit that we'd need help. Check on each other, even if the highlight reels look fabulous.

Flowers that never wither or fade for Valentine's Day? 💐 Yes please! How pretty is this bouquet from LEGO? I can't take credit for the assembly that was all my daughter but I can take credit for this pretty picture. 😅 I've been able to create with @social_native for a while now and I love how their campaigns stretch my creativity. As a writer I like to create a story with any brand that I'm working with and Social Native gives me the freedom to do that. Plus the brands that they work with are brands that I like and respect. If you're a creator you have to check them out and work with them. Mama friends, follow Social Native for recommendations. #thecreatorclass #ValentinesDay #wearesocialnative #sponsored @social_native

Even when a mother has nothing, if she has her daughters, then she has everything. 💗🪷 I still have so much but it's nice to remember that I'll always have these two girls. #motherdaughterlove #momtruth #rawmotherhood #daughtersarethebest

"Life isn't about having all the right answers, it’s about finding purpose in the process. It’s about giving yourself grace in moments of growth. On the days when you find yourself chasing perfection, learn to pursue progress instead." Amber Glassman, Bryan Anthonys co-founder Otherwise known as motherhood 😂. #bryananthonys #progressoverperfection #rawmotherhood #authenticself

Yesterday an interview I did with #PowerhousePlanning was published. We did the interview in the fall so I had forgotten a lot of what I said but this quote is SO true to how I still feel today. Comparison is the thief of joy, Mama. You do you, you're the right mom for your child. Don't forget that. Here's a snippet: What are some of the biggest challenges you feel mothers face and need support through? 100% Mom Guilt and Comparison. I love social media, it’s my job, BUT our mothers didn’t have to see what Jody from down the street did for her six-year-old’s birthday party. My mom didn’t have to look at Pinterest-perfect pictures of from-scratch meals and curated highlight reels of filtered life. Being a mother today is so difficult because we are bombarded by images of what we should do even if it’s not something you like or can do. I will never be the mom who does scrapbooks. My children will not have those keepsakes. You know what? It’s okay. I honestly don’t think that they will look back at their childhood and say, “Mom sucked, we don’t have scrapbooks.” I used to feel that way. I used to want to be able to do crafts. I wanted to be the mom who could just sit and play with her children all day long. I’m not her, though. Trying to be someone that I’m not eventually falls apart. Comparison is the thief of joy. #beauthentic #youaremorethanenough #momtruth

“Why are people afraid of getting older? You feel wiser. You feel more mature. You feel like you know yourself better. You would trade that for softer skin? Not me!” - Anna Kournikova This is my 40th year around the sun. I remember when my parents turned 40. Man, they were so old! 😉 Here I am and you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything. I remember when I was younger, probably in high school or college, and going thru some kind of drama my mom would tell me that things do get better as you get older. You do start to know who you are and it's easier to let people go who aren't good for you. Life is more about peace and friendship are about spending time with people you like. She was right. I love how I feel more confident in who I am and what I need. I love the friends I have and the life I'm living. The thing is, to get here I had to live thru all of that crap first. I had to go thru the painful break-ups with friends, I had to feel betrayed, I had to hurt others and have my heart hurt. You cannot get to the point of peace and self-awareness if you haven't lived life. Don't skip the painful parts; they're there for a reason. I promise. #sageadvice #aginggracefully #thisis40 #selfawarenessjourney #sanjosemission #sanantoniotx

-6°F but it feels like it's -22°. I feel the same way Groot, I feel the same way. #minnesnowta #brrrritscold

"You’re allowed to be nervous. You’re allowed to be scared. Taking a risk can be terrifying — it can lead to defeat, it can lead to loss, it can lead to failure. But taking a risk can be life-changing — it can lead to aliveness, it can lead to magic, it can lead to the unforgettable. Allow yourself to take the plunge. Allow yourself to grow. This is living with no regrets. This is believing in possibilities. This is you taking a chance. Maybe you’ll lose what you already have or maybe you’ll gain more than you could’ve ever imagined — what if?" ~ Amber Glassman, @bryananthonys CEO "Take the Plunge" 📷: @crossfitbeyondsport #festivusgames #takerisks #dontgiveuponyourself #frontsquat

DreamWorks Animation’s Gabby’s Dollhouse and Baketivity are teaming up so you can design your own cat-tastic gingerbread house with Gabby and the Gabby cats! Comment with your favorite kind of Christmas cookie for a chance to win and tag a friend or visit to order your Gabby’s Dollhouse Limited Edition Baking Kit which includes step by step instructions and all the dry ingredients you’ll need to create your own Gabby’s gingerbread house! I'm going to choose 3 people by Wednesday, 12/22, to receive one in the mail! Gabby’s Dollhouse is now streaming on Netflix. ---------------------------------------------------------- Giveaway is in no way, shape or form associated with Instagram. Contestants will be notified via DM on Instagram and tagged in comments on post on 12/22 by end of day. Contestant must be US residents and 18+. #gabbysdollhouse #netflixoriginal #giveawayusa

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